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Hanna Kroeger is recognized worldwide as having been an expert in herbs and natural healing. This spry and cheerful woman, who lived well into her eighties, remained remarkably active inspecting herbal blends, working on books, and corresponding with other herbalists and alternative therapists. She was born the daughter of German-Christian missionaries who traveled and worked throughout Europe. With few medical resources, they dedicated their lives to taking care of orphans and the infirmed. She continued her nursing education at the University of Freiburg and began work as an

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About Hanna Kroeger

intern for the noted Doctor Brauchle of Dresden. She learned from the master - the restorative powers of herbs that had been buried by modern medicine. This served her during the war when medicines became rare - Hanna, as mother and nurse, embodied resourcefulness. In the early '50's, Hanna moved her family to the States and settled in Boulder, Colorado. It was the early days of the herbal renaissance, and she felt like this was an energetic place to start one of the first health-food stores. From her small shop Hanna showed a mastery of the subtle, unique properties of European and American herbs. Today, the Kroeger name stands for the highest standards in herbal formulas and homeopathic remedies. Hanna, motivated by her mission to "help each other," shared her unique spiritual gifts, ageless remedies, and modern therapies with thousands. As Hanna's customers search for alternatives, her volumes of research and her dedicated staff continue to provide valuable resources and products.

HANNAS TIMELINE: October 5, 1915:

Hanna Ursula was born, the sixth and last child of Hannah and Maximilian Zimmer in Attabey, Turkey. Her siblings were Max Jr., Erika and Erich (twins), Beatrix, and Guenther. Guenther was only two years older than Hanna, and was her constant companion and best friend growing up. Beatrix lived with Hanna from 1993-1998. As a young woman Hanna studied nursing at the University of Freiburg and natural healing at a large hospital in Dresden.

February 26, 1938:

Hanna and Rudolf Kroeger were married. They eventually had five children; Klaus, Heinz, Gisela, Albrecht, and Lisa.

May, 1953:
After surviving the turmoil of World War II, the Kroegers immigrated to the U.S.A. to start a new life. The family's landing point on U.S. soil was Hoboken, N.J.

Upon moving to Boulder, C.O., Hanna took over the Imperial Tea and Coffee Company on Broadway Blvd. She quickly renamed it to the Imperial Tea and Health Food Store in honor of the whole grains, nuts, and herbal teas she was introducing. This change stemmed from Hanna's earnest desire to bring a healthier lifestyle to Westerners.

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About Hanna Kroeger

Hanna moved the store to 1115 Pearl St. Here, she baked whole wheat and German sweet breads and started to carry vitamin supplements. In the back of the store Hanna housed an art gallery, an exhibition which displayed the works of son Klaus and friends from University of Colorado's Art School.

Hanna and Rudolf bought Mike's Bar at 1122 Pearl St. She renamed her store New Age Foods, as she felt it would help to usher in a new age of wellness. In addition to her unique array of good health related products, she established a bustling lunch counter as a way to nourish and give back a little to the community which she loved so much. Hanna set bargain prices for her meals and no one was ever refused food no matter how poor.

Hanna and Rudolf bought a country plot at 7075 Valmont Rd. and founded Peaceful Meadow Retreat. Hanna had a dream of opening an European style spa/retreat, and decided this was the perfect place. The vision evolved as Hanna and Rudolf built a house, implemented body work clinics, and enhanced some natural attributes such as the lake and garden. Here, visitors could relax and recuperate, eat exceptionally healthy food, and receive massage and spa treatments.

Hanna was confronted by the modern medical industry and indicted on 12 counts of practicing medicine without a license. Picketers and protesters who valued Hanna's work swarmed the court house a few blocks from her shop on Pearl Street. In turn, she argued her case passionately to a full house. Hanna was consequently convicted of 5 counts which were dropped when she promised to refrain from "practicing medicine" again. It seemed the primary cause of the conviction stemmed from Hanna's "Hands On" healing approach when she told her loyal customers what they might need to do to improve their health. Later the same year, Hanna and Rudolf founded the Chapel of Miracles as an official non-profit church. Here, under the rights of the First Amendment Hanna could freely address the health and spiritual needs of those who sought her help.

After years of filling capsules and mixing teas by hand, Hanna and Rudolf founded the Kroeger Herb Products Company in response to the overwhelming demand for Hanna's formulas.


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About Hanna Kroeger

Once again Hanna was summoned into court to defend our right to heal ourselves naturally. The district attorney wanted her to be charged with practicing medicine without a license if she continued to appear at her store. A local business owner had evidently complained about the tremendous lines of people waiting for her every morning. This was considered a public nuisance, as surrounding businesses felt like their establishments were being blocked. Hanna agreed to quit going to her store and started consulting with people via telephone.

April, 1996:
Hanna and Rudolf sold the 1122 Pearl property and moved the store to 5684 Valmont Road, changing its name to Hanna's Herb Shop and expanding their Vibropath production facilities.

March 10, 1997:

Rudolf Otto Erich Kroeger passed away after a long decline in health.

May 7, 1998:
Hanna Ursula Kroeger passed away. She had published more than 22 books in her life, healed and nourished countless people, educated thousands, and created unique formulas that will preserve the traditional healing for generations.


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