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S pi r i t of F ait h

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E l i z a b e t h C i t y , N C 2 7 9 0 6

T i m e s o f Re f r e s h i n g !
C a m p m e e t i n g 2 013 w i t h M a r k & Tr i n a H a n k i n s
Over 200 delegates traveled from India, Bhutan, and Nepal to attend our 2013 Campmeeting with special guests Mark & Trina Hankins. Besides our Bible School students and church members, local people from Dimapur and other parts of Nagaland also attended the 3-day meetingincluding some Baptist pastors! This was the third year Mark & Trina Hankins have been with us and it was certainly the best meeting so far. The teaching was anointed and punctuated with power. The hunger of the people created an atmosphere where the Spirit of God could flow. It really was a time of refreshing from the presence of the Lord. In the mornings Sister Trina taught on healing and prayer, followed by Brother Mark who taught on in Christ realities and holding fast to our confession. The ground floor of the sanctuary was filled each morning. We translated each service into Hindi from the platform for the sake of many of the delegates and students. The church was packed out in the evenings with an air of great anticipation. The evening sessions were Holy Ghost meetings. Tuesday night, Brother Mark spoke on giving, and what started out as a lesson before receiving the offering turned into revival! As Brother Mark walked around the sanctuary, laying hand on folks, the
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John & Zhepitoli Roughton have been ministering in Nagaland, India for 19 years. Spirit of Faith Church, a non-denominational, intertribal, Spirit-filled, Word of Faith church, is the centerpiece of their ministry. They also have a Bible school, a television ministry, they publish a bimonthly teaching magazine, and conduct other outreaches. For more information, go to: www.spirit-faith.org

Website: www.spirit-faith.org Email: info@spirit-faith.org Phone: 252.335.1943

S pi r i t o f F aith


joy of the Lord began to spread. Sister Trina joined in and that spontaneous joy spread to the balcony where many young people were seated. It was wonderful to see some people who were rather staid begin to sway, smirk, laugh, and eventually burst out with joy unspeakable. On Thursday night, Brother Mark never did get to preach. There were words of prophecy and demonstrations of the Spirit. The entire congregation danced before the Lord. We jumped, ran, and shouted by the Spirit. It was electric! So many pastors, evangelists, church workers, and Bible School grads told us how blessed they were by these meetings. A pastor from Bhutan said, We need to have a church like Spirit of Faith in our country. They were determined to take the anointing with them back to their own places. It was a time of refreshing in the Spirit!

Bible School Begins!

128 Students in the Class of 2013 Spirit of Faith Bible School 2013 began on January 16th. We have 128 students this year, the largest number weve ever had! The students have come to us from all seven states of northeast India, and other parts of India. Additionally, we have students from Nepal, Bhutan, and even one student from Burma. We now have two floors to our dormitory, so the girl students are housed upstairs and boys downstairs, and even though we have more students this year it is less crowded than before. This group is receptive to the Word and very teachable.
Thank you partners and friends for supporting this ministry! Your contributions help us to stay on the mission field. Did you know you can give online? Go to our website, click Support and it will take you to our Paypal Account. It is safe and easy and quick. We love you all! Website: www.spirit-faith.org Email: info@spirit-faith.org Phone: 252.335.1943