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BEOWULF Review Directions: In sections A and B, choose the person or place that matches each description. SECTION A 1.

builder of Heorot 2. Hrothgars wife 3. Geat warrior 4. Uncle of Beowulf 5. first monster 6. carried off by Grendels mother 7. Wexstans son 8. victor in swimming contest SECTION B 9. Grendels mother 1 0. grandfather of Healfdane 11. Southern Sweden 12. father of Hrothgar 13. hall of Hrothgar 14. son of Shield 15. Hrothgars courtier a. Wiglaf b. Aeschere c. Hrothgar d. Brecca e. Beowulf f. Hyglac g. Wealtheow h. Grendel a. Unferth b. Heorot c. Geatland d. Shield e. Beo f. Healfdane g. The Dam

Directions: Choose the object that matches each description. 16. tells the story of a great flood 17. protection from the claws of Grendels mother 18. proves useless against Grendels mother 19. stolen from the dragon 20. set afloat to sea 21. kept with Beowulfs body in a tower a. Shields treasure b. Beowulfs mail shirt c. Hrunting d. giants sword e. dragons treasure f. jeweled cup

Directions: Match the character to his or her personal belief or conviction. 22. Lasting fame is of utmost importance. 23. Those who desert their leader would be better off dead. 24. has never seen pirates or warriors like these 25. expects war with France and Sweden 26. Beowulfs fame is overrated. 27. a mead-hall will perpetuate his glory a. Hrothgar b. Unferth c. Wiglaf d. messenger e. watchman f. Beowulf

Directions: if the statement is true, mark it T; if false, mark it F and correct it. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. Hyglac does not give Beowulf anything when Beowulf returns home victoriously, The end of the poem, a remembrance of past great things and of Beowulfs death, is an elegy. Aeschere, a close and trusted friend of Hrothgar, is killed by Grendels mother. Grendel is said to have been conceived by a pair of monsters born of Cain. The thief steals a jeweled plate from the fire-drakes tower. Grendel is afraid to enter Heorot. Shields son, Beowulf, is the glory of Denmark. Beowulf fights Grendels mother with no armor. The monster Grendel tries to eat Beowulf after finishing his first victim Hrothgar is Shields grandson. Grendels fingernails are so hard that not even the sharpest swords can cut them. Wiglaf says, Fate has swept our race away...and now I follow them. Beowulf tells Unferth that he has killed nine sea-huge monsters. Upon his return, Beowulf is warmly greeted by Hyglac and his queen. In Beowulfs time the poets sang their poems, composing as they went along. Beowulf and his men come to Denmark on strong horses. The monsters are exiled by God. At the banquet the scop sings the ancient Lay of Finn, after Beowulf has killed Grendel. Beowulf reminds Unferth that Unferth has murdered his own brothers. After Grendels mother dies, Beowulf comes to the surface of the now calm and peaceful lake. Beowulf takes his dagger and cuts the beast in half. When the dragon causes great terror in the land, Beowulf had been king for forty years. Beowulf wears Wiglafs helmet when Beowulf fights the female monster. Unferth gives his famous sword to Beowulf. A bright light shining symbolizes Gods approval in the story. The great sword in the monsters den is blessed with magic. While Beowulf is fighting Grendels mother, Hrothgar and his court give up and return to the hall. Hrethel is the father of Beowulf. Beowulf is a ballad. Beowulf gives Hrothgar Grendels head as a trophy. A mark of a good king in Beowulfs time is the distribution of generous rewards and treasure to his warriors. When Beowulf fights the dragon, his warriors loyally aid him. When Beowulf dies, a messenger predicts that wars will result between the Swedes and the Geats.

61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67.

Of all Beowulfs warriors, Wiglaf proves the only coward in a crisis. The story takes place in England. The scops sing to the accompaniment of harps. The story was composed in England. While Beowulf is fighting the fire-drake, all the Geats flee to the woods. Beowulf is meant to be heard rather than read. At the end of the story, a soldier on a white horse rides into the sea and strews Beowulfs ashes on the waves.

