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Part One
Directions: Circle the word/words that best complete each sentence.

1. Fatima: How long have you lived in Dubai?

Kathy: I _______________ here since August 2001.

a. lived b. have living

c. have lived d. live

2. Teacher: Up to now, what countries __________________ in other parts of

the world?
Amna: Switzerland, India, Malaysia.

a. did you visited b. you visited

c. are you visiting d. have you visited

3. Mr. Smith: When you were a child, what ________ usually _______ on the
Asma: Oh, we used to go to the beach and the mountains almost every
weekend to go camping. I really miss those days.

a. did you…do b. do you…do

c. have you…done d. you…did

4. Bushra: My family and I went to Malaysia last summer for holiday. Have
you been there?
Aisha: No, I ____________. But I would like to go sometime. Actually, I
have never been to Asia.

a. didn’t b. haven’t
c. don’t d. hasn’t

5. (two parts)
Ahmed: My sister, Dareen, began university in September and she plans to
major in Business. ____________ in September, too?

a. Did you begin b. Have you begun

c. Are you beginning d. Did you began

Shaikha: Yes, I also began in September, but I _______________ what I want

to major in.

a. don’t decide still b. haven’t decided yet

c. haven’t decided since c. don’t decide yet

Level 7 Diagnostic Fall A 2007

6. (two parts)
Muneera: Have you ever been to London? My family and I _________ there
last summer, and it was wonderful.

a. go b. have been
c. were going d. went

Ameena: Yes, I ______________, and I agree with you; it really is a great


a. been b. did
c. have d. has

7. Susan used to live in Boston, but now she __________ in London.

a. live b. is living
c. was living d. was lived

8. All of the shops ___________ for the New Year’s holiday last week.

a. were closing b. is closed

c. were closed d. have closed

9. Many people ___________ to chocolate. They cannot control how much they eat,
and they need more and more of it each day.

a. are addicted b. addict

c. addicted d. are addicting

10. My friend, Mary ____________ to chocolate, and she ate so much of it that she grew
very fat so her parents sent her to see a doctor.

a. was addicted b. addicted

c. is addicting d. was to be addicted

11. After some time, she overcame her problem, but she ___________ with medication.

a. didn’t treat b. wasn’t treated

c. not treated d. isn’t treated

12. The doctor suggested she see a counselor, and that was how she __________; just
talking about her problem helped her.

a. cured b. is cured
c. was cured d. is being cured

Level 7 Diagnostic Fall A 2007

13. English __________in many countries of the world these days because it is so
important for international business.

a. speaks b. is spoken
c. is speaking d. spoken

14. English is so important in today’s world. About 70% of the books in the world today
_____________ in English.

a. write b. wrote
c. are written d. are writing

15. There are several other languages which are also important today. For example,
Arabic, Spanish and Chinese __________ by millions of people in various countries.

a. are spoken b. is speaking

c. are speaking d. will be spoken

16. In fact, Arabic is so important that now it ___________ by many students in other
parts of the world.

a. studies b. studying
c. is studied d. is studying

17. Fifty years ago, French was the most important international language, but it
______________ by English soon after World War II.

a. was replaced b. is replaced

c. replaced d. replaces

18. Teacher: Let’s start with today’s lesson. But wait; where are Fatma and Amna?
It’s 8:05.
Bushra: I’m not sure, but the traffic was bad this morning, so they
_____________ in a traffic jam.

a. are b. might be stuck

c. stuck d. will be stuck

19. Asma: Ameena sure speaks English well, and she always knows the
answers to the teacher’s questions.
Ayesha: You’re right. She ____________ study a lot.

a. will b. can
c. must d. did

20. Maryam: Do you think it is going to rain?

Hessa: It ____________. I don’t see any clouds.

a. might b. is going to
c. will d. won’t rain

Level 7 Diagnostic Fall A 2007

21. (two parts)
Hamda: Listen; someone is knocking on the door. Who _________ that be?

a. is b. could
c. must to d. ---

Hanan: Well, it _________ be our teacher, Don; it is time for class to start.

a. must b. is probably
c. --- d. maybe

22. In the Readiness Program, if students _________the course, they repeat the level.

a. do not pass b. will not pass

c. did not passed d. pass

23. If it is very foggy, airplanes __________ the airport.

a. will cannot leave b. cannot leave

c. couldn’t leave d. leave

24. When it ______ 12:00 noon in the UAE, it is 9:00 in the morning in London.

a. will be b. was
c. were d. is

25. When you ________ water to 100 degrees Centigrade, it boils.

a. will heat b. heated

c. heat d. are heating

26. _________ you study, you will not succeed in university.

a. If b. Unless
c. Because d. When

27. Marwa will begin Colloquy next semester if she ______ 5.0 on the IELTS.

a. gets b. got
c. will get d. is getting

28. ______________ hard work, she passed her course with full marks.

a. Because b. As a result of
c. However d. Additionally

29. __________ we visit a friend’s house, we usually bring sweets as a gift.

a. During b. Whenever
c. While d. Ever since

Level 7 Diagnostic Fall A 2007