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AllñUkrainian Association of Social Organizations


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Stability, Peace and Accord in the Multinational and Multiconfessional Ukrainian House
Being committed to strengthening the identity of the Ukrainian nation as a consolidated multicultural community, to its development through the internal dialog, humanistic values and tolerance, and to fostering of the Ukrainian community on the basis of citizenship, integrity and cultural diversity, the All-Ukrainian Association of Social Organizations (AUASO) “Alraid” acts on the following grounds: — Introducing the Ukrainian society to principles and gains of the Muslim civilization, to its contributions in the development of the humanity and its religious culture; — Expanding relations of Ukraine with the Islamic world;

— Rendering assistance for establishing and developing of the Muslim ummah in Ukraine, enhancement of its contributions in consolidating the Ukrainian state and its economic, cultural, moral and religious development. Actions to achieve the above objectives are reviewed in the brochure that you take in your hands, containing brief but exciting information about most successful of them.

All-Ukrainian Association of Social Organizations “Alraid”

About us
The All-Ukrainian Association of Social Organizations “Alraid” is the first association of Social Muslim organizations, ever existed in Ukraine. It was created in 1997 on the initiative of five social, student and youth organizations. Over 14 years of work, Alraid could integrate 20 Social organizations from various regions of Ukraine. Alraid is a member of the Federation of Islamic Organizations of Europe (FIOE), the Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organizations (FEMYSO), the International Islamic Forum of Student Organizations (IIFSO), and it also collaborates with a number of authoritative non-government organizations. Alraid is a non-profit organization engaged mainly in cultural, educational and charitable work, offering aid to Ukrainian citizens irrespective of nationality of confession.
• actions of Islamic public cultural centers, • action devoted to various themes, • video, audio, on-line and printed products
building up bridges for mutual understanding, mutual existence and tolerance

Cultural and educational

Dialog of religions and cultures

The elds of Alraid action
Upbringing Charity

Our Mission
Alraid has longer than 15 years of missionary experience. Our mission is in arranging cultural programs and social projects for the development of the Ukrainian community, to foster the perfectly moral Muslim identity through the assistance from Islamic cultural and social organizations.

• propagation of human values,

• healthy way of life, • fostering the full- edged personality

good and mercy, humanism and justice,

• charitable projects and actions,
orphan care,

• social aid for the needy

who is an active community member


Islamic Cultural Centers

Over 14 years of existence, Alraid could open eight Islamic cultural centers in the cities of Kyiv, Simferopol, Odesa, Donetsk, Lugansk, Vinnytsa, Zaporizhia and Kharkiv. The centers have prayer rooms and conference halls, internet clubs, sport training halls and sport grounds, libraries with fully accessible literature about Islam and cultures of Muslim countries. Whoever is concerned with Arabic language and Islamic culture can attend Sunday schools. The building of Kyiv Islamic cultural center accommodates the chief office of Alraid, while the building in Simferopol – its Crimean division and the Center for free professional courses for women (dress-making, hair-dressing, computer literacy). Islamic cultural centers have their own regional social organizations associated with Alraid, which organize various actions for men, women, teenagers and children. Frequent guests to multiple events of Alraid, held in Islamic centers, are leaders of regional Muslim communities from Ukraine and New Independent States, embassy staff, political, scientific and cultural elite, students from university departments of religious, oriental and Arabic studies, and faithful people of various confessions. The above confirms broad recognition of the centers’ important role in the cultural dialog between West and East.
Kyiv Islamic Cultural Center

Simferopol Islamic Cultural Center


Lugansk Islamic Cultural Center Vinnytsa Islamic Cultural Center Odesa Islamic Cultural Center

Donetsk Islamic Cultural Center

Zaporizhia Islamic Cultural Center

Kharkiv Islamic Cultural Center


As of 01.01.2011, Alraid incorporated 20 Social organizations from various Ukrainian regions. These are local and regional organizations pursuing common objectives: • acquaintance with the Islamic and Arabic cultures; • strengthening of friendly contacts and relation between nations; • moral, religious and cultural upbringing of youth; • expansion of contacts with Social organizations and individuals in the field of science, culture and sports. • assistance to students in solving their problems and in adaptation of foreigners in the Ukrainian society. The membership of Alraid divisions varies by region. These are volunteers of various age groups and occupations, but mainly young people. Natives of various countries can be found among Alraid members, as all of them are got together by virtue of common interests and the faith in God.
Kiev Lviv Vinnitsa Chernivtsi r Poltava Sumy Kharkiv Lugansk Donetsk Odesa Social Organisation Islamic Center Simferopol Zaporizhia



