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4 Sun City Biker
Readers & Rides Pg. 18
Emily Rose Pg. 14
Concept Baja Pg. 15
Dr. Ortiz Pg. 5
Owner: Chadd Steimel
Bike: 2011 Harley Iron
Mods: 2.5 inch tank lift,
custom coil mount, 16"
apes, flat black paint, wire
re routing under the tank,
flipped mirrors, bobbed
rear fender.
All work and paint by
Chadd Steimel
Photo by:
Stephanie Roncallo
Photos and story by
Ricky J. Carrasco
The bike sat there with attitude.
No paint other than a single black
pinstripe on the tank, brushed
steel with a simple layer of clear
coat over it. No front fender, just a
little crossbar, and the bike was
dropped on airbags. The rider sat
on a tiny seat wrapped in a ban-
dana that sat flush with the frame.
A bent steel rod served as the
sissy bar connected to a strut on
the fender. The keys were still in
the ignition. This was a biker's
bike, I thought. I have to shoot
this for the magazine. And then, a
pretty little girl came and took the
keys. "This is my dad's bike." Her
dad, Sergio, and I spoke about
bikes and riding. Deep into our
conversation, I talked about the
prejudices that befall bikers that
are seen as outlaws. "Well, what
do you think I do for a living?" I
thought he looked like a well-spo-
ken mechanic. "I'm a doctor."
Dr. Sergio Ortiz has been a prac-
ticing chiropractor in Horizon for
the last 3 years, with degrees from
Texas Tech University in his
hometown of Lubbock, and
Parker College in Dallas. What
struck me most was not that he is
a biker or a doctor, but rather the
importance he places on family,
especially his daughter. Every-
thing we spoke about somehow
connected back to either his dad
or his 9 year old Ilia-Mari, "She is
a bigger biker than I am. We went
to church on Sunday, dressed
nicely, and as soon as we got out
she asked if we were going to
We spoke about where a doctor
who rides gets his start. "My dad
taught me never to settle, about
anything, ever. That was huge on
me. He taught himself how to
weld, how to build cars, how to do
building construction, and even
how to run his own business. I
think my dad is Superman, just an
extremely hard worker. He had 3
jobs while my mother was preg-
nant with me. He used to tell me
'El trabajo es cabron, pero el que
no lo cree es mas cabron'. He
taught me that working with your
hands is honorable, but it can be
brutal. 'If you don't like it, then hit
the books.' And that's just what I
As a minority in Lubbock, people
did not expect Sergio to succeed.
He told me the story of when he
asked his high school counselor
about becoming a medical doctor,
she tried to divert him to go into
something easier, like being an as-
sistant. Years later, when his
brother received the graduation
announcement for Sergios doc-
toral degree, he immediately took
it back to the school to show that
same advisor. "My brother told
me when I arrived home from
high school angry about what the
counselor had said he knew I was
going to be successful."
Now Dr. Sergio Ortiz runs his
own clinic in Horizon. He focuses
on chiropractics, neurology, nutri-
tion and how everything is inter-
connected in his patients. His
patients will come in with com-
plaints about pain, numbness or
loss of function to body parts,
back and neck problems and
headaches. "I do a whole body ad-
justment and treat the condition
which helps alleviate the symp-
toms. I like that when I'm able to
help, my patients will be healthier
and happier. I love coming to
When he opened the clinic, his fa-
ther came down and helped design
and build his offices. He helped
build the office too, from pound-
ing the nails to painting the walls
to even the assembling the big
Continued Page 13.
Sun City Biker 5
Is it Safe
to Ride in
during an
track First
The ABC-7 weather team is
keeping very busy. We've is-
sued five First Alerts so far this
year. It's an obvious sign that
we've seen quite a bit of
volatile weather. For those of
you that do a lot of riding, an
ABC-7 Stormtrack First Alert
is a sign that it may be a good
time to temporarily keep off
the bike.
What is an ABC-7 First Alert
and why is it important to you?
