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EASY HOME UPGRADES,» Popular | Mechanics Aa809S vext aarowa since e02 ae POT aU) Peet ceed OM ace rd eh eet tes Titres ) HEROS | BLACK EDITION | | Key GoPro. Bea HERO. World's Most Versatile Camera” Wear it. Mount it. Love it.” GBaoesea yx A a een PSEC Pereira ret) ites OP eC Howa kickerssplits the uprights oe openes ARCO peer Pere ter ees Roce aro ee Peer ary eee este rete Peer renee ers on} Rare spare pats fill the bonayard ofthe Hull Oakes sawmnil What Went Wrong When the tall-ship replica HIMS Bounty foundered in Hurricane Sandy, a crack Coast Guard team raced to try and save the crew Man With a Plan Award-winning Southorn chef Soan Brock offors his meditations ‘on, and methods for, roasting the whole dam hog; playlist suggestions included IGNITION TECH WATCH | UPGRADE | AUTO INTEL Letters, Complaints, | News, Trends, Gear, Tools, Tost Drives, Gar Tech, Events Breakthroughs: Gadgets Hot Rides, ON THE COVER In the 1950s a Canadian aerospace firm secretly developed a flying saucer for the U.S. nilitery. A prototype was photographed exclusively for PopNech by Michael Nomoch at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. OA) resnuasy 20sx1e porucagueouanics:con Peo Ciel What You Said (ABOUT OUR DECEMBER ISSUE AND MORE) Wf Wt) The guide toyou diy life 76. Auto Our online fans had a lot to say this Regis your arches month. @ We broke the news on our Car Cine What to lok for when auto blog, “Proving Ground,” that Peel wom drtate tela Nissan is using drive-by-wire in its 80. Adventure 2013 cars. “Electric power steer- ae Set wey to me aes ing is as far as I’m willing to go and 82. Tech still feel comfortable in my car,” Rich ipso srmngtn your ase Hanewald wrote on Facebook. Also Digital Clinic Essontial Intornot How to make an animated Cl i on Facebook, Paul Lascari countered: “Airliners have had fly-by-wire 92. Science for years. If the technology is TEU own weathe cation. good enough for aircraft, it must be good enough for earthbound vehi- cles.” @ Our story “10 Apps to Run Your Small Business” (popmech.com) amused reader Doug Colley. “Does anyone make an app to keep me off of the Internet and in the shop work- ing?” he wrote on Facebook. “That would maximize my results greatly.” e Readers rallied behind our Web o ‘You shouldn't have referred to the second.goneration Prus as an f29g:shaped nerdmablle (DY Auto) My family owns tw, Yes, they. look Ike eggs. but they have an extremely low drag coetficient— IGNITION oO carta donot conse he over ofa Pris, chem, a nerd { Six key questions to ask before you invest in a standby generator, ‘ool Test Gas-powered generators, Early Adopter DIY periscope Taoties Fiteen easy home upgrades. Home Clinic Wood: tree fireplaces. AFTER A LITTLE SALSA IN THE END ZONE, § VICTOR CRUZ LIKES & CHIPOTLE CHICKEN IN THE LOCKER ROOM. OG reonuany 2023 - popuLanMecnanics.com TALK TO US (e] ‘email Popularmechanies@hearst.com & nail mail 5300 West 97th st New York, Nv 70019 [ subscribe ‘SUbserlbe.popularmechanics.com z 3 Zz (PM NEWS & EVENTS & STAFFERS (ON THE SCENE) What We're Up To story “10 Beloved Banned & Recalled Products” (think lawn darts and hammocks). "Cars kill more people daily than all of these toys put together,” Steven Wood commented on Facebook. Twit. ter user @youjustgotilip wrote: “My family has owned every one of those banned products. I had an awesome childhood! Meanwhile, subscriber Tony Poterson shared an impressive story via Facebook: “At airport security recently, the only ID [had was an expired driver's license. The TSA agent asked for additional identification, so I showed the label on my PM subscription—and ‘was let through the checkpoint! PopMech saves the day again.” For the record, we recommend always carrying a valid ID and your copy of Porutar Mectantcs to the alrport. ° WHAT You SAID (a) PM staffers holp clean out a flooded studio in Red Hock, Brooklyn, after Hurricane Sandy. From left: Associate hone editor David agrell, associate editor Jennings Brown, special projects editor joeBargmann, and a Brooklyn honeowner try to salvage an interior window. (b) Theresa Breen, assistant to the editor in-chist, uses a reciprocating caw to tear down water-danaged drywail WE'RE REALLY BUSY IN FEBRUARY Feb. 2: Las Veges Mini Maker Faire = Feb. 9-18: Chicago Auto Show + Feb. 11: Landsat Data Continuity Mission satellite launch, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Colif.