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Special Edition Feb 2013 Tanzania Journal Issue 37
Special Edition
Feb 2013
Tanzania Journal Issue 37

Recently Bobby Scott, Headmaster of Perimeter Christian School (PCS)posted the fol- lowing article on the School web site. I thought I would share it in the TZJournal as he tells of another dimension of the work in Karansi. PCS continues to be instrumental in the development of Punchmi School and ministry to the widows of the community. We give God thanks for them — Tim Neet

A Decent Place to Live

A Story Hard to Fathom—and How Your Support is Bringing Hope

Last May, we introduced the school (PCS) to Mama Latoishe, a Tanzanian widow living in a mud and stick closet-size house who, after losing her husband would continue to face more unbearable tragedy. Asking for donations to build her a respectable brick home, the cup of Perimeter School was seen to overflow as money was received to build at least 4 houses in addition to the one for Mama Latoishe!! There are other widows in dire need in the village of Karansi as well.

Mama Latoishe’s actual name is Kadogo. In Tanzania, mothers are often called “Mama”, followed by the first name of the oldest child. Latoishe is Kadogo’s oldest of 3 children.

So we just built her a house and she lived happily ever after? Sadly, it was not that easy. There were obstacles that proved to be a challenge and an education for us all.

The first delay was a cultural challenge we did not anticipate. Family members who had been supporting these widows since their husband’s death were confused and questioning. “Why do these women receive a new house and we who have little and have supported them receive nothing?” Though houses had been built previously for other widows, this challenge per- haps had been simmering and now emerged.

We asked Pastor Wariaeli and the church leaders there to inter- vene, which they graciously did and apparently God touched hearts with repentance and understanding. After this unantici- pated delay, work proceeded.

After this unantici- pated delay, work proceeded. Then more sadness emerged in Kadogo’s life. She was

Then more sadness emerged in Kadogo’s life. She was already a second wife in the polygamous Maasai culture, and her co- wife died, further diminishing her support and increasing her woe. Shortly thereafter, her two youngest children died; the cause of death was not determined at that time.

As a result, at the encouragement of our Project Child social worker, Betty, Kadogo and her son Latoishe were tested for HIV-AIDS. (Can this get worse?) She tested positive. Thankfully, her son did not. However, now Latoishe the son is afraid of living with his mother, even if she has a new home. The death of his younger siblings has created an un- derstandable fear.

Currently food and necessary medicine is being provided through Pastor Wariaeli and the Karanse church for Kadogo, and continued prayer for this mother and her only son is criti- cal. It shows that even a desperately needed “decent place to live” can bring joy, but the brokenness and sorrow in our world cannot be answered totally by a house.

So our construction project will continue. We will report as additional houses are built with your donations and gifts.

But with the extreme poverty and sadness in African villages like these, is there any real hope for the future?

the extreme poverty and sadness in African villages like these, is there any real hope for
the extreme poverty and sadness in African villages like these, is there any real hope for

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A Decent Place To Live (Continued from pg1)

Here is a back story that is good to hear and be reminded of.

In 2001, this same Pastor Wariaeli communicated to Perimeter Church that his vision for transformation of the village required the best kind of disci- pleship, a Christian school educa- tion for the children. In his wis- dom, he could see that the genera- tion of Kadogo was in need of immediate salvation and mercy ministry, but the next generation of Latoishe needed more. Some- thing that their parents had not received or had ignored due to ignorance and misguided tradi- tion.

So today every week in the Punchmi Christian School in the Ka- ranse village, financed through Project Child and Perimeter Christian School with increasing maintenance by the school families in Tanzania, hundreds

of children receive education of mind, heart, relationships, physical and men- tal health, and God’s Word, all through the power of the Spirit of God. Pas- tor’s vision, which is really the heart of Jesus, is gradually coming to reality.

really the heart of Jesus, is gradually coming to reality. Aren’t we all thankful as a

Aren’t we all thankful as a school to be a part of that? Whether you gave to build widow’s homes, sponsor a child in the village through Project Child, support PCS teacher teams to travel and provide teacher training, support

Perimeter medical or family teams to provide health care, or do anything else

to empower the local Tanzanian church

and school, God’s kingdom advances!

A powerful story has been written in

Tanzania. It’s God’s story but He al- lows us to be written into it. If you have ever given a few dollars for your child to wear a T-Shirt on late start days, you are in the story! All that money goes to purchase school sup- plies for the schools we support far away. Want to do a little more? Spon- sor a student through Project Child! Or better yet, sponsor a child and then travel with a team to Tanzania to meet

him or her!

With Him, all things are possible. Hope is not in a house, but in a Per- son—the Person of Jesus Christ—who works through His people.

Yes, that is possible!

Bobby Scott

Mail Call Facebook Is it “i” or “e”
Mail Call
Is it “i” or “e”

As noted in the last TZJournal we will be mailing over a package of letters to Tanzania in time for Easter. This would be a great opportunity for you to write your child and especially tell him or her, what Easter means to you. You might also tell about how you celebrate Easter, but let me coach you not to mention Easter Egg Hunts or pet ducks as that would totally confuse your sponsored child. But please do tell your child how much Jesus means to you and how you have been saved by Grace, by a loving Savior who has giv- en His all for you and for them.


Project Child—Tanzania now has a Facebook page thanks to Carter Rhea. Just go on Facebook and search for Project Child—Tanzania. From this page you can access information about Project Child, see the past issue of the TZJournal, read what others are saying about Project Child, including recent trips, and even pick out an available child to sponsor— or just ask a ques- tion. So—please go on line. Then “Like” us and “Share” us—and invite your friends to sponsor a child.

We would love to get your ideas and feedback — so don’t hold back—but give us your ideas and help us to help the children of Karansi.

Jesus Loves… You are his hands & feet

For ten years we have spelled the name several different ways. People have asked me, “Is it Karanse?” or “Is it Karansi?” Knowing that Tanzanians often add an “ I” (pronounced “e”) to the end of many words might it really be Karansei? I can’t say that I know the answer, but I do believe that at least one sign announcing your en- trance into the humble village uses the name “Welcome to Karansi.” That is good enough for me. Tim Neet

to Karansi.” That is good enough for me. Tim Neet KAC 527 Hosiana needs a sponsor

KAC 527 Hosiana needs a sponsor