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22538 Federal Register / Vol. 66, No.

87 / Friday, May 4, 2001 / Notices

and lower but about equal at Mayport document and attempt to recover any best meets the project purpose and
and Pascagoula. dead animals and monitor any animals need, satisfies operational criteria, and
Considering all components of the that appear to be injured. If the survey minimizes environmental impacts.
physical, biological, and socioeconomic showed that marine mammals or turtles Potentially significant direct impacts
environment, potential impacts would were killed or injured or if any marine resulting from the test include mortality,
be less at Mayport or Pascagoula than at mammals or turtles are detected in the injury, and acoustic harassment of
Norfolk. Safety Range immediately following a marine mammals and sea turtles. While
Mitigation detonation, testing would be halted numbers have been calculated to define
until procedures for subsequent the potential lethal, injurious, and
A detailed Marine Mammal and Sea detonations could be reviewed and harassment take that might occur, it is
Turtle Protection/Mitigation Plan is changed as necessary. Communications expected that the mitigation and
presented in the FEIS. The plan with stranding network personnel monitoring program will minimize the
includes the same type of mitigation would be maintained throughout the risk to marine mammals and sea turtles.
and monitoring efforts that were used shock trial period. The ‘‘No Action’’ alternative would
successfully during the shock trial of avoid all environmental impacts of a
USS JOHN PAUL JONES in 1994 off the Coordination and Consultation with the
NMFS shock trial and is the environmentally
coast the southern California where preferred alternative. It does not,
marine mammal population densities Because the NMFS has jurisdiction by however, support the development of
are significantly greater than at the law with respect to issues related to the best assessment of the survivability
Mayport, Norfolk, or Pascagoula test endangered species and marine characteristics of the ship.
areas. No deaths or injuries of marine mammals, the NMFS acted as a
mammals were detected during the USS Dated: April 27, 2001.
cooperating agency on the EIS. In
JOHN PAUL JONES shock trial. The addition to a review and comment role, Paul A. Schneider,
mitigation plan for the shock trial would the NMFS had two regulatory roles Assistant Secretary of the Navy, (Research,
avoid impacts and minimize risk to relative to the proposed shock trail. Development and Acquisition) (Acting).
marine mammals and sea turtles in First, the NMF is responsible for [FR Doc. 01–11270 Filed 5–3–01; 8:45 am]
three ways: administering the Endangered Species BILLING CODE 3810–FF–M
Site selection. Initial, general site Act as it applies to listed sea turtles and
selection would be based on operational marine mammals. The DEIS served as
requirements and surveys. Within the the Biological Assessment which the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION
test area selected for the shock trial, Navy submitted to the NMFS,
aerial surveys would be conducted and requesting formal consultation under Notice of Proposed Information
satellite imagery would be analyzed to Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act Collection Requests
select a small test site having low (ESA), (16 USC 1531 et seq.). The NMFS AGENCY: Department of Education.
densities of marine mammals and subsequently issued a Biological SUMMARY: The Leader, Regulatory
