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This book has been written with deep study and thought.

It not only helps you to understand what your problems are a how they can be set right; it also gives you the courage to acknowledge them and handle them better. This is not a quick-fix book that merely tells you the technique of becoming a socially likeable person who can say the right things to the right people at the right place and the right time, to be able to impress them and get your work done. It does not offer you aspirin for your pain; it eradicates it. It does not give you fish for your evening meal, it teaches you to fish for your whole life. It does not tell you stories; it talks to you straight. It helps you to become the kind of successful, happy and likeable person you would want to be. A person who has the confidence and the ability to achieve his goals and leads a meaningful and a contented life. This book has been writer for ordinary people with mission and ambition, for the every day aspiring person eager to improve a life a life full of peace and satisfaction a person who wants to become a positive thinker and a winner. I come from a similar background and can understand them firsthand. I know what it feels like when you face frustrations and reach dead-ends, when you face frustrations and reach dead-ends, when you lag behind while others move ahead. When you are unable to get what you set out to achieve. All of us have our difficulties and problems, of which some can be set right and some are best ignored. Positive thinking will help you to know the difference and deal with them better. When you learn to think positive, you will find that your world will become a more meaningful and beautiful place for you to live in; your family will transform into a more lovable family; your relationships will improve; your desires and aspirations will turn into reality; and you will grow into a more assured and self-confident person, a person who knows that nothing is impossible or out of bounds for him. You cannot force yourself to think differently from what come naturally to you. This book will help you develop the traits of positive thinkers, and make these traits a part of your life. The Magic Of Positive Thinking Be aware of your thoughts, they constitute your life. Life is beautiful and precious, enhance its beauty and you will want nothing else. Winning is a habit of real life achievers, and so is positive thinking. You cannot be a winner in the true sense, be both successful and happy, lead purposeful life, realize your goals and contribute to your society unless you are a positive thinker. Cannot be a positive thinker unless you are a positive person who believes in basis goodness. Positive thinking leads you to a healthy attitude to life that makes you independent, courageous and cooperative. Positive thinking helps you to derive satisfaction from what you do and what you have; it validates your success and enhances its beauty. Positive thinking is all about making life beautiful and easy, both for you and the people around you. Positive thinking is very often thought to be the ability to focus on what is right and ignoring what is wrong or unpleasant, to be able to turn a blind eye to what is disagreeable and disturbing. Positive thinking does not tell us to close our eyes to reality and stay where we are, resign to fate and not strive for more or better, not to make an effort at the risk of failure. It does not tell us to run away from anyone or anything. However unpleasant or difficult it may be. Positive thinking, on the other hand, gives us the strength to face our reality, however difficult it may be. With confidence and courage. It gives us the power to face any situation, analyse it, understand its strengths and weaknesses, find solutions, work on them and be happy with the out come and make the most of it.

