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University of Szeged, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy

INFO SHEET Essential information regarding the examination period 2011/2012 1st semester ETR exam registration for medical and dental medicine students: from November 26, 2011 4.00 p.m. For pharmacy students: from November 26, 2011 8.00 p.m. Index book pick up (for exams): from December 05, 2011 Examination period: December 13, 2011-January 28, 2012* Repeat examination period: January 30, 2012-February 04, 2012 *Please note that the education period lasts until December 16, 2011! Departments might announce examination dates from December 13, 2011! General information before you sign up for your exams: One course can be taken 3 times during your studies (3 exams/semester). All exams including date, time and place are posted in the ETR. Make sure to arrive for your exam on time with your index book. Exam dates can be postponed before the ETR closes the registration (usually 24 hours before the date of the exam. Clicking the course code, one can determine the closing of registration.) However, it is your duty to secure another date and time for your exam when you make changes. Students not showing up on an exam will lose one chance unless their absence is justified. Documents justifying the absence have to be presented at the Department concerned. To get the ticket to your next examination, please see the fee schedule below. A successful examination can be improved only in one subject / semester and only with the permission of the Program Director. The requests have to be handed in at the Foreign Students Secretariat. Examination fee: 500 HUF. In order to receive your index book for the exam period you have to meet all the following requirements: Paid tuition fee, valid matriculation, valid health insurance, and valid visa/residence permit. Please note that Hungarian law (2007. II. Trvny) requires Non-EU Students to be fully covered under a health insurance plan or be able to cover the expenses of their health care. EU citizens are supposed to register with BH within 90 days upon their arrival and submit a photocopy of their health insurance (2007. I. Trvny) Please make sure to register for all your exams on November 26, 2011. Index book can be picked up from the Secretariat upon signing a consent form. Students are required to return their index book to the Secretariat upon finishing their exams.



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Procedures for unsuccessful exams: Repeated exam can be scheduled at the earliest by the 3rd day following the unsuccessful exam. Repeat exam cheques are available at the Secretariat. Fees have to be paid at the post office and slips have to be returned to the Secretariat in order to get repeat tickets. The repeat ticket has to be presented at the Department before starting the examination. The current fee schedule is: 1st repeat examination: 1000 HUF 2nd repeat examination: 1500 HUF 1. Unsuccessful exams can be repeated 2 times during the exam period. Upon request, a repeated exam can be taken before a committee. The exam committee is appointed by the Department Chair. Repeated exams with committee can be scheduled only for exam dates announced in the ETR. 2. 3rd repeat chance can be granted to those who have only one exam left. (In these cases the chances should be decreased by one when students sign up for the course for the 3rd time). Request have to be handed in at the Foreign Students Secretariat. Procedural fee: 3000 HUF + examination fee: 1500 HUF. ATTENTION! Please take into consideration that all matters not regulated in the Study and Examination Regulations will be evaluated on individual basis by the Academic Board (eg. 4th course registration)! In case of even one unjustified absence in an examination the student will not be entitled to any further equities and exceptional permissions in any subject in the respective examination period (e.g. 3rd repeat examination chance). In the repeat examination period only repeated exams can be taken. First examinations even with a former absent registration cannot be taken in the repeat examination week! In exceptional cases (hospitalization, extraordinary family issues) further examination chances can be requested from the Dean. Examinations granted as an exceptional equity can be taken only till the end of second week following the repeat examination period. Supporting documents must be attached to the application. Procedural fee: 3000 HUF. Good luck with your exams!
ETR course registration for medical and dental medicine students: from January 28, 2012 4.00 p.m. to February 12, 2012 For pharmacy students: from January 28, 2012 8.00 p.m. to February 12, 2012 2nd semester education period: from February 06, 2012 Tuition fee has to be credited in full: until February 13, 2012 2nd semester registration: until February 17, 2012

2nd semester deadlines:

Group change: December 05, 2011 (noon) Credit transfer: December 05, 2011 (noon)

Further information regarding the second semester of the academic year 2011/2012 will be announced later!