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Gonzalez 1 Valentina Gonzalez WRD 104 Professor Schneider 3 February 2013 Emanuel wants to make Chicago more immigrant

friendly The idea of Sanctuary City is very complex because many people seem to have strong opinions about it. While some believe it is okay, others believe that undocumented immigrants should be deported because they are causing harm to our society. For instance, Bill O Reilly harshly criticizes the American government for not protecting its citizens by having such lenient immigration laws (OReilly 1). He emphasizes and exaggerates a situation in which five immigrants raped an innocent mother on the streets of New York (OReilly 1). Though this seems to suggest that such harsh opinions about immigration laws based on this situation would be a logical fallacy however, many do hold that belief and may even be convinced by the article. On the other hand, Harvard sociologist Robert J. Sampson, he brings upon a different opinion about immigrants and claims that there has been a correlation between immigrants and the amount of crime in a city. He ultimately suggests that in certain neighborhoods where immigrant populations have increased, homicide rates have decreased (Sampson 1). Ultimately, Sampson brings upon a very positive view of undocumented immigrants. Similarly, Kristen Mack, Chicago Tribune reporter, as puts the idea of Sanctuary City in a positive light as she states that Emanuels new law will take away the right for police officers to report immigrants to the ICE unless they have conducted or been accused of extreme crimes (Mack 1). While others have argued that undocumented immigrants have done nothing but negatively affect our country, nonetheless, more measures should be taken to lessen the ways in which they can be deported because the majority are solely trying to make a better life and find opportunities to support their family.

Gonzalez 2 For some time, undocumented immigrants have held a negative reputation. For instance, many suggest that undocumented immigrants are taking the jobs of American citizens. Although it might be true that undocumented immigrants will work for a lower pay, the fact that they are actually taking the jobs of citizens is untrue. Because the majority of undocumented immigrants come to the United States for a better life, they work extremely hard. Often times, undocumented immigrants earn their jobs and they do not take them away. Also, several undocumented immigrants would take jobs that others would not. For instance, many immigrants work tough and long hours in factories, do yard work, are janitors and so on. In many instances, the statement that undocumented immigrants take the jobs of American citizens is often untrue. Undocumented immigrants often times have jobs that many do not want. Furthermore, most recently, there as been a stereotype that the majority of all undocumented immigrants are criminals and are only in the United States to cause harm; however, that is largely untrue. The majority of undocumented immigrants risk their lives, their families lives and give up their lives in their home country. Many undocumented immigrants are hard workers. For instance, they settle for extremely difficult jobs, less pay and not the best conditions in the workplace to have a job to maintain themselves and their families. Also, undocumented immigrants have to work harder in order to maintain great grades. Because they do come to the United States for better opportunities, their dreams are to go to college and often times, money is tight and therefore they must work hard in school to get scholarship money so they can afford to go college. Overall, Rahm Emanuels ordnance to only deport undocumented immigrants that have outstanding crime has created bigger and brighter dreams for undocumented immigrants. In the

Gonzalez 3 city of Chicago, many can live their lives without worry of being reported if they do what they are supposed to be doing.