Whenever our team of meteo-
rologists feels that the El Paso
area will experience a dramatic
change in our current weather
pattern, we want to let you
know about this change as
soon as possible. It could be a
major wind event (like we ex-
perienced last month with gusts
over 60 mph), a big drop in
our temperatures or a bout with
snow or rain that could impact
your travel. An ABC-7 First
Alert does not necessarily
mean that the weather will be
severe; it's just that the weather
change likely to occur will be a
major change from what we
have been accustomed to.
Many times the weather com-
puter models will indicate a big
weather change a week or
more in advance. We make
note of the possible changes
and monitor the atmospheric
conditions for several days be-
fore we issue the alert. At
times, the storm track will shift
a bit and in that case the major
weather changes may become
less dramatic and we either do
not issue the First Alert, or lift
it if we have already issued
There will be times that we
issue an ABC-7 First Alert
days in advance, and, at other
times, a First Alert will be is-
sued just minutes in advance.
We would do this on short no-
tice if, for instance, a general
thunderstorm becomes severe.
Here are some of the weather
changes that could warrant an
ABC-7 First Alert and we
monitor to help you stay safe
on the bike:
-Hail storms
-Heavy rains
-First snowfall of the year
-Heavy snowfall
-High winds/gusts
-Freezing temps
-Excessive heat
-Significant change in tempera-
ture from what we have been
W e a t h e r 1 0 1
By: Doppler Dave Speelman
Weve had 3.1 inches of snowfall
so far this year. How many
inches of snow does El Paso
typically receive on an annual
A. 1
B. 4
C. 6
D. 9
Catch 'Doppler' Dave Speelman
on KVIA Channel 7 or online at
www.kvia.com for your most ac-
curate weather reports.
Answer: C 6 inches of snow.
6 Sun City Biker
8 Sun City Biker
Bike Week 2013 Offers Demo
Rides, Custom Bike Show
and More
Harley-Davidson will celebrate
Daytona Bike Week 2013 as part
of its global 110th Anniversary
events with a special display of
motorcycles and more at River-
front Park on Beach Street and at
Daytona International Speedway.
"Daytona Bike Week is an excit-
ing part of Harley-Davidson tradi-
tion," said Steve Piehl,
Harley-Davidson Director of Cus-
tomer Experience. "With our
110th Anniversary happening
around the world this year,
Harley-Davidson wanted to make
Daytona Bike Week an important
part of that celebration with our
riders and customers."
Harley-Davidson will present a
unique 110th Anniversary display
at Riverfront Park on Beach Street
in Daytona from Saturday, March
9 to Saturday, March 16, from 9
a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, including mo-
torcycles, MotorClothes, H-D1
customization, Women's Area,
Muscular Dystrophy Association
(MDA) raffle, H-D Insurance,
H-D Visa, Willie G. merchan-
dise, beverages and more.
Harley-Davidson has part-
nered with American Iron
Magazine and Motorcycle
Bagger to host the Ride-In
Custom Bike Show on Beach
Street Wednesday, March 13.
Registration is 9 a.m. to noon
with a $10 MDA donation.
Trophies and cash prizes will
be awarded at 4 p.m. in 11
classes with five Editors' Pick
winners to be featured in
American Iron Magazine or
Motorcycle Bagger maga-
Harley Owner's Group
(H.O.G.) events in Daytona in-
clude pin stops at Beach Street
and the Speedway, an area cele-
brating H.O.G's 30th Anniversary
on Beach Street, and a special
event for H.O.G. members Friday,
March 8 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at
Mikey Luv's Bar & Grill on Main
Harley-Davidson will give 2013
motorcycle demo rides, along with
motorcycle displays, Traxxas Ex-
perience, beverages and free park-
ing at Daytona International
Speedway near the Intersection of
Midway Avenue and Richard
Petty Boulevard from Saturday,
March 9, to Saturday, March 16, 9
a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.
The 7th Annual MDA Women's
Ride takes place Tuesday, March
12 with registration on Beach
Street starting at 8 a.m. and the
ride landing at Destination Day-
tona at 10:45 a.m.
Harley-Davidson will also be at
Bikers on the Boulevard on Mary
McLeod Bethune Boulevard in
Daytona Beach March 14-16 from
3 p.m. to 10 p.m.
