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New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS) Walkthrough World 1: Grass World 1-1 An introductory level, as usual!

Note: I have been looking forward to this game for a long time. I enjoyed the original NSMB, then NSMB Wii, and now this one I have yet to nish! 1-2 An underground level, like most Mario games have. 1-3 A forest-like grassy level. The Raccoon Power-Up rst appears in this level, too! (: 1-Tower The rst Tower of the game, with Snake Blocks and lots of Undead Goombas, Undead Piranha Plants and Dry Bones. Once you reach the top of the tower, you have to ght a familiar rhino-like boss from Super Mario World... Boss: Reznors The Reznors are simple. They stand on ? Blocks, so what you have to do is hit the blocks theyre on to knock them off and kill them. They can shoot reballs, so avoid those. 1-4 A nice sky level (typical for a New Super Mario Bros game) with moving mushroom platforms. 1-5 Underwater! Cheep-Cheeps are common obstacles here, as well as the annoying Cheep Chomps from the rst New Super Mario Bros. 1-A A maze of pipes! Whaddya know? 1-Castle Mario must climb across a rope on the ceiling here and avoid a pit of lava below. There are moving platforms you may stand on that rise and sink in the lava, so jump on those carefully. Timing is necessary. You ght Roy Koopa at the end of this Castle also. He can, like usual, re stuff at you with his wand. You need to avoid that and then jump on his head. The walls will close in on you during the ght, but that cant really hurt you; it just gives you less ghting space. 1-Cannon This Cannon unlocks World Mushroom (Ill head to that later), however its actually unlike the previous Cannons in Mario games. This one is a level of its own. Mario must move very fast to get through it. World 2: Desert World 2-1 A typical desert level...with sand! 2-2 This level has totem pole platforms Mario must progress across. (DKCR, anyone?) 2-3 Underground in the desert! With lots of Pokeys on moving platforms! 2-A

An ancient pyramid/ruins-like level. It features many Fuzzies, and also moving platforms in the sky. 2-Tower Lots of brown moving platforms. The Reznors are fought again at the end. 2-Ghost House The rst Ghost House, this one features a new Boo enemy called Boohemoth. Boohemoth is just a giant Boo, and acts the same. Interestingly to me, if you look at him, the screen will stop moving. But if you look away from him, the screen continues moving. 2-4 A desert with Spinies. 2-5 Chain Chomps appear in this desert-themed level. They are actually needed to get some of the Star Coins in this level, though. 2-B Its the desert land of parachuting Bob-ombs! (: 2-Castle When Mario jumps on the platform needed to progress through this level, it will move. If you dont jump on it, it will stop moving. The Star Coins here were pretty tricky, too. At the end, youll ght Iggy Koopa. He has his giant Chain Chomp friend with him that was also seen in New Super Mario Bros Wii. Hes a bit harder than Roy. World 3: Beach & Forest World 3-1 A tropical beach level with spinning platforms and Piranha Plants. 3-2 Underwater tornados must be avoided here. The new underwater enemy, Mini Urchin, is introduced here. Theyre just smaller versions of regular Urchins. 3-3 A forest level, 3-3 involves Mario climbing on spiderwebs (these act the same as the fences in the previous NSMB games) and avoiding toxic water below that kills you with one hit. Scuttle Bugs, spider enemies, also appear here and often must be jumped on. 3-A A regular underwater level with Urchins and stuff. Boring... 3-Tower An underwater Tower level with Fishbones and platforms that move, allowing you to continue on. You must defeat the Reznors at the end, as usual. 3-Cannon Another Cannon level, unlocked by discovering the Secret Exit in the tower. It has a lot of Wigglers, and thats about it. (Sigh) 3-4 This forest level has many Wigglers and platforms in poisonous water Mario needs to jump across. I found the Star Coins hard to collect here, lol. 3-Ghost House This next Ghost House features platforms held by Peepas that move in different directions, leading to different areas where Star Coins can be found. 3-B

Mini Mario on the beach FTW! (: 3-5 This level has a boulder thats rolling underwater Mario must avoid. 3-Castle This castle has many Grinders, saws that try to cut you. At the end you ght Wendy O. Koopa. Like NSMB Wii, you ght her underwater. World 4: Snow World 4-1 A snow level with icy boulders. 4-Ghost House Boos inside walls that can crush you. So very creative... 4-2 Pipes in the snow! (: 4-Tower An ice platform that goes up. I should note that at the end, you must ght two wheels of Reznors instead of one. 4-3 Ice in this level isnt nice. 4-A Bouncy mushrooms FTW! (: 4-B An underground ice level with tons of spinning Amps. 4-C Another level in an icy underground cave, with many Fuzzies spinning around. The Fuzzies make a lot of the Star Coins annoying to collect. 4-4 More mushroom platforms. 4-5 Underwater fun with Cheep Cheeps... 4-Castle Snaked Blocks and Spiked Balls. At the end you ght Morton Koopa Jr., and he is defeated the same as most other Koopalings. However, Morton now has the ability to re boulders at you. World 5: Cliffs & Sky World 5-1 Tightropes in the sky! Yeah! (: 5-2 Lakitus in the clouds! (: 5-3 Land of the Pipes... 5-Tower Mario must climb up fences in this Tower and also avoid rising lava. Again, you must defeat the Reznors. 5-4 Even more bouncy mushroom platforms! 5-5

