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Why Christians Can’t be Democrats

Jay Alexander

As we make our way through life, we encounter a myriad of messages and influences that
seek to determine the paths that we take, the beliefs that we hold give us a philosophical
foundation on which we make decisions that affect our life and those around us. Some
would have us believe that we cannot define life and its various components in black and
white; however the universe around us functions daily on fixed principles of physics,
chemistry and biology so why can’t the rest of human interaction and function operate the
same way?

It is easy to get bogged down in heavily detailed philosophy, positions, suppositions and
ideology that we can’t see the simple truth that “life is easy, man makes it complicated”.
We will look at a variety of philosophical, political, social issues in a brief manner and
present them in an easy to digest style for further contemplation and of course where do
Christians fit in all of this.


In most institutes of higher learning and in some measure lower levels, such as high
school, teachers and educators will often spark a discussion by presenting the question
“what is truth?” Unfortunately, it is too often asked in a seemingly rhetorical manner
rather than a genuine quest for a definitive answer. There seems to be a segment of our
society that intentionally likes to keep the answer vague. By keeping the answer vague it
allows for any definition, including one that might support, enhance or encourage
immoral or unethical behavior. One must always ask the question of those who will not or
cannot define truth, “what is your objective and what do you have to gain by being
vague?” Ask yourself, “Why don’t I want to acknowledge reality?”, “what truth am I
trying to avoid?” If we are diligent in our introspection, it can release us and set us free
from the philosophical bondage that we have placed ourselves in. Political correctness
falls into this by forcing society to not acknowledge certain realities that exist.

The universe operates on absolutes not vague generalities. We all know about the
scientific absolutes in the physical universe, well, there are also emotional and moral
absolutes as well.

We seek the definition of truth by the observation or collecting of empirical evidence

(that which can be perceived through the senses) and then applying the science of logic
and the use of reason to filter that evidence.

Truth is simply reality. Reality as it exists, not as we want it to be or think that it should
be. I have often been annoyed by those that claim that “perception” is reality. Reality
exists irrespective of our perception or cognition of it. Reality does not need us to
recognize it in order to make its existence complete.

There was a time when man perceived and believed that the earth was flat. The reality of
science and adventurous explorers proved otherwise. Was that perception reality? What
changed the perception was undeniable reality. Even today many people do not want to
accept reality as it is but seek to change it through denial, “spin” and philosophical

The question is whether or not you really want to know or accept the truth. Or does truth
scare you and dictate that you “rationalize” away the truth to make your thinking more

Why no mention of God here? Simple, because God has given the world universal
principles that work, regardless of whether or not you are a Christian. Being a Christian
only adds a deeper dimension and understanding to those principles. Political and social
vision, principles, ideologies should be debated from an atheist or Christian perspective
with equal clarity. They both should revolve around the universal principles that exist.


All political and social policy has to have a philosophical foundation. In today’s America
there are two competing ideologies, which have been labeled as “conservative” and
“liberal”. The foundation for both of these is the fundamental nature of man, for which
there are only two options. The nature of man is either “evil”, which the constraint of that
nature is developed over the life of the individual, or the nature is “good” in which only
outside forces cause an individual to act in an “evil” or immoral manner. Only one of
those foundations can be correct. All ideologies developed on the “correct” foundation
are therefore sound and those developed on the “incorrect” foundation are therefore
fundamental flawed. Take a look at both sides and their policies and see for yourself
which foundation there ideology is built on. As to which foundation is correct, ask
yourself this question “at what age to you need to begin to teach a child to be selfish?”


The competing ideologies often times have the same goal, such as economic growth,
combating crime, homelessness, etc. Where the difference comes is in the solutions. One
side believes in only the “morality” of reaching the goal and the “good intentions” of the
solutions. The other side believes in the morality of the solution, not just the goal. In
other words the “process” by which we achieve the goal must be as moral as the goal
itself. So how do you define “moral action”? The answer is simple, an action is moral if it
does not conflict with ones own rational self interest or require the unwilling sacrifice of
another. Use this simple guideline to examine your own life and then hold it up to social
and political policy from both sides.


Democrats refuse to look at the “unintended consequences” of the policies they uphold
and enact. The implementation of welfare policies was to help women with children who
were abandoned or divorced and left to care and raise their children alone. Sounds good
right? The reality of the results of these policies perpetuated children being raised in
single parent households or “live in” situations because for the mother to marry meant the
loss of money from the government. Remember “greed” is not exclusive to those thought
of as rich.

Equal Opportunity policies were originally drafted to help African American men better
infiltrate the marketplace. Sounds good right? Soon other “oppressed” groups such as
women, handicapped, homosexual also began demanding inclusion into government
policies, which resulted in businesses hiring to satisfy government demands. So a
business wanting to stay in favor with the government would hire a handicapped black
female homosexual which would count for 4 “protected” classes as opposed to 1
protected class in hiring a black male.


In today’s modern world true followers of Christ can be supporters of the Democrat
Party, whose mantra is now exclusively liberal ideology, only through ignorance
(intentional or unintentionally) or the fact that they are not really followers or disciples of
Christ. True followers of Christ are:

1) Those who humbly acknowledge their sinful nature and their need for a
2) Recognize that the only means for salvation is through Jesus Christ.
3) Surrender their lives completely to Him and are willing to go wherever God
wants them to go and do whatever God wants them to do.
4) Accept that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant word of God.
5) Seek to live their lives in accordance to scripture, following the teachings of
6) Are dedicated to the reading, studying, memorizing and practicing the
teachings, commands and precepts of the Bible.

