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Geared Machines / P420 / P450

Planetary Gear P420 / P450

Application range


2.5 m/s at 2000 kg and roping 1:1 2.5 m/s at 2500 kg and roping 2:1 relation to car weight see application map further down 2500 kg (roping 1:1) 5000 kg (roping 2:1) Max. 45 kW P420 above and below the hoistway P450 above the hoistway only IP 21 340 / 460 V 50 / 60 Hz

Rated load Power rating Machine room location Degree of protection Rated voltage of motor Frequency


Geared Machines / P420 / P450

Features & benefits

Energy saving

20% less power consumption compared to conventional geared drive technology. Reduced starting current allow for lower fuse and mains rating.

Ride quality

High precision manufacturing with single supporting position for motor and gear with no additional couplings. Very accurate levelling as well as smooth starting and stopping in combination with precise velocity control and fully controlled closed loop VVVF derive system.

Robust design Optimized dimensions

Multiple engagement of sprockets, achieving optimum heavy .duty performance over long lifetime. Up to 40% shorter than conventionally geared elevator drives. Planetary gear mounted within the traction sheave. Flange mounted motor.



Geared Machines / P420 / P450


Weight with secondary sheave P420 without secondary sheave P450 without secondary sheave Height to center line of motor shaft Traction sheave Wrapping Diameter Max. number of ropes Diameter of suspension ropes Distance between rope falls Reeving factor Rated motor output Radial force - P420 light MR above - P420 heavy MR above - P420 MR below - P450 heavy MR above Ambient Temperature

1400 kg 1600 kg 814 mm single 715 mm - 900 mm 11 13 mm and 16 mm 715 mm - 1575 mm 1:1 / 2:1 / 4:1 / 6:1 Max. 45 kW 85 kN 90 kN 80 kN 125 kN +5 to +40 C


Hoisting Motor Gear Traction sheave Machine frame Brake

Frequency controlled 3-phase motor with external fan. Two step planetary gear for lower speed transmission of torque from the hoisting motor. Mounted on gear flange, double wrap roping. With base plates and isolation pads. Dual circuit brake spring loaded brake electromagnetically opened. Single or double disk brake to hold the load and acts as an emergency brake. A micro switch is detecting the status of the brake (open / closed). Applied if the rope fall distance is greater then the traction sheave diameter (only if machine room ia above). Pretension and support for the machine (only for machine room below).

Deflection pulley Tie down device


Geared Machines / P420 / P450

Application map

Note: The table above represents the general application range and only considers the rated speed and rated load of the car. The selection of the correct inverter must be determined for each case. The gross weight of the car and the travel height (weight of the rope) have to be taken into account.