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Inspired Learning

Improve student achievement through engaging, personalized, standards-aligned learning.

Clood On makes it easy for teachers to plan, find, organize, and share engaging resources that support curriculum standards, learning objectives, and individual learning styles. ...all from one place online.

For teachers
Easily create engaging, interactive, personalized learning experiences, leading to improved student achievement.

For students
Increase academic success and have fun learning with engaging resources tailored to individual learning styles and abilities.

Clood On gives us one place for teachers to access information to plan and teach and for students to learn. The systems inherent student centric approach has led to a tremendous increase in levels of participation from the students in the classroom
Jyoti Thyagarajan
Math & Science Coordinator, Stonehill International School

For parents
Gain visibility into the classroom and actively participate in the learning process.

For educational institutions

Efficiently communicate and share curriculum, standards, and knowledge, ensuring consistency, quality, and alignment.

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Manage the learning process in one place online

Today, standards, curriculum, plans, resources, and other learning materials are often scattered on paper and different software systems, making it difficult for teachers to exchange ideas, for educational institutions to ensure consistency, and for parents to gain visibility into the classroom.
With Clood On, teachers can efficiently: Manage the learning workflow: Plan courses, manage resources, and assess performance in alignment with curriculum Store and find resources: Intelligently search any type of file or media based on educational criteria such as learning styles Organize and personalize: Assemble resources for classes, groups, or individuals based on learning style

Create standards-aligned curriculum and course plans

Educational institutions are under pressure to improve performance against standards, but it isnt always clear how to apply those standards in practice. With Clood On:
Incorporate state, accrediting body, or institution-specific standards and objectives View standards and benchmarks across subjects and grades Develop and find detailed course plans,lesson plans, content, and assessments tied to specific standards Communicate standards and curriculum to teachers, parents, and students

Easily find resources based on learning objectives

Learning content is available, but today there is no easy way for teachers to search this content based on educational criteria and objectives. With Clood On, teachers and students can:
Search the internet as well as institution documents and subscription content Find any type of media, including textbooks, video, audio, documents, or websites Narrow results based on educational criteria such as curriculum standards, topics, objectives, and learning styles Upload new resources and share them with teachers, students, and other educators, noting copyright restrictions

Organize and personalize the learning experience

As teachers tap into resources beyond the textbook to better engage students and improve learning, Clood On makes it easy to organize them for use in and out of class. Teachers can:
Create Teach Kits to organize resources for each class period as part of a lesson plan Create Study Kits for individual students, groups, or the entire class, supporting differentiation and paced learning View and download Teach Kits or Study Kits online, through a smartboard or projector, or on ebook devices such as Amazon Kindle

Assess and review performance against standards

Educational institutions can use Clood On to measure student progress towards curriculum standards and objectives, providing tools to:
Search a standards-aligned question bank or create or upload new questions Publish quizzes and assignments for students to complete in the classroom or securely at home Automatically or manually create quizzes based on learning objectives Automatically grade objective questions View detailed student progress reports

Collaborate with teachers, students, and parents

Clood On supports an ongoing, collaborative process for curriculum development, providing tools to:
Exchange comments on unit plans, lesson plans, and Teach Kits Post messages for staff, parents, or students on message boards Ensure quality control with settings for draft, approved, and published curriculum and resources Share Teach Kits, Study Kits, homework, and assessments for students and parents to access from home

Flexible service options

Clood On is a hosted service, providing high security and reliability, allowing educational institutions to start using the software immediately, and eliminating the need for dedicated hardware or IT resources for installation and maintenance.


For more information or to discuss a pilot program, contact us at: Email: sales@cloodon.com Phone: +91 80 4112 4390

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