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A) Order the synonyms and antonyms of Bullying.

Intimidator, Pretty, Cool, Insolent, Calm, Oppressor, Persecutor, Serene, Ruffian, Peaceful. Bullying Synonyms Antonyms Serene

B) Complete the sentences with have to/must.

1.- I ___________ clean my room. 2.- All employees __________ be on time for work. 3.- Cyclists __________ remember the signal when they cycle. 4.- You

have to

buy a new book.

5.- She __________ get at 5:00 pm. 6.- You ___________ leave your backpack on the entrance.

C) Match the situations.

Hes broken his Leg. You had a lot of work. I cant find my keys. If you missed lunch, Its a beautiful city. How old is William now? What time is it? Youre not wearing a sweater. you must be hungry. You must be cold. You must be very tired. It must be six oclock by now. They must be here in somewhere. He must be in terrible pain. Hes older than me so he must be 20. It must be great living here.

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