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With the advancement of technology, depletion of natural resources, deterioration of hygienic conditions and socio-economic problems, one need extensive study of the environment, particularly in relation to human survival and benefit. As environment is facing serious threats, the responsibility of all sections of the society towards environmental protections is of much importance. Therefore the role of individuals, community, national and international agencies towards sustainable development are of immense significance. Each one of us can spread the message of sustainable development for the conservation of natural resources. The people, as a community must be aware about their role towards the environmental issues. Theoretical knowledge cannot be successful until the people understand the negative environmental implications of non-biodegradable substances, exploitation of natural resources, pollution etc. . People need to be educated about the reality that how they are degrading our environment and creating adverse effects on environmental conditions. An educated society will be more aware about the concept and means of attaining sustainable development and also environment. Every individual cannot afford formal education in India. Therefore National Government Agencies and Non-Government Organization (NGOs) like WWF, Greenpeace etc. must play the leading role in promoting environmental awareness among the masses. Government is also making efforts in various ways to create environmental awareness among people. For example, the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of India, has one full division called Education and Information Division. Its main role is to create awareness among all classes of people, help in informal education related to environment and provide information related to environment. In order to create general awareness, this division undertakes various activities. There is one important programme known as National Environment Awareness Campaign, which has been organised every year since 1986. The campaign aims at creating environmental awareness at the national level. Environment Month is the period of maximum activity under this programme. Funds are provided to voluntary organizations, universities, schools, colleges, government agencies to conduct programmes for environmental awareness.

In 1986, as many as 115 organizations were provided funds, whereas 207, 204 and 305 organizations were provided funds in 1987, 1988 and 1989 respectively. These organizations create awareness through rallies, exhibitions, padyatras (rally), drama, dance and film shows, easy competitions, painting and drawing contests, seminars, workshops, etc

The need for public awareness of environment and ecology can be explain by the flow chart.