Directions: Choose the best answer. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. Beowulf sinks to the bottom of the lake and is carried by the female demon to (a) his death; (b) a battle-hall; (c) an underwater kingdom. The dragon lives in a (a) swamp; (b) huge stone tower; (c) cave. The jeweled cup brings peace to a slave but stirs up the anger of the (a) dragon, (b) king; (c) people. Beowulf gives Hyglac (a) jewels; (b) gold pieces; (c) four noble bay horses. Beowulf brings Hrothgar (a) armor; hilt of the giants jeweled sword; (c) money from the monsters lair. One of the Germanic gods is Wyrd who represents (a) fate or change; (b) warfare; (c) nature. Beowulf sets sail for Denmark with (a) six Geats; (b) fourteen Geats; (c) twenty-five Geats. The dragon (a) caves in stone castles; (b) burns peoples homes; (c) pulls up iron gates. Beowulf gives credit for his killing the female monster to (a) God; (b) his great strength; (c) his bravery. Hrothgar tells Beowulf the Geats could not find a man better suited to be a (a) warrior; (b) king; (c) seaman. Grendel and the other giants are descendants of (a) Cain; (b) Jezebel; (c) Adam. Beowulf and his men are greeted by (a) a mob of peasants; (b) wild beasts; (c) the Danish coastguard. Hrothgars warriors believe the only safety from the giants is in (a) the giants death; (b) distance; (c) strong armies. The worlds bright candle is the (a) moon; (b) sun; (c) north star. Beowulf gives the ships watchman (a) gold; (b) a horse; (c) a sword. Beowulf gives Hyglacs queen (a) three saddle-bright horses; (b) a tiara; (c) a bracelet. Grendel cant touch Hrothgars throne because it is (a) magic; (b) too bright; (c) protected by God. Beowulf is called (a) an angel; (b) the strongest of the Geats; (c) the least known of the Geats. The Geats urge Beowulf to go to Denmark and slay the monster because (a) the omens are good; (b) they want Beowulf away from home; (c) they want Beowulf killed.

87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. 100.

Beowulfs ancient sword is called (a) Faithful; (b) Naegling; (c) Hodrun. The dragons home is filled with (a) weapons; (b) treasures; (c) bones. Beowulf gives Hygd, Hyglacs queen, (a) a bag of jewels; (b) jeweled cups and plates; (c) the beautiful necklace of Wealtheow. Ring-giver means (a) king; (b) thane; (c) serf. Hrothgar warns Beowulf to choose happiness and to push away (a) greed; (b) envy; (c) pride. Beowulf becomes melancholy over (a) his lack of loyal followers; (b) his lack of an heir; (c) the threat of the dragon. Wiglaf sends a messenger to (a) proclaim himself a king; (b) tell of the deaths of Beowulf and the dragon; (c) tell of Beowulfs triumph over Grendel. The dragons treasure has been left in the tower by (a) the last of a noble race; (b) Hyglacs greatgreat grandfather; (c) a race of giants. Beowulf is mortally wounded by the (a) dragons flames; (b) dragons mother; (c) dragons poisonous fangs. Before Beowulf dies he asks Wiglaf to (a) see that Beowulfs eldest son assumes the throne; (b) take the throne himself; (c) see that Hrothgars son be summoned. As Beowulf is dying, Wiglaf (a) brings Beowulf some of the dragons treasures; (b) promises to avenge Beowulfs death; (c) proclaims himself a better fighter than Beowulf. In honor of Beowulfs memory a (a) statue is made; (b) mead-hall is built; (c) tower is raised. Beowulf dates from the period of English literature called (a) Prosaic; (b) Old English; (c) Epic. The setting for the events of this story is (a) England; (b) Denmark and Germany; (c) Denmark and Sweden.

Fill in each short answer below with the best possible answer from our study of Beowulf and the Anglo-Saxons. If you have bothered to read these directions, you will circle question thirty-one, and it will then be a bonus.(+2) 1. A narrative poem which tells the story of a people through its heros exploits is called an ______________. 2. Angles, Saxons and ______________ invaded what is now England. 3. Their invasion conquered the ancient ___________ tribes that had been living there for centuries. 4. English developed from these early invaders and is not a Romance language, but a ________________ language. 5. Beowulfs setting begins in ________________, where Hrothgar has problems with his hall. 6. Anglo-Saxon stories were told by traveling poets called __________ who would sing their stories in mead-halls.


