The eBay Brand y At-A-Glance.
Who We Are:
eBay is a safe and efficient global marketplace where individuals and merchants are given equal opportunity to buy and sell an incredible variety of new and used goods at fair prices.

Our Personality:
eBay is genuine, surprising and just a bit quirky.

About Our Logo:

This is the preferred version of the logo for most global applications. See section 4 for details.

Using eBay URLs:
The most common form of the eBay URL is:

eBay._ _ _
When using this format, be sure to capitalize the “B” in eBay. See page 6.11 for details.

Copyright Notice:
© [YEAR] eBay Inc. All rights reserved. eBay and the eBay logo are registered trademarks of eBay Inc. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. All items subject to availability.

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a bit of effort and a great deal of consistency. 5 5 5 5 The goal of this book is to provide an accessible and easy-to-use resource that will give you the tools and knowledge you need to build and manage our brand identity and global brand. we believe the eBay Brand Guidelines will do many of the same things for you. we hope it will be a source of inspiration for new and better ways to communicate the eBay brand. Questions? Contact brand@ebay.Recipe For Success: A Strong Brand Mixing A Metaphor. By using the cookbook metaphor. A cookbook is more than simply an instruction manual for assembling ingredients. expand your skills and even provide an idea or 1. The best ones are useful tools that can save you time and money. Brand Cooks’ Tip #1 Building a global brand requires a good amount of time.1 . 5 5 5 5 And like a good cookbook.

Profits and shareholder equity go up. And best of all. The next time you go to your favorite bookstore. Imagine your first experience with a new cookbook. Good things begin to happen. When customers trust they’ll get the result they expect. 5 5 5 5 A strong brand contributes in tangible ways to the overall business objectives. The recipes inside are easy to follow and beautifully presented. Brand Cooks’ Tip #2 Our community members and customers rely upon the eBay brand. Questions? Contact brand@ebay. 5 5 5 5 Simply put. Our job is to deliver on its promise. Competitors find it more difficult to enter or succeed in the market. Customers remember the brand and recommend it to others. a preference for that brand is created. a brand is a promise. the dishes are delicious. you see a new cookbook by the same author.Recipe For Success: A Strong Brand The Making Of A Brand. Your previous experience was pleasant.2 .com 1. That’s branding at work. so you decide to buy it.

Strong brands come from the internal truth of a company. BHAG and vision to all of our important 1.3 . Competitors Government Customers Media Brand Wall Street Community Suppliers Employees Questions? Contact brand@ebay. values. so it’s important to clearly and consistently communicate our mission.Recipe For Success: A Strong Brand Branding Touches All Of An Organization’s Audiences.

6) (Sec. 7) eBay Voice & Tone eBay Look & Feel eBay Brand Architecture Questions? Contact brand@ebay. we can do a better job of building it for the future. 5 5 5 5 The elements of brand identity are: eBay Logo ( 1. 3) eBay Brand Essence Then we’ll begin describing the elements of our brand that can be tasted. 2) (Sec.Recipe For Success: A Strong Brand Assembling The Ingredients Of Brand Identity. it’s a good idea to assemble the ingredients you’ll need. By understanding how the tangible and intangible ingredients of our brand work together. Before you begin cooking.4 . we’ll be doing just that. touched or seen. 5) (Sec. 5 5 5 5 The tangible elements of a brand are what makes the brand identity. First we’ll provide a brief introduction to the fundamentals of our brand: eBay Brand Basics (Sec. 4) (Sec. In the following sections.


1 . Brand Cooks’ Tip #3 Our mission. Questions? Contact brand@ebay. values. the eBay brand is built on four fundamental elements. values. BHAG and vision are not just words—they’re the foundation of our 2. In a similar way. As we describe these elements—our mission. A healthy meal is built on the four basic food groups. BHAG and vision—we hope you’ll begin to get a sense of where our brand comes from and where we hope to take it in the future.A Healthy Start: eBay Brand Basics The 4 Basics Of Our Brand. And they affect everything we do.

where your next-door neighbor can compete with a large corporation and have an equal chance of success. Our Vision For The Future: eBay is creating a place where people can offer goods for sale and anyone in the world can buy at a fair 2. Questions? Contact brand@ebay. Hairy. • We recognize and respect everyone as a unique individual. our market will be so large and open that you will be able to find almost anything you can imagine. honesty and efficiency will be rewarded. And every other way to buy and sell things will seem inferior. Our Mission: To build the people’s most efficient and abundant marketplace. open environment can bring out the best in people. • We encourage people to treat others the way they want to be treated themselves. It will be a place that constantly adapts and improves to meet the needs of buyers and sellers.A Healthy Start: eBay Brand Basics The 4 Basics Of Our Brand. • We believe everyone has something to contribute. Audacious Goal) To create a global economic democracy. Trust.2 . Our BHAG: (Big. It will be a market of people. In the end. • We believe that an honest. Our Core Values: • We believe people are basically good.


