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Emily Combs

eecombs@bsu.edu 717 Woody Hall Muncie, IN 47306 175 N 8th Ave Beech Grove, IN 46107


Ball State University, Muncie IN Major: Telecommunications. February 2013 Minor: Scriptwriting Member of Something Else, a collegiate sketch community

EXPERIENCE: Swarmed, Beech Grove, Indiana Crewmember, August 2010 May 2012 Cameraman Anchor Ran the teleprompter Director Reporter Editor

Swarmed is the school news program for Beech Grove High School. For the first year I primarily served as the camerawoman, usually responsible on my own, though occasionally I worked as an anchor or ran the teleprompter. I participated in the programs reformation in the 20112012 school year and contributed to the new features as well as the content. During the second year, I once again worked primarily as a camerawoman during broadcasts, but this time with a team; other times I was the director of the broadcast, occasionally I ran the prompter. For each week of broadcasts we did, everyone was in groups of two or three and we had to produce two segments: one in-studio to be aired live, and one out of studio to be fully filmed and edited by the day it was due to air. During the second semester we were required to create one 2-3 minute news story, which we created in our groups or on our own.

Wintermoth Studios Founder, August 2011 present Director

Editor Actor

This is a studio I created over a year ago myself on Youtube. I create audio productions of web comics, dub silent video games, and create music videos. In doing this Ive learned how to use Final Cut as well as Pinnacle Studios. Ive improved my skills at music mixing and general audio and video transitioning and editing. Ive also learned how to host casting calls and how to work with different types of people. Something Else Member, January 2013 present Actor

I am new to the group but so far I have acted in one sketch. While on set, I was able to observe the crew setting up shots and learned things about lighting and sound I didnt know from previous experience.

VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES: Indiana State Museum Celebration Crossing 2006 2012 Train conductor, costume character, Train Engineer (16+) While working in the exhibit, I was interacting with guests of all ages. As a conductor, I was responsible for helping the guests board and disembark, explaining the rules, and monitoring them during the ride. As a costume character, I walked around the museum with an escort, posing for pictures and interacting with children. As an engineer, I was responsible for keeping an eye on the passengers during the ride, and driving the train itself while monitoring the power levels, engine, etc. 21st Century Charter School at Fall Creek/ Fall Creek Academy (K12) 2007 2008 Volunteer in the kindergarten classroom. Every day for most of the school year, during the last hour of the day, I went down to the kindergarten classroom. I helped them with any final assignments, helped them clean up when needed, and told them a story, usually a fairy tale. If they had behaved that day, they

could possibly get chosen to act as a character while I told the story. I also went with them on field trips to help and took photos for the yearbook.

RELATED SKILLS: I am very competent with technology. I have been trained to use digital cameras and some sound equipment, and assemble/disassemble the equipment. Ive been working on short films, mock trailers, sports games, and news segments and broadcasts for four years. I am also competent with computer hardware and software. I can work most of the Microsoft office, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Pinnacle Studios, Final Cut Express, Final Cut Pro X, and. Ive taken classes on Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Publisher. Im currently enrolled in courses for Final Cut and Photoshop as well.

REFERENCES Wiley Craft, Beech Grove High School Teacher Photography, TV and Radio Wcraft@bgcs.k12.in.us Mike Gerhard, Ball State University Professor mgerhard@bsu.edu Justin Wade, Young Actors Theater Director catherine@yatkids.org (317) 614-5057