Positive thinking is often mixed up with daydreaming. There is a big difference between wishful thinking and positive thinking and that has to be clearly understood day dreams are wish fulfillers; they do not lead to productive activity, they trick our subconscious into wrong beliefs. Positive thinking is all about constructive dreams with faith in one self and conviction in ones work and beliefs. Positive thinking is a process, not an end in itself. It is no substituted for real life. It makes real things Happen, things that would not happen otherwise. Positive thinking is your guide to success and peace of mind. It has high self-esteem as its base, a healthy regard for ones self and capabilities. Positive thinking also helps you to recognize the qualities of everyone and everything that come your way. Positive thinking can make reaching your goals easier and more enjoyable. It is your best gift and the most powerful tool. It helps you to live your life to the fullest. Positive thinking helps you to become a flexible person for whom there are no absolutes that must be done attained, or followed. Positive thinking is all about changing your perceptions and interpretations that will, in turn, determine your way of handling your life along with its assets and problems. Your happiness and peace of mind is largely dependent think positive you will find a whole new and beautiful world unfolding in front of you. However simple positive thinking may sound and however easy it may appear to be, statistics show that only about five percent of people are able to think positive and become super achievers. Positive thinkers may be in a minority all right, but they are smart enough not to let the average achievers affect them or disturb them. Positive thinking is absolutely essential for a life full of peace and happiness. Positive thinking is not a denial of reality; it is, in fact, an acceptance of it, with courage and hope. Always keep it in mind to be positive and think positive. Acknowledge the power you have When you believe in yourself, you cannot be deceived. The first requirement of positive thinking is faith, faith in yourself and people around you. You cannot think positive unless you have faith in yourself and you cannot have faith in yourself unless you are a positive thinker. You have to like yourself from the bottom of your heart and be comfortable with your own self. You have to believe in your capabilities and have confidence in your capacity. You have to know that nothing is impossible for you and you can do whatever you set out to do. When you have faith in yourself you are able to think success and achieve success. Your faith makes it so. The one quality that is most needed for success is confidence- unquestionable and unalterable confidence. If you do not believe in your own capability of handing a project you will not be able to take it. When you have faith in yourself you feel confident and are able to take on challenges, you are afraid of nothing and you become a doer, a winner and an achiever. We also build our own self-confidence by how we think towards our lives and ourselves. All of us encounter pleasant and unpleasant, encouraging and discouraging, positive and negative situations in life every day. A positive thinker will remember the pleasant and encouraging ones while a negative thinker will mostly remember the unpleasant and the discouraging ones.

When you believe in possibilities, seemingly impossible task start looking possible and become possible. You make them so. By expecting the best you generate energy that helps you to think, plan and work towards your goals to the best of your ability, and this brings success. Even if you are not successful for some time, your confidence in yourself keeps you going and you are able to achieve success in the end. People who have faith in themselves feel secure and do not look for approval or acceptance from anyone; their self-confidence protects them. They are sure of themselves and know that nothing is impossible or out of reach for them. Different views and thoughts do not disturb or threaten them, they are able to appreciate and learn from them where required. Their faith in themselves gives them the strength to appreciate opposite schools of thought that may even challenge their own beliefs. People who attain heights are no different from ordinary people around us. The only difference is that the average man regards himself as mediocre. He has been conditioned to believe that the top slot is not for him and he will not be able to achieve anything significant in life. To be able to work hard you have to have the confidence that you will succeed. When you inner self tells you, you wont be successful, you believe it, when you tell yourself, I cant do it you really cannot do it. Nobody has better access to your ears than you own voice. Your body and mind will know what you know you know and they wont co-operate. On the other hand, if you say to yourself I can. You can. The moment you tell yourself that you can achieve your goal your brain will know it and start working on how to make it possible. A big enemy of faith is fear. It manifests itself in many ways and erodes our confidence in ourselves. Fear can be of many kinds; fear of failure in an examination, fear of meeting people, fear of not being heard, for of not not being able to make a good impression, fear of not being able to speak up for ourselves, fear of being jilted in romance, fear of making a bad investment, fear of not being able to raise responsible kids, and the list can go on. Always remember: Think positive and have confidence in your capabilities, it is essential for your success and happiness. Self-confidence gives you the security needed to open your mind to learning and growth. You cannot have faith in yourself till you know that you are worthy of your faith. Self-worth cannot be wished; you have to deserve it. Confidence gives you to courage to take risks Risk-taking is essential for meaningful success. Do not let fear of any kind intimidate you; fear needs to be worked at. Never allow yourself to be locked in mediocre conditioning. Always that heights have no ceilings and there is always room at the top. Do not let the negative opinions of other keep you down. You know more about yourself than they do. Never be afraid of dreaming big. You will only get what you except. When you know can do something how-to-do-it follows. Clear your mind of all negative thoughts and concentrate on your achievements. Create a positive memory bank. Never allow negative thoughts, either about yourself or other people, to crowd your mind. Negative thoughts do not produce positive results. And always know that nothing is impossible if you do not make it so. Self-respect is how we look at ourselves, how comfortable we are within. It is our personal perception in our minds eye. It is the grading we give ourselves, it is the confidence we have in our abilities it is our opinion of self and our individuality. It is our acknowledgement of our uniqueness and the acceptance of it. How comfortable we are with ourselves has a direct bearing on our performance in every area of our lives and our mental peace.

