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Review 9 Units 17 and 18 A Write one word in each gap.

The exam It may sound strange, but Ben was looking forward to the English exam. Now, don't imagine that Ben was a great student. He was always slow to catch _____________ in class and couldn't really keep ____________ with the other students. And he hadn't even studied _____________ the exam. The real reason he thought he was going to sail ______________ was that he had all the answers! Two days before, he had found a piece of paper with all the questions and answers on it on his teacher's desk. It suddenly _____________ his mind that maybe for once he could pass the exam. What's the point ____________ studying? he asked himself. After thinking it _____________ for a second, he _____________ his mind up. He copied the piece of paper and his teacher ______________ no idea what had happened. When the exam started, Ben sat down and turned the question paper over. He looked, and then looked again. It was the wrong paper! It dawned ____________ Ben that he had copied the wrong exam paper! His teacher was looking at him, so Ben thought he'd better get on with it. He knew he would never succeed ___________ passing the exam. Not all of it ______________ sense to him, but he did his best. The next day, his teacher gave him his paper back and said, Well done, Ben. Much better. Ben couldn't believe it! He had passed with a B! He realised he had _______________ an important lesson. With a little work, who knew what he would be capable _____________? B 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 C 1 2 3 Complete the sentences by changing the form of the given words. I passed the exam, but I'm still waiting to get my ___________________(certify). Have you done any __________________(revise) for the test. Please pay __________________(attend), Rita, when I'm explaining what your homework is. I spent a long time on the maths problem but I still came up with the wrong __________________(solve). One of my classmates was suspended for a week for bad ____________________(behave). Well, Mrs Turner, you'll be pleased to hear that George has made a big _________________(improve) in geography. I'm hoping to study English __________________(literate) at university. Complete the second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first. Write between two and five words. The headmaster made the pupil wait outside his door. Please don't leave your books on my desk. I didn't understand what my teacher was trying to express so I asked her again. made rather getting The pupil _______________________________________outside the headmaster's door. I __________________________________________leave your books on my desk. I didn't understand what my teacher _______________________________so I asked her again.

4 5 6 7 8

Counting the words in your composition is a waste of time. I just can't decide whether to go to university or not. My cousin has decided that he isn't going to finish his engineering course. All Emma's teachers say that she is able to do much more. I was really pleased that I managed to pass the exam.

point minds drop capable succeeded

There ____________________________________________the words in your composition. I'm _________________________________whether to go to university or not. My cousin has decided _____________________________his engineering course. All Emma's teachers say that she __________________________________much more. I was really pleased that I ___________________________________the exam. D 1 2 3 4 5 6 Choose the correct answer. I didn't expect our history teacher _____ us so much homework. a) giving b) give c) to give Do you remember _____ to school for the very first time? a) go b) to go c) of going d) to giving d) going

I started doing my homework when I got home from school but I stopped _____ my favourite show. a) watch b) to watch c) watching d) from watching Please don't forget _____ your essays during Friday's lesson. a) handing in b) to hand in c) hand in d) to handing in

Our teacher made the whole class _____ after the lesson because we had been so noisy. a) staying b) to stay c) for staying d) stay What was Derek's reaction to the accusation? time a) being b) to be Well, he denied _____ anywhere near the house at the c) be d) of being d) classmate d) qualify d) explained d) learned

7 8 9 10 11 12

I was very proud when I was told that I'd been made into a _____. a) pupil b) student c) prefect With a little hard work, I'm sure you'll _____ a lot this year. a) reach b) succeed c) achieve Who _____ you how to cook so well? a) taught b) learned c) made

Les didn't do so well in the test because he hadn't _____. a) written b) studied c) read

I think you need to _____ your ideas more clearly so that the reader doesn't get confused. a) dawn on b) get on with c) set out d) give in Oh, no! We've got a double maths _____ next! a) subject b) interval c) lesson d) task