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A project report on an industrial visit to N.K.

PROTEINS on 22/02/2013

Submitted to SOM-LALIT institute of business administration officiated to Gujarat University

Submitted by Vekariya Prashant Roll No. 148 B.B.A Sem-2 University seat No.

Certification:This is a certify that the project report on an industrial visit to N.K. PROTEIN submitted by Vekariya Prashant to Som-lalit institute of business administration officiate to Gujarat university towards particular fulfilment of the requirement for accomplishment of particular studies subject at second semester B.B.A programme. --------shah K.J. Patel Principal Professor Parin

Acknowledgement:It is a matter of great pleasure and gratitude to present this project report under goes at N.K. Proteins. Visiting N.K. Proteins was the finest experiences during my B.B.A coaching I am very thankful to the principal of our collage professor K.J. Patel for arranging such info grateful industrial visit. I am also thankful to professor Parin Shah for his encouragement and his hearing support while making this staff attend able. My sincere gratitude to collage staff for providing help and support time to time and finally, I am thankful to and from N.K.

Proteins Company who help with Great Spirit enthusiasm.

REGISTERED & CORPORATE OFFICE 2nd / 7th Floor Popular House, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad - 380009, Gujarat India REFINERY PLANT Kadi Thor Road Opp Symphony Factory Thor, Taluka Kadi Dist Mehsana, Gujarat.

Mission vision
Vision Create an environment where business confidence is built through best business practices and is fostered in an atmosphere of trust and respect between providers of goods and services and their users for ultimate benefit of society and the nation. Mission To achieve highest customer satisfaction by providing prompt, efficient and reliable services of our competitively priced product and demonstrate best ethical business practices. Values To adhere to Quality Management System in order to maintain process distinction in the Edible Oil Industry To achieve micro level product research activity to offer high quality Edible Oil to our consumers

Listening to our clients and consumers Following environment safety codes as a responsible corporate Providing equal opportunities for skill development and personal performance to our employees

Establishment:The vision to be a leader in Edible Oil Industry commenced on the 27th day of March 1992 as Maruti Proteins Ltd. Today the company stands strong as N K Proteins Ltd. in Business Market and the Brand is recalled as "Tirupati" across Indian Families.