turtles. Opinion, dated October 10, 2000, which Information Management Group, Office
Pre-detonation monitoring. Prior to completed the consultation process of the Chief Information Officer, invites
each detonation, aerial and shipboard under ESA. The NMFS also has a comments on the proposed information
observers would search for marine regulatory role under the Marine collection requests as required by the
mammals and turtles at the selected test Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) (16 Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995.
site. Passive acoustic surveys would USC 1361 et seq.) When the DEIS was DATES: Interested persons are invited to
also be used to detect marine mammal published, the Navy submitted a submit comments on or before July 3,
calls. If any marine mammal or sea separate application to the NMFS for an 2001.
turtle were detected within the Safety ‘‘incidental take authorization’’ under
Range (a 2 nm radius around the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Section
section 101(a)(5)(A) of the MMPA. The
detonation point), testing would be NMFS published a Proposed Rule in the 3506 of the Paperwork Reduction Act of
postponed. Testing would also be Federal Register on December 12, 2000 1995 (44 U.S.C. Chapter 35) requires
postponed if large. (65 FR 77546). The Proposed Rule that the Office of Management and
Sargassum rafts, debris lines, or specified mitigation, monitoring, and Budget (OMB) provide interested
jellyfish concentrations (indicators that reporting requirements for the shock Federal agencies and the public an early
turtles may be present) were detected in trial. A Final Rule must be issued by opportunity to comment on information
the Safety Range, or if flocks of seabirds NMFS before the shock trial can collection requests. OMB may amend or
or large fish schools were detected proceed. waive the requirement for public
within 1 nm of the detonation point. consultation to the extent that public
Postponement would also occur in Comments Received on the FEIS participation in the approval process
certain circumstances when a marine After the FEIS was distributed to the would defeat the purpose of the
mammal or turtle is detected in a Buffer public for a 30-day review period information collection, violate State or
Zone extending from 2 to 3 nm from the ending on March 26, 2001, the Navy Federal law, or substantially interfere
detonation point. Detonation would not received one comment letter. with any agency’s ability to perform its
occur until monitoring indicated that Environmental Protection Agency statutory obligations. The Leader,
the Safety Range is clear of detectable commented that with properly executed Regulatory Information Management
marine mammals, sea turtles, large mitigation as discussed in the EIS, that Group, Office of the Chief Information
Sargassum rafts and debris lines, and Mayport represents the best compromise Officer, publishes that notice containing
large concentrations of jellyfish. among the three testing locations. proposed information collection
Post-detonation monitoring. After the requests prior to submission of these
explosion, aerial and shipboard Conclusion requests to OMB. Each proposed
observers would survey the test site. A Shock testing the WINSTON S. information collection, grouped by
Marine Animal Recovery Team led by a CHURCHILL in an area offshore of office, contains the following: (1) Type
marine mammal veterinarian would Mayport, Florida is the alternative that of review requested, e.g. new, revision,

