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St. Georges is the local golf course. It was founded ten years ago and the members helped with the organisation of competitions by carrying out the various support roles as the need arose. More recently, due to an increase in the numbers entering competitions, the range of duties that members are carrying out has increased. It has been decided to employ staff as stewards, green keepers, score checkers, caddies, merchandising and refreshment assistants.. You have been asked by the Chair person, and have agreed, to perform the following tasks: Task 1: a) Enter the data shown below into a spreadsheet. Details Stewards Green Keepers Score checkers Caddies Merchandising Refreshments Non-members 15 4 6 13 4 15 Members 3 0 8 21 2 9

Add a column to display the totals of members plus non-members for each group, and Add a row to display the totals of the three columns. Using your table, create a stacked bar chart showing members and non-members separately. Include legends and an appropriate title for the chart. The chart should appear on the same landscape sheet as the table. Create a header to include the title TASK 1 and a footer to include your name and the date. Save and print the worksheet.

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Task 2: Last year, the club held four competitions: Smith Cup, St. Georges Open, Upton Special Trophy, and The Ever Clean Double Glazing Cup. Next week, the club will hold its Annual General Meeting. The new competition committee will also be holding a meeting a few days later. Using the following competition statistics, produce for the AGM a spreadsheet to show a financial breakdown of last years competitions. You should display the figures in two distinct sections, Income and Expenses. The income section should incorporate the entry fee and the number of competitors for each competition. Also include income derived from bar and merchandise sales. You will need a total of income from all sources. The Expenses section must include all the costs and a total. You are required to produce a final figure for Profit/Loss for each competition. You are required to: a) Enter the data using the competition statistics listed below. Income Total number of competitors for each competition were as follows: Smith Cup 67 St. Georges Open 95 Upton Special Trophy 128 Ever Clean Double Glazing Cup 211 Other income was derived as follows: Smith Cup St. Georges Open Upton Special Trophy Ever Clean Double Glazing Cup Bar Takings 76.84 144.00 50.23 338.74 Merchandise Sales 27.00 19.50 32.10 20.40

Entrance prices for the Smith Cup and the St. George Open were 17.75 each, and for the other two competitions, 19.25. Expenses Advertising costs were 27 for the Smith Cup and rose progressively by 1.25% for each successive competition. Green keeping cost 30 per Green Keeper per competition. Printing costs for score cards etc. were 50 if there were less than 100 people, otherwise they were 65. Bar costs were 43.12 per competition if there were less than 80 people attending, 53.67 if there were less than 100 people, 60.45 if there were less than 150 people otherwise they were 65.25. Page 5 of 7

Cups cost 36.82 for Smith Cup and 57 for the Ever Clean Double Glazing Cup, but none were purchased for the other two competitions. Stewards Costs 20.00 for Smith Cup 35.00 for St. Georges Open 100.00 for Upton Special Trophy 320.50 for Ever Clean Double Glazing Cup

b) Insert a header to include the title TASK 2 and a footer to include your name and the date. c) Proof-read your spreadsheet and save it. d) Print two copies of the spreadsheet, one showing the figures, and the other the formulae, these MUST appear on one sheet.

Task 3.
The AGM want to discuss the following proposals: The cost of golf balls will be met by the club. This will amount to an average of 21.67 per competition. The entrance fee for all competitions will be set at 18.50. a) c) Copy the spreadsheet from Task 2 to a new sheet. Amend the appropriate sections of the Task 3 spreadsheet to reflect these changes. b) Insert a header to include the title TASK 3 and a footer to include your name and the date. d) Proof-read your spreadsheet and print out your amended spreadsheet. NOTE Each print out must be on one page (either spreadsheets or formulae). You will need to make adjustments to columns etc to allow for this.

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Assessment Criteria Name: ___________________________________

5 Submission Date TASK 1
Data correctly entered into Table Column and Row added and Total of Members/Non Members correct Stacked Bar chart correctly created and includes Legends and Titles appropriately worded and formatted Header and Footer to include Task 1, students name and date correctly formatted and printed Chart customised by student Data not correctly entered into Table No column and/or row added. Incorrect total of Members/Non-members Incorrect chart selected and poorly presented. Inappropriate use and/or design of Legends and Titles No Header & Footer.

Chart has not been customised.

Task 2
Spreadsheet correctly displays 2 sections Income and Expenses Correct data entered for entry fee, no. of competitors and other income/expenses Correct content for Income and Expenditure sections Correct implementation used for Income, Expenditure and Profit/Loss per event Correct implementation of advertising costs Correct implementation for printing costs Correct implementation for bar costs Years balance correctly implemented Formulae sheet printed correctly - on one page. Formatting and layout used to improve presentation and print on one page. Spreadsheet inconsistent or incorrect format Incorrect data entry Incorrect content for Income and Expenditure sections Incorrect implementation used Advertising costs not implemented Printing costs not implemented Bar costs not implemented Years balance incorrectly implemented No formula sheet or incorrectly printed Over more than one page. No formatting or layout used and prints on more than one page. Task 2 or Task 3 sheet missing No amendments made. No header or footer included on any sheet Poor or no printout of Task 3 Layout used which does not aid successful ease of completion.

Task 3
Task 2 spreadsheet copied to new sheet Requested amendments made correctly. Appropriate header and footer included on all sheets Well presented print out of all 3 tasks Most efficient layout used throughout.

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