- Feb. 16-17: AAAS Fomily Science Days, Boston Mamie UM Om eB el OTe) ga Meme (Memb acre (8010p eet the...first...place? Block the acid that causes frequent heartburn by treating it with Prilosec OTC? bi Co aR Nee) Tien “Th _ O8 reonuany 2013 + poruLARMecHANics.com JAMES B. MEIGS Popular Mechanics BILL CONGDON © THE KID WANTS To KNOW ‘Are you a kid with question? Ask Stove Emall popularmechanics@hearst.com. far Be “How doos | Orinarycorputersmanipusteoits—Os and 1s—ane inate aquantum | statimetoprocess data, duantim computers man atari ey Zomputer | letoqubis quantum bis) which can bein two states jo Bargmane orenized—Z work?" Simulteneoualy says Jonathan Baugh ofthe Institute for powertckequones PMO Brana, {Quantum Computing. This"superposten lets quantum Etafes to can food Minneagols-Saint | Conners solve prabiems beyans he reach of super jes in Rad Hook Fooldyn. Then he fed the crew local cra cakes and Bloody Marys (to support small businesses). Pou Mi Ccamauters by analyzing multiple combinations a its at ‘once—ampilfying the lkelinaod of reaching the caret ZzzQuil” SLEEP-AID. “ Ben ser sala oy W170 Us| Cae Rone ue) cee eon) a makers of NyQuil eco enact) It's just for sleeping soundly, Prete cecnecs ee epee eee en pean on ee 4 FEeRu, 3 |ARY 2049 + POPULARMECHANI eee eeee cena) CTh Ee en IN THEATERS JANUARY 25TH, 2013 HANSELANDGRETELMOVIE.COM LET THE POPMECH EXPERTS GUIDE YOU THROUGH AN INSPECTION OF A USED CAR. AVAILABLE FOR THE IPHONE. DOWNLOAD FOR FREE TODAY. ON THE WEB This month at PopMech com, remember the last: gasp cars that couldn't save their brands, get the tools you need to paint your house like a pro, and re these great stories. BIKE BEST BUYS A tachnological marvel by BMW, 3 ‘muscular throwback by Harley, the flectric mator they're all hraugh al the new bikes for find 10 fun two-whelare break the bank popularmechanics.com/bikebuys DEFEAT DATA THIEVES {An entre shadowy industry exists to track our anne personalities, ‘and habits and sel that data to ‘advertiers. But what If users took contral af their information ‘and did the buying and seling for themselves? New tech startups are ying to make that happen, ‘popularmachanies cam personal SATELLITE BOOM The tech breakthroughs that have alowed your phone to became ‘smaler and mare powerful are now revolutionizing space. A new class of smaller, cheaper, and lowerfying satolites could open Earth orbit and create a "new information backbone" in space, popularmechanics.convsatboom id FOLLOW POPMECH For plenty more from our editors, follow Popular Mechanics on Twitter Facebook Tumblr fas Pa Oe eed I Cry Ae an od Cray CO MeO ane Rooter hel gh eg el ea Ee oy eter aoa e cure ta eka eta hueas ccc uneal cs tac a eat a as teehee NL aod e go i Na ee feo eer eM CH ec aba k ea a et eo ai htt eee comment on the same POF with industry-standard markups from a desktop, tablet PC or iPad. Review designs and product specs, modify reports, and share feedback with colleagues in real time ~ there are no limits to what you Feo n nl reed tect el merge inc Make Revu your Studio BME bluebeam: www.bluebeam.com/joinourstudio Nee iia Poe essa CORA aL Easily create a professional website: Choose from high-quality layouts that are optimized for many industries. Changes anytime: . =—apeeinise Update or change your website . _ fp] online at any time. Change colors 7 Sorowsctte [|| and design with a few clicks. 