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SELENITE Selenite is a universal stone found on all seven continents and in my opinion, on all stars, planets, and solar

systems throughout the universe. It is much like a thread that can connect you with the past, present, and future, and with any place in the universe. Sometimes called gypsum or desert rose, Selenite has the ability to link one to the people and places that are important, as well as to spaces and places throughout the universe. Because of its universal nature those who are drawn to Selenite often find themselves pulling information that comes from elsewhere. You can recognize Selenite People by a common phrase that is a variation of, I dont know how I know this, but A stone used to build walls, those who are drawn to Selenite usually find that they are in the position of trying to break down walls that should never have been erected in the first place. Todays Selenite People would be much like the freedom riders of the early 1960s. Those who are drawn to Selenite have the courage of their convictions, are champions of the underdog, and believe in practicing what they preach, but are often forced to make unpopular decisions. It is easy for people to say, If this ever happens, I will do such and such but when they are faced with the reality of the situation they had imagined, they are suddenly saying, Oh, but what I meant was Selenite People are unafraid to fight for causes that they believe in, even though the cause may not be popular. They would not allow certain forms of injustice and although they may have trouble sticking up for themselves in some situations, they have no difficulty speaking up for those who are unable to speak up for themselves, such as children, the elderly, or the disabled. Selenite People are tied into the magic and enchantment of earth, but able to gain insights from realms that some might feel exist only in the imagination. They enjoy stepping back to gain a clearer perspective on what is happening. People who are drawn to Selenite value the truth, and have been tested many times to prove to themselves that they indeed do have the courage of their convictions. You have heard the expression, If these walls could talk A person drawn to Selenite is like a wall in that he or she hears everything, yet can keep a secret and will take a secret to their grave rather than betray a confidence. Oftentimes it seems as if a mission common to Selenite People is to break down walls that should not have been put up in the first place!

Selenite is a stone of wonder. Legend has it that the wizards of old could record their memories into blades of Selenite, although I would strongly suggest that the wizards of today have a back up copy of their memories in either a computer or a journal. Selenite is a stone of truth as well as a stone that will help with channeling and pulling information from elsewhere. Those drawn to Selenite have usually made a commitment to help others who are in the midst of changes. It is a stone of transition, and those who are drawn to it find themselves in the midst of major transitions and/or working closely with others who are undergoing significant changes. Physically, Selenite is very fragile, but on a metaphysical level it is a true stone of power and one of the five most important stones of this era (in my opinion.) With Selenite, there is often a connection and deep respect for the lakes, sreams, and all fresh waters, as well as the salty oceans. Selenite People connect with mermaids and dolphin, and may have even considered a vacation to swim with the dolphin or manatee. Often people who are connected with Selenite feel that in addition to work they know they must do, they have a mission or something that they know they must accomplish. Selenite People are phenomenal teachers and know things that they have no logical means of knowing. Another aspect of this stone is the unspoiled aspect of life. In many parts of the world, Selenite in the form of Desert Rose has soaked up so much oil from oil spills that rather than being earthy and light-hearted, it is dirty, grimy, and heavy. Most Selenite People have managed to stay clear of the negativity and have resisted the temptation to be pulled into the dirt or negativity that is around them.

Terry Milton, The Stone Lady