Every communication should be consistent with it. Questions? Contact brand@ebay. Our brand essence is the core element that provides a base for everything we say and do. Our essence is what makes people feel excitement and anticipation when they think of trading on eBay. the essence of the eBay brand is: “A unique and better way to buy and sell. our communications should evoke an image of a real place where millions of people are working together accomplishing important things. Brand Cooks’ Tip #4 Our brand essence flavors everything we say and do.The First Course: eBay Brand Essence Starting With A Strong Base.” \To boil it down even further.” 5 5 5 5 The eBay brand essence is the distillation of all that is true about eBay. 5 5 5 5 In short. Sourdough bread has 3.1 . When we’re true to it. In soup it’s called the stock. we say it is: “Enlightened Trading.

com 3.2 . Brand Essence Enlightened Trading What eBay Means Stronger Relationship/ Ownable Personality Genuine Surprising Quirky Emotional Benefits Fairness Validation Engaging Community Empowerment Rational Benefits Value Efficiency Transparency Choices Profit Hard-To-Find Smart Convenience Functional Attributes Breadth & Depth Feedback Global Dynamic & Efficient Pricing New & Used Person/Merchant-To-Person Collectibles Practicals What eBay Is Weaker Relationship/ Generic Questions? Contact brand@ebay.The First Course: eBay Brand Essence eBay Brand Positioning Model.


it is a visual emblem of everything we stand for—it’s our signature.The Main Course: eBay Logo Key Ingredient: The eBay Logo. advertising. Questions? Contact brand@ebay.1 . Whenever it’s seen on our Web sites. the eBay logo is the most prominent ingredient in our brand identity. It should be used in global markets where eBay has wide awareness. 5 5 5 5 Note: All artwork in this section can be obtained through eBay brand marketing. Like garlic to Italian cooking or curry to Indian food. Primary Signature: 5 5 5 5 This is the preferred version of the logo for global 4. it is critical that we use it with consistency. For this reason. merchandise or promotional items.

new eBay sites may also use a prominent URL as a trailer to signify its country site.6. • Other words in the mark may use only approved eBay typefaces and may not be modified to mimic the eBay logo character design (overlaps.). • The eBay logo must be displayed over a white background. Sub-Brands: For approved eBay sub-brands. When developed. Examples: *See Country Brand Development Formula on page 7. • The full-color eBay logo should be used.The Main Course: eBay Logo Secondary Signatures. the eBay logo is sometimes included in a “mark” with other descriptive words or graphics. multiple colors. etc. To protect the integrity of the 4. these names and identities may be created only in consultation with the eBay brand marketing team.2 . • No elements of the mark may touch or cover any portion of the eBay logo. they should be created with these guidelines in mind: • The eBay logo must be the most prominent element of the mark. The Framework: eBay Brand Architecture for more information about sub-brands. realignment. International: In some cases.* Example: Brand Cooks’ Tip #5 The eBay Brand Architecture describes how sub-brands fit into the overall brand of eBay. See Section 7. Questions? Contact brand@ebay.

Use it often and have fun with it! Questions? Contact brand@ebay.3 . 5 5 5 5 Brand Cooks’ Tip #6 Color is one of our brand’s best attributes. energetic brand. overlapping characters and uneven alignment. With its bright colors. 5 5 5 5 Because we want to take advantage of our unique 4. the eBay logo should most often be presented in full color on a white background.The Main Course: eBay Logo Safe Handling Of The eBay Logo. the eBay logo was designed to portray a playful.

