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As Sequester Looms, Catholics Consider the Best Response

US church leaders urge cross-party solutions to fight growing poverty

Nonprofits Urged to Watch Washington Budget Debate

Peace, justice and the church

Sequestration looms

Religious leaders urge Congress to end budget brinksmanship

Opening text The U.S. bishops direct attention on the need to preserve the social safety net, but others suggest other options also merit consideration.

Nearly 100 national Christian leaders of all denomations have signed a letter to President Obama and the leaders of Congress "affirming the government's responsibility concerning poor people. The $85-billion in across-the-board federal spending cuts scheduled to begin Friday are prompting nonprofit leaders scrambling this week to explain the impact and to rally their members to lobby Congress to reverse the reductions.

Vatican II documents still ring true.

Religious leaders urge the president and Congress to end budget brinksmanship.

print email Washington Christian leaders, including representatives of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, called on President Barack Obama and congressional leaders of both parties to end the fiscal brinksmanship and find a budget solution that protects the poorest Americans.

Hit sentence ...t hurt them and doesn t cause more poverty, Saile said. Catholic Charities USA s Feb. 25 Washington Weekly newsletter said its agencies and the... president of Catholic Relief Services; Father Lary Snyder, president of Catholic Charities USA; Sister Carol Keehan, president of the Catholic Health... ...to reverse the reductions. The Coalition on Human Needs and Catholic Charities USA both issued statements to their members this week to explain...


Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities USA ...University in New Orleans and is the former president and CEO of Catholic Charities USA. He has been an advocate for the underprivileged Catholic Charities USA and... Smolich, president, Jesuit Conference; Father Larry Snyder, president, Catholic Charities USA; and Carolyn Woo, president, Catholic Relief Catholic Charities USA Services. president of the Jesuit Conference; Fr. Larry Snyder, president of Catholic Charities USA; and Carolyn Woo, president of Catholic Relief Services.

Catholic Charities USA



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