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How to develop Cause and Effect Essay Cause and effect essay is one of the writing assignments that

the lecturer gives to me after compare and contrast. But, I dont want to talk about compare and contrast essay here because its not my topic today. Before we talk about the topic, you would better know what is cause and effect exactly. What is cause and effect? Cause and effect essay is one of writing academic for the student to develop their thinking about something that should be discussed and write it down in a paper. These are the steps for developing cause and effect. First, before you make a cause and effect essay, you would better decide on either cause or affect that you want to write. It helps you to make the essay more easily. The writer has to choose for elaborating on either the cause or the effect, depending on which side seems more important. Second, Brainstorm Ideas. In this case. You just write it down every element that has connections with the topic. It means that you have to make brainstorming list. Brainstorming lists help you for developing details to support the argument. So, the writer can develop the thesis statement according to the brainstorming list.

Third, Develop a Thesis Statement, for developing a thesis statement, you must introduce the cause and effect topic and it should be clearly. Then you have to assert an opinion, and state whether it is addressing a cause or an effect.
Fourth, Organizing a Cause Effect Paper .There are two types for organizing a Cause Effect Paper. If you want to use causal essay, you have to make this essay like this. Causal Essay: I. Thesis statement in which X causes A, B, and C II. Cause A III. Cause B IV. Cause C If you want to use effect essay, here are the guidance for helping you to do it. Effect Essay: I. Thesis statement in which X has effects 1, 2, and 3

II. Effect 1 III. Effect 2 IV. Effect 3 The last is dont forget to use transitions. In cause and effect paper, Transitional words and phrases are important because they give the reader logical clues about the relationships between subjects. Here are some transitional words:

due to because consequently since as a result therefore

so, that is all about how to develop cause and effect writing. If you want more explanation about the cause and effect essay, there are many references can help you for developing this essay in the internet. Thank you http://www.suite101.com/content/how-to-write-a-cause-effect-essay-a151970