Having respect for self is not only desirable but also necessary for achieving success and being happy. You cannot be happy unless you are able to respect yourself, and you cannot respect yourself unless you know that you are worthy. Having high self esteem does not mean having a bloated ego or being arrogant and obnoxious with a swollen head it simply means being satisfied and contented with being what you are. When you are happy with yourself you work with confidence and are positively inclined. No one else can respect you more than you can and no one else can love you as much too. If you are unable to respect yourself can you really expect others to do so? When you do not respect yourself can you then feel happy and secure? And when you are not happy and secure can you then feel positive towards other people? When you think positive you are able to know your truth and honor it you become it, you become aware that you are a special person with your own place and space in this world and you become content with yourself and are at peace within. We as individual have our own interests requirements qualities and priorities. We should we should learn to honor them and respect them only then will we be able to truly love and respect ourselves and others too. The best way to honor yourself is to accept who you are where you are and what you are. Never try to change people from what they are. Listen to them instead and try to understand their viewpoint. You do not have to agree with them but their different thinking can at times provide you with some knowledge that you may not have. And who knows you may chance upon something worthwhile in this way. Always take care to respect people and never try to put another person down. Try and boost their ego instead. They will feel nice and so will you. Think positive about your own self. Have a high regard for yourself but never be arrogant with a swollen head. Having high self esteem is knowing your truth and honoring it. It is knowing that your are unique in this world; you do not have to be anything else. Never try to be what you are not. It never works. It can only bring pain. Outside forces can never satisfy inner needs. When you are unable to accept yourself you look at others to accept you. But always remember no one can respect you more than you do yourself. To have meaningful relationships you have to respect others and you cannot respect others without reservation unless you are able to respect yourself first and are happy with your own self. Be positive towards yourself and you will find that it becomes easy for you to become positive towards others too. When you improve you grow, when you do not improve you decay, you change both ways. All living things change and so do we. Change is the essence of life and is inevitable. Change, being an inevitable fact of life, takes place in us every day. It can neither be stopped nor stalled. We can only control the direction of our change and that makes all the difference in our leading a meaningful and a satisfying life. When you think positive you do not drift through life you live it you control your life and you change for the better and on your own terms. Change is growth and growth is never static it is a continuous and a multi dimensional process. It can be positive or negative; you either go up or come down but you never stay in the same place for long. Change is relevant in all areas of human development, and positive thinkers strive to improve and grow with every passing. When you do not change life changes you but not on your terms. Resistance to change does not help you in any way it only makes you rigid and rigidity stalls all growth. A positive thinker will always want to change for the better and also make this transition as smooth and as profitable as possible. The difference between a loser and a winner is the difference in their readiness to learn and change and a positive thinker is always a winner.