The white. Brand Cooks’ Tip #7 Our logo is often a person’s first exposure to our brand. In rare 4. Questions? Contact brand@ebay. the one-color eBay logo may appear in a color that contrasts well with a white background such as the red or blue eBay primary colors. See page 4. especially the red and blue eBay primary colors. In non-color applications or black and white that allow grayscale images. especially the yellow and green eBay primary colors. The specially designed white logo may also be presented on black background. contrasting colors. On black backgrounds. The white logo may be used on darker.8 for details. black or grayscale logo versions are preferable. this version of the eBay logo should be used only on white backgrounds.4 . use the specially designed full-color logo. Consistent and correct usage is critical to building a strong brand identity. high-contrast colors.The Main Course: eBay Logo The logo in one-color is a specially designed logo with white lines between the characters. The black logo may be placed over light.

5 5 5 5 As we continue building the eBay brand. the eBay logo should “float” by itself on the background–not enclosed in a box or other shape. anything that confuses or hinders a viewer’s quick recognition of our brand identity only dilutes our efforts. ever be broken. here are a few common mistakes to avoid. This is one of those: 5 5 5 5 Never alter. With that in mind. Questions? Contact brand@ebay. there are some rules that can never. Brand Cooks’ Tip #8 If at all possible. modify.5 .com 4.The Main Course: eBay Logo Know When It’s Not Right. distort or reorient the eBay logo in any way except to change its overall size. Even if you’re the type of person who never follows recipes to the letter.

Don’t place the logo over complicated backgrounds or photos. Don’t change the location of logo colors. Questions? Contact brand@ebay. Don’t separate the letters.6 . Don’t add dimension to the letters. Don’t use colors that provide insufficient contrast. Don’t capitalize any of the letters in the logo. Don’t use unauthorized colors. Don’t stretch or otherwise distort the letters. Don’t add a dropshadow. Don’t rotate the logo.The Main Course: eBay Logo eBay Logo Don’ts. Don’t add to. Don’t recreate the logo in another font. Sailing on the Don’t use a portion of the logo as part of another design or logo. Don’t add a design to any part of the logo. ebay Don’t alter the relative position or proportion of the parts of the 4. eliminate or alter anything from the logo. Don’t create similar looking logos.

5 5 5 5 Each letter in the logo has a designated eBay primary color. our logo requires four-color process lithography using the color-separated digital artwork provided by eBay brand marketing. Questions? Contact 4. Where letters overlap. And we have high standards when it comes to reproducing our logo. 5 5 5 5 In printed applications. specific eBay secondary colors are to be used. Quality ingredients make for a tasty meal. specific browser-safe RGB colors are to be used. See next page for details. Brand Cooks’ Tip #9 A specially-designed eBay logo has been optimized for use on black backgrounds.7 .* *Special attention should always be given to accurately matching the eBay colors. For on-screen applications such as a Web site.The Main Course: eBay Logo Color Makes It Appetizing.

0B 999900HEX PMS 376C 56C.18K 204R.100Y. • Matched color screen-printing uses special four-color artwork with white lines separating the letters.255B 0066FFHEX The colors displayed on these pages may not be accurate and should not be used for color matching. PMS 285C 91C.153B 000099HEX “a” overlap between a & y TM 1170 1049 “y” black thread on white garments white thread on dark garments • Always provide these specifications to your printers.102G.43M.0B FFCC00HEX Embroidery Color Specifications: Thread Type: Madiera 1147 “e” overlap between e & b 1035 1134 “b” overlap between b & a 1057 eBay Logo On Black: 1172 PMS 286C 100C. Web page designers and vendors.60M.1 for details.0M.0B FF0000HEX PMS 130C 0C.8 .0K 255R. *The colors shown in the examples in these guidelines are not intended to match the PANTONE® Color Standards.100Y. PANTONE* and thread color specifications provided.The Main Course: eBay Logo eBay Logo Color Palette. Follow the CMYK.100M.0G.100Y. follow the thread color specifications for each letter and overlap. Questions? Contact brand@ebay.204G.153G.0Y. eBay Logo On White: Pantone: CMYK: RGB: Hex: PMS 222C 0C. RGB.0Y. See page 8. and proof for accurate reproduction.51B 990033HEX PMS 153C 0C.0K 255R.27M.6K 0R.0G.0B 99CC00HEX PMS 185C 0C.0B CC6600HEX PMS 575C 4.60K 153R. Note: The trademark (™) version of the logo must be used for embroidery applications.91Y.0K 153R.0G.0K 0R.91M.0M.76Y. • Correct color designations are built into the official digital logo artwork available from eBay brand marketing. • When reproducing the logo with embroidery.43M.204G.15Y.51K 153R.102G.