Acquaintance with Culture and Traditions

Sunday schools for learning the Arabic language and acquaintance with Islamic culture work at local organizations of Alraid in many Ukrainian regions. Free courses are taught by Arabic language carriers, thus giving their students a chance to hear and speak living language. The specifically elaborated teaching method relies upon audio, video and printed didactic material. Students can be those who wishes, without any religious, national or age constraints. Acquaintance with the Islamic culture and traditions are not limited to Sunday schools. The project “Be Acquainted: Islam without Extremes and Stereotypes”, launched by Alraid, offers a series of presentation lectures for students, scientists, journalists and Social officials requiring information from original sources. Having been successfully trialed in several HEEs in the East of Ukraine, the project is designed to communicate the authentic information about Islam and Muslims, to disprove stereotypes and ensure mutual understanding between various cultures.
Kyiv Sunday school ´AnñNurª

Language Center ´Sibawaihª


Seminarñtrenning ´Discover: Islam without extremes and stereotypesª, Simferopol city

Opening ceremony of ´AnñNurª study year

Sunday school, Donetsk city

The Islamic center in Simferopol accommodates a periodical artistic exhibition, where works of gifted Crimea artists show the visitors rich Islamic legacy in Crimea and beauties of the Crimean nature. The Crimean public organization “Emel”, on line of the program “National Cultural Renaissance”, arranges evens with participation of Crimean tatars elite, devoted to culture, work, life and religiosity of the Crimea tatar nation. Other public organizations associated with Alraid also take part in cultural events of their regions, particularly in Donbass, arranged to inform knowledge of culture and traditions of Islamic East.

The exhibition of watercolor paintings, Simferopol

Live chat and acquaintance

The cultural program involving members of the Association

´Alraidª participating in IOM event ´Live Libraryª


Spring Conference, Simferopol city

Traditional women conferences, held each spring in Kiev, Simferopol and other Ukrainian cities and bringing together Muslim women for discussing vital problems, have been organized over 12 years, and quite frequently attended by female diplomats from Muslim countries. Alraid is the organizer of annual cultural and educative workshops, conferences and round tables on various themes inside Islamic cultural centers located in biggest Ukrainian cities. Arraid members are active participants in conferences and meetings held by power offices and Social organizations. Alraid cooperates with a dozen of Social and religious organizations, such as the Ukrainian Center for Islamic Studies, the Youth Association of Religious Researchers, the Religious Administration of Ukrainian Muslims “Ummah”, the Religious Administration of Crimean Muslims, and with religious communities.

Indonesian Ambassador on the Conference


Participating in International Human Rights Forum

Dialog with Religions and Cultures

Alraid takes active part in events devoted to strengthening peace and accord in Ukraine, aspires to expand relations with followers of other religions and cultures, because this constitutes pat of the Muslim piety. The dialog relies on longstanding Islamic traditions and experiences of coexistence and interactions of Muslims and non-Muslims in EU, New Independent States and USA. Alraid is a permanent participant of various meetings, round tables, conferences devoted to the confessional dialog. Also, Alraid is visited by followers of other confessions. It’s indicative that these contacts are not confined to leaders and authorities of religious communities.

Round table ´Muslims for peace and harmony in Crimeaª

Round table, Simferopol city


Dialogue of religions on the conference

Since 2000, the Alraid work have been introduced to nearly two thousand schoolchildren, students and lecturers of Kyiv institutions, including the National University “Kyievo-Mohilyanskaya Akademiya” (Kyiv), the National Pedagogical University (Kiev) and T.Shevchenko National University (Kyiv). Activists from social organizations associated with Alraid regularly attend “Festival of Religious Arts” organized by “Youth Association of Religious Studies” jointly with several universities located in Kyiv.

Round table´Patients rights in Ukraine. Palliative care: spiritual aspectsª

Round table ´Muhammad Asadña prominent Muslim thinker and activistª, Lviv city

Lecture in Kyiv University ´East worldª

Round table ´Interfaith Experienceª

´The role of education and mass media in the dialogue of cultures and coexistence of peoplesª

Live chat with guests from the Catholic University


The A. Krymsky All-Ukrainian competition of Islamic studies for young scientists has been held since 2004, as a contribution in developing Islamic studies in Ukraine. The total of its participants coming from all over Ukraine has reached 200. Winners are traditionally awarded at time of scientific conferences devoted to the competition theme. Alraid, jointly with the Ukrainian Center for Islamic Studies, organizes regular scientific colloquia in Kiev, attended by leading Islamic and oriental scientists, officials and representatives from HEEs. Jointly with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the annual meeting with scientific elite of Crimea is held on the occasion of the Day of Ukrainian Science. Tending to use only authentic data for working purposes, Alraid supports various kinds of scientific studies conducted in Crimea and in the whole Ukraine. Several sociological surveys of Ukrainian Muslims were organized in 1997 and 2003-2004. A sociological survey of Kiev students, devoted to national and religious tolerance, was held in 2006 jointly with young scientists doing religious studies. Alraid has been monitoring Islamic phobia in Ukraine, especially in Crimea, for longer than five years, and attending international events devoted to this vital theme.
The grand award winners of Islamic Studies Research Contest

