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January 4, 2013 Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Council January 9, 2013 Addendum Item #2 Addendum Item #2 - Automated License Plate Recognition Camera System: Authorize (1) an acquisition contract for the purchase and installation of hardware and software for an automated license plate recognition system, for Police in the amount of $603,622; (2) a five-year service contract for maintenance and support of the automated license plate recognition system in the amount of $146,462; and (3) a five-year master agreement for additional hardware and software, to add additional cameras in the amount of $2,489,894Iron Sky, Inc. most advantageous proposer of eight - Total not to exceed $3,289,978 - Financing: Confiscated Monies Funds ($750,084) and Current Funds ($2,489,894), (subject to annual appropriations). The Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) camera system is designed to read license plates at high speeds that will allow law enforcement officers to patrol daily with the benefit of license plate reading in real time. The camera system selected supports both mobile and fixed based technology, in which the hardware can be mounted on patrol cars or installed at specified locations as a fixed camera system. Once the license plate is read, ALPR software checks several local, state, and federal databases for stolen vehicles or other types of warrants where the license plate might have been registered. Many stolen vehicles have been recovered using this technology and the technology can be used as an investigative tool to aid in solving crimes that are more serious. Due to the effectiveness of the ALPR camera systems in the recovery of stolen vehicles and the investigative effectiveness of this technology, the Dallas Police Department ("DPD") is seeking to implement up to 140 of these units over the next five years. The initial deployment will be approximately 14 patrol car mounted ALPR cameras and 14 fixed ALPR cameras located at sites throughout the City. The initial deployment will be funded with a combination of confiscated funds and donations by City philanthropic organizations. DPD plans to deploy the additional ALPR cameras as funding and/or donations become available.



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During a Council briefing on April 4, 2012, Chief David Brown presented Community Policing 2.0 to Council. A portion of this briefing covered the effectiveness of surveillance cameras and the use of an ALPR camera system in aiding in the reduction and avoidance of crime. Foreseen areas where the ALPR camera systems will aid police are in the faster recovery of stolen vehicles and other forms of criminal investigations in order to continue the reduction of crime within the City. The award vendor was selected based on the review of a selection committee including DPD, CIS and City Marshals. This committee reviewed the functionality of the system while Communication and Information Services reviewed the technology components for overall effectiveness and integration of this new technology to the existing City infrastructure technology. This agreement allows for the initial deployment of twenty-eight systems, a purchasing mechanism to continue future expansions of the ALPR camera system and five (5) years of maintenance and support. Maintenance includes warranty on all camera hardware, system maintenance and system software updates for future functionality improvements. Support includes services to relocate the ameras as necessary to improve effectiveness.

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Mary K. Suhm, City Manager Rosa A Rios, City Secretary Thomas P. Perkins, Jr., City Attorney Craig D. Kinton, City Auditor Daniel Solis, Administrative Judge AC. Gonzalez, First Assistant City Manager Ryan S. Evans, Assistant City Manager Jill A Jordan, P.E., Assistant City Manager Joey Zapata, Assistant City Manager Jeanne Chipperfield, Chief Financial Officer David O. Brown, Chief of Police William Finch, Chief Information Officer Stephanie Cooper, Assistant to the City Manager - Council Office

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