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Extinction: A story about time travel, dinosaurs, and aliens. As a young boy aliens abducted Dr. Wallace Cooper.

No one believed him, and he had no proof. Aside from the memories of the event the aliens had also given Dr. Cooper an extraordinary gift the secret to time travel. By the early 21st century Dr. Cooper had constructed a time machine, and recruited a team to assist him as he sets off to tour the history of earth. His team include famed Canadian paleontologist Dr. Fiona Marsh, and American genius, robotist and artificial intelligence expert Edward Zoft. Zoft has been for held incommunicado by the American government for the last 12 years at Area 51 while he perfected his prototype military combat droid (CAD 15). Dr. Cooper sprung Zoft along with the CAD 15 using his time machine. Dr. Marsh was contacted by Dr. Cooper regarding a project he wanted her assistance with. Dr. Cooper gave Dr. Marsh the coordinates to a site close to a dig she was attending in Alberta excavating the remains of an Albertasaurus, and informed her that she would find something of interest there. When Dr. Marsh began excavating the site Dr. Cooper had informed her of, she found a titanium plate buried within a exposed face of sandstone rock with a message from Dr. Cooper that he had buried 10million years ago. Dr. Cooper informed his team of his plans to travel back through time and observe the dinosaurs in the late cretaceous period. Dr. Marsh was to provide expertise and advisement on the animals they would observe, and Zoft would provide mission security via his CAD 15 robot, as well as his genius observations. After some test runs as a team, where they traveled back to accent Rome, the building of the Great Wall of China, and a mission to observe early humans in Africa they set off on there mission to see the dinosaurs. Arriving in the late cretaceous period, the team sets up a basic camp and travels around the surround areas to observe and collect data on the dinosaurs they observe. To the teams surprise, there are not many dinosaurs and virtually no larger dinosaurs. The group sets about questioning this and realizes that there perhaps were other influencing factors that drove the dinosaurs to extinction before the meteorite crash

(that still will not occur for an approximate 1-million years.) After several weeks of moving camps in the hope of locating larger dinosaurs the team stables upon a shocking discovery. A vast space ship hovering over an area located in what would be Colorado today. The ship is serving as the mother ship for smaller crafts that are harvesting a large heard of saurapods to be taken back to the mother ship for food. The team is shocked to discover that these alien visitors have hunted the dinosaurs to the very verge of extinction. In a panic the team retreats from their observation spot and reconvene at their camp. Zoft declares that the team must leave immediately and return to they present day before the aliens become aware of their presence. As this discussion is occurring, a scouting ship flying overhead spots the team. Two aliens eject and land close to the party and draw arms. The CAD 15 droid shoots one of the aliens but before he can shoot the other, the alien fires a device at the droid that encapsulates its in a white cube that then shrinks. The alien then takes the three humans prisoner, collects the small white cube the droid is contained within, and transfers the prisoners to the scouting craft. Onboard the mother ship the three humans are presented to a senior ranking official. The white box containing the droid is thrown into a room containing thousands of other small white boxes and then the door closed. The senior official and a number of other aliens appear to be discussing the humans with one of the aliens checking a database of what appears to be life forms. Also onboard the mother ship are the time machine and all of the teams effects. The senior official signals to one of the attending aliens, and Zoft is stripped naked of his clothes and butchered in front of the other two. His body is then taken away to what appears to be a food preparation area. The senior official signals to another attending alien and Dr. Cooper and Dr. Marsh are separated and taken to holding cells. In the holding cell, Dr. Cooper is fitted with a device that serves three purposes it restrains his ability to fight or flee, it also allows the aliens to communicate with him, and it makes him very pliable. Dr. Cooper is taken before another group of senior officials who start the process of interrogating him. Under the

