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For morning assembly PJ group - 08-09-03

The piece about “imperfectness” and “satisfaction”

He’s missing a piece. He’s very sad.

He set off to find the missing piece.

He rolled along, singing “Oh, I am going to look for my missing piece, I am going to look for my missing piece, Ah ha ha, on the way, to look for my missing piece”

Sometimes, he has to bear the heat of the sun.

Following that, that icy cold rain falls

Sometimes the snow freezes him up. Then the sun will come out to give him warmth

Because he is missing a piece, so he can’t roll very fast. Thus, he could stop and chat with the worm.

Or smell the flowers

Sometimes he overtakes the beetle.

Sometimes the beetle will also overtake him

This kind of moment is the happiest for him.

He continued on across the ocean

“Oh, I am looking for my missing piece Across the land and seas Not afraid of the long road ahead, I am looking for my missing piece.”

Through the swamps and scrubs,

Up the mountains,

And down the mountains.

Till one day, he saw it and sang “I have found my missing piece, I have found my missing piece, Not afraid of the long road ahead, I have found

“Hold on”, the piece said “Don’t sing that “not afraid of the long ”

road ahead…


“I am not your missing piece.

I am not anyone’s piece.

I am my own piece.

Even if I am someone’s missing piece,

I believe it would not be yours.”

“Orh.” He sadly said. “Sorry to disturb you.” And he went on his way again.

He then found another piece.

But this piece was too small.

This one was too big.

This one is slightly too sharp.

This one was too squarish.

There was once when he found a piece with the perfect fit.

But he did not grab hold of it tight.

And he dropped it.

There was another time when he grabbed hold of it too tight

…and broke it.

For morning assembly PJ group - 08-09-03

He went along his way again.

Met with some dangers,

Fell into a pit,

Crashed into a stone wall.

One day, he met another piece which seemed to be a perfect fit.

“Hi!” He said. “Hi!” the piece said.

“Are you anyone’s missing piece?”

“No, I am not.”

“Then are you your own piece?” “I can be someone’s piece, as well as, be my own piece” “You probably would not like to be my missing piece.”

“Not really.” “Maybe we are not suitable.”

“Don’t say that…”

“How is it?” “Feels good.”

Very suitable! A perfect fit! Finally found it! Finally found it!

He rolled along,

because he does not miss a piece anymore,

he rolled faster and faster,

faster then never before.

So fast that he could not stop to chat with the little worm.

He can’t stop to smell the flowers too.

So fast that the butterfly is not able to rest on him.

But he could sing his happy song. He finally can sing :

“I found my missing piece.”

He started to sing:




Oh god,

He does not miss a piece now, but he cannot sing.

“I know why.” He thought. “There’s a reason here.” He stopped.

And put down his missing piece,

And left.

He moved along, and sang softly:

“Oh, I am looking for my missing piece I am looking for my missing piece Ah ha ha, on the road To look for my missing piece.”

For morning assembly PJ group - 08-09-03
For morning assembly PJ group - 08-09-03

Regarding Maturity…

In this society that emphasizes on the packaging, we would sometimes inevitably envy other people’s good looks, and lament about our own imperfection.

But in my years of experience, I have discovered that there’s no one life that is perfect,

everyone has a lack of something.

Some couples are very loving, monthly salary of 10K+, but they could have problems bearing child.

Some people have the looks and talent, but could have a rough time in relationships.

Some people have lots of money, but they don’t have filial children.

Some people look to have a good life, but their brain could be empty all their life.

Everyone’s life has been designed with imperfections, you may not want it, but it will follow you. I used to hate my imperfection, but now I have learnt to accept it with open arms

Because I understand that the flaw in life is like a spike on our backs, reminding us to be humble and to emphatise with others.

If there are no hardships, we will be complacent. If there is no depression, we cannot emphatise and console those who are less fortunate.

I also believe that life cannot be too perfect, having a crack to let happiness flow to others is a beautiful thing.

You don’t have to have everything. If you have everything, what’s left for the others? Also recognise that life has flaws, that I will not compare myself with others, instead cherish what you already have.

So, don’t go around envying others, count the blessings that Heaven has bestowed upon you, you will find that there are more things that you have than things that you don’t have

And what you do not have, although not lovable, is very much part of your life, accept and appreciate it, and your life will be much happier.

If you are a clam,

Do you want to bear all the pains to produce a pearl… pearl and choose to live comfortably?!


you do not want the

If you are a mouse,

you suddenly find yourself captured in a rat trap and in front of you is a piece of delicious cake,

do you eat the cake or not?!

Early piggy banks are made of clay, once it is filled, it has to be broken…

If there is such a piggy bank, no money has been put into it, until today and it has become a very priceless antique…

Which piggy bank do you wish to be?!

Everytime you think of it, note down your answers… Until a day when your answers does not change…. Then you are mature!

Find someone who understands you… and also hope you are that someone who understands him/her

The intelligent like to guess people’s heart… Although everytime they get it right, they will lose their own

The innocent and naive love to give their hearts…

Although they get laughed at everytime but they would have won over other people’s hearts

The fish said: I can’t see my tears because I am in the water

The water said: I can feel your tears because you are in my heart

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