VerDate 11<MAY>2000 17:31 May 03, 2001 Jkt 194001 PO 00000 Frm 00026 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\04MYN1.SGM pfrm10 PsN: 04MYN1
Federal Register / Vol. 66, No. 87 / Friday, May 4, 2001 / Notices 22539

extension, existing or reinstatement; (2) faxed to 202–708–9346. Please specify violate State or Federal law, or
Title; (3) Summary of the collection; (4) the complete title of the information substantially interfere with any agency’s
Description of the need for, and collection when making your request. ability to perform its statutory
proposed use of, the information; (5) Comments regarding burden and/or the obligations. The Leader, Information
Respondents and frequency of collection activity requirements should Management Group, Office of the Chief
collection; and (6) Reporting and/or be directed to Kathy Axt at at her Information Officer, publishes this
Recordkeeping burden. OMB invites internet address notice containing proposed information
public comment. Individuals who use a collection requests at the beginning of
The Department of Education is telecommunications device for the deaf the Departmental review of the
especially interested in public comment (TDD) may call the Federal Information information collection. Each proposed
addressing the following issues: (1) Is Relay Service (FIRS) at 1–800–877– information collection, grouped by
this collection necessary to the proper 8339. office, contains the following: (1) Type
functions of the Department; (2) will [FR Doc. 01–11203 Filed 5–3–01; 8:45 am]
of review requested, e.g., new, revision,
this information be processed and used extension, existing or reinstatement; (2)
in a timely manner; (3) is the estimate Title; (3) Summary of the collection; (4)
of burden accurate; (4) how might the Description of the need for, and
Department enhance the quality, utility, DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION proposed use of, the information; (5)
and clarity of the information to be Respondents and frequency of
collected; and (5) how might the Notice of Proposed Information collection; and (6) Reporting and/or
Department minimize the burden of this Collection Requests Recordkeeping burden. ED invites
collection on the respondents, including public comment. The Department of
through the use of information AGENCY: Department of Education. Education is especially interested in
technology. ACTION: Notice of Proposed Information public comment addressing the
Collection Requests. following issues: (1) Is this collection
Dated: April 30, 2001.
John Tressler, necessary to the proper functions of the
SUMMARY: The Leader, Regulatory
Department; (2) will this information be
Leader, Regulatory Information Management, Information Management, Office of the
Office of the Chief Information Officer. processed and used in a timely manner;
Chief Information Officer, invites
(3) is the estimate of burden accurate;
Office of Educational Research and comments on the proposed information
(4) how might the Department enhance
Improvement collection requests as required by the
the quality, utility, and clarity of the
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995.
Type of Review: Revision. information to be collected; and (5) how
DATES: An emergency review has been might the Department minimize the
Title: Field Test Activities and the requested in accordance with the Act
2003–2004 Full-Scale Schools and burden of this collection on
(44 U.S.C. Chapter 3507(j)), since public respondents, including through the use
Staffing Survey (SASS): Local harm is reasonably likely to result if
Educational Agency (LEA), Principal, of information technology.
normal clearance procedures are
School, Teacher, Library. followed. Approval by the Office of Dated: April 30, 2001.
Frequency: 2 series of field tests and Management and Budget (OMB) has John Tressler,
the full-scale SASS. been requested by May 7, 2001. A Leader, Regulatory Information Management,
Affected Public: Businesses or other regular clearance process is also Office of the Chief Information Officer.
for-profit; Not-for-profit institutions; beginning. Interested persons are
State, Local, or Tribal Gov’t, SEAs or Office of Elementary and Secondary
invited to submit comments on or before Education
LEAs. July 3, 2001.
Reporting and Recordkeeping Hour Type of Review: New.
ADDRESSES: Written comments
Burden: Title: School Renovation, IDEA, and
Responses: 2,764. regarding the emergency review should Technology Grant Application.
Burden Hours: 2,232. be addressed to the Office of Abstract: ED will use the information
Abstract: The National Center for Information and Regulatory Affairs, collected through this application to
Education Statistics (NCES) will use the Attention: Lauren Wittenberg, Desk award grants to approximately 52 State
field test to assess data collection Officer: Department of Education, Office educational agencies that will conduct
procedures that are planned for the next of Management and Budget; 725 17th competitive grant processes to award
full-scale SASS in 2003–2004. Street, N.W., Room 10235, New subgrants to eligible local educational
Policymakers, researchers and Executive Office Building, Washington, agencies (LEAs). The information will
practitioners at the national, state and D.C. 20503 or should be electronically also be used to describe to the Congress
local levels use SASS data which are mailed to the internet address and the public how these grants are
representative at the national and state being used.
levels. Respondents include public and SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Section Additional Information: The
private school principals, teachers and 3506 of the Paperwork Reduction Act of Department of Education is requesting
school and LEA staff persons. 1995 (44 U.S.C. Chapter 35) requires emergency clearance from OMB for the
Requests for copies of the proposed that the Director of OMB provide School Renovation, Individuals with
information collection request may be interested Federal agencies and the Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and
accessed from, or public an early opportunity to comment Technology Grant Application due to an
should be addressed to Vivian Reese, on information collection requests. The unanticipated event and possibly
Department of Education, 400 Maryland Office of Management and Budget causing public harm. Since the passage
Avenue, SW., Room 4050, Regional (OMB) may amend or waive the of the FY 2001 Appropriations Act with
Office Building 3, Washington, DC requirement for public consultation to this program’s enactment, the
20202–4651. Requests may also be the extent that public participation in Department has been meeting with
electronically mailed to the internet the approval process would defeat the interested groups and with contact
address or purpose of the information collection, persons in the States to determine how

VerDate 11<MAY>2000 17:31 May 03, 2001 Jkt 194001 PO 00000 Frm 00027 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\04MYN1.SGM pfrm10 PsN: 04MYN1