influence of the device he is wearing, Dr. Cooper informs the aliens he is from earth but in the future. The aliens are very keen to know about what earth is like in the future, and especially populations of species. After several interrogation sessions, Dr. Cooper is taken before what appears to be the ruler of aliens. The setting is a banquet, and other regally dressed aliens surround the king. Dr. Cooper, even though he is wearing the mindcontrolling device, becomes aware that the king and others are feasting on the remains of Dr. Marsh. The king addresses Dr. Cooper, and informs him that he will build the aliens a new version of the time machine that will allow the mother ship to travel to the future and the time of men. The king explains that the aliens are an ancient and nomadic race, who travels through space looking for planets they can harvest the indigenous species from to feed themselves. The king informs Dr. Cooper that earth has been stripped of all life capable of supporting their needs, and they were planning to leave and look for a new host planet. With the doctors arrival, the capture of the time machine the aliens now have no need to travel to a new planet they can simply travel through time and harvest the billions of humans, whom they consider quite delicious. The alien king orders a special reconnaissance mission to take place, where a group of his elite guard is to be sent to the future and return with intelligence regarding humans. Upon the return of the reconnaissance team, they inform the king of a future beyond any of their imaginations. They tell of New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, and all the wonders of the 21st century world. The team brings back artifacts and other specimens including foodstuffs and other pop culture items. Some of the items they bring back are a selection of DVDs and fast food items. The king, using a version of the communication device, watches the DVDs and samples the fast food. His favorite is a bucket of original recipe KFC (which he loves) and the copy of Eddie Murphy's Delirious. The king becomes fascinated with mankind, and sends multiple reconnaissance missions ordering the elite guards to bring back more and more items from the future, including an entire KFC store (including staff), a liquor store, and a DVD rental store. The king spends his days eating KFC, drinking liquor, and watching Eddie Murphy films, which he has become obsessed with (even attempting to imitate his laugh.) The king orders the elite guard unit to travel to the future and kidnap Eddie Murphy and bring him back to the mother ship.

The elite guard unit successfully kidnaps Eddie Murphy from the future, and returns to the mother ship with him. Murphy is presented to the king in a state of shock and denial. The king, upon seeing Murphy, begins to cry and warmly embraces him warmly. The king commands that Eddie Murphy to be treated to a ceremonial banquet as well as joining the king on a tyrannosaur hunt. Murphy is treated by the royal court like visiting royalty, but he cannot believe what is happening (to much comedic effect.) Dr. Cooper is being held in an industrial looking workshop where he toils on the creation of a time machine version to transport the mother ship to the future. His personal guard is a despicable character who goads and mistreats the doctor. The guard on occasion slices pieces of flesh from the doctor to consume, and thanks him for his efforts to help his race survive. At the same time we see inside the white cube that the CAD 15 droid is being held within. The droid is active and can move but with ever direction it moves in there is nothing but a vast expanse of white nothingness. The droid is calculating its escape and is performing a number of experiments to devise a method of extracting itself from the cube. Eddie Murphy is presented to the king, dressed in the traditional tyrannosaur-hunting garb. The outfit is a colorful and adorned with massive bright and sparkly plumes of alien feathers. The king, who is drinking Courvoisier and eating a Colonel's filet burger, is dressed in a similar fashion. He again warmly embraces Murphy and announces that today the will fell a giant tyrannosaur in honor of Eddie Murphy. The king and Murphy climb aboard a skiff that then leaves the mother ship accompanied by a number of royal guard crafts. After several hours, and several bottles of Courvoisier a tyrannosaur is spotted. The king and Murphy alight from the skiff. Murphy is terrified, but the king is full of bravado and confidence. The tyrannosaur is in a clearing about 200 meters from the pair, and the skiff corrals the tyrannosaur towards the king and Murphy. The king begins leaping and dancing wildly to attract the tyrannosaur which fixes its attention of the pair. The king informs Murphy that this is indeed a fine specimen and perhaps one of the last of its kind (having been hunted to extinction.) the tyrannosaur begins to

charge the pair, and when about 20 meters out the king produces a meter long staff that he points towards the beast. The staff immediately extends and takes on a pointed end. The speed of the tyrannosaur coming toward the king forces the staff to pierce the skin over the heart and it impales itself. The king, using all his might holds the staff until it has completely pierced the beast and the animal comes crashing down, dead, in front of them. The king produces a knife and walks up to the slices the tongue from the tyrannosaur and hands the bloody remains to Murphy, kissing him and telling him he loves him. Returning to the mother ship in a pseudo romantic scene, the king shows Murphy how to fly the skiff, allowing him to take the control. Back at the mother ship the finishing touches are being made to the time machine for the aliens. The king is informed that they will be ready for time travel the next day. The king, in celebration decrees that he is to marry Eddie Murphy and that Murphy will be crowned ruler of all humans in the future. The ceremony is to be the following morning and that night will be a celebration like no other with KFC served, and Miller Lite beer, and a personal appearance by Eddie Murphy performing the stand-up comedy routine from Delirious. The night after the banquet, the finishing touches are being made to the time machine by Dr. Cooper under the watchful gaze of his insidious guard. The guard informs the doctor that once his mission is complete, the guard has been given permission to eat him. The guard informs the doctor that he will eat the doctor in pieces, keeping him alive to join and observe his own consumption. While working, tears roll down the cheeks of the doctor. Inside the cube the droid is contained within, there is a sudden breakthrough. The droid had been experimenting with various wavelengths of ultra sonic sound and finally one of these experiments worked. Inside the cube holding room two junior aliens sit. One is sleeping and the other is playing some alien game. Suddenly the CAD 15 droid appears, breaking free from the white cube. The droid immediate shoots both aliens through the head. Inside the display of the droid the color changes from green to red and the combat mode selected comes up as 'genocide'. The droid checks its sensors for the signal from a transponder implanted in Zoft, Dr. March, and

