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Happy New Year! Welcome to G2!

This is the first of what I hope will become a regular correspondence with you, the parents and students in G2! I am really looking forward to getting to know all of you further, and working alongside you to ensure we have a fabulous year of learning and fun. We start the year with a hiss and a roar. Starting tomorrow we have swimming down at Huia Pool every Tuesday and Thursday. This continues for weeks 1, 2 & 3. This is preparation for camp and will involved kayaking, snorkeling and lifejackets. In week 4 we have our school camp to Forest Lakes and Otaki Forks. There will be notices coming home regarding health forms,

permission slips etc. It really helps our organisation if these are returned promptly. There are also permission slips for trips and Internet use. Again, it would be really appreciated if they were returned ASAP. The students have been allocated their stationery. Their books look much tidier and are more robust if covered. The students are most welcome to take their stationery home tonight to cover, or if they prefer they could take them home at the weekend. I would appreciate all their books being at school for Thursday and Friday. Stationery: 1B5 - Language, Reading, Inquiry WA4 - Homework Home Reader IE5 - Maths JWB - Draft Writing

UB - Maths Thinking 9B5 - Pad Clearfile - Learning Journal Simplick Wallet - Work in progress

Lets all have an awesome

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Library Day Tuesday Homework Friday Swimming Tues & Thurs Weeks 1, 2 & 3

Despite the change in weather today we still expect the students to have a named sunhat at school during Terms 1 and 4. This is essential when walking down to swimming. We would also really appreciate each student bringing in a box of tissues for the class to share. Information regarding emergency food will also be coming home soon. As Year 6s we have many opportunities that other students in the school do not have access to such as camp and positions of responsibility e.g. Road Patrollers, Leaders, Digikids and Librarians. It is really important that if you are in one of these positions of responsibility you are reliable, organised and use good communication skills to let people know where you are and if you are going to be unavailable.

Whats on in G2 In the first couple of weeks we will be doing our baseline testing in reading, spelling, basic facts, place value and PAT Maths and Reading. If you are interested in finding out how your student has begun the year, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me. Homework begins on Friday. The students are given homework each Friday, which is due in by the following Friday. We will mark this collectively. The focus for homework is primarily reading, basic facts and spelling. Occasionally there will be extra tasks to support the learning going on in class. Our focus for the year is Excellence: How can we achieve excellence? Our opening inquiry is Ako: How can we be excellent learners? This will encompass looking at the school values, book standards, behaviour standards, how to ask good questions, working together and camp. ICT will be a strong component of the class programme in G2. I am hoping that you will all support the G2 blog and the students individual blogs as a means of sharing work and as a communication tool to secure a successful home/ school partnership. I look forward to meeting you at the Meet the Teacher or Camp evenings. Regards Zac Mills

If you need to contact me about anything regarding school, the class programme or your child please do not hesitate to contact me on: zacmills@easternhutt.school.nz Or 04 566 0167 (office) Or for general info see our class webspace and blog @ easternhuttroomg2.blogspot.co.nz/