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Alcohol dependece or alcoholism Alcoholism also know as 'alcohol dependece' is a disease that consists of a strong need to drink, and

not cease the consum of alcohol in the moment when appear problems caused by alcohol, ex: job loss or breaking the law and it consequences. Alcohol dependence includes four symptoms: -Uncontrollable need to drink alcohol. -Loss of control the inability to limit drinking to one glass at a special ocasion. -Psychological addiction symptoms caused by abstinence from alcohol, such as dizziness, nausea, anxiety, tremors and sweating. -Tolerance the need to increase the amount of alcohol to feel the effects. Is alcohol addiction a disease? Yes. Alcoholism is chronic disease, often progressive, with symptoms that include the need to drink alcohol despite adverse affects. Like many other diseases, has a generally predictable course, recognizable symptoms and is influenced by genetic factors and the surrounding. Alcohol addiction is inherited? Alcoholism is transmitted from generation to generation; only then becoming disease, but genetic factors partially explain this pattern. Currently, researchers are on track to finding genes that influence vulnerability to alcoholism. A person's environment, such as: -The influence of friends -Stress levels -Ease of obstinate alcohol Impact of drinking problems and evaluating them. However, other factors like social support For instance, avoiding alcohol can help even those prone to this kind of problems. But not a rule. A child with an alcoholic parent, it does not necessarily follow, and a person without relatives with this kind of problematic, may become addicted. Alcohol addiction can be cured? Alcohol addiction is a treatable disease, and medication is also used to prevent apparent, but a cure has not yet been discovered. This means that although an alcoholic has long been "sober" and has regained health, he / she may return at any time from this defect and should continue to avoid any connection with alcohol. What types of people have the tendency to become addicted to alcohol? For example, nearly 14 million people in the United States, 1 in 13 adults drink alcohol to excess or are alcoholics. However, more men than women are addicted to alcohol. Most problems related to alcoholism are young adults aged between 18 and 29 years and less to adults 65 years or more. If an alcoholic does not want to be helped is a possibility to treat him? This can be a difficult situation. An alcoholic cannot be forced to be helped except for circumstances such as when a violent incident occurs that ends with calling the police or medical personnel. But that does not mean you have to wait for a crisis to do something. Based on clinical experiences, many specialists recommend treatment for alcoholism following steps to persuade an alcoholic to accept treatment. What is the average amount of alcohol can be consumed? However, some people should not drink at all. This includes: * Pregnant or trying * People who drive * People who take certain medicines * Alcoholics trying to rebound * Persons under 21 years. Alcoholism is a disease that affects the personal spiritual, social, psychological and biological life. Alcoholism counseling and psychotherapy treatment means a style of thinking and healthy life.