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Attention A. Id say about 90 percent of all the friends I met in high school, co-workers in the navy that I grew up with, and relatives around my age have already gotten married. At first, I felt like I was being left behind but the more I waited to settle down and commit, the more I realized that it was a bad idea to do it. From those I know that have gotten married, about half of them are already divorced and most of them are already having problems. Need A. Divorce and Causes. 1. According to the United States Census Bureau, the divorce rate in the united states is about 50-60% for first marriages. 65% of second marriages in divorce, and 75% for third marriages. Seems like once you start, you dont stop. 2. What makes a high risk divorce in a marriage? According to a USU article, factors that are associated with a higher risk for divorce are: a. Marrying at a young age, teens have the highest divorce rate in age group b. Living together before marriage, surprisingly increases the likelihood of divorce. This goes against the common belief living with someone before marriage is good because it will allow couples to know each other. Only goes for people that have lived with more than one partner. So if your living with your first one, your safeim not. c. Premarital pregnancy significantly increases the likelihood of future divorce. In America, about 37% of children are born to parents who are not married, and few of these parents eventually marry. Most of those parents will separate before the child begins school, and some will never really get together. d. less education, couples the least amount of education have a higher divorce rate. Research shows that individuals who have some college education have a lower chance of divorce. Yay. e. There are some risk factors that you cant control such as parents divorce. Research shows that if you experience the divorce of your parents, that DOUBLES your risk for divorce. If the spouse also experience parents divorce, then it triples the risk. Which is scary in America-just have to work f. Insecurity, researchers found that some personality factors put more people at risk. One of the most important is feeling insecure about yourself and your self-worth. Insecure individuals are more likey to become unhappy and divorce over time. B. Most common reasons people give for their divorce. Weve talked about the factors that causes higher risk of divorce but people dont say I got a divorce because my parents did too or I got a divorce because I didnt have enough education So what are people saying?

People give more than 1 reason which is why % adds up more than 100% a. The most common one is lack of commitment (73%) others include, too much arguing (56%), cheating (55%), marrying too young (46%), unrealistic expectations (45%), lack of equality in the relationship (44%), was not ready for marriage (41%) and abuse (29%). C. Effects of divorce. a. Emotional i. Coping with the emotional consequences of divorce can be traumatic and enduring. Family divorce psychologist Dr Cohen, stated that the grief and stress that couples encounter in divorce is second only to the distress from the loss of a loved one through death. Couples experience a mix of emotional reactions in the chaos ranging from grief, fear anxiety, guilt, and depression to anger and relief. b. Financial i. Besides divorce being expensive expensive. Couples usually depend on each other for financial support. The stay home parent usually is the one who gets hit the most. According to an womens standard of living is reduced by 73% and an increase of 42% for men. c. Social i. Interacting with the love market again. Own experience. III. Satisfaction a. So how do we avoid the burden of divorcing? DONT GET MARRIED EVER. But if you decide to buy into this business they call marriage which makes you buy diamonds and other expensive things, then be my guest. Atleast now you know the causes and reasons why people get divorced which can help you minimize risk of divorce. So to minimize divorce, just remember to: a. Dont marry young, get some experience in life first b. If you decide to live together, make sure thats the one youre going to marry c. Dont make babies d. More educated people have a lower divorce rate, so stay in school e. If your parents are divorced, thats just more work for you f. And stop being insecure and live a happy and prosperous life. Insecure people tend to be unhappy with their marriage and end up divorcing. Since you guys are now part of a story in my life, I hope my speech alerts you on this growing epidemic in our country. And hopefully 10 years from now when I meet you guys again, you guys are still happily married with a perfect family.


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