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- Ali ibn Hussain radiAllahu Anhu said, We used to teach the ghazawaat (battles) the way we used to teach

the Holy Quran itself. - Imam az Zuhri said, In studying the battles of the Prophet , it revealed to us, within it lies the knowledge of this dunya and the knowledge of the aakhirah. - Even Orientalists, non-muslims, when they wanted to study the Prophet, they would study his battles. WHY? Because a persons true self comes out when they are put under pressure, under stress, when they are emotional. But foolish are those that think my Nabi was different man during war. - The Prophet led in what the most agreed upon opinion is 27 battles. Out of these 27, he himself participated in 9. The 9 battles were: Badr, Uhud, al Khandak, Quraydah, Mustaliq, Khaybar, al Fath, Hunain, and Taif. Out of these 9 battles, he was wounded twice. - Never before in history did a military leader, gather all the ghaneema (war booty) and distribute it amongst the soldiers. All the wealth was shared equally. This meant that even the weakest among the Sahaba would be given the same share as the bravest amongst themUpon occasion, Sahaba were talking and there was some ghaneema nearby. The Prophet looked at them and said, This is what you love and he kicked it. - Upon another occasion, he is sleeping on a straw mat and Umar radiAllahu Anhu sees that it left marks on his blessed body. Umar cries and says, O Messenger of Allah atleast [have] something soft, atleast something soft. I cant bear to see the marks on your body. And he said, O Umar, what do I want of this dunya? the Akhirah is far better.

- The Prophet was extremely brave. Ali karamallahu wajhu mentions thatWe would hide behind the Prophet when the battle would become intense. At Badr, we were hiding behind the Prophet and he was closing the gap between the enemy. WHO IS SAYING THIS, OF ALL THE PEOPLE?! It is Ali bin Abi Talib! - at Hunain the Muslims numbered 12,000 and the Kuffaar were 4,000. One of the very few battles where Muslims outnumbered the Kuffaarthe hadith mentions that the enemy came down the side of a mountain all dressed in black, and on black horses, as if a big black beastthe Sahaba retreated leaving the Prophet . Abbas radiAllahu Anhu followed the Prophet and called the Sahaba to come back, out of 12,000 sahaba, 700 rejoined him. - Upon occasion the Sahaba are being lined up, getting ready for battle. The Prophet sees the sahabi Sawad ibn Ghaziya (raa), standing out of line he pricked him in his belly with the arrow, saying, Stand in line, O Sawad! You have hurt me, O apostle of Allah, he cried, and Allah has sent you with right and justice so let me retaliate. The apostle uncovered his belly and said Take your retaliation. Sawad (raa) embraced him and kissed his belly. He asked what had made him do this and he replied, O apostle of Allah, you see what is before us and I may not survive the battle and as this is my last time with you I want my skin to touch yours. Allahu Akbar KabeeraTHIS is called mahabbah (love). - At Uhud, the Prophet was struck in the mouth, in the shoulder, and in the head. When the Prophet was struck

in the mouth he became angry and began to curse the mushrikeen. Allah revleaved the verses in which he was told that it does not befit him that he should pass judgment. He realized that if he curses them, surely the people would be destroyed, so he immediately changed up his dua and started saying, O Allah forgive them for they do not know. He panicked and he started cleaning the blood off his face, lest azaab should befall the mushrikeen! - Talha radiAllahu anhu would defend the Prophet, and take blow upon blow. We dont even defend the beard, the hijab, the Sunnah! Umm Amarah saw what happened and she grabbed a sword and began swinging her sword, defending the Prophet! O my sister! This was the legacy of the women in Islam. Dont let cultural rules and expectations in the name of Islam confine you. - Abu Ubaidah ibn al Jarrah and other Sahaba see the condition of the Prophet and they take him to an open field. The chain link from his helmet was stuck in his blessed cheek. Abu Ubaidah begs the sahaba, Please let me take it out. I fear that you may hurt him. The sahaba pulled rank and said no. Abu Ubaidah threw himself on the ground and started crying like a childuntil finally they permitted him. Abu Ubaidah took the Prophets blessed face in his hands, and he bit the chain link with his teeth and slowly pulled the link out. He bit so hard, that he shattered his two front teeth! - at Uhud, the Prophets uncle, Hamzah was martyred and his body was mutilated. The sahaba barely had enough cloth to cover Hamzah radiAllahu Anhu. The bodies of the shuhadah are washed and enshroudedthe Sahaba had missed preparing the body of Hanzalah. They asked lifted his body and saw that it was dripping with water. It was asked who washed his body? Hanzalah had been married the night before! So the malaikah (angels) gave him ghusl.

- Upon occasion the Prophet was getting the supplies for battle gathered. Umm Atiyah saw people giving this, and giving that. She was jealous, she had nothing, so she handed the Prophet her baby and said take this. The Prophet asked, what will I do with this, O mother? Use it as a shield, O Messenger of Allah. Defend yourself against arrows O Messenger of Allah! - at Uhud, the munafiqeen spread the rumor that the Messenger of Allah is dead. Hamannah bint Jash hears the news and rushes to find the Messenger of Allah. She is stopped and told O Hamannah, your father is no more. She responds Inna LillahShe asks, what of my beloved Prophet? She moves on and is told her husband has fallensame responseshe moves and is told her son has fallensame responseshe moves and is told her brother has fallensame responseshe moves on and is told he is hurt but aliveshe replies that I will not rest until I have seen him for my own eyes