The first step towards helping ourselves with our problems is to recognize that is a problem. Acknowledging our problem is the most difficult aspect of our improvement as it has to do with our understanding and perceptions and it is most challenging to understand the fault in our own understanding. These are some important points to keep in mind before you proceed: Change is an inevitable fact of life. It takes place every day. Direct your change yourself and grow with it. All learning leads to change; be eager to learn and improve. Resistance to change will not help you in any way it will only hamper your growth. Make change as easy and as meaningful as you can. The more positively inclined you are towards change the more likely you are to transform yourself positively with the time. Always have a positive attitude towards learning and improving. It will help you to change for the better and become the kind of person you would want to be. Man is a born optimist. How else could he have sustained the enthusiasm to transform his world an come out of the jungles? Human beings are the only species gifted with the power to think and plan on hope and go beyond their limits. When you think positive and set out to realize your dreams and aspirations, you assume success even before it happens. Success comes to those who know how to visualize their dreams with courage and work on them with conviction. Positive thinking gives you the confidence to visualize big dreams and handle your problems and failures with courage and hope without a sense of defeat. It gives you faith in yourself that enables you to expect the best and work for it. We al know that nobody is born a winner we have to learn to win; to be able to win we have to work hard and with dedication. We have to take risks that guarantee no success. When we have no guarantee of success. We have to rely on hope have faith in ourselves and be optimistic. Optimism grows out of faith not only in ourselves but other people around us as well. When we gave faith in our success. We are not only able to put our whole self into our venture, but we are also able to create success. Positive thinkers do not only know how to achiever success, they also know how to enjoy what they have. They count their blessing not their troubles. Happiness depends more upon our ability to be happy than on having everything our way. When you learn to think positive you do not miss out on your assets you enjoy them; always remember to and the greatest source of your joy and happiness. When we think positive and feel satisfied with our lives and our own selves we get the zeal to work harder and better. Satisfaction and happiness give you enthusiasm and hope and they in turn give you the zest to live your life to the fullest. Your will never come across a happy and successful man who has a negative view of his life and is dissatisfied with it. The desire for something more or better is a never ending process. You can spend your whole lifetime craving for something more or better than what your have or simply learn to enjoy what you have and be happy. Always remember that: Optimism is the essence of all growth and development. To be able to work hard and work with confidence we have to have hope and expect the best. When you expect the best you get the best because only then are you able to make the effort that needs to be made. Success comes to those who are not afraid of dreaming big and who know how to work on their dreams with courage and conviction. When you are optimistic you are able to enjoy what you have. Nothing is worth having if you are unable to derive satisfaction from it. The ability to see the rosy side of everything is a satisfaction and releases energy necessary for growth and development.

Satisfaction with what you have does not make you lazy or laid back; it gives you the energy to put in your best. We are social being, we have to work and interact with people for our everyday needs and survival. If we are not in harmony with our fellow men we will not be happy with ourselves and our surroundings. You cannot be in harmony with others unless you understand them care for them and feel for them. A positive attitude towards others is essential for positive thinking. When you develop understanding and more caring. Developing compassion for people around us involves our willingness to understand them and care for them without being judgmental. To try and understand what life is to them and what it must be to be in their shoes. Vary soften we focus on other peoples mistakes and shortcomings, their comments and rudeness selfishness and meanness (either real or perceived) an allow them to make us miserable. It is true that when we work hard for something and do not get the expected reward we feel cheated. This feeling is intensified when other people who according to us do not deserve as much, get more. This can make us feel frustrated and miserable. But if we were to understand the fact that this world functions in its own way which may not always be to our advantage and life is neither perfect nor fain then it becomes easier for us to cope with this situation better. As we are all social beings to some extent, we are dependent on one another for our needs and wants. This interdependence can at times lead to a clash of interests and may involve our egos as well. When dealing with other people we should always aim at mutual benefit in all our interactions. Nothing can work properly if it is not to the mutual benefit of all concerned. We have to go win win. Win win is not a technique; it is the base of all meaningful and fruitful interactions without which no mutually satisfying relationships can emerge. Interactive relationships can have six alternatives such as win win , win or no deal, win, win lose, lose win, or lose lose. Another small matter that comes in the way of meaningful relationships is a clash of egos. We feel challenged when other people we care about do not approve of or praise what we do. Egos can become so dominating that people at times like to stick with wrong decisions rather than accept their mistake. Strong misdirected egos are a product of low self esteem and an insecure inner self. Never let a bloated ego ruin your productivity and your sensibility. Always remember: We are social beings and if we want to live satisfying and meaningful lives we have to live in harmony with our fellow men. Developing compassion involves our willingness to understand people around us without being judgmental. To see them as innocent and not guilty. Never be focused on the faults of other people. It will only give your negative satisfaction but it can be of no use to you. It will only hamper your growth and make you unhappy. Learn to be patient and understanding, it is crucial to harmony and peace of mind. Never treat everything as an emergency and do not be rigid. Be disciplined but flexible and cooperative. Always think of the mutual benefit of everyone involved in any given situation. Either make it win win or win win or no deal. Remember that this world functions in its own way and may not always appear to be just or fair to you. But that is the way it is and has to be accepted as such. Be specific about your aim; know what you want If you do not know what you want, you cannot get up and take it. Humans are the only species endowed with the capability to think plan and work towards their future. They can set goals and work on them dream their dreams and realize them.

