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Press Release
Police Department

Officer Involved Shooting

DR# 130007911 February 7, 2013

On Thursday, February 07, 2013, at approximately 5:15 a.m., uniformed officers of the Torrance Police Department heard shots fired coming from the area of Sunnyglen Park in the City of Torrance, in proximity to where members of the Los Angeles Police Department was providing protective services related to the regional law enforcement effort to capture murder suspect Christopher Dorner. Test As Torrance Police Officers responded to the location, they observed a truck suddenly leaving the area matching a similar description of suspect Christopher Dorners vehicle. A Torrance Police patrol unit, occupied by two officers, encountered the black truck, collided with the vehicle, and an officer involved shooting occurred. Both officers involved in the collision were not injured. The sole occupant and driver of the truck was not hit by gun fire and had no visible injuries at the time of the incident. Members of the Torrance Police Department would like to send our thoughts and prayers to all law enforcement agencies, their families, and all innocent people who have been affected by Christopher Dorners actions. This incident is being investigated under the command and direction of Captain Bernard Anderson of the Special Operations Bureau and the assistance of the Los Angeles County District Attorneys Office.


Sergeant Chris Roosen Torrance Police Department Public Information Officer (310) 618-5735

TO R R A N C E P O L I C E D E PA R T M E N T 3 30 0 Civic Ce nt er Driv e, Torr ance Ca lifor nia 905 03

TPD 181 (Rev. 1/06)

Los Angeles Police Department

Los Angeles, California

News Release
February 9, 2013 NR13340SF

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Becks Statement on Christopher Jordan Dorner
Los Angeles: I have no doubt that the law enforcement community will bring to an end the reign of terror perpetrated on our region by Christopher Jordan Dorner and he will be held accountable for his evil actions. The families that have been devastated by his actions will never be the same. By all accounts, the Los Angeles Police Department has made tremendous strides in gaining the trust and confidence of the people we serve. Dorners actions may cause a pause in our increasingly positive relationship with the community but, it will not stop our commitment to provide courteous, professional and constitutional policing to each individual this Department makes contact with. I am aware of the ghosts of the LAPDs past and one of my biggest concerns is that they will be resurrected by Dorners allegations of racism within the Department But, I also know that we are a better organization now than ever before; better but not perfect. Fairness and equality are now the cornerstones of our values and that is reflected by the present diversity of the department. We are a majority of minorities, almost exactly reflecting the ethnic makeup of Los Angeles. As hard as it has been to change the culture of the Los Angeles Police Department, it has been even more difficult to win and maintain the support of the public. As much as I value our successes in reducing crime, I value even more our gains in public confidence. Therefore I feel we need to also publicly address Dorners allegations regarding his termination of employment, and to do so I have directed our Professionals Standards Bureau and my Special Assistant for Constitutional Policing to completely review the Dorner complaint of 2007; To include a re-examination of all evidence and a re-interview of witnesses. We will also investigate any allegations made in his manifesto which were not included in his original complaint. I do this not to appease a murderer. I do it to reassure the public that their police department is transparent and fair in all the things we do.


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