For a complete listing of Harley-
Davidson events, please visit our
website at www.harley-
davidson.com/events and there
will be online coverage from Day-
tona at www.harley-
Federal agency
wants separate
E10 fuel pumps at
certain gas sta-
tions that sell E15
In response to concerns ex-
pressed by the American Motorcy-
clist Association and power
equipment makers, the U.S. Envi-
ronmental Protection Agency has
issued new guidelines to help en-
sure that motorcyclists and others
don't inadvertently
use E15 fuel.
E15 is a new fuel
blend of 15 per-
cent ethanol and
85 percent gaso-
line that the EPA
has approved for
use in 2001-and-
newer passenger
vehicles. The
blend isn't approved for use in
motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles,
boats, lawn mowers and other en-
gines, and may even damage them
and void warranties.
E10, which is commonly found at
gas stations, contains 10 percent
ethanol. E0 fuel has no ethanol.
Ethanol is grain alcohol produced
from crops such as corn that is
mixed with gasoline to produce an
ethanol-gasoline blend motor fuel.
Last year, Wayne Allard, AMA
vice president for government re-
lations, told the EPA that with E15
now coming into the market,
AMA members who make a con-
certed effort to fuel their motorcy-
cles or ATVs with E10-or-less fuel
may unknowingly refuel with
residual E15 left in a blender-
pump hose. A blender pump dis-
penses different fuel blends
through the same hose, such as
E10 and E15. When a customer
buys E15, as much as a third of a
gallon of residual E15 is left in the
hose, which can inadvertently get
into the next customer's vehicle
while fueling with E10.
"In an effort to address this poten-
tial misfueling issue, EPA ap-
proved an industry-submitted
[approach] that requires a mini-
mum purchase of four gallons
from blender pumps that dispense
both E10 and E15 from the same
hose and nozzle," the EPA said.
"Such an approach would prevent
misfueling by diluting any resid-
ual E15 left in the hose from the
previous sale of E15.
"However, groups representing
motorcycle owners and lawn
mower manufacturers objected to
this [approach] because their prod-
ucts have gas tanks
that are normally two
gallons or smaller,"
the EPA said.
So, on Feb. 7, the EPA
posted a new option
for retailers on its
website's "E15: Misfu-
eling Mitigation
Plans" page to try to
avoid misfueling by
Under the new option, retailers
who use a blender pump to sell
E15 and E10 fuel through the
same hose must also have a sepa-
rate E10/E0 fuel pump. Those re-
tailers would be required to have a
label on the blender pump that
reads: "Passenger Vehicles Only.
Use in Other Vehicles, Engines
and Equipment May Violate Fed-
eral Law." Retailers would also be
required to have signs indicating
the location of the dedicated E10-
or-lower fuel pump. There would
be no minimum-fuel-purchase re-
quirement at that pump.
Retailers who want to sell E15
also have the option of having a
dedicated E15 pump or hose, or a
pump that dispenses E15 and
higher ethanol blends through a
single hose. If a blender pump dis-
penses multiple fuels that include
E15 and higher ethanol blends, the
EPA may require a minimum pur-
chase requirement.
Sun City Biker 9
Yamaha issues a
recall for certain
2009 models
Make - Model - Model Year
STORM 2012
Triumph Motorcycles (Triumph) is
recalling certain model year 2011-
2012 Daytona 675 and Street
Triple motorcycles and 2012
Thunderbird and Thunderbird
Storm motorcycles. The wheels
were assembled with bearings of
an unknown quality.
Wheel bearings of poor quality
could fail unexpectedly, increasing
the risk of a motorcycle crash.
Triumph will notify owners, and
dealers will replace the affected
bearings free of charge. Owners
may contact Triumph at 1-678-
854-2010 for more information.