A goal is an aim towards which our Endeavour is directed; it is the destination of our journey; it is the crystallization of our dreams; it is the expression of our desires; it is giving shape to our vision. A goal is recognizing and identifying our very own mission in life. There is a difference between having a purpose in life and having a goal. Your purpose in life can be to do good to your fellow men but you will not be able to attain your purpose if you do not have a goal for it. Positive thinkers and achievers have always known this well. To be able to live a purposeful and satisfying life you need to have a goal that fulfills the meaning that your have given to your life. All progress in this world is the result of goal setting and its realization. Knowing your goal is essential to attaining meaningful success yet we find that most people are unable to tell what they want from their lives. There are two main reasons for this either they have never understood the importance of having a well defined goal or they are not confident that they will be able to achieve what they want. They are afraid of setting their goals. While setting your goal be careful about what your want to achieve and how far you will go for it how much time and effort your want to put into it and what you want to do after you reach your goal. While setting your goals always make sure that your know: What is it that you want? In what way will it improve your life? What will be your time limit? How will you know when you get it? How will you enjoy your success? And what will you do next? When you put these questions to yourself you will find that your path leading to your goal becomes clearer. If your goal is to alleviate the suffering of people but you have no clear vision of how you will do it then this will hinder you from achieving anything tangible. All positive thinkers and achievers have well defined goals. Having well defined goals provides us energy and increases our efficiency. It also saves us a lot of time that we would otherwise have wasted if we tried to figure out. What we wanted by trial and error. Trial and error learning is expensive; it extracts its own price. Goals help you to shape your future and become what you want to be. The most important thing to keep in mind while establishing your goals is to see that your goals should be in accordance with your inner values and desires. All highly successful and positive thinking people work with determination and dedication to reach their goals they surrender themselves completely to their work and this helps them to be successful. Happiness stays with those who always have something to look forward to, who are enthusiastically working to achieve what they have set for themselves and who are living purposeful and meaningful lives. Always remember: Positive thinkers take care to have purposeful and meaningful lives. They set goals that give meaning and direction to their lives. Our goals should be precise and measurable and we should have a time limit for them. We should set our goals in accordance with our desires and value system. They should be in conformity with our inner self. Always set goals that are high enough for you; you will only reach the height of your sight. Life is a journey not a destination, and we need to have a purpose as long as we live. And having goals all the way is the best way to live with enthusiasm and meaning. Develop your faculties: live with zest A thinking mind is a creative mind.