allow more clear space than this minimum. 5 5 5 5 With few exceptions. Whenever it is displayed. Questions? Contact brand@ebay.9 . Whenever possible. X = Width of stem of “Y” . construct an imaginary box as shown in this diagram. Example: X Clear space = 1/2 X. a generous area of clear. So we want to make sure the eBay logo has prominence in relation to other graphic elements. In food and in branding.The Main Course: eBay Logo Setting The Table For Our Logo. nothing else should appear within this minimum clear space 4. presentation is important. 5 5 5 5 To be sure you are allowing at least the minimum clear space around the logo. open space surrounding the logo will help ensure that the eBay logo is seen easily and identified quickly.


The eBay brand is also multi-sensory. In fact. Good cooks pay attention to more than just taste. After all. we’re a fun company! Questions? Contact brand@ebay. smell and even sound are important in the presentation of a meal. the bright. vibrant look of the eBay logo is complemented and enhanced by the words and attitude of our tone or “voice. the eBay voice is genuine.Cooking With Style: eBay Voice & Tone Cooking With The eBay Voice.” 5 5 5 5 Like our personality. surprising and just a bit 5. Sight. 5 5 5 5 Brand Cooks’ Tip #10 Have fun when you communicate the eBay brand.1 .

” Web site copy from eBay. Our voice is infused with honesty too. we should also try to be smart in the ways we communicate. Honesty is a core value of eBay and our community. Our voice is friendly and personal but respectful. “Community Values” page. “ eBay is a community where we encourage open and honest communication between all of our members. Spring 2002 Brand Cooks’ Tip #11 eBay is a bright idea! For that reason. • We recognize and respect everyone as a unique individual. truthful way without embellishment or exaggeration.2 . We get our point across quickly and try to use correct grammar. It means more than accuracy in the facts and figures we quote. It means that we communicate in a • We believe everyone has something to contribute. We try to avoid using jargon and slang.Cooking With Style: eBay Voice & Tone We’re Genuine. • We believe that an honest. We believe in the following five basic values: • We believe people are basically good. Questions? Contact brand@ebay. open environment can bring out the best in people. • We encourage people to treat others the way they want to be treated.

Fall 2001 ” Questions? Contact brand@ebay. Unique items are always popping up. At eBay. Hobbies 5. eBay is the best place to find exactly what you’re looking for. die cast or plastic model.000 model car listings every week. unexpected things can happen. With over 110. we recognize that people also want to know about the assurances we provide for each transaction. radio control. Whether it’s a slot car. Every transaction is different. check out our amazingly large-scale selection. 5 5 5 5 As we convey the thrill of buying and selling on eBay. When we speak or write.3 . our language is infused with excitement.Cooking With Style: eBay Voice & Tone We’re Surprising. Advertising copy for model cars. 5 5 5 5 “Seriously into scale models? So are we.

5 5 5 5 Of course. Illegal or inappropriate items are not things we take lightly. 5 5 5 5 Humor is a good way to show the kind of experience eBay delivers. Playful headlines. If anything.” Advertising headline for Musical Instruments category. We always respect our many competitors. folklore about our birth as a PEZ dispenser trading post makes us interesting to many people and gives us an opportunity to have some fun in our tone. And we’re never offensive or derisive in our communication. some subjects are sensitive to eBay. turns-of-phrase and the occasional pun work well.Cooking With Style: eBay Voice & Tone We’re Fun. but poking fun at our community members is not part of our style. We can laugh at ourselves. And earplugs too. “Find great deals on instruments.4 .com 5. Winter 2002 Questions? Contact brand@ebay.

Big doesn’t have to feel big as long as our attitude always remains one-to-one. The preceding pages were designed to be a tantalizing taste of what the eBay voice is and can be. Never cynical. And maybe most importantly. We should be as pioneering in our communications as we are in the world of buying and selling. eBay is smart. There is almost an innocence to eBay. eBay. eBay is human. never denigrating and never at someone else’s expense. And you should feel it in the way we communicate. We’re unassuming—even self-effacing sometimes. we choose the former every time. but we emphasize what is good. eBay is small.Cooking With Style: eBay Voice & Tone The Full Experience Of Voice. We welcome anyone and everyone. humans are our engine. or guile or hidden meaning. eBay is human because we treat people the way we would want to be treated ourselves. Questions? Contact brand@ebay. We are founded on the belief that humans are good and can be trusted. we need to feel small— a neighborhood store. easy-to-digest bites. No matter how big we get. is an incredibly bright idea. Here’s a comprehensive look at the eBay voice in small. There are no barriers. not a Walmart. eBay is honest. never overly sarcastic. Our communications need to be equally bright. After all. We’re not about irony. We shouldn’t talk down to people. We are not Polyannas. Now it’s time for the entree. We’re human because we’re a one-to-one marketplace. eBay has a sense of humor. eBay is positive. Given the choice to talk about our strengths versus others’ weaknesses. It is the ultimate level playing field with equal access for 5. eBay is inclusive. the business model.5 . But a very specific kind of humor.

