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Hey, good drivers: safety pays.

You watch your speed, dont drive too much, drive at safe hours and make safe stops. Now, get rewarded for it from Allstate.
Sign up for Allstate Drive Wise and: Get 10% off your premium just for enrolling View your driving performance online Save up to 30% at renewal with Drive Wise Plus, save up to 60% if you earn the full Drive Wise Performance Rating Discount combined with other safe driver savings

Getting started.

Maximize savings.

Get an immediate 10% off your premium just for enrolling. Look for an email with your Customer Agreement to complete enrollment.

Sign up.

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Plug in.

The Drive Wise device collects data on four driving behaviors to determine your discount. Keeping these driving factors in mind will help maximize your savings.
Drivers who average around 35-40 miles per day or less are more likely to save.

Allstate will send you a small device that easily plugs into your cars OBD-II port under your dashboard.


Drive safely.


You can save more by staying within the posted speed limit.

If you typically avoid driving between these hours, youll save more: weekdays 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. and weekends 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Get in your car and go.

Go to your online profile to check the progress of your Drive Wise Performance Rating Discount.

Save even more by maintaining a safe distance from the car in front of you and avoiding hard stops. CHECKING YOUR SAVINGS Your Performance Rating will use as many as 12 months of rolling data (six months at your first renewal) to determine your discount. Even if your driving performance doesnt help you earn a discount, the data we collect will not increase your premium. You can check your progress and review your own Performance Rating Discount projection at drivewise.allstate.com. Youll also see your mileage, your events tally and a handy chart that shows you the hours when you log most of your miles. By reviewing the website and getting a sense of your own driving patterns, you can optimize your performance and learn how you can save more by improving your driving. Please note that the Drive Wise device provides input from a single car. Your Performance Rating and discounts, if any, will apply per vehicle, rather than by driver.

How to install.
Once you sign up, youll get a small Drive Wise device in the mail that easily plugs into your cars OBD-II port under your dashboard. The device will transmit your driving data to your Drive Wise online prole.

Find your cars OBD-II port. An OBD-II port is the same port that mechanics use to run engine diagnostics or to evaluate emissions.


Discounts and Performance Rating
What is Drive Wise and how can it benet me? Allstate Drive Wise is a program that allows safer drivers and low-mileage drivers to demonstrate good driving on a daily basis and earn signicant savings. This allows Allstate to provide better rates to the very safest drivers. Drive Wise also provides feedback and insight that can help you drive more safely and may help you reduce your risk of having an accident. The savings from Drive Wise begin with an Enrollment Discount of 10% off your premium just for signing up. This discount applies to your rst policy period only. In addition, youll be eligible for a Performance Rating Discount six months after enrollment. Note that your Performance Rating cannot increase your premium, but it does not necessarily earn you a discount. When do I earn my Enrollment Discount? If you added Drive Wise to a new Allstate policy, you will receive the Enrollment Discount when you sign up. If you added Drive Wise to an existing Allstate policy, you will receive the Enrollment Discount at your next renewal following your enrollment in the program. The Enrollment Discount applies to the rst policy period only. You must accept the Customer Agreement within 21 days via email and install the device within 14 days of receiving it in order to maintain the Enrollment Discount. When do I earn my Performance Rating Discount? As long as the device is installed and active for 90 days, we will calculate a Performance Rating Discount up to 30% to be applied to the renewal policy period. If the device is active for fewer than 90 days, a 0% Performance Rating Discount is applied to the renewal policy period. How is the Performance Rating Discount calculated? The Drive Wise device collects data on four Performance Rating Factors to determine your discount. Data includes: Low mileage This is the most important factor for your Performance Rating Discount. If you drive: 12,000 miles or fewer annually, you could signicantly save between 12,000 and 15,000 miles annually, you could save if you drive carefully and at low-risk hours above 15,000 miles annually, it is more difcult to see signicant savings from the Performance Rating Discount at or above 18,000 miles annually, you will not earn a Performance Rating Discount regardless of how well you drive Safe speeds You can save more by staying within the posted speed limit. Safe hours If you typically avoid driving between these hours, youll save more: weekdays 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. weekends 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. Safe stops You can save by avoiding hard or extreme stops, regardless of the speed you are traveling at the time the brakes are applied: hard braking events are recorded when your vehicle decelerates more than 8 mph in one second extreme braking events are recorded when your vehicle decelerates more than 10 mph in one second All of your driving behavior data is collected and analyzed to identify patterns. This means that no one event alone will affect your Performance Rating Discount, but a pattern of hard braking, speeding or driving at risky hours could prevent you from saving. How will I know how I am doing? You can review your progress at drivewise.allstate.com. Current and projected discounts will be shown for each vehicle enrolled. The projected discount will adjust over time and will estimate what you can expect to receive as your renewal approaches. Can my Performance Rating increase my rates? No, Drive Wise will not increase your rates. However, your Performance Rating does not necessarily earn you a discount. Your overall premium may increase from renewal to renewal due to other factors.

Your Drive Wise Device

What is the Allstate Drive Wise device and how does it work? This device connects to your vehicles computer via the OBD-II port. This is the same port that is used by mechanics to diagnose engine problems and also by emissions-control personnel to determine if your vehicle is meeting emissions standards. This device provides very accurate readings for the driving behaviors we use to determine your Performance Rating. You can see your driving results within 24 hours. If you ever discover significant discrepancies, please call the Drive Wise Customer Team at 1-877-431-7670. Well work with you to ensure that the device is working properly. I cant nd my OBD-II port/I need help installing my device. Can you help? Click tguide.installernet.com/allstate to help you locate this port for your vehicle. If you still have difculty locating your OBD-II port or installing your device, please call the Drive Wise Customer Team at 1-877-431-7670.

FAQs: (continued)
Your Privacy
What information does Drive Wise collect? Weve limited the data we collect on Drive Wise to information that can help us evaluate your driving behaviors. All of the data we collect is shared with you on your prole with two exceptions: we collect information about acceleration events we collect gravity-force (g-force) data via an accelerometer We will continue testing these data sources prior to making any use of them in our Performance Rating youll be notied in advance if there are changes. Who sees my Drive Wise data? Your Drive Wise driving information can be seen by you, your Allstate Agent and customer service representatives. Our researchers and analysts who work to maintain and optimize the Performance Rating will also have access to detailed data. Do you have any more information about how my data is used? If you have any questions about how Allstate uses Drive Wise data, we encourage you to read the Drive Wise Customer Agreement, which is sent to you via email and enclosed with your Drive Wise device.

How You Can Help/Your Input

I have ideas for making this program better. How can I share them with you? Periodically, we will email surveys to you and we look forward to your input. You can also send us a message at any time via the Contact Us center at drivewise.allstate.com. We have used input from customers to develop this program, and we intend to continue listening to customer feedback to improve and revise the program.

Feature is optional. Subject to terms, conditions and availability. Savings estimate compares safe driver using Drive Wise device to driver who would not qualify for safe driver savings. Your savings will vary. 10% discount applies to rst policy period only. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company, Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company: Northbrook, IL. 2012 Allstate Insurance Company. allstate.com 10/12 D10439E-4