Dr. Cooper. Only Dr. Cooper's transponder sends a signal and the droid immediately moves from the room, killing all aliens it encounters. At the royal court the marriage ceremony between Eddie Murphy and the king is underway. Dr. Cooper looks on, his face melancholy and pained. Murphy is dressed in an Armani tuxedo, and the king is dressed in a tyrannosaur skin and alien feather ceremonial outfit. Murphy has had to be fitted with a mind control device by now and is in a virtual stupor. Murphy and the king are pronounced married, and the king kisses Murphy and then, quoting Back to the Future, says "Where were going, we don't need roads!" and give the signal for the time machine to be activated. Dr. Cooper's guard jabs him and moves him toward to control panel, where he slowly and painfully begins activating the device. Suddenly, a royal guard bursts in the chamber and shouts that something has escaped from the containment block and is heading this way. The elite royal guards forms a protective ring around Murphy and the king, and general chaos breaks out in the chamber. Sounds of gunfire, screaming, and other explosions can be heard from outside. There is a sudden explosion and the doors of the chamber are blown off bodies are flying everywhere! The rapid firing of a machine gun follows this as the elite guard units come under attack from the CAD 15 droid. The elite guard unit attempt to return fire but the precision and intensity of the droids attack, mixed with grenade fire, renders their response useless. The droid enter the chamber, continuing to kill all aliens it encounters indiscriminately. The king and Murphy have taken shelter behind the throne, with the king hugging and covering Murphy to protect him. Dr. Cooper's guard hisses to activate the time machine, which he does. Moments after the start-up procedure has been activated the droid is at the control panel. The guard shelters himself behind the doctor and attempts to edge away using the doctor as cover. Mustering all his strength, the doctor says to the droid "kill him!" -- to which the droid responds by shooting a precision shot through the guards head. The droid removes the mind control device, and attempts to leave the chamber with the doctor. The doctor, gaining control tells the droid of Eddie Murphy's presence and that he must be saved. The doctor grabs from the body of his guard the white cube gun he had holstered at his side. The droid scans the room and detects a human life form behind the throne, and walks towards it. The king stands and moves from behind the throne

and takes on a fighting stance. The king performs and ritualized routine, and then produces the same staff he had used to kill the tyrannosaur. He motions to towards the droid as if to activate the staff but before he can the droid shoots him twice through the head. Murphy, covered with the kings blood and brains stands, bewildered and shocked. He looks at the droid and the doctor, and then at the dead kings remains. He says "so much for the honeymoon, your highness!" Sounds begin outside the chamber, and before the doctor can deactivate the time machine the room is filled with elite guards firing weapons at the droid and two humans. Murphy, the doctor, and the droid flee to the back of the royal chamber where the king's hunting skiff is located. While the droid provides covering fire, Murphy starts the skiff up. The doctor climbs onboard, and asks Murphy if he knows how to fly the skiff, to which Murphy replies that he has once. The droid joins the doctor and Murphy in the skiff, and after a couple of failed launches they fly out of the mother ship and immediately start a crash collision course with the ground below. Murphy fights the controls, manages to stabilize the skiff, and they make their way towards a flat expanse a top of a cliff. The skiff is being pursued by a number of attack craft that the droid fires grenades at, exploding them one by one. The skiff makes a rough landing on top of the cliff, and the mother ship is flying directly overhead. The doctor informs Murphy and the droid they only have seconds before the start up procedure for the time machine completes, and time travel is activated. The doctor pulls the white cube weapon he had taken from his guard and aims it at the mother ship now only 100 meters above them. The doctor shoots the weapon and a tiny white cube leaves the gun and travels towards the mother ship. The mother ship begins to glow, and enters the beginning phase of time travel as the white cube makes contact with the vast vessel. Immediately on impact the white cube begins to expand, and rapidly covers the mother ship in the same material that encased the droid. Moments before the mother ship could make the journey to the future, it is encased within a white cube that then shrinks to the same size as the cube that contained the droid. The cube falls from the sky and lands on the dusty cretaceous plain. Dr. Cooper, Murphy, and the droid are left stranded unable to travel back in time to the future. The final scene shows the three of them walking

towards the sunset and the camera then cuts to the white cube containing the aliens being slowly being covered in dirt by the wind. 2013 Tim Vickery