“Find just about anything at eBay” or “… on eBay. phrases and sentences should give you an idea of how we describe eBay. • An auction format only. etc.” Questions? Contact brand@ebay. garage sale. etc.Cooking With Style: eBay Voice & Tone A Few Choice Words. some descriptions of eBay and its brand can cause trouble.6 . “Buy stuff in or from eBay. Brand Cooks’ Tip #12 Say. • A dynamic marketplace where people have a choice to bid or buy instantly. auction house. The following words. What eBay Is Not: For legal as well as practical reasons. swap meet. And Sometimes: • A global online marketplace. What eBay Is: eBay is an efficient global marketplace where individuals and merchants have equal opportunity to buy and sell an incredible variety of new and used goods at fair market 5. Terms and phrases such as these should be avoided: • A “seller” of merchandise. • An auction site. sell or trade virtually anything. • A flea market.” Listings are never “eBay auctions. The descriptions in cookbooks are often as good as the recipes themselves. auctioneer.” Don’t say. • A place to buy.

eBay enables trade on a local. 25-WORD: eBay is The World’s Online Marketplace™ It is a community where . Brand Cooks’ Tip #13 Whenever appropriate.7 . Questions? Contact brand@ebay. national and international basis. It adds the right consistency to our 5. On any given day. individuals and merchants have equal opportunity to buy and sell new or used goods at fair prices. 50-WORD: eBay is The World’s Online Marketplace™ It’s a place where goods and . services are bought and sold by a community of individuals and businesses. use the text blocks and language above in your descriptions of eBay. there is an abundance of new and used items spanning thousands of categories for sale at fair market prices.Cooking With Style: eBay Voice & Tone Boiler Plate Marketplace Descriptions: 10-WORD: eBay is The World’s Online Marketplace™ .


5 5 5 5 The best demonstration of the eBay look and feel is our home page.” The examples in this section provide a range of visual styles that are appropriate for the eBay 6. ” This is where your imagination can really take you beyond the recipe. because in this case there are no hard and fast rules for creating communications with the eBay “look and feel. Our Web site is the embodiment of the eBay brand in all its facets. The following recommendations will help ensure that your specific projects reinforce the brand as it grows.Brand Presentation: eBay Look & Feel The eBay “Look And Feel.1 . 5 5 5 5 Example: Questions? Contact brand@ebay.

com 6. Questions? Contact brand@ebay. simple graphic layouts. Sometimes very simple recipes make meals that are surprisingly rich and interesting. In a similar way.Brand Presentation: eBay Look & Feel Layout. the eBay logo tends to be enhanced by clean.2 .

3 . that your designs don’t overwhelm our logo—we want it to stand out! Questions? Contact brand@ebay. Be 6. When appropriate. use bright and vivid primary colors to help reinforce the idea that eBay is a fun and exciting brand.Brand Presentation: eBay Look & Feel Color. however. One look at our logo should tell you that color is a very important element of the eBay brand look and feel.

Questions? Contact 6. minimal shading and a playful style make sense with our look and feel.Brand Presentation: eBay Look & Feel Illustration. When using illustration to communicate ideas. Simple compositions. Try different styles and see how they complement the brand.4 . bright colors. simplicity is important.

