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A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the College of Nursing Olivarez College

In Partial Fulfilment Of the requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing




This research study is dedicated to our family especially to our supportive parents and to those special people who have showed us with love, believe in us and taught us that the only obstacle to success were those in our mind. Their influences, their commitment and their dedication into our life have made and contributed to person we are today.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to thank the following people for their unfailing support in our journey towards completing this research study: Ms. Joy Colindres, our clinical instructor on this subject (Nursing Research)

CHAPTER I BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The family is the most basic unit of society, we start to grow and learn in the early stages of our life here, our lifestyle and our perception of life is correlated within our years in the family, that is why our time in the family plays a very important role in our studies as well as our lives. It is important for the nurses to have a background study in the support systems in the level of performance among the nursing students in Olivarez College. It can also give them a glimpse on what to expect and how to prepare on the performance of the students. The researchers also wanted to know how the support systems are related in the level of performance. Also we would like to know if the support systems would even have an effect on the level of performance. Especially, in Olivarez Colleges nursing students. This study is focused on the support systems in the level of performance among the nursing students in Olivarez College on the productivity and their study. It includes stating the level of family support by categories of financial, spiritual, academic, moral, psychological, and emotional support, also we aim to determine the effects of which on the studies of the respondents. This study is similar to other studies in the point of coping of students with absentee fathers, but will deal with both or single parents parted from their children to provide proper

education. This will not cover people that have a single parent family, divorced, and/or deceased parent, both parents should be validated to be alive and working away from their children to give proper education. Motivation from this study came from the researchers own perception, people see that in everyday life Filipino families leave their children to work abroad so that they could give their children better lives, and so that they could send them to decent schools but also at this stage of middle to late adolescence students need guidance, but with the lack of which, we would like to investigate on how the students cope with such problems.




People differ not only in their ability to do, but also their will to do. People learn to care, to love and serve not just by thoughts of it or by just mere speaking of it, rather , acquisition of caring values is doing and is changing what we do through experiential processes. Caring is still the single most aspect of nursing, but if the person is not thought to care for other people in their childhood the question would be, in what degree would a person be able to care for people he or she wont even know. All the literatures and studies placed in this research study is ver fundamental and significant in relation to evaluation the performance of the student in relation to the family support systems.

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The purpose of the study is sought to determine the perception of the nursing students of Olivarez College as to the effects of having absentee parents to rear them, to answer the following questions: Specially this study seeks to answer the following questions: 1. What are the profiles of the respondents in terms of: 1.1 Age

1.2 Gender 1.3 Usual Hours of study 1.4 Family Background 1.5 Grades 1.5.1 Academic 1.5.2 Clinical (RLE) 2. to what extent is the support system given by the family among the respondents; In terms of: 2.1 Financial Support 2.2 Spiritual Support 2.3 Academic Support 2.4 Emotional Support 2.5 Moral Support 2.6 Psychological Support 3. What is the level of performance among the respondents in terms of: 3.1 Academic Grade (NCM) 3.2 RLE Grade 4. Is there a significant relationship between the family support to the level of performance of the students. 5. Is there a significant relationship between the profile of the respondent to the level of performance.



This study is aimed to understand the causes, the effects and the coping mechanisms of students with absentee parents, it will help the people who are involved, namely, the clinical instructors, the students, and also the parents to further understand the situation that they are in and would learn how to deal with such. This will provide information that is vital for human development for the acceptance of society in a marginal level. Unlike previous studies, this is not centered on the opinions of the students that are involved but also on the way the parents raise their children, it may open new breakthroughs on psychology, and how to properly deal with absentee parents for the further generations. Students: Students would benefit on this study by acknowledging their own faults and how to better handle their own situation by fueling the mind with positive information. Families: Families would be able to understand the situation their children are in and would be likely to realize ways in which solve said problems. Nursing Schools: would benefit by producing more productive nurses in the future by removing barriers from the academic and the social aspects of their students life thus creating a better name for the institutions.

Nursing Research: would benefit on the aspects of gaining further knowledge on the effects of family support in relation to academic grade.


The scope of the study would be from first year to fourth year BS Nursing students of Olivarez College with both or any one of the parents parted from them in the effort of giving their offspring including the respondent proper education. HYPOTHESIS HO1: there is no significant relationship between family support and academic performance. HO2: there is no significant relationship between profile of the respondet and family support.

DEFINITION OF TERMS 1. Family a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling or not: a traditional family. A Social unit consisting of one or more adults together with the children they care for: a single-parent family. Support Systems A network of personal or professional contacts available to a person or organization for practical or moral support when needed. Performance the grading of a student in regards to academic grade and RLE grade.

Nursing Students a student in the collegiate level undertaking a baccalaureate degree in the Science of Nursing.

Coping to face and deal with responsibilities, problems, or difficulties, especially successfully or in a calm or adequate manner.

Financial Support support in which a family would supply monetary assistance to a student.

Spiritual Support support in which a family would give spiritual assistance in terms of keeping of faith and having spiritual conversations in which would help the students to grow.

Moral Support support in which a family would give moral teaching and virtuous guidance to a student which would imminently make a better person of the student.

CHAPTER II METHODOLOGY This part of the study discusses the procedures and types of reaserch that reaserchers would utilized in order to find out the outcome of the study. The reaserch method and design, the subject and respondents, the materials or instruments to be used, the data gathering procedure and the statistical treatment of data that is relevant to the study.

RESEARCH DESIGN: The researchers assess the number of which a specific group is involved in and through which valuable clues as to a cause and effect relation might be derived. Field (2008) define the method as describing, recording, analyzing and interpreting condition that exists. Good (2005) claimed that descriptive survey of approach to problem solving seek to answer question as to the fact relating to existing condition discover the relationship between existing non manipulated variables. On the other hand, correlational research is to the study the relationships among variables. In this research, researchers do not control the independent the variables presumed causative factor because it has already occurred.

Correlational research that is designed to explore causal relationship sometimes is described as either retrospective or prospective. Correlational studies with a retrospective designs are ones in which a phenomenon is observed in the present is linked to the phenomenon occurring in the past.