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Federal Register / Vol. 67, No.

86 / Friday, May 3, 2002 / Notices 22421

The National Oceanic and The Council will prepare additional requirement for public consultation to
Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), documents and make them available for the extent that public participation in
in consultation with the Council, will public comment regarding habitat the approval process would defeat the
develop standard data formats for restoration program implementation and purpose of the information collection,
project monitoring, along with the development of the monitoring violate State or Federal law, or
requirements for types of data collected standards. As indicated in this Strategy, substantially interfere with any agency’s
and frequency of monitoring. These the Council will promote a variety of ability to perform its statutory
standards will build on existing inter- efforts to facilitate promotion of obligations. The Leader, Regulatory
agency efforts to develop monitoring partnerships and efficient, effective Information Management, Office of the
protocols and restoration databases. restoration of estuary habitats. Chief Information Officer, publishes this
These standards are not intended to References
notice containing proposed information
limit the types of information gathered collection requests at the beginning of
by project managers, but rather to Cowardin, L.M. V. Carter, F.C. Golet, and the Departmental review of the
E.T. LaRoe. 1979. ‘‘Classification of wetlands
ensure that data will be useful to other and deepwater habitats of the United States.’’
information collection. Each proposed
parties, and to facilitate regional and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Biological information collection, grouped by
national tracking of restoration success. Services Program; FWS/OBS–79/31. 131 pp. office, contains the following: (1) Type
Consistent data collection and reporting Dahl, T.C. 2000. ‘‘Status and trends of of review requested, e.g., new, revision,
standards should clarify results, make wetlands in the contiguous United States, extension, existing or reinstatement; (2)
selection and justification of restoration 1986–1997.’’ US Department of the Interior, Title; (3) Summary of the collection; (4)
methods more straightforward, ensure Fish and Wildlife Service. Washington, DC. Description of the need for, and
that success is documented based on Luz D. Ortiz, proposed use of, the information; (5)
sufficient data, enhance the restoration Army Federal Register Liaison Officer.
Respondents and frequency of
knowledge base, and increase the collection; and (6) Reporting and/or
[FR Doc. 02–11074 Filed 5–2–02; 8:45 am]
comparability of data among restoration Recordkeeping burden. ED invites
projects. public comment.
In addition to developing monitoring The Department of Education is
data standards, NOAA will also especially interested in public comment
maintain a database of information DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION addressing the following issues: (1) Is
concerning estuary habitat restoration this collection necessary to the proper
Notice of Proposed Information
projects carried out under the Act, functions of the Department; (2) will
Collection Requests
including information on project this information be processed and used
techniques, project completion, AGENCY: Department of Education. in a timely manner, (3) is the estimate
monitoring data, and other relevant ACTION: Notice of proposed information of burden accurate; (4) how might the
information. This database will be collection requests. Department enhance the quality, utility,
Internet-accessible, to allow widespread and clarity of the information to be
dissemination and use of restoration SUMMARY: The Leader, Regulatory collected, and (5) how might the
project and monitoring data. Information Management, Office of the Department minimize the burden of this
Chief Information Officer, invites collection on respondents, including
Conclusions comments on the proposed information through the use of information
The actions described in this Strategy collection requests as required by the technology.
facilitate reaching the goal of restoring Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995.
Dated: April 29, 2002.
one million acres of estuary habitat by DATES: An emergency review has been
John Tressler,
2010. There are many existing programs requested in accordance with the Act
Leader, Regulatory Information Management,
and organizations actively involved in (44 U.S.C. Chapter 3507(j)), since public Office of the Chief Information Officer.
estuary restoration whose efforts will harm is reasonably likely to result if
also contribute significantly to estuary normal clearance procedures are Office of Educational Research and
restoration. Examples include the followed. Approval by the Office of Improvement
National Estuary Program, the National Management and Budget (OMB) has Type of Review: Reinstatement.
Estuarine Research Reserve System, been requested by May 3, 2002. Title: Fund for the Improvement of
Restore America’s Estuaries member ADDRESSES: Written comments Education: Partnerships in Character
organizations, and the program regarding the emergency review should Education Program.
implementing the Coastal Wetlands be addressed to the Office of Abstract: This application package,
Planning, Protection, and Restoration Information and Regulatory Affairs, based on the Department of Education’s
Act. Attention: Karen Lee, Desk Officer: Generic Application package, has
The Strategy is intended to be Department of Education, Office of program specific criteria which is used
dynamic. Working with the Management and Budget; 725 17th to provide guidance to applicants on
organizations listed above and other Street, NW., Room 10235, New new statutory requirements. Because
interested stakeholders, the Council will Executive Office Building, Washington, this application package is based on the
review and refine this Strategy over time DC 20503. generic application package, it is in an
in an iterative process, as new SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Section easily recognizable format for
information becomes available and 3506 of the Paperwork Reduction Act of applicants. It is necessary to announce
progress toward meeting the goals of the 1995 (44 U.S.C. Chapter 35) requires the competition as soon as possible to
Act is evaluated. Section 108(a) of the that the Director of OMB provide allow state education agencies (SEAs)
Act requires the Secretary to report to interested Federal agencies and the and local education agencies (LEAs)
Congress at the end of the third and fifth public an early opportunity to comment time to submit the application with a
fiscal years. As part of this process the on information collection requests. The reasonable expectation that awards will
Council will review the Strategy and Office of Management and Budget be made before the next school year
update as necessary. (OMB) may amend or waive the begins.