Brand Presentation: eBay Look & Feel Photography. Questions? Contact brand@ebay. the eBay brand is often well represented with photography. often with unexpected visual “twists. Our style is bright and clear.” Groups of items can communicate our depth and breadth effectively.5 .com 6. Perhaps you’ve seen—or possibly own—some beautifully photographed cookbooks. Likewise.

com. On our business cards and letterhead—and around the eBay campuses—you’ll see a variety of unique illustrations. the eBay logo should be the strongest representation of the eBay 6. contact the eBay brand marketing team at brand@ebay. For them.Brand Presentation: eBay Look & Feel Iconic Illustrations. This library of icons is used for our internal corporate communications and when communicating with audiences from the perspective of eBay Inc. 5 5 5 5 While they’re consistent with the eBay brand “look and feel” and our personality. Questions? Contact brand@ebay. 5 5 5 5 Brand Cooks’ Tip #14 Before developing any new illustrations in the style you see in this section. they aren’t intended to be used when communicating with general consumers.6 .

Brand Presentation: eBay Look & Feel

The eBay Family Of Iconic Illustrations.
France Australia U.K.

The Netherlands Canada Japan





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Brand Presentation: eBay Look & Feel

Cooking With Typography.
The eBay typefaces are the kind you’d find at a friendly, neighborhood bistro. And there are good reasons to use them in your communications.

5 5 5 5

A consistent typographic style is an important component in building and reinforcing the eBay brand. The effective use of a select group of fonts plays a key role in the look and feel of all eBay visual communications.
5 5 5 5

Recommended Fonts: Goudy Univers

Matrix Script
ITC Officina Sans

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Brand Presentation: eBay Look & Feel

Recommended Typefaces.
Applications Options
Goudy Regular+
Primary Text

Univers 45 Light*+ Univers 55 Regular*+

Secondary Text

ITC Officina Sans Book+

Matrix Script Book
Primary Headlines And Subheads

Univers 65 Bold*+ Univers 75 Black*+ ITC Officina Sans Bold+

Secondary Headlines And Subheads

Matrix Script Bold

*Condensed versions of this typeface are also permitted. +Business systems preferred typefaces.

Brand Cooks’ Tip #15
Typefaces can be an important tool in design. While the fonts above are recommended, you’re free to try other things, as long as they’re consistent with our brand.

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Even the way we write the word “eBay” can help add consistency to our brand and reinforce brand attributes. Approved Styles: eBay EBAY Common Mistakes: Ebay eBAY ebay Brand Cooks’ Tip #16 Always use a capital “B” when writing “eBay. That’s why in the majority of cases the name “eBay” should be written with a lower case “e” followed by an upper case “B” even when it begins a sentence.” It reinforces the idea that eBay is fun and 6.Brand Presentation: eBay Look & Feel eBay In Text.10 . Questions? Contact brand@ebay. Details are important.

com and click on“Dolls and Bears” . the eBay URL should be most often presented in text in this way: eBay. For those familiar with the Questions? Contact brand@ebay. Instead add a line of descriptive text such as: Go to 6. To guide audiences to specific categories or locations that are more than two clicks away from the home page or when communicating with a niche audience (e.11 . the URL should not be modified..Brand Presentation: eBay Look & Feel eBay URLs.ebay.ebay. The complete URL for eBay is found on the Internet at To guide audiences to specific categories or locations that are less than two clicks away from the eBay home page. the URL can be modified in this way: www. be sure to capitalize the “B” in eBay such as: Sub-brand eBay marketplaces have URLs that should be written this way: www.ebaymotors. it is also acceptable to use the form shown here without capitalization of the “B”: For audiences that may be less familiar with Internet When using this format. trade advertising) www.


com 7.The Framework: eBay Brand Architecture Know Your Way Around eBay. product features and more. our naming structure supports the eBay brand in its entirety. Here’s a quick guide to help you find where things best fit around eBay. you know how important it is to be organized about where you put things. we have a big company with a number of different sub-brands.1 . Well. 5 5 5 5 The eBay Brand Architecture is also part of our brand identity. 5 5 5 5 Questions? Contact brand@ebay. By adhering to the following guidelines. If you’re lucky enough to have a big kitchen.

In this section we’ll describe the structure and framework of the sub-brand roles and relationships to the eBay brand. But it may surprise you to know how many distinct brands and sub-brands contribute to the eBay brand identity. is the name of our company.The Framework: eBay Brand Architecture eBay Brand Architecture. Corporate Programs eBay Portfolio of Brands eBay Brand Independent Brands Endorsed Brands Marketplaces Enabling Programs Tools & Features Marketplace Tags Questions? Contact brand@ebay. eBay Inc. eBay Inc. For more details on Brand Architecture contact .

