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Annexure I: Data Sheet for Induced Draft Fan

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 GENERAL Project: Job No.: Owner: NRL Site: Numaligarh, India Unit: HGU Purchaser: Unit No.: 05 Item No.: 05-KA-202 Service: ID FAN FOR HYDROGEN REFORMER No. Required: ONE Working: ONE Std. by: NONE Driver: Type: Variable Frequency Drive Motor Applicable to n Proposals Purchase o As built Note: n Scope option & Inf. Specified by purchaser Information reqd. from & option left to vendor. Vendor to cross x the selected option Manufacturer: Model: n Fan Type / AMCA Argmt.# DIDW Place of Mfrg. Of Fan: Driver Arrgt.: Direct Thru Gear Box Thru variable Fluid cplg. Thru V-Belt Drive Other: Driver Furnished By: Driver Mounted By: OPERATING CONDITIONS Minimum Low Amb. (ALL DATA ON PER UNIT BASIS) Design Normal Unthrottld Operating Case n Gas Handled Flue Gas Flue Gas Flue Gas Flue Gas n Density (kg/m 3) 0.8092 0.8309 Delivered (Nm 3/hr) n Volume Flow (Bidder to consider 20 % extra than 2,41,563 * shown )* m 3/hr INLET CONDITIONS: n Temperature (Design/Normal) ( oC) 159 154 Relative Humidity (%) Molecular Weight (Min.) Inlet Volume (am 3/hr: Wet) C p / C v (K1) or (K Avg .) Compressibility (Z1) or (ZAvg .) Static Pressure @ Sound Trunk / (mmWC) Press. Loss Across Sound Trunk / (mmWC) Static Pressure @ Inlet Dampers (mmWC) Static Pressure @ Fan Inlet (mmWC) DISCHARGE CONDITIONS: Static Pressure @ Fan Outlet (#) (mmWC) Static Pressure @ Disch. Damper (mmWC) Diff. Pressure Disch. Damper (mmWC) Diff. Pressure Across Evase (mmWC) Static Pressure @ Evase Outlet (mmWC) PERFORMANCE: BKW Required @ Temp. (All losses incl.) (kW) Fan Speed (RPM) n Guarantee Point Yes Performance Curve No. Static Diff. Pressure Across Fans (mmWC) Inlet Damper / Vane Position (% of Open) Discharge Damper Position (% of Open) Fan Static Efficiency (%) FAN CONTROL n Fan Control Furnished by: Fan Vendor Control Signed Type: Source: Sensitivity: Range: Auto Lock on failure Method: Inlet Damper: for isolation of fan; for capacity regulation; Control Auto Manual Outer Damper: for isolation of fan; Other: Control Auto Manual Inlet Guide Vanes Control Auto Manual n Variable Speed through variable frequency drive (VDF) n Control n Auto n Manual Variable Speed through fluid coupling Control Auto Manual Starting Method_________; Start Actuators: Type: Pneumatic Piston Actuated Hydraulic Other: REMARKS: 1. Sound Trunk means Inlet Box/Inlet Silencer. # Add losses to arrive at the final pressure value. 2. Evase is a diffuser or a diverging discharge transition piece.

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3. Flue gas inlet temperature of ID fans shall be considered as 220oC (Mech. Suitability) OPERATING CONDITION GAS ANALYSIS OTHER CONDITIONS Design Maximum Mole% Minimum
M.W. Wt% Mol% Wt% Mol% Wt% Mol%


Air Oxygen Nitrogen Water Vapor CO CO2 H2S HCI Cl2 SO2

Total Avg. Mol. Wt. Corrosives n Corrosion / Erosion Caused By Flue Gas Constituent (SO2) n Corrosion / Erosion Protection Required for parts coming into contact with flue gas SITE / INSTALLATION DATA SPECIFICATIONS Location: Noise Specifications: Indoor Heated Under Roof n Applicable to Machine: 85 dBA @ 1 m n Outdoor n Unheated n Partial Sides n Applicable to Neighborhood: 85 dBA @ 1 n Grade m Winterization Reqd n Tropicalization Reqd See Specification Site data: (Reqd Site & Utility Data) Acoustic Housing (if reqd.) Yes Elevation (m): Applicable specifications: o Temperature C (Summer) EC (Winter) n Technical procurement document 2 Wind load___________ kg/m Velocity m/hr n All reference made in the Technical document Unusual conditions: Dust Fumes n Other Refinery Atmosphere Electrical Area Classification (Refer Electrical Specs) Class Group Div. Painting n Manufacturers Standard Other Shipment: n Domestic Export n Export Boxing Reqd. n Outdoor storage more than SIX (6) Months Erection: Shipped n Partially Assembled n Other (s)

REMARKS: Voluminous parts shall be dispatched in loose condition with necessary support to avoid damage during transit. Small parts shall be crate packed and hardware shall be box packed.

