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The Flower of Service concept by Lovelock et al.

is used to display the two types of supplementary services that surround the core product facilitating supplementary services and enhancing supplementary services (2009).

The two types of supplementary services are outlined as follows: Facilitating Services y Information y Order-taking y Billing y Payment (Lovelock et al. 2009) Enhancing Services Consultation Hospitality Safekeeping Exceptions

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The core product of Aeroline s and Konsortium s is the Coach service from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Supplementing the core product are value-added service enhancements that augment the core product. These are the facilitating and enhancing supplementary services as suggested by Lovelock et al. (2009). Facilitating Supplementary Services Facilitating supplementary services are the services that are needed for service delivery and/or assisting to add value. The elements of facilitating supplementary services comprise Information, Order-taking, Billing and Payment. (Lovelock et al. 2009) These elements and its relevance to Aeroline and Konsortium are detailed in <Table xx>.

Information How Information is

FACILITATING SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICES AEROLINE KONSORTIUM <Pending Gabe s research> y Konsortium provides online reservations delievered via its online partner Easibook.com

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Payment Methods available for payment

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NETS Cash Aeroline stored value card

Billin Reservation methods available

Online Booking: o Immediate payment by internet banking of Singapore banks UOB OCBC and DBS/POSB. o Transaction receipt is shown once payment has been approved. Customer prints out transaction receipt on his own accord. Payment on-site: o Immediate issuance of coach ticket serves as proof of payment. Payment available via: o Internet banking of local banks UOB OCBC, DBS/POSB (for online payments o Credit Card (customer incurs administrative charge o NETS o Cheque o Cash

Ord r Takin The mediums available for making a reservation

Offers online booking engine specific to country of departure Has a dedicated reservations hotline offered to both Singapore and Malaysia customers Online Booking: o Immediate payment is necessary o Confirmation email regarding booking is sent to customer once payment is approved. o Registered online customers may check itinerary online. Payment on-site: o Immediate issuance of coach ticket serves as proof of payment.

e e The e s e s v es e s sh and Chinese Updates on Konsortium s products and/or services are sent to the customer via Mailing Lists <insert re > Blogs <insert re > and Face ook <insert re > Offers online booking engine specific to country of departure Has a dedicated reservations hotline offered to Singapore customers only

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Enhan in Supplementary Servi es Enhancing Supplementary Services are the services that assist in adding value to the core product. These elements e ist as Consultation, Hospitality, Safekeeping, and Exceptions. (Lovelock et al. 2009 These are detailed in <Table xx>. EN ANC NG SUPPLEMENTA AEROLINE y Frequent Asked Questions are available on its website y Hotline is available to answer any other query, manned from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm daily in Singapore and Malaysia. y Customers may approach service centres located in Singapore and Malaysia. y For any other updates, they are posted on the website and service centres y Service with a smile from point of ticketing, to point of boarding, to point of disembarking from bus. y Bus ride: o Uniform fleet of double-deck buses boasting a lounge on the lower deck. o Custom bus suspension allows for a smooth ride and a quiet cabin o Cabin service. o Food and Beverage service enroute catering offering Subway and Caffe 1920. o Climate controlled cabin air-conditioning system. o Blanket supplied for extra comfort. o Lavatory available on board but primarily for short relief. Provision will be made should heavy relief be needed. y Before journey: o Waiting lounge access with complimentary

Consultation Providing advice to customer s enquiries.

SERVICES KONSORTIUM y Dedicated customer service direct inward dial (DID) numbers posted on website y Email addresses corresponding to enquiries, ticketing and online booking technical support are posted on its website.

Hospitality Treatment of customers

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Poor customer service <see Youtube video in CD> Bus ride: o Variable fleet of buses comprising single-deck Super VIP 26-seater and double-deck snoozer coach.

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Ex eptions

beverages. Luggage may be checked-in on day of travel. Baggage lockers available at waiting lounge should need arise. Overhead lockers available in the cabin Lost and found service as and when necessary. Travel dates may be changed to earlier dates, subject to administrative charge. Change to dates later than travel dates are not permitted. Special dietary requests has to be made at least a day before travel date.

Key Issues: Konsortium has frequently been the topic of discussion regarding bad coach operators. Not only were their fleet of buses grounded at one point in time (ref), it was also the subject of scrutiny when it comes to customer service. As logged by a TripAdvisor member, she was less than satisfied with the service provided by Konsortium from the start of the decision-making process till the end (ref, year). Konsortium should therefore place greater emphasis on providing better customer service through its staff and brand image.

Self-service luggage loading into coach s luggage compartment Overhead lockers available in the cabin

Cancellation policy as per terms and conditions of carriage.

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