• Association with the existing brand holds risk of tarnishing the eBay brand. Some retain an independent status within eBay.The Framework: eBay Brand Architecture Independent 7.” • No endorsement or support by the eBay brand is given. • Association with the eBay brand could potentially disrupt stakeholders’ comfort. Examples: Questions? Contact brand@ebay. Requirements: • Existing brand and identity remain “as is.3 . Over the last few years eBay has acquired a number of companies. eBay Inc. Corporate Programs eBay Portfolio of Brands eBay Brand Independent Brands Endorsed Brands Marketplaces Enabling Programs Tools & Features Marketplace Tags Characteristics: • Existing brand has a high level of loyalty and equity.

Requirements: • Endorsed brand and identity remain.” Example: Questions? Contact brand@ebay. “by eBay” or “an eBay Company. Some acquired brands benefit from the eBay brand.4 7. e. eBay Inc. These are known as endorsed brands. • Both endorsed brand and eBay benefit from an association.g.The Framework: eBay Brand Architecture Endorsed Brands. Corporate Programs eBay Portfolio of Brands eBay Brand Independent Brands Endorsed Brands Marketplaces Enabling Programs Tools & Features Marketplace Tags Characteristics: • Existing brand has a high level of loyalty and equity. • The eBay brand is identified as a sign of support and affiliation.

The Framework: eBay Brand Architecture eBay Sub-Brands: Marketplaces. special policies or pricing restrictions.5 . • The standard eBay user experience must be significantly modified. Questions? Contact brand@ebay. • Marketplace name and identity retain the vision and values of the eBay brand and extend our positioning to encompass the new marketplace.g. Corporate Programs eBay Portfolio of Brands eBay Brand Independent Brands Endorsed Brands Marketplaces Enabling Programs Tools & Features Marketplace Tags Characteristics: • A business segment has unique commerce requisites such as regulatory constraints. eBay Sports).com 7.. eBay Inc. they are treated as sub-brands. Requirements: • The eBay brand and identity are included and dominant. In these cases. Example: Brand Cooks’ Tip #17 Marketplace Tags are applied to select vertical businesses to help accelerate adoption (e. There are some marketplace business areas eBay cannot easily enter into.

Launch 3-6 mos Early Growth 6-12 mos Acceleration 12-30 mos Prof.”country available url” (eBayfrance. Questions? Contact eBay Acquired Company Acquired brand dominant with “an eBay Company” eBay dominant with “formerly X brand” eBay Brand Cooks’ Tip #18 Special Note: We’re working toward the day when all our sites can be known only as eBay.6 . Growth 18-36 mos BRAND New 7.The Framework: eBay Brand Architecture Country Brand Development Formula. This general timeline shows how the process will work.”country extension” (eBay.

• There is a business owner to champion and market the tool or feature. It should still retain the eBay voice and 7.The Framework: eBay Brand Architecture eBay Sub-Brands: Tools And Features. eBay Inc.7 . • Tool or feature distinguishes itself from a competitive offering. • Tool or feature is a proprietary offering and an essential ingredient in the user experience. Requirements: • Sub-brand may have its own unique graphic identity. Corporate Programs eBay Portfolio of Brands eBay Brand Independent Brands Endorsed Brands Marketplaces Enabling Programs Tools & Features Marketplace Tags Characteristics: • Tool or feature widens our marketplace and enhances the trading experience. it is simply nomenclature or language used for description and navigation. • The eBay brand is dominant in the identity. Questions? Contact brand@ebay. Tools and features in some cases may have a unique sub-brand mark. Example: Brand Cooks’ Tip #19 If a tool or feature does not meet these criteria.

Requirements: • Program name is always accompanied by a dominant eBay brand and identity.8 . • Program benefits from the eBay brand association. Corporate Programs eBay Portfolio of Brands eBay Brand Independent Brands Endorsed Brands Marketplaces Enabling Programs Tools & Features Marketplace Tags Characteristics: • Enabling program typically spans both online and offline venues. • Program was created to help people trade and become more successful on 7. Enabling programs are important sub-brands at eBay that are designed specifically for our users. eBay Inc. Example: Questions? Contact brand@ebay.The Framework: eBay Brand Architecture eBay Sub-Brands: Enabling Programs. personality and positioning of eBay. • Program name must retain the vision. values.

logo or graphic mark. • Program charter. Questions? Contact brand@ebay. Example: Brand Cooks’ Tip #20 To minimize confusion and unnecessary work. Check with eBay brand marketing before you design. 7.9 .The Framework: eBay Brand Architecture eBay Corporate Programs. • Integral to the experience of being a part of eBay. personality and positioning of eBay. Requirements: • Program name is always accompanied by a dominant eBay brand and identity. remember that not every idea gets its own name. name and identity must retain the vision. Corporate Programs eBay Portfolio of Brands eBay Brand Independent Brands Endorsed Brands Marketplaces Enabling Programs Tools & Features Marketplace Tags Characteristics: • Created to help our employees and the world be more successful. eBay Inc. eBay corporate programs are sometimes given special status within the brand architecture.


