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Master of Commerce - M.Com -Semester 2 MCC 202-Advanced Cost Accounting 4 credits (BKID: B1472) Assignment (60 Marks)
Answer the following questions. Each question carries 10 marks. 1. What are the different types of cost sheet? Highlight its importance. (10 Marks - Approximately 500 to 600 words) 2. What is contract costing? Discuss briefly the method of contract costing. (10 Marks - Approximately 500 to 600 words) 3. Discuss the principles to be followed for cost determination under process costing. (10 Marks - Approximately 500 to 600 words) 4. What are the problems with the ABC system? (10 Marks - Approximately 500 to 600 words) 5. The following information is obtained from the costing records of a factory: Actual total overheads Actual hours worked Budgeted rate of recovery of overheads is Re. 1 per hour On verification it was found that 25% of the unabsorbed overheads was due to increase in cost of indirect material and indirect labour and 75% was due to inefficiency in the factory. Show the effects on cost of units produced. 6. From the following particulars, prepare the Cost Sheet for Job No. 75 and find out the value of the job: Materials issued for the job Direct Expenses Rs. 6,000 Rs.500 Productive Wages Rs.4,600 Rs. 3,75,000 Units Produced 2,50,000 Units sold Units in work-in-progress 9,800 9,000 200

Provide 60% on productive wages for works on cost and 12 % on works cost for office on cost. Profit to be realised on the selling price 15%