These poems used _________________, the repetition of consonant sounds, to create rhythm because Anglo-Saxon words did not easily rhyme.

8. Grendel is said to be a descendant of Cain. This Biblical reference in a pre-Christian setting is known as A) an allusion B) a mystery C) poetic license D) a translators mistake E) an anachronism 9. The people who originated the story of Beowulf were known as A) Celts B) Anglo-Saxons C) Romans D) Germans E) Welshmen 10.Which of the following is NOT a kenning? A) word hoard (vocabulary) B) whale road (ocean) C) gem of heaven (sun) D) great sea garment (ships sail) E) Ecgtheows son (Beowulf)
Read the following excerpt from Beowulf and answer the questions that follow. This excerpt is from the section where the monster Grendel meets Beowulf in the mead-hall for their firstand last battle.

Now Hygelacs thane, the hardy, remembered His evenings boast, and bounding up, Grendel he clenched, and cracked his fingers; The monster tried flight, but the man pursued; The ravager hoped to wrench himself free, And gain the fen, for he felt his fingers Helpless and limp in the hold of his foe. Twas a sorry visit the man-devourer Made to the Hall of the Hart that night. Dread was the din, the Danes were frighted By the uproar wild of the ale-spilling fray.




11.References to the monster usually do not include his name. He is called The monster, The ravager, and man-devourer. This method of identifying someone with another name is a common epic and Anglo-Saxon device. Identify the device below. A) epic boasting B) vast setting C) repetition D) epithet E) stock phrases 12.The poetic device used in line 10 is A) alliteration D) kenning B) assonance E) simile



13.The Hall of the Hart in line 9 is A) Beowulfs mead hall B) Hygelacs mead hall C) Any Danish mead hall D) Heorot E) A deers cave 14.Beowulf may be helping Hrothgar because I. Hyglac ordered Beowulf to help him II. Hrothgar paid Ectheows wergild many years ago III. Beowulf wants to achieve fame A) Both I and III B) Both II and III C) I., II., and III. D) Only I E) Only III

15. The Christian monks who wrote Beowulf down probably disagreed with the Anglo-Saxon
belief that A) Wyrd; B) God; C) Druids; D) Heroes; E) The king controlled mans destiny.

16.Unferth I.

A) B) C) D) E)

III. Only I Only II Only III Both I and III Both I and II

Mocks Beowulf for losing to Brecca in a swimming competition Gives Beowulf Hrunting to fight Grendels mother Challenges Beowulf to a duel for Hrothgars approval

17.Ring-giver is a kenning which means A) Queen B) Thane C) King D) Suitor E) Dane 18.Hrothgars wife, A) Hrunting, B) Brecca, C) Hygd, D) Wealtheow, E) Scylding, shows the limited role of women in Anglo-Saxon culture as servers of warriors. 19.Grendels mother accomplishes all of the following EXCEPT: A) She takes back Grendels arm B) She melts a sword with her blood C) She tears Beowulfs armor D) She resists Hruntings blade E) She kills Hrothgars best friend

BEOWULF TEST KEY Matching 1.c 2.g 3.e 4.f 5.h 6.b 7.a 8.d 9.g 10.d 11.c 12.f 13.b 14.e 15.a 16.d 17. b 18. c 19.f 20.a 21.e Multiple Choice 68.b 69.b 70.a 51.T 52.T 53.T 54.T 55.F 56.F 57.T 58.T 59.F 60.T 61.F 62.F 63.T 64.T 65.F 66.T 67.F

22.f 23.e 24.b 25.d 26.c 27.a True-False 28.F 29.T 30.T 31.T 32.F 33.T 34.T 35.F 36.F 37.F 38.T 39.F 40.T 41.T 42.T 43.F 44.T 45.T 46.T 47.T 48.T 49.F 50.F

71.c 72.b 73.a 74.b 75.b 76.a 77. b 78. a 79.c 80.b 81.b 82.c 83.a 84.c 85.b 86.a 87.b 88.b 89.c 90.a 91.c 92.c 93.b 94.a 95.c 96.b 97.a 98.c 99.b 100.c