Questions? Contact brand@ebay. just as in the kitchen. mousepad or other advertising specialty item—the trademark (™) version of the logo must be used: As a final note. whether internally or externally. it is important to pay attention to details. If you see misuse of our brand anywhere. 8. When building brands.1 . Logo Uses: In all printed or broadcast displays of the eBay logo that are intended to refer to the eBay company (with exceptions noted below). remember we’re all guardians of the eBay brand. the registered mark (®) version of the logo must be used: In many global applications and instances where the logo is placed upon another company’s product—such as a shirt. These legal guidelines keep our brand and our company safe from problems that often occur in the world of business.Making It Right: eBay Legal Guidelines Important Information For All Brand Cooks. please contact eBay brand marketing immediately.

eBay and the eBay logo are registered trademarks of eBay Inc. Questions? Contact brand@ebay. Brand Cooks’ Tip #21 The optimum font size for copyright notices or “mouse type” is 6 pt. When products representing items available on eBay are shown. All rights reserved. When other brand names or company logos are featured within an eBay printed document. add the following line of text to the end of the notice: All items subject to availability. use: © [YEAR] eBay Inc. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. eBay and the eBay logo are registered trademarks of eBay Inc.Making It Right: eBay Legal Guidelines Copyright Notices: For all offline marketing materials—including advertising and collateral—the following copyright notice must be used: © [YEAR] eBay Inc. with the minimum being no smaller than 4 8.2 . All rights reserved.


Cleaning Up: Glossary & Notes Glossary Of Terms. Core values: The beliefs of a company that drive its actions. BHAG: An acronym for Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Independent brand: A sub-brand of eBay that is not visibly connected to the eBay brand. usually simple illustration or graphic that represents or alludes to an idea or concept. including primary and secondary logos. Yellow (Y) and Black (K). Clear space: The empty area surrounding a logo. Enabling program: An eBay program created to assist eBay customers. brand: The structure that defines the relationship between the main brand identity and all its sub-brands. Essence. brand: The tangible expressions of a brand. visuals. Brand: The unique set of emotions. Identity. (Hex) Hexadecimal: A color system used to define browser-safe colors. Internal truth: The real values of the individuals in a company reflected in the attributes of a brand. Magenta (M). 9. brand: A distilled expression of the emotional and intellectual components of a brand. expectations and responses that form in the hearts and minds of customers resulting from interactions with a company. Endorsed brand: A sub-brand of eBay that visually indicates a relationship to eBay. Architecture.1 . tone and language. Icon: A small. CMYK: A reflective process for reproducing colors using Cyan (C). Goal: The ideal future result of a company’s success.

Mission: The stated business objective of a company. Logo: The consistent graphical expression of the name of a company. type styles. Sub-brand: A brand that derives some of its characteristics and value from another larger brand. product. Marketplace. brand: Assurance that the brand will deliver on all expectations of performance. Look and feel: The combined appearance of visuals. Personality: The traits of a brand that affect the way it is communicated. Voice: The unique language and manner of “speaking” by a company. headlines. text and logo placement.2 . 9. Marketplace: A place where all kinds of transactions are conducted. text and logos. Signature. primary: The predominant logo of a company. RGB: A passive process for reproducing colors using Red (R). Signature. eBay: A unique area of business within eBay. URL: Universal Resource Locator—an address used to access a Web site or page on the Internet. Vision: A company’s view of a future world resulting from successful implementation of its mission.Cleaning Up: Glossary & Notes Layout: The arrangement of visuals. Pantone®: A color matching system. service. Green (G) and Blue (B). etc. Promise. Tone: The unique manner in which words and visuals are used. secondary: A logo that includes the primary signature with additional or alternate elements.

9.3 .Cleaning Up: Glossary & Notes Notes.

Cleaning Up: Glossary & Notes Notes. 9.3 .