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1. JOB TITLES Match the job tile with the best definition on the right: 1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) a. Manager responsible for buying 2. Information Systems Director b. Person who designs computer networks 3. Purchasing Director c. British English term for a senior manager of a company 4. Human Resources Director d. Manager responsible for the process of creating goods or services for sale to the customers 5. Systems Analyst e.American English term for the top manager of a company 6. Managing Director f. Person responsible for setting up training opportunities for employees 7. Marketing Director g. The person responsible for computer operations in a company 8. Production Director h. Person responsible for managing product development, promotion, customer service and selling 9. Customer Service Manager i. Person responsible for markets in other countries 10. Staff Development Officer j. Manager responsible for personnel issues 11. Finance Director k. Person responsible for relationships with customers 12. Exports Manager l. Person responsible for presentation and control of profit and loss. 2. MARKETING The Four Ps of marketing are now the Seven Ps, because of the increasing importance of services an customer service. Fill in the spaces below to match the Seven Ps to the best definition. People Physical Evidence Place Price Process The traditional Four Ps are: 1. _____________________ 2. _____________________ 3. _____________________ 4. _____________________ The goods or services a company provides Decisions about what customers pay for the product Things concerned with location and distribution Ways to make the company and its products well known and ways to sell the products Product Promotion

And here are three more: 5. _____________________ 6. _____________________ 7. _____________________ Everyone involved with the company and its products, especially the customers All the ways in which the company and its customers interact Anything that shows or mentions the name and image of the company and its products

3. PROBLEM PAIRS These pairs of words often cause problems. Choose the correct alternative for each. 1. SUBSIDY / SUBSIDIARY a. Kazoulis Communications is losing money and wants the government to give it a ________________. b. Our head office is in Boston and we own 70% of a manufacturing__________________ in Colorado. 2. POLICY / POLITICS a. Rimbaud has been sacked! People are saying hes a victim of internal _______________. b. If we want to convince the public that we care for the environment, we need to change our _______________ on dumping waste into the local river. 3. ECONOMIC / ECONOMICS a. She studied ____________________at the university and she is now an economist with a big international bank. b. She analyses the general ____________________ problems faced by companies operating with traditional industries such as shipbuilding. 4. NOTE / NOTICE a. He left a _______________ on my desk saying he would be late for the meeting. b. He put a _______________ on the board in the main corridor saying that the meeting has been postponed to 3 oclock. 5. MORAL / MORALE a. ___________________ has been a rock bottom ever since they announce the job cuts. b. When a company sacks such a large number of people, its not just an economic question; it becomes a __________________ question aswell. 6. TAKE OVER / OVERTAKE a. They want to ____________________ our company but I dont think their offer is high enough for our shareholders to sell. b. They expect to ___________________ all their main competitors, within a year of the launch of their new product.


Which is the odd one out in each of these groups of business words: 1. a) sack b) dismiss c) demote d) fire 2. a) check b) survey c) control d) monitor 3. a) predict b) forecast c) anticipate d) analyse 4. a) lay off b) employ c) take on d) recruit 5. a) redraft b) reword c) rewrite d) restore 6. a) timetable b) diary c) schedule d) strategy 7. a) banned b) prohibited c) postponed d) forbidden 8. a) cancel b) put off c) put back d) postpone 9. a) busy b) engaged c) tied up d) unavailable 10. a) Youre welcome b) Not at all c) It was a pleasure d) Excuse me 11. a) Yours sincerely b) Yours faithfully c) Yours truly d) Regards 5. FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS Match each word on the left with the correct definition on the right. Use the grid below. 1. profit and loss account 2. balance sheet 3. cash budget 4. share certificate 5. tender 6. business plan 7. insurance certificate 8. letter of credit 9. contract 1 2 3 4 5 6 a) a plan of cash income and cash spending for a specific period of time b) a document that represents a part of the total stock value of a company and which shows who owns it c) a formal agreement for the exchange of goods or services in return for payment d) a formal description of income and costs for a time period that has finished e) a formal description of a companys financial position at a specified moment f) a document which states that a named person or company has paid for protection against accidental loss or damage of goods or property g) a description of the ways a new business hopes to make money, showing possible income and expenditure h) a formal letter with an offer to supply goods or services, containing a description of the project, including costs, materials, personnel, time plans, etc. i) an official notification from a bank that it will lend money to a customer 7 8 9


What do these abbreviations stand for? 1. NAFTA ___________________________________________________________________ 2. OPEC ____________________________________________________________________ 3. EU _______________________________________________________________________ 4. NATO ____________________________________________________________________ 5. UN _______________________________________________________________________ 6. WTO _____________________________________________________________________ 7. WHO _____________________________________________________________________ 8. ASEAN ____________________________________________________________________ 9. IMF _______________________________________________________________________ 10. ECB ______________________________________________________________________ 11. FDA ______________________________________________________________________ 12. OECD ____________________________________________________________________ 13. MNCs ____________________________________________________________________ 14. FIFA _____________________________________________________________________

The companies below are all MNCs. What do their initials stand for? 1. GM _______________________________________________________________________ 2. IBM ______________________________________________________________________ 3. CNN ______________________________________________________________________ 4. NEC ______________________________________________________________________ 5. JAL _______________________________________________________________________


COURTNEY & Co. LTD 6 Stand Street Nottingham Telephone: Not 978653 Telegrams: Springwood Nottingham

1. Heading/ Letterhead Telex: 10075-CRI-LTD GB Code: Bentleys. May 15th 1992 2. Date 3. Reference line 4. Inside address

Our ref: CA/ER 45-P3-29 Your ref: G h/ SD 613 Tehnoforest 4 Piata Rosetti Bucharest For the attention of the Secretary Dear Sirs Acknowledgement of letter and printed matters We acknowledge receipt of your letter of May 10th 1992, and we thank you very much for the 10 copies of the newspaper Furniture Today which are extremely interesting and helpful to us. We would appreciate if you would kindly continue to send us these newspapers in future. With best regards, Yours sincerely, COURTNEY & Co. LTD. per pro. John Brown Selling Manager Note: per pro. per procurationem (prin procura pentru)

5. Salutation 6. Subject line 7. Body of letter

8. Closing 9. Signature

Panton Manufacturing Ltd

Works/Hounslow/Middlesex/TW6 2BQ

TELEPHONE +44(0)2083530125 FACSIMILE +44(0)2083530125 EMAIL d.panton@panman.co.uk

To From Date Subject All supervisors The Chief Executive 6 February 2006 New machinery

As part of the companys expansion programme, we are introducing RS100 and DS100 machines which will increase productivity and reduce costs, thus making us competitive in overseas markets. The new machinery will not in any way affect job security, and there will be opportunities for retraining for all production staff. A full consultation process has taken place with the Union, and cooperation has been agreed in installing and maintaining the new machines. Please call a meeting of your team members on Wednesday morning at 9.30 a.m. to inform them of these changes.