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American Studies Founding Documents Review for Test Declaration of Independence Preamble (Into) Declaration of Natural Rights (people

ople have say in the government) List of Grievances (All of the things that King Gorge III has done wrong) Resolution of Independence by the United States (Each state will be free to LEVY WAR, CONCLUDE PEACE, CONTRACT ALLIANCES, ESTABLISH COMMERNCE, AND TO ACT AS AN INDEPENDENT STATE)

The Constitution and The Bill of Rights The reason for 2 different branches is because it divides power and prevents only one group or person from taking power (checks and balances, separation of power) Written by James Madison in 1787 Starts with We the People Legislative Branch o Makes Law o 2 parts= The Senate and The House of Representatives House= 2 year terms 25 years old 7 year citizen # of representatives is based on population Senate= 6 year terms 30 years old 9 year citizen 2 senators from each state Executive Branch o Executive Branch is made up of: President, Vice President, Cabinet (Hillary Clinton= secretary of state) o President gets elected by electoral college 4 year term 35 years old Born citizen 14 years living in country o Carries out laws created by congress o Head of all armed forces Judicial Branch o Judicial Branch talks about the Supreme court

o The supreme court handles cases after they go through the lower courts Social Security Act 1935 Option 1- Support Social Security Proposal o Social Security Act forces people to pay money which the government will then keep and when people turn the age of 65 they get their money back o Retired workers will get their monthly social security checks because the money was just saved and returned to them later. Option 2- Oppose the social security proposal o The government has never been good at handling peoples money and they would spend it o Social Security programs could cause people to become careless about how they spend their money after retirement o It would encourage people to quick their job at the age of 65 because they know that they will get money even when they stop working Option 3- Work for a modified form of social security o Younger works pay money that goes directly to retired workers that way there is less money in the government and they would not be temped to spend it o This is known as the pay-as-you-go plan o Take the government out of this as a whole and have the money deducted from your pay check and put it into retirement plans instead of giving it to the government Espionage Act 1917, Schencks conviction, free speech Option 1- Declare the Espionage Act unconstitutional and free Schenck o The congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech This has clearly happened because the government in forcing people to go to war and they are not allowed to protest against it. o It is unconstitutional to make people go to war without letting them have a say if they want to or not. Option 2- Uphold Schencks conviction o It is more important to think about the majority of the people instead of the few people that are going to war o When the interest of all people come in conflict with the interests of an individual, the government has a duty to protect the greater interest.

Option 3- Let the Espionage Act stand but overturn Schencks conviction o You should free Schenck because it was not his fault that people started to riot and protest Cuban Missile Crisis Option 1- Invade Cuba o If we dont try to get the missiles out of Cuba people will look at us as weak o It would be suicide for the Soviets to respond with nuclear weapons Option 2- Bomb the missile sites o Bombing would show that we are not scared o Bombing would most likely not esculate into a war Option 3- Set up a quarantine to prevent any offensive weapons from reaching Cuba. o We would not have to fire any weapons o America is strongest on the sea o 2,100 mile ring around Cuba so no soviet ship could get in Option 4- Negotiate a settlement o Although this might not work it is worth a try o Offering to remove our weapons in Turkey in exchange for them to remove their weapons in Cuba o Our weapons in Turkey are not really doing ant=ythign anyway Option 5- Allow the missiles to stay o No war