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22422 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 86 / Friday, May 3, 2002 / Notices

Additional Information: The DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION provided to that authority adequate and
Department is requesting emergency timely notice and a copy of its PCSP
[CFDA Nos.: 84.282A, 84.282B, and 84.282C]
processing and a May 3 approval for this application, except that these
information collection since it could Office of Elementary and Secondary requirements may be waived in the case
potentially result in public harm if this Education—Public Charter Schools of a pre-charter planning grant. If an
collection went through the normal Program (PCSP); Notice Inviting SEA’s application is approved in this
clearance process. Applications for Applications for New Awards for Fiscal competition, applications received from
Character Education Program grants Year (FY) 2002. non-SEA eligible applicants in that State
must be available in early May in order will be returned to the applicants. In
Purpose of Program: The purpose of such a case, the non-SEA eligible
to provide applicants with sufficient the PCSP is to increase national
time to develop and submit strong applicant should contact the SEA for
understanding of the charter school information related to the State’s
applications by early July, 2002. The model and to expand the number of subgrant competition.
Department of Education must award high-quality charter schools available to Note: The following States currently have
these grants by early August or sooner students across the Nation by providing approved applications under this program:
to allow the involved state and local financial assistance for the planning, California, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana,
education agencies sufficient time for program design, and initial Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan,
planning during the summer so that implementation of charter schools; Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico,
implementation occurs in September, evaluating the effects of charter schools, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South
2002. including the effects on students, Carolina, and Texas. In these States, only the
student academic achievement, staff, SEA is eligible to receive an award under this
Frequency: Annually. competition. Eligible applicants in these
and parents; and encouraging States to
Affected Public: State, Local, or Tribal States should contact their respective SEAs
provide support to charter schools for for information about participation in the
Gov’t, SEAs or LEAs. facilities financing in an amount more State’s charter school subgrant program. Non-
Reporting and Recordkeeping Hour commensurate to the amount States SEA eligible applicants in States that are not
Burden: have typically provided for traditional listed above must apply directly to the
public schools. Department on or before the deadline for
Responses: 500.
Eligible Applicants: (a) State transmittal of applications in order to be
Burden Hours: 12,000. educational agencies (SEAs) in States considered for funding in this competition.
Requests for copies of the proposed with a specific State statute authorizing Applications Available: May 3, 2002.
information collection request may be the establishment of charter schools Deadline for Transmittal of
accessed from http://edicsweb.ed.gov, may apply for funding. The Secretary Applications: July 2, 2002.
by selecting the ‘‘Browse Pending awards grants to SEAs to enable them to Deadline for Intergovernmental
Collections’’ link and by clicking on conduct charter school programs in Review: September 3, 2002.
link number 2028. When you access the their States. SEAs use their PCSP funds
Estimated Available Funds:
information collection, click on to award subgrants to ‘‘eligible
applicants,’’ as defined in this notice,
‘‘Download Attachments ‘‘ to view. Estimated Range of Awards:
for planning, program design, and initial
Written requests for information should State educational agencies: $500,000–
implementation of a charter school; and
be addressed to Vivian Reese, to support the dissemination of $8,000,000 per year.
Department of Education, 400 Maryland information about, and successful Other eligible applicants: $10,000–
Avenue, SW, Room 4050, Regional practices in, charter schools. A charter $150,000 per year.
Office Building 3, Washington, DC school may apply for funds to carry out Estimated Average Size of Awards:
20202–4651 or to the e-mail address dissemination activities, whether or not
vivian.reese@ed.gov. Requests may also State educational agencies: $2,500,000
the charter school has applied for or
be electronically mailed to the internet per year.
received funds under the PCSP for
address OCIO_RIMG@ed.gov or faxed to planning or implementation, if the Other eligible applicants: $150,000
202–708–9346. Please specify the charter school has been in operation for per year.
complete title of the information at least three consecutive years and has Estimated Number of Awards:
collection when making your request. demonstrated overall success, State educational agencies: 15–18.
Comments regarding burden and/or including— Other eligible applicants: 50–70.
the collection activity requirements (1) Substantial progress in improving Note: These estimates are projections for
should be directed to Kathy Axt at her student achievement; the guidance of potential applicants. The
(2) High levels of parent satisfaction; Department is not bound by any estimates in
internet address Kathy.Axt@ed.gov. and this notice.
Individuals who use a (3) The management and leadership
telecommunications device for the deaf Project Period: Up to 36 months.
necessary to overcome initial start-up
(TDD) may call the Federal Information problems and establish a thriving, Note: Grants awarded by the Secretary
Relay Service (FIRS) at 1–800–877– directly to non-SEA eligible applicants or
financially viable charter school. subgrants awarded by SEAs to eligible
8339. (b) Non-SEA eligible applicants may applicants will be awarded for a period of up
[FR Doc. 02–10986 Filed 5–2–02; 8:45 am] apply for funding directly from the U.S. to 36 months, no more than 18 months of
Department of Education (Department) which may be used for planning and program
if the SEA in the State elects not to design; no more than two years of which may
participate in the PCSP or does not have be used for the initial implementation of a
an application approved under the charter school; and no more than two years
program. An ‘‘eligible applicant’’ is of which may be used to carry out
defined as a developer that has applied dissemination activities.
to an authorized chartering authority to Applicable Regulations and Statute:
operate a charter school and has (a) The Education Department General

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