Scientific conference, Kyiv


Conference ´Spiritual and moral youth educationª

Educative and Upbringing Work

Alraid guides the faithful to the comprehensive individual enhancement and healthy way of life. Its cultural centers host regular family meetings and seminars for parents. Children and youth enjoy lively competitive games, children’s festivals and concerts, contests in chess, tennis and football. Summer is the time for family goings to outskirts or excursions. To induce Muslims to the religious enhancement, Alraid, jointly with the Religious Administration of Crimean Muslims, in the days of Ramadan organizes annual competitions of Quran recitation, covering various age categories and levels of learning of the Holy Book. Alraid took on organization of I International Competition of Quran Reciters, held in 2010 in Simferopol and attended by 34 competitors from the post-soviet area aged from 10 to 33. Alraid, jointly with the World Association of Koran Studies, supports the successful work of the Crimean higher school of hafizes, which students have often represented Ukraine at international competitions of Quran recitation. Each summer, the school summer day camp is organized for children aged 7-14. Such summer schools exist in Islamic cultural centers of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Odesa and Simferopol. Their curricula include religious and moral conversations, thematic classes, intellectual excursions.
Summer Camp

International Quran Hafiz Competition


Ukrainian Family Day

Professional women courses

Active Children's Entertainment

Also, cultural and recreation camps are organized for orphan children on line of the program for orphan aid. Ukraine is a top target for the Alraid’s work. Number of children cared by Alraid has been increasingly up, reaching nearly 1500 now. Apart from monthly material aid, Alraid takes children to weekend country tours and various sports competitions, arranges thematic lectures and discussions.

Arraid has accomplished a series of projects aiming to support female Muslims desiring to be an active community segment. The first project in the series is opening the professional women’s courses in Crimea. Rooms equipped for special purposes in the Islamic cultural center of Simferopol host courses of cooking, dress-making, hair-dressing, massage, basic computer courses. Dozens of young ladies could master new and demanded occupations in two years.


The Committee on Family, Women and Teenagers Affairs, working at Alraid has launched the revival of the tradition of the annual five-day long cultural and education seminar for women. Apart from religious seminars, Alraid arranges regular women’s training seminars on planning, communication techniques, design, time-management, strengthening of sisterhood relations. In order to support the Muslim family and religious upbringing of children, Alraid organizes events devoted to the All-Ukrainian Family Day. Seminars on strengthening family relations are held annually in Donetsk, Kharkiv, Vinnytsa, Kyiv, Odesa and Simferopol, with the invited teachers, psychologists and medical doctors. Family theme is also in focus of already recorded series of radio programs and printed materials. To call youth to the healthy way of life, Alraid supports annual football championships of Muslim teams from Crimea. Alraid publishes information booklets and brochures on prevention of and fighting with drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution and AIDS, being not once the initiator of All-Ukrainian actions against smoking. Training seminars on organization management, administrative work and social relations are regularly held, to enhance the performance of members from both social organizations incorporated in Alraid and the Alraid team.

Cultural and educational women's camp

Seminarñtraining for activists of women departments, Donetsk


AllñCrimean Football Competition

International Cooperation

Alraid takes active part in actions promoting peace and accord not only in Ukraine, but in the international arena, including various seminars, round tables and conferences organized by the Council of Europe, Organization on Security and Cooperation in Europe, Organization of Islamic Conference, FEMYSO and other organizations across the world. Islamic cultural centers of Alraid are visited by scientific and social workers from Europe and Islamic countries, leading experts in Shariah studies. In 2009, Ukraine was visited by Shakib Benmahluf, President of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE), and Jamal Badawi, a renowned Islamic scholar and a member of the European Council on Fatwa and Research, to deliver a series of lectures on gender problems and relations of European Muslims with followers of other religions. Today it can be stated that the above events had a notable positive impact in Ukraine, Europe and Islamic world.

