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Explore the ancient world of Atlantium. Science is discovering artifacts and connections
to ancient advanced empires that existed 15,000 to 50,000 years ago. Who were these
people? Are we descended from them? How advanced were they? Were they beings from
a distant star system? All of these questions are powerful and the answers may be to
intense for some people to handle. Make up your own mind…ATLANTIUM


Every ancient tribe or group has a deep

rooted myth describing a worldwide all
encompassing deluge. Flood myths are
recorded in the histories of myriad
religious texts from Egypt to Australia. All
of these ancient myths have a number of
elements in common. The Earth was
filled with a corrupt civilization, the
Supreme Deity became very dissatisfied with the population
and covered the entire Earth with water, killing practically ever
living thing on the planet. The One Supreme God warned a few
select individuals before hand and they fabricated a boat or
some kind of floating platform and were spared, subsequently
repopulating the Earth. Researchers have documented dozens
of these almost identical mythologies. The Hebrew Bible
handed down in part by MOSES chronicles the story of NOAH.
The flood story told by MOSES contains all the same elements
of the Babylonian and Assyrian flood myths which were
written hundreds of years before him. The Egyptians have a
similar myth and MOSES would have studied these stories as a
student growing up in the PHARAOH'S Palace. Many
theologians do not believe MOSES ever
existed and that he is just the Hebrew's
version of the myth teller. It is difficult to
imagine that all of these far ranging cultures
would develop a myth that featured so many
of the same elements. Could a world wide flood that ravaged
the Earths' surface killing all living things and destroying
everything in its path have really happened? Scientists and
Geologists have discovered evidence of a global flood in the
fossil record. Today fossils of ocean fish can be found hundreds
of miles inland and at high altitudes atop mountain ranges. A
large body of evidence points to a time when water covered the
entire Earth.What could cause the Earth to be completely
covered by water? The ancient flood myths all point to the
need of the Supreme Deity to rid the Earth of a failed
civilization. The complete destruction of all humanity and its
global accomplishments. This violent behavior is out of
character for a universal benevolent creator, but seems to be
more like an eye witness account retold by the unwitting
descendants of the few who survived. The Earth is subject to
cyclic changes that transpire over the course of thousands of
years. The Greeks call it the "Great Year", the MAYAN, "the
Long Count" many other ancient tribes refer to an astrological
event now known as the "Procession of the Equinox". The
Earth wobbles like a spinning top; it
wobbles in a circular pattern on a track
that takes 25,920 years to complete.
Many ancient civilizations were aware
of this sophisticated astrological data.
How this was discovered is unknown.
The Mayans known as great astrologers
charted these slow cyclic changes and
incorporated them into the most
accurate calendar known to exist. Even today our calendar is
considerably less accurate. Perhaps one of the most profound
predictions of the Maya is that their Super Tech calendar ends
December 21, 2012 at 11:18 AM GMT. This is a calendar that
has remained perfect for over 4000 years and it just stops.
Ancient Mayan texts proclaim that this is the end of the
current age and the start of a new age when the Supreme Deity
will return and the world will be destroyed by water. The
Egyptians and Greeks were aware that the North Pole points to
all of the star constellations of the Zodiac as it sweeps through
the "Great Year". Every 2500 years pointing to a different
constellation like a grand hour hand on a galactic clock face.
Now the "Great Year" is coming to a close, or a fresh beginning
depending on your point of view. And what star constellation
will the North Pole be pointing to on
December 21, 2012? Aquarius. We
are entering the Age of Aquarius.
And we all know that Aquarius is the
sign for "WATER". Is it possible that
every time the North Pole completes
a 25,920 year cycle around the
Zodiac and stops on the sign of
Aquarius that we take a big drink? Could our Ancient High
Tech fore fathers have seen through their corruption long
enough to know that the Earth has a built in washer cycle? In
the Atlantium continuum during the last "Age of Aquarius" the
Earth tilted down like a Top ready to fall over, pulled by
gravitational forces from our astral neighbors. The world then
fell on it side one quarter turn. This put the old North Pole now
at the Equator. The worlds oceans would have sloshed out of
their basins and covered the planet with a tidal wave as high as
any mountain and would have swept the Earth at a speed
faster than sound. The result would have been the complete
scrubbing of the Earths' surface by water. Just a few lucky
souls would have survived and "they" are the NOAHs of our
Flood Myths.