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IDENTIFICATION Advertising is a paid, mass mediated attempt to persuade.

e. Advertisement refers to a specific message that someone or some organization has placed to persuade an audience. Advertising Campaign is a series of coordinated advertisements and other promotional efforts that communicate a reasonably cohesive and integrated theme. Integrated Brand Promotion is the use of many promotional tools, including advertising, in a coordinated manner to build and then maintain brand awareness, identity and preference. Communication is a fundamental aspect of human existence, and advertising is communication Audience is a group of individuals who receive and interpret messages sent from advertisers through mass media. Target Audience is a particular group of consumers singled out by an organization for an advertisement or advertising campaign. Household Consumers the most conspicuous audience in that most mass media advertising is directed at them. Members of business organization focus of advertising for firms that produce business and industrial goods and services, ex office equipment, machinery, etc. Members of a trade channel retailers, wholesalers and distributors. Professionals from a special target audience and are defined as doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers. Government officials and employees audience in themselves due to large dollar volume of buying federal, state, and local governments do.

Global advertising an ad is used worldwide with only minor changes. International advertising occurs when firms prepare and place different advertising in different national markets outside their home market. Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and orgs objectives. Brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or any other feature that identifies one sellers good or services. Brand extension is an adaption of an existing brand to new product area. Differentiation is the process of creating a perceived difference, in the mind of the consumer, between an organizations brand and competition. Positioning process of designing a brand so that it can occupy a distinct and valued place in the target consumers mind relative to other brands. Advertiser business, non profit and government organizations that use advertising and other promotional techniques to communicate with target customer. Trade Reseller is simply a general description for all organizations in the marketing channel of distribution that buy products. Advertising agency organization of professionals who provide creative and business services to clients in planning. Full service agencies typically includes an array of advertising professionals to meet all the promotional needs of clients. Interactive agencies advertisers prepare communications for new media such as Internet.

Mass Media telegraph enabled rapid communication, spawned global interest and fostered a sense of community Segmenting-breaking down diverse markets into manageable segments Targeting-choosing specific segments as the focal point for marketing efforts Positioning-aligning the marketing mix to yield distinctive appeal for the target segment Advertising plan-specifies the thinking tasks, and timetable needed to conceive and implement an effective advertising effort Strategy-represents the mechanism by which something is to be done. ENUMERATION Audience Geography Global advertising an ad is used worldwide with only minor changes. International advertising occurs when firms prepare and place different advertising in different national markets outside their home market. Types of Advertising Direct response ask consumers to act immediately. Delayed response advertising relies on imagery and message themes that emphasize the benefits and satisfying characteristics of a brand. Corporate advertising is not designed to promote a specific brand, but it meant to create a favourable attitude toward a company as a whole Brand advertising benefits of a particular brand. The Social Aspects of Advertising Advertising Educates Consumers Advertising Improves the Standard of Living





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