The first reason Christians can not be Democrats is outlined above in “The Foundation”.
All of the philosophy of liberalism and the Democrats in particular is built on the
foundation that the fundamental nature of man is “good”. If you as a Christian believe
that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”, then you must suspend this belief
or rationalize it away. From their education policies, criminal justice policies & social
welfare policies the over arching foundation is that man is basically good and is only
corrupted by outside influences.

All of the major cities in the United States have operated under the principles of the
Democratic Party for decades. Which of those cities is thriving? The excuse will always
be “it’s the fault of the federal government”, “we did not get enough federal funds”, etc.
They are never willing to examine their on policies. However, look at New York City, run
for decades by Democrats and near bankruptcy. It took a republican mayor, instilling
conservative principles to turn that city around.

The second reason Christians can not support or endorse Democrats is cited above as the
“moral difference”. With Democrats and liberals the standard practice is “the ends justify
the means” often disguised as “pragmatism”. Christians can not accept the premise that
“the ends justify the means.” So again, one must suspend their Christian principles in
order to support and endorse liberals or most Democrats.

“One is known by the company they keep” is something I have heard all my life. This
axiom holds true in politics as well. As Christians, we must look at the “company” that is
kept by the democrat party, in other words, who supports the democrats. Supporters of
abortion, anti-God activists, homosexuals, supporters of pornography, gambling and
prostitution, anti-marriage and family advocates, not to mention the icons of Hollywood
with their immoral lifestyles are all supporters of the democrat party. Can you, as a
Christian, expect to stand before God along side those listed above and hear “well done,
thy good and faithful servant?”


So why do Christians get attracted to the democrat party? If you talk to Christians who
are democrats there are three primary reasons cited, heritage, compassion and support for
the “little guy”, two of which give an illusion of practicing Christian principles, but it is
only an illusion.

My grandmother was a democrat until the day she died and she was a democrat because
her father was a democrat. However, if you asked her if she supported abortion, gay
marriage, pornography, drug use, etc., she would get on a self-righteous soap box and
start preaching against these “sins”. When asked how she could reconcile the
contradiction, she couldn’t. If you can’t reconcile the contradiction between Christian
ideology and political practice, then heritage is no reason to continue to be a democrat.

Supporting the “little guy” sounds good, it “feels” good, but what does it really mean?
Listen to any motivational speaker, Christian, business or otherwise and they will always
talk about personal responsibility and accountability. “You are where you are in life, not
because of the dreams you dream, but because of the choices you make.” That is the
paraphrase of a fundamental principle of all the great motivational speakers such as
Norman Vincent Peale, Zig Zigler, Robert Schuler, etc. In the absence of extenuating
circumstances, the “little guy” is “little” because of the choices he made. In a country like
the United States you are free to help as many of these people as you want. Do you
believe that it is the government’s responsibility to help these people? Then answer this:
who said so and by what authority? Your answer will not be the Bible or the U.S.
Compassion is a wonderful thing. The Bible is full of examples of compassion, especially
as it was practiced by Jesus. We are all exhorted to act with compassion towards widows
and orphans and those who can not help themselves. Here’s the problem: only individuals
can perform acts of compassion. Let me say that again. Only individuals can perform acts
of compassion. When judgment day comes and we stand before God to give an account
of our lives, we will get credit for only those acts of compassion that we perform
ourselves. We will get no credit for voting for “compassion”. Governments do not stand
in judgment before God, only individuals. What is called “compassion” is in practice
“compulsion”. The government “compels” you to pay taxes by which they can then
perform “compassionate acts”. What happens if you don’t pay? Who determines who
deserves compassion? If you look at those who advocate governmental compassion it
becomes clear that those individuals want the government to be compassionate so they
don’t have to. Surveys have been done that show that conservatives or republicans have a
higher rate of giving to charitable organizations with their money and time than liberals
or democrats. So what kind of society does God advocate? The Bible is clear.


When God finally lead the Jews to the promised land and set up the nation of Israel, it
was clear what kind of government and society he wanted. There was no president, there
was no king, there was no congress or parliament. They had judges that were set up by
each tribe that were to help eradicate differences between citizens and there was the law
that God had given Moses to follow.

There were no prisons. Crime was dealt with in two ways; restitution and death.
Restitution because it was morally right and death to eliminate evil from the midst of the
people (but remember liberal ideology does not recognize evil).

There was no collection of taxes. Everyone was free to work and produce as much as
they wanted. How did God provide for the indigent? Those who worked the land were to
keep a portion unharvested to let the “widows and orphans” provide for themselves. But
the poor had to do the harvesting or get someone else to harvest for them if they were
physically unable to do it themselves. Those who did not work the land were to take a
portion of what they made to the priests who would use that money to help care for the

Finally, heaven is a totally capitalist entity. There is no egalitarianism in heaven. Each

person is rewarded solely on what they do on earth, in terms of obedience, compassion,
mercy, etc. The Bible talks about different mansions and places of honor in heaven, all
based solely on what each Christian does.

Satan is the great deceiver. He has created a political ideology to “imitate” the teachings
of God and Christ. Those who follow and practice this liberal ideology that denies God,
denies the existence of evil, promotes division and greed and selfishness, will be
surprised when they stand before God.
So it comes down to this: do you choose to follow the thinking and ways of man or the
thinking and ways of God? Truth is always simple. Accepting it is not.

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