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Detailed Lesson Plan in English 3 I Objectives The pupils will be able to: 1. Give an appropriate ending, 2.

. Justify for such ending, and 3. Appreciate the meaning of teamwork during group discussion. II Subject Matter A. Giving of an appropriate ending to a given situation and give justification for such ending. 1. Materials Visual Aids 2. Reference Reading 3 Textbook, pp 131-133 3. Values Integration The value of teamwork. III Procedure 1. Preparation a. b. c. d. e. Prayer Greetings Checking of attendance Passing of assignments Spelling Drill Story Mountain Forest House Arrow

TEACHER ACTIVITY 2. Motivation What happened lately in the Visayas Regions lately? Very good! When an earthquake strikes class, what comes up to your mind what kind of alert soon will arise? Very good class! What will happen to the people when they heard the tsunami alert? After the calamity happened class, what do you think happened? Thats right! What else? Very good! For you class, what will finally happen to community? Thats right! Class, even if youre not there in the calamity stricken place, you can assume and guess what will happen next in the story.


- There was an earthquake sir. - Tsunami alert sir!

- Many people were in panic sir. - Many people helped the victims sir! - Relief operations poured in sir! - Soon the people will rebuild their lives sir!

3. Presentation Our lesson for today class is about giving an appropriate ending to a given situation and giving justification for such ending.

4. Unlocking of Difficulties Before we proceed to our discussion class, lets talk about these several words for us to understand better. - Yes sir

Wild pig pig in the forest Deer an animal with branching horns Bow and arrow hunting weapon Rumbles deep rolling sound Crater hole at the top of the volcano 5. Discussion Please read this class Entong

Eruption - explosion Active full of energy Sport good companion Kidded - joked Flap move something up and down

Entong was a mountain boy. He lived in a house near the forest. There were wild pigs and deer in the forest. When Entong was ten years old, his father gave him a gift. It was a bow and arrow. What do you think Etong said class? - He will say thank to his father sir. Thats right! Do you think he expressed surprise and pleasure? - Yes of course sir! Good! What do you think he did to his new bow and arrow? - He used it immediately sir. Very good!

6. Generalization Class, do we need an ending in every story? Very good! Why class? Very good! - Yes sir. - if there is no ending sir, the story is unfinished and every story should have a good ending sir!

7. Exercises I want you to group into three teams class. Assign a leader in your group class. Please read the story class and discuss in your group on what will be the appropriate answers of the following questions. Every member is enjoined to contribute ideas for the perfect answer of the group. - Yes sir! - Yes sir!

8. Application Class I want you to express your answer in this exercise by finding a class mate who have the same answer as you do. Read the following passage class - Yes sir!

One day, Mila saw a kitten on the ground near the stairs. You, poor kitten, she said. How thin you are. Ill get you something to eat. a. Mila was afraid of the kitten. b. Mila fed the kitten every day. After a few weeks the kitten became a healthy one. Mila has now a new pet. c. The kitten chased the dog. Now find your class mate have the same answer with you and group yourselves. - Yes sir!

IV -

Evaluation Class, please get a whole sheet of paper and - Yes sir! read each situation. Choose from the given items the appropriate ending for each.


Assignment For your assignment class, please do the following

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