The single most important quality needed to lead a purposeful and satisfying life is to have a healthy mind. A healthy mind in a healthy body is what is needed for a happy and satisfying life, and you need to look after both. A positively oriented and well educated person finds it easy to judge his own thinking. He can stand apart from himself and examine his own understanding of the world and its functioning. He is not afraid of new ideas and thoughts and is prepared to look at new and challenging ways of doing things. If things do not go right, he does not hesitate to try new ways of doing them and has he courage to continue to explore new methods till he is successful. A positively oriented person, who has the capacity to like and enjoy more things will have more opportunities of happiness and learning. This will help her to maintain a better mental balance as she will then be able to see the merit of more things and will have better opportunity to analyses them and appreciate them. The human mind functions best when it is open to reason and is full of enthusiasm. Anything that improves your ability to think is education and most of our mental development comes through education. Education can be formal or informal or it can be direct or in direct, but anything that helps you to improve the ability of your thinking and the efficiency of your mind is education. When you educate yourself you invest in yourself and this is the soundest investment your can make. You can educate yourself in many ways. A very good way to educate your own self is to develop the habit of reading. Reading gives you an exposure to the best minds that have ever lived and are living. Reading is also the cheapest and the most convenient way to education. Reading not only gives youre an insight into the minds of people who have lived and worked in various fields it also exposes your mind to new ideas and thoughts. And another advantage of reading is that you can always read at your own peace and at your own time. A well cultivated mind is made up of all the minds of preceding ages; it is only the one single mind educated by all previous time. Always try to keep your mind refresh and in proper shape. Expose it to new ideas and thoughts, read books written by great thinkers and great men, attend seminars and talks, meet people and go places, watch life enriching programmes and do whatever you can to challenge your mind. And never be conceited enough to think that you do not need to learn and improve, and that you can never be wrong. Always know that: Having a healthy mind is one of the most important qualities needed for a fruitful and a meaningful life. Look after your mental faculties the way you look after your business or your property. Your body and mind are your main assets. Never have a closed mind. Do not think that you are always right and there can be no other way than yours. That will be self defeating. Always try and keep your mind open to new ideas and thoughts; that is the only way to learn and improve. Never let your ego come in the way of your growth, always be prepared to reconsider your wisdom. Educate yourself as best as you can. Develop the habit of reading. Reading the right material is the best way to educate yourself. Keep your mind fresh and flexible by exposing it to the great minds that have lived and are living. Read as much as you can. Do not find fault with everyone and everything. It will not teach you anything. You will only imbibe the faults that you see. Finding fault with others gives a very negative satisfaction and positive thinkers derive their satisfaction in positive ways. They improve themselves instead. Take charge of your life

When you take charge, you are the master. You may or may not be aware of it but the truth is you are the master of your life and you and only you have shaped it the way it is today. You are the hero of your life and no one, absolutely no one can displace you from there. You are accountable for your life. Good or bad successful or unsuccessful happy or sad, fair or unfair, you own your life. Always know that your life has taken shape from the way you have handled it. It is the outcome of your personal response to the various situations you have encountered during the course of your life. Everything, good bad or indifferent fortunate or unfortunate. Positive thinkers do not leave their life to fate; they take charge of it and steer it towards success. They know that there are opportunities in this world that only they can recognize and use to their advantage. Positive thinkers believe that god gives every bird its food, but does not throw it into the nest. However much you may like it or even enjoy it playing the victim cannot take you anywhere. It will result in negative satisfaction, and negative satisfaction is always marked with frustration and resentment never success. Think positive and have the courage to shape your own destiny. Just keep these points in mind: Always know that it is you who have shaped your own destiny and are responsible for whatever it is. Not owning your responsibility will not help you in any way. It can only keep you from feeling responsible in a negative way. Never believe in fate. Your fate is what you make it. Have the courage to stand up and own it. It will make you a winner. Always know that accepting responsibility is not blaming yourself, it is in fact giving yourself the power that is yours that you have not known up till now. Positive thinkers do not blame anyone or anything when things go wrong. They take stock of their situation, learn from their experiences and move ahead more experienced and better prepared. When you think positive you are able to shape your destiny the way you want. You do not depend on fate to bring you good luck; you bring it for yourself. You bring success and happiness for yourself and deserve every bit of it. Break the negative habit Choose you thoughts; choose your life. Your life is the sum total of your behavior, negative will only subtract from it. Negative is an absolute opposite of positive. Simple and straightforward. We all know it understand and lives we understand this basic fact only in principle, not in practice. Why? Negative thoughts dominate our minds in spite of the fact that we were all born to be positive thinkers. Negative thoughts do not only make us unhappy they keep us from achieving meaningful success and leading a purposeful life. They keep us from thinking positive. Negative thoughts have the tendency to grow and multiply fast and trap us in their harmful fold. The importance of positive thinking is so great that it cannot be emphasized enough. Just one shifts from negative to positive has the potential to wipe out ninety percent of the misery from this world. Acknowledge that there is a problem. Not being able to acknowledge that there is a problem is the greatest obstacle on our path to improvement. But once we realize that there is something wrong with us half the work is done. Recognizing our mistake gives us the motivation to improve and when we are ready to improve ourselves nothing can stop us from doing so. Negative thinking is a habit and a conditioning of our inner mind in a negative way.