181 Web Apps: Integrate hundreds of the most popular third-party applications. Se eee ee a eee ee Cee Caria ae ntioe THE BEST WAY TO GET YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE. TRY IT FOR FREE! 30 day free trial. After that, just $9.99/month,* Mobile presence: Easily optimize your website for mobile devices, W Tweet Attract more visitors: Increase your ranking in search engines through professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 7 Q 2 and other social media Includes Internet Address: Free .com domain with private registration or easily transfer your exist 1-877-461-2631 or buy online www.1and1.com cl a a i ra LL IR Weta TR Sia eed alae AT DRUGFREE ORG AS A PALEONTOLOGIST with the Museum of the Rockies, Denver Fowier ig 26 much a detec ac ho isa scientist, His ertise: Late Cretaceous murders, Fowler is studying ssaurus rex bite marks on triceratops skulls to determine the massive carnivores’ eat abits. “Some of the tooth marks that we soe show changes in direction of the animal's head es it wes feeding,” he says. This evidence backs up theories that the broai jagged teeth of the T. rex are optimized to endure lateral strassas that are caused by holding and sheking lerge animals, This evidence does not help resolve th over whether T. rex was fan apex predator or a scavenger. "The same [skull] adeptation th may be great for gripping the struggling prey also slows you to shake a ca cass to pieces, allowing you to process the corcass more efficiently, Fowler says. Dinosaur research easingly focusing ‘on behavior rather then just cateloguing bones. alot more biologists involved in paleonto! says. “We things as 2 rosul Tech FEBRUARY 2019 + POPULARMECHANICS.COM a1aT-CeMTURY WARFARE One Spy Plane, Pilot Handicapping the Lunar X PRIZE GOOGLE 6 OFFERING $20 LION FoR CNoI A PRIVATELY FUNDED Chap ON THE Won io SENDING BACK OAT AND FOOTAGE OF LUNAR EXPLORATION-BEFORE 2076. BY MICHAEL BELFIORE When you're shoot: | Led by Camegie | Collaboration is ‘Spacell's eratt will ing for the moon, | Mellon University | arcelona Moon | also hop around money halps— robotics profes- Team's modus ‘the lunar surface and Moan Express | sor William “Red” | operandi. its part- | to save weight and has loads of it, Whittaker, the ners include space | simplify develop- Backed by bilion- | Astrobotic team | tourism startup ment. The team aire co-founder willtry ta land at | Galactic Suite, wants its craft to Naveen vain and | the moon's narth | managing the be the smallest other Silicon Vat | pole with a space- | project and rais- | and cheapest to ley investors, the | craft bullt on code | ing money; EADS | ever land on the team bought out | adapted fram CASA Espacio, moon. Essentially tech-savvy co the team's win- buliding the team’s | a flying fuel tank, competitor Next | ning 2007 DARPA | \unarlandar; and | the eratt weighs @ Gant Leap in May | Urban Challenge | Poltechnical Uni- | mete 220 pounds. 2012 and will use| robot car. versity of Catalo its advanced algo: nia, helping to build rithms to drive the a separate rover spacecraft and ‘that will deploy enable it, postland without ramps ing, to hop toward aftar touchdown, the south pole, CS THE TEAM THE TEAM IN AUGUST UNLIKE OTHER, CONTINUESTO | HASSECURED 2012 THETEAM | TEAMS, THIS RAISEFUNDS =| FUNDING FOR ANNOUNCED IT | COMPETITOR BUTISCAGEY | ASPACEX CONTRACTEDA | HAS THE ABOUT ACTUAL | FALCONS CHINESE LONG | BLESSING OF PROGRESS AND | LAUNCH MARCH ROCKET | ANATIONAL LAUNCH DATES. FOR ALAUNCH. | GOVERNMENT. THE FIREBIRD, NORTHROP GRUMMAN'S NEW INTELLIGENCE, SURVEILLANCE Optional —i2ses2% 03m amcnars une cauonr re eve oF an vue ptional FIED BUYER—READ: SPECIAL OPS COMMAND OR AN INTELLIGENCE ° AGENGY™-THAT HAS BOUGHT 10, Jor PamPALanOD Where the Amish and Technology Meet ENGI aM NT ‘The turbocharged Firebirds are built With two plate in. ‘The forward-ewopt eee ame eh or ear at a Se Pranic memmme eer Lorenr prs pyre poet) Seach merry Ps ee er The Pentagon's Per rrr Pes pitt a ‘and bollymounted munitions, and unmanned, the craft don’t have equal res per tct ramet e anaae Rotem aoe Parana amare l rrrricmmr er Potro ame eT | ‘Thanks to affordable Sarasota Fa, has become a maj Vacation and honey toon destination for Some Amish: While inthe Amish Pinseraft comme lctricty inside their cabin. canbe configured Grews remave the points an the, find plentiful farm Lome ol land, upstate New rie rm net) York hae the fast Serving as amult- and add a satelite pret May est growing Amish Inthe Empire State Son ar eRe ss eee since 2010, Although the Amish in some states tsechew modern con ‘Yeniences