OIC General Secretary getting aquainted with ´Alraidª activities

First International moderate conference, UK


Jamal Badawi lectures in Kyiv Islamic Center

´Alraidª on OSCE conference, Kazahstan


Because the biggest help and support is required by the poor population, Alraid has organized dozens of charitable projects, of which many have been in action by now, bringing visible results. Financial aid from Alraid allowed for drilling and arrangement of 400 artesian wells and reservoirs supplying drinking water to many step regions of Crimea. Because the mosque has traditionally been not only place for prayer and other religious rites, but for communication and education where Muslims could learn more about their faith, Alraid’s charitable effort is to help Ukrainian Muslims in building up and repairing mosques and prayer houses. More than 80 mosques have been built and restored with its sponsorship. Alraid cares about 1500 orphan children, giving them material aid and moral support. Also, the project “Sewing Machine” is successfully being on, on line of which 15 single mothers have already been given a machine.


Another successful project of Alraid is building up greenhouses in Crimea, by virtue of which 150 poor families could improve their material condition by launching own business. A successful project “Cow for Family in Need” could become an income source in form of a cow for more than 500 families, being the principal one or many of them. Alraid, jointly with the Association of Crimean tatar teachers and the Islamic Development Bank has finished reconstruction of nine of the total fifteen national schools in Crimea. Apart from repair of buildings, money was given for purchase of textbooks and computers, new furniture and equipment. Alraid’s sponsorship also covers purchase of medicines for medical rooms at schools. Organizations associated with Alraid regularly visit houses for orphan children with gifts and aid, as well as boarding schools for children with infantile cerebral paralysis in Kyiv, Donetsk, Lugansk and other Ukrainian cities.


Alraid was the winner of the International project “Gains” in the nomination “Social Work”, for the considerable contribution in strengthening peace and accord in Ukraine, propagation of human values of good and mercy, humanism, tolerance and justice, healthy way of life, and for fostering full-fledged personality.

The permanent office of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea presented the Alraid chairman with the gratification deed for active social work and charitable effort in the region, with referring to the visible contribution of Alraid in “rendering charitable aid for orphan children and poor families”.


Information Activities

High quality information is an important means for Social tolerance enhancement, while its accessibility is an indication of the society’s openness. Alraid publishes the monthly newspaper “Arraid” meant for free distribution across the Ukrainian regions, in Russian and Arabic ( Latest new about Alraid actions, video and photographic materials can be found on the official web-site of Alraid in Russian, Arabic and English ( The web-site “Islam for Everyone” ( informs fresh news from the Islamic world, displays audio and video files, materials about the role of Islam from history and modernity perspective, and a fatwa database containing answers on questions given by authoritative Islamic scholars. The web-site ( contains translations of meanings and rules of reading/reciting the Koran, hadises of the Prophet; the original of the Holy Book can be accessed for listening and reading. The web-site “Islam in Ukraine” ( is, indeed, the only source about Islam and Muslims in Ukraine in three languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English).


Alraid stands for recognition, communication and accord between various religions and nations, because intolerance, enmity and discrimination on religious and ethnic grounds stems from mutual ignorance and lack of authentic information. Printed and on-line publications of Alraid are the most popular Islamic mass media, known perfectly well not only but Muslims, but also by the wide circle of readers in Ukraine and beyond. Alraid incorporates the Social organization “Ansar Foundation”, which work is related with translation and publication of literature, audio and video materials. “Ansar Foundation” has prepared for publication a lot of cultural and education literature and media products of renown authors from Islamic countries, EU, U.S. and New Independent States.

Published materials are meant for a wide readers’ auditory. They are books for small Muslims and women, literature about the basics of Islamic teaching. The books can be freely found on the web-site “Islam for Everyone” ( The radio program on Islam and Muslims “Assalamu Alaikum” (“Peace be on You!”) has been on since 2000. Its guests used to be renowned religious, official and Social workers, oriental and religious scholars, not only from Ukraine. The program had been broadcast by various radio stations, and beginning with June, 2007, it could be listened each Saturday and Sunday at 9.00 a.m. on radio “Meidan” (102.7 FM) in Crimea or on the program web-site (

OnñAir speaking hour on ´Ukrainian Radioª

´Alraidª on International book exhibition ´Medvinª


Plans for Future
Alraid is willing to cooperate with other Ukrainian social organizations, to implement joint projects, expand and diversify its action for the benefit of the multicultural and multinational Ukrainian community. What is the purpose of our work? It’s true that it’s very difficult, hard and time consuming. We wouldn’t like to say fine words, but the reality is such that virtually all the members of the organizations incorporated in Alraid are faithful Muslims. Muslim means “submitted to God”. Work for the common social benefit and fighting evil is a manifestation of the submission to God, the only way bringing one nearer to God, the only path guiding the faithful to the final purpose, Paradise. Our purpose has always been and remains so, and for it is our work. Detailed information about current work of Alraid can be found on the official web-site

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