Bullet Bills in the sky. What else is new... 5-6 Spinning platforms are found here, and when you jump on them forward or backward, theyll go in the direction you command them to. 5-Ghost House Spinning blocks and Boos. And a Secret Exit! 5-A This is a cool level. It takes place on a ship that moves forward (obviously the screen moves too), with enemies like Koopas on it. The Star Coins, thankfully, are easy to get here. 5-Castle More fences and lava. When you hit the fences, they will go up or down, which will help you avoid enemies and other obstacles. You ght Ludwig von Koopa here, and he is swinging from a chain and ring blue reballs down at you. To beat him, Mario must go into the pipe hes swinging above and shoot up into him to hit him. At the end of the ght he swings faster, so be careful with your timing. World Mushroom: Special World Mushroom-1 Colorful blocks in the sky. Mushroom-2 Another underwater level with many Urchins. Mushroom-Ghost House This Ghost House is a maze of sorts. Youll often have to hit ? Switches to unlock paths. Mushroom-3 Buzzy Beetles in an underground pyramid-like desert level. Mushroom-A An ice level with rolling Spiked Balls. Mushroom-B Mario and the Beanstalk? Mushroom-Castle This Castle has lots of Undead Piranha Plants. At the end you ght Larry Koopa. He is easy. Attack him carefully, though, because pillars will try to crush you during the ght. World Flower: Special World Flower-1 Snake Blocks in the mountains. Flower-Ghost House Another maze-like Ghost House level. Flower-2 A forest level with Scuttle Bugs and poisonous water. Seems familiar. (: Flower-3 BOING, BOING, BOOOING! Flower-A Icy underground level with Buzzy Beetles. Flower-B Lakitus...again. /:

Flower-Castle At the end of this regular Castle level with lots of Undead enemies, Mario must ght Lemmy Koopa. He throws his magical circus balls at you. Avoid these, then stomp on him. He is fought on a conveyor belt, also. World 6: Volcano & Haunted World 6-1 A lava-themed level with Raining Debris and many other lava-themed obstacles, like reballs. 6-Ghost House A maze. Not a fan of this one. 6-2 This is a cool level. Its similar to I think 8-7 from NSMB Wii. Basically, you gotta ride this skeleton/Dry Bone-like creature across lava. I dont know its name, but its very similar to NSMB Wiis Bonecoaster. 6-3 A snowy underground level in a volcano World? 6-Tower Lots of those Rocket Engine lasers are found here. At the end, you ght the Reznors. This time instead of more than one wheel, there are more of them and theyre all on a huge wheel. 6-4 A haunted graveyard with many Peepas. Bout it. 6-5 A lava level with many tilting platforms with Spiked Balls on them. There are also small Bowser head statues that shoot reballs at Mario; just avoid them. 6-A Many sinking platforms in the lava. Very original. (Sigh) 6-B This level is rather annoying, I thought. There are these platforms that appear here, and when you jump on them they can turn to blue or red. If theyre blue, they go down. But if theyre red, theyll go up. You need to switch the platforms direction to get through the level. 6-Bowsers Castle Bowsers Castle already! Whoa! This Castle is the most difcult in the game. There are more Rocket Engines here, but thats not the main problem. The main problem is the Koopalings. At times near the end of the level, the Koopalings will ride in the Koopa Clown Car and create some weird light attack of sorts, which will stun you and damage you. You must hide behind walls to avoid their light beams. Another bad thing about this level is getting every Star Coin. The Koopalings will make that more difcult than it needs to be. Final Boss: Bowser At the end, you ght Bowser. Hit the red ! Switch to make him fall. But yes, of course its not over yet. Bowser turns huge, and you must climb up moving, white platforms to get to the top of the castle, where you can hit another ! Switch to end him. He will often karate chop the platforms, but he usually tends to do that mostly to the ones youre on. Trick him by going on a different platform. Now Star World is unlocked...

Star World: Final Special World Star-1 This is a fairly easy level, being the rst one of Star World. It takes place during night. I should note that a new type of collectible is introduced here: Moon Coins. Moon Coins are the same as Star Coins: There are three in each level of Star World. They just have a different design on them (a moon with a face). Pretty cool change. Star-2 Moving platforms in the sky. Yeah! (: Star-3 Another graveyard level with Peepas and Whomps. Star-4 The Porcu Puffer is back! And you need Mini Mario to get most of the Moon Coins! ): Star-5 More Lakitus and moving platforms. (Snores loudly). Star-6 An underwater castle-like level with Fishbones! How exciting... Star-7 Lava! And reballs! And lava enemies! Star-Castle OMG! Its the same exact thing as Bowsers Castle in World 6! Yeah. The Koopalings chase you again (damn it), and instead of Bowser you ght Dry Bowser, whos defeated the same way. The most uncreative thing Ive seen in my gaming career. Well, thats it for my New Super Mario Bros. 2 walkthrough! I got bored and annoyed at parts of the game, but I still like the game. I would recommend it to 3DS owners. So, another short walkthrough is over! Until next time, see ya!