on their farmers. Many are entrepreneurs; one ish family here baked goods to biker riding to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Daket Tx may be the closest planet to the sun, but IMGEBURH nes water ice—between 100) billton and 1 trillion tons—according to scientists working with NASA's Wessenger oxbiter, which facilitated the finding with deta fzon tts neutron spectroneter and iasez alimeter. While scientists had been “living With the idea” of water ice on Mercury, says David Lawrence, Messenger participating scientist, the combination of spectroscopy and temperature data offers proof to finally confire decades of speculation. —STEVEROUSSEAU Ss Studonte and tthe sprawling 800,000-square-foot NanoTech Complex at SUNY Albany's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, researchers focus on the tiniest technolo- gies, all smaller than 100 nanometers. Within the facility's clean rooms scien- tists and students are applying their growing knowledge of the nano: to invent products that can change and protect our lives. av micwact 81 tists can The Army ‘tweak the nano: Research Labo- structure of extreme ultra ratory partners naturally occur- violet lithography ting materials with the faclity to develop smart 5 are study. Uniforms emb Smaller transis. ing the effects of | ded with micro- tors means that ®xPosure—and chip sensors that it on devising ways to measure solders’ ch computer prevent it. Vital signs ip, which, In locations. turn, makes for faster computers. Nanotech complex. ‘albany, Now York H mcs one thing to develop a gee-whiz product in the lab, ‘ quite another to develdp something that can be nufactured efficiently and repeatedly, and 2xactly what our focus ig here Petey Tey headlights’ the road ahead is rightly illuminated, helping keep surprises to a minimum. Vist accord honda.com, It starts with you. We know there can be surprises around any given corner. Thanks to available LED (¥) BUEN Ee) NS Qa cenrvay meoicne ouse Ava rs Cancer manifests differently in every person, so doctors often try i many drug combinations until they id a treatment. By using mice as stand-ins for patients, doctors can more efficiently find which drugs impede the disease. Here's how they do it. By RACHEL 2 ARNOT Remove the Cut the tumor into fancerous tumor several pecss and from the patient, implant the pisces into anesthetized mmc that have Sefeient immune systems to prevent tumor rejection. Wit two months for the tumors ta grow, remove them from ‘the mice, cut them up again, and implant them inte mare mice {wereate a stable of ‘animals to test on, Live Wires Split the mice into groups fan test a cfferent org reg: imen on each group. Because the tumors come direct from a human, the ohysil By ofthe diseased tissue the mice is neary identical tw thot In the patient. In 2010 scientists discovered an wetzie current running along the Ocean floor. The penonerion 1s now Less mysterious: Sclentists at the University oF Southern California and in Denmark determined that bacteria form a living trical cable. Filamente of the bacteziun Desulfobulbus chain together and transport electrons. The bacteria Complete the circuit by Joining the energy given off by the oxygen-rich Layers at the top of the seafloor with the decomposing organic matter deep in the Sediment, ALzx UTcHNSON s... HOaL How do seed banks reserve heir stock? ‘The Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway safeguards biodiversity in case of environmental catastrophe. Seeds are stored at 0 Fin special air and watertight containers underground; limiting exposure to ‘the elements slows metabolic activity and elays aging. You can replicate the method at home. Dry your leftover seeds until they are breakable. Then store ‘thom in airtight glass containers in your ‘freezer, Depending on species and variety, the seeds at Svalbard could last 20 to 1000 years. Your seeds at home can remain viable for two to 20 years. Eventually, ‘though, all seads lose the ability to germinate, so ike the staff at Svalbard, plant, harvest, and store fresh seeds every fow years to koep your variety alive nearly forever. — As TOLD 70