Be open to reason. You cannot be a positive thinker if you are not open to reason. People who think positive are rational and can understand things from various perspectives and different points of view. They have enough faith in themselves to be able to learn from others and change their opinions if they find they were not right. We all know that a closed mind is an obstinate mind that will not allow any learning and improvement to take place. It is an enemy of positive thinking and springs from insecurity. When you learn to think positive you find that you automatically become open to reason and find it easy to improve and make the most of your life. Have interests beyond yourself. The inability to be interested in things beyond oneself is a major reason for a lot of misery in this world. When you fail to recognize or care for people around you it leads to unhappiness, frustration and depression. When you have interests beyond yourself it reduces your tension and makes you more tolerant and considerate, less demanding and more co operative. It will take your mind away from little things in your life that are best ignored. It will open your heart to people around you and bring you peace of mind and satisfaction. Never worry; work on your concerns. One important aspect of positive thinking is that positive thinkers do not let worry take possession of them. Being able to break your habit of worrying is essential to positive thinking. Worry is enemy number one of happiness and sound health. It is also the biggest problem facing mankind today. Worry generates tension and is not open to reason. When you worry, one thought leads to another and yet another and this forms a vicious cycle. It becomes difficult to break out of the worry trap. Worry is only in the mind but it cannot be wished away with ease. Worry stems from mismanaged negative thinking. When you think positive you handle your problems by working on them not by slowing worry to worry you. Always remember problems are inevitable; worry is optional. Do not let anything worry you; work on your problems and set them right. Forgive and forget. It is easier to forgive a mistake as the intention here was not to cause harm. But there are also times when people harm us with the intention to cause harm, feel happy to see us suffer, are too selfish to care about us, are negligent towards our welfare and when this happens it becomes difficult to forgive the wrongdoer. Forgiving also becomes difficult when you have not had closure on your anger. When the source of your anger has not apologized, has not acknowledged his misdeed, is indifferent towards it or worse still is happy about it. When you forgive you forgive for your own peace of mind, not to condone the wrong of the wrongdoer. Anger, hate and resentment burn your heart and soul and you douse their fire by forgiving your enemy. Work according to the dictates of your conscience. Positive thinkers always work according to the dictates of their conscience. They know that when your conscience dictates your life no one else can. Peace of mind can be achieved only when your life is in harmony with your inner self and you live your life according to the values you hold dear to your heart; when you do not feel guilty deep inside your heart and you do not have to hide or justify anything. Criticism does not bother a positive thinker. He has enough confidence in himself not to get affected by it. Set your priorities. The key to positive thinking is to be clear about what you want work for it and then forgo the rest. Positive conditioning of your mind is absolutely necessary for you to lead a happy and contented life. Accept the world as it is and always look for good in everyone and everything including yourself and your whole world will change before you. It

will become more beautiful and healthy. Think positive and enjoy your life the way it is meant to be. Just remember a few points before you move on. The ability to think positive is essential for a happy life. Negative thoughts cannot produce positive results. Be careful about what you teach you children. A negatively charged atmosphere will not nurture positive thinking individuals and the cycle will go on. Have an open mind. Refresh your mind with new knowledge and learning. It will maintain your balance and help you to grow and flourish. Take interest in other people and things around you. It will help you to become compassionate and caring. Always have a purpose and a goal to work for. It will give meaning and satisfaction to your life. Do not let worry hamper your growth. Work on your concerns and solve them. Always cherish pleasant memories. They make your life beautiful and give you the zest to live. Learn to forgive and forget and move on. Never let anger, hate and resentment lock you in their negative hold. Work according to your conscience and do not let criticism upset you. Learn from it if it is fair. Positive thinking does not only give you success and happiness it gives you mental health and physical health, a loving family and caring friends, and transforms your world into a beautiful place to be in.

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