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CONSTRUCTION FEATURES n Speed (rpm): n Shaft Max. Cont. Speed: (MCS)_______Trip Speed: Shaft Length (mm): Dia @ Wheel (mm): Max. Tip Speed ___________m/sec @ Rated ___________m/sec @ MCS n Housing n Material: CORTEN-A/IRSM-41/SAILCOR-A n Impeller / Blades n Material: SS-321, TI STABILIZED Suction: SISW (ovehung) SISW (between bearing) Coating Type n DIDW (between bearing) Diameter (mm) No. of blades n Inlet Bell / Diffuser / Inlet Transition Piece n Type: n Backward Curved, Non-Overloading n Evase / Diffuser / Outlet Transition Piece n Type of blades: n Single Thickness Insulation Type By (By Vendor): Thickness (mm): Fabrication method Insulation Stud by (By Vendor): n Hyb n Drains No. / Size: Type / Loc: Shrink Fit Keyed Other: n Fan Inlet Acess, Split for Rotor Removal: Manways: Size (mm): Type / Loc: n Bearing Housing: n Shaft Sleeves: SS 316 Split: Horizontal / Vertical Material: CS Provided: n Yes No Type: n Material: n Cooling required: None Air Cooled n Water Cooled: m 3/hr @ EC n Shaft Seals n Radial Bearings (DE + NDE) Type: Labyrinth Packing Mechanical Seal Type: Hydrodynamic Antifriction Mech. Seals: Make: Model / Seal Code: n Thrust Bearing: MOC of Laby / Packing: Type: Flat Land Tapered Land Titled Pad Other: Rotation viewed from coupling end: CW CCW GD 2 value of Laby / Packing Temp. Detectors (Metal / Oil) Thrust Journal Type: n Main Connections: (By Vendor) Inlet: No. x Size: x mmx mm; Area(m 2): n Lubrication for Fan Bearings Flange Size: Type Ring Oil (constant level) Grease Location / Orientation: Forced Feed (Refer separate oil system data sheet) n Exp. Joint: n Yes No Furnished By: n Fan Mfr. Other: Mtg. Pedestal Yes No Outlet No x Size: x mmx mm; Area (m 2): Sole Plates Yes No Flange Size: Vibration detectors Location / Orientation: Allowable Vibration Limits: n Exp. Joint: n Yes No Furnished By: n Fan Mfr. Other: :m, Peak to Peak: @ Location: mm/sec.: @ Location: Other Connections: Seismic Sensor-Spot space(s) (Provision for mrg.) Service No. Size Type Seismic Sensor duly mounted Lube oil Inlet n Speed Detectors (On Outboard Bearing) Lube oil outlet n Non-Contact Probe (Speed Sensing Element) Cooling Water Inlet Speed Switch Cooling Water Outlet n Other Speed Transmitter Condensate Drain Type: Model: Other: Manufacturer: Pressure Gauge n Location: @ NDE of Fan Shaft Temperature Gauge Scale Range: Weights (kg): Space Requirements (m): Fan Assy: Gear L W H Remarks Rotors Fluid Cplg. Fan Assembly Sound Trunk: Other: Fluid Coupling Evase Other: Gear Driver #1 Max. Maintenance Clutch Driver #2 Erection / Shipping Driver #1 Baseplate Driver#2 Complete Assembly Remarks:

180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236

Fan Cleaning System: n Required Cleaning Medium: LP Steam n Furnished by: n Fan Mfr. Other: MATERIALS: Part Material Fan Housing / Casing CS (CORTEN A) Shaft Forg. Steel Impeller / Blades Hub Shaft Sleeves Inlet Damper Outlet Damper Inlet Guide Vanes Inlet Bell Evase

