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In looking back at Into the Midst: Immersion Emergent as a creative event one's thinking naturally falls towards outcomes.

One usually drifts towards determining what were the "lasting" objectile products which sum up the event and reveal its worth. Yet the outcome of a creative gathering such as Into the Midst needs to be looked at in a different way. We propose looking at it in terms of a "body-building" milieu which transductively creates expanses of operational coherence as landscapes topographically and topologically meshed with the bodies participating in the creation as ecology. And within this what bears looking in to is the "with it" inherent in participation and association where the with-it is itself simultaneously the participants, the location and the materials as means of creation and the creation where the entire process as a whole takes on overtones of subjectivity as life-giving to a body of creation. The artwork as satisfaction, as outcome, is secondary and derivativethe object as objectile is static and closed and as such is finished and alienated from the on-going process of creation (even if it can be construed as a starting point for new work). We seek to undo the dualistic object/subject dynamic where the creative process as machinic is divorced from itself such that it no longer exists as once removed from the conditions and participants constituting its emergence, nor, perhaps more significantly, from the experiencing of the creative process as outcome. It requires the re-orientation of the where and how we seek "satisfaction" in the creative process; it seeks answers to how the participation of each component constitutes the life-giving associative conjunction of the becoming-body-participant-material-artwork ecology. Participating in the creative ecology as a process of life-giving in terms of generating desire as creative movement is what is of significance here; the happening of creation as happening is where it's at and it is primary in that there is no mediation, only the immediacy of the becoming relational as constitutive of the creative process. It is a process where desire generated by creation is unstoppable in that newness begets new landscapes, vistas, horizonssurfaces of consistency begetting bodies with new desires producing new associations and concretizations which perpetuate the pluralization of ecologies of creation. The ecology of the processual advance of creation as such cannot be constituted as a success or a failure; it simply is what it is. Of course, it can be also seen as an opportunity to study the dynamics of the generation of desire as creationif we wanted to get objective with the process itselfbut why anyone would want to do that is beyond me as being with it is where the fun is! And allowing the participants to be so there with the with it was what was so great about Into the Midst: Immersion Emergent.