Material Specification
EN-24(as per BS-970) / ANSI SS321, TI STABILIZED


Baseplates & Soleplates: Tri- Directional Adjusting Screws for Eqpt. Pilot Holes For Dowels Type Grout: Type Precoat: Soleplate For: n Bearing Pedestals Gear n Driver n Bearing Pedestals Gear Baseplates: n Common (Under Driver & Inboard bearing


Other Fan Alone n Decking n Non Skid Open const n Drip Rim Open Drain Suitable For Column Or n Perimeter Support Leveling Pads W / Removable Cover Subsole Plates Required n Suitable for support over concrete foundation

Inlet/Outlet Expansion Joint Mfrs Std. Inlet/Outlet Transition Piece CS (CORTEN A) Rain Hood(s) Base Plate CS Outlet Duct Couplings Driver - Fan n Coupling & Guard Yes Furnished by Fan Vendor n Type Flexible Metallic with Spacer & Non-Sparking guard Mfg. Model/Number n Lubrication Dry n Mount Cplg. Halves Yes - Fan By Fan Vendor - Driver By Fan Vendor - Hydraulic Coupling Spacer Length Ltd. End Float Reqd. n Coupling Guard Reqd. Yes n Service Factor 1.5 Cplg. Rating kW/100 RPM Keyed Or Hydr. Fit Adaptor (Solo) Plate (if Reqd.) n Materials (Coupling / Disc Pack) CS / SS SHOP INSPECTION & TESTS Description n Shop Inspection n Cleanliness Inspection Hardness Verification Charpy Impact Testing n Shaft Runout Check n Dyn. Bal. of Rotor Assy.(Gr.2.5:ISO 1940) n Calibration Check of Balancing Eqpt. n DP/MP test for Impeller Welds n US/LP test for shaft Assembly & Fit Up Check Initial &/or Final Alignment Check Gear Tooth Contact Check n Vibration Level Test (during MRT) n Sound Level Test (during MRT) n Material Certf.: Casing/Impeller/Shaft/Slv. Observed Witnessed Description Pressure Test - Housing - Ducting - Lube Oil System Performance Test: FI. Cplg. Free Running Test: FI. Cplg. Heat/Temp. Rise Test: FI. Cplg. Vibration Test: FI. Cplg. Over speed Test: FI. Cplg. n Perf. Test (as per BS848) n No Load MRT for 4 Hrs. Field Performance Test n QC Review n Dimens. & Visual Insp. n Pre-shipment Insp. Observed Witness ed

n n n n n

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237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261

Damper functional test n n Functional / Simulation test LCP n ACCESSORIES Inlet Filter along with Bird/Insect Screen, Rain Hood n Canopy for Motor(s) Inlet & outlet Silencer n Foundation / Anchor Bolts Complete Inlet Ducting, Prefabricated n Jacketing Bolts for Motor & Fan (2 Directions) n Insulation cleats on fan scroll & inlet box n Vibration Eliminators / Anti Vibration Mountings Prefabricated CW Piping & Fittings for Brg. n Expansion Joints / Flexible Connections: Fan Inlet Cooling n Expansion Joints / Flexible Connections: Fan Outlet n Impeller Washing System (by Steam) Complete With prefabricated piping & fittings n Companion flanges with gaskets, bolts & nuts: Fan Inlet @ Vendors B/L) n Companion flanges with gaskets, bolts & nuts: Fan Outlet @ Vendors B/L) n All utility connections terminated with isolation Valves at vendors battery limits (single point) n Casing Drain including inlet box drain, terminated at vendors B/L Surface & Subsurface Insp. Type: With isolation valve (50 mm NB, minimum)
Connections, with companion flanges, nuts, bolts & gaskets)

n Other accessories & instrumentation as per P&ID attached elsewhere

Fluid coupling complete with all associated auxiliary systems & Inst. & controls Make: Make: Inlet Box Control Dam pers: Model: Model: Make:

n Inlet / Outlet Transition Pieces n Local Instruments including junc. Box, as

specified n Local Control Panel(s) / LGB (s) [As required] n Insurance Spares, as specified n Quotation for Spares for 2 year normal operation n Commissioning Spares (as recommended) n Special tools / tackles (as recommended) n Cabling / Tubing between Fan & Control Panel

n Variable frequency drive system complete with all assoc. auxiliary sys.& Controls

n Damper (Inlet): n Damper (Outlet):