Owners may also contact the Na-
tional Highway Traffic Safety Ad-
ministration Vehicle Safety
Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY
1-800-424-9153), or go to
First Look at Sena's
Bluetooth Headset/
Intercom for Motor-
cycle Half Helmets
Sena Technologies, Inc., a Blue-
tooth innovator in the motorcycle
and outdoor activities market,
today announced the release of its
brand new SPH10H model, the
SPH10H-FM. The all new model
offers a built-in FM stereo tuner
allowing riders to stay tuned into
their favorite FM radio stations.
The SPH10H-FM features the lat-
est Bluetooth 3.0 technology al-
lowing riders to stay connected
wirelessly. With the SPH10H-FM
riders can call hands free on a mo-
bile phone, listen to stereo music
or audio instruction of GPS navi-
gation. Riders can also effortlessly
hold conversations with other mo-
torcyclists or passengers via the
SPH10H-FM's four-way Bluetooth
intercom system. The unique ear
flap design of the SPH10H-FM al-
lows for quick and easy installa-
tion on half helmets and is water
resistant for use in inclement
weather. The SPH10H-FM is now
available at Sena Technologies'
(www.SenaBluetooth.com) or
through its many retailers across
North America for the price of
"With the recent release of the
SMH5-FM for full faced helmets,
we thought it was important to
offer the same new Bluetooth unit
features to our customers using
half helmets," said Tae Kim , Pres-
ident and CEO of Sena Technolo-
gies, Inc. "We are very pleased
with the functionality and popular-
ity of the original Sena SPH10H
with half helmet users and the
SPH10H-FM will enhance the
original unit with more features
and affordable pricing. We are
confident our customers will enjoy
being able to listen to their fa-
vorite FM stations while riding."
The SPH10H-FM uses the Blue-
tooth 3.0 to provide Bluetooth
conference intercom up to 760
yards (700 meters), voice prompts,
Bluetooth stereo headset with
music playback control, and a
built-in FM radio tuner with chan-
nel scan/store function. The
SPH10H-FM also allows for
hands free calling for mobile
phones, Bluetooth or stereo head-
set for GPS navigation, free
firmware upgrades, and a compli-
mentary two-year warranty.
10 Sun City Biker
By RICK MINTER / Universal Uclick By RICK MINTER / Universal Uclick
The Sprint Unlimited and its 19 participants
offered the first clues to how the new Generation
6 race car will perform during this weeks Day-
tona 500, and the early indications are that the
race will play out much like those of seven or
eight years ago, before the introduction of the
Car of Tomorrow.
Its going to be a pack [of cars], absolutely,
said Unlimited winner Kevin Harvick, who beat
Greg Biffle and Joey Logano to the finish line as
the two challengers both recorded career-best
Unlimited finishes. I dont think theres going
to be too many chances. Youll see some cars
break away. I think if you turn on a 2000 race,
one of those races, its going to be very similar
[and] youre going to have a lot more advanc-
ing of positions when you get so many cars out
there. Unlimited runner-up Greg Biffle pre-
dicted that drivers will be able to move up in the
middle groove, a tactic the late Dale Earnhardt
used with great success back in the day. Theres
going to be a middle, he said. I went up the
middle a few times. Some guys tried it and made
it work. The middle actually worked OK for
The Gen-6 car has a shorter rear spoiler than
the CoT, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. said he noticed
the difference in the Unlimited.
With this little spoiler on the back, its really
easy to lose the draft because the air gets to your
nose pretty quick, he said. The distance of the
draft isnt as far back as it used to be off the car
in front of you, so you can lose it pretty easily.
You have to be real careful. Me and the No. 99
[Carl Edwards] both lost it right there at the end
of the second segment [of the Unlimited].
Handling was a non-issue in the Unlimited as
chilly, nighttime temperatures made for good
grip for race cars, but Denny Hamlin predicts
that wont be the case on Sunday in the Daytona
500. I think if we get any kind of sunny 70 de-
gree day or so at the [Daytona] 500, handling
will be an issue just halfway through a fuel run,
he said.
With complete race cars and key components
of them being in short supply due to the switch
to a new car, there was relatively little risk-tak-
ing during the practices leading up to the Unlim-
ited, as teams didnt want to overburden
fabricators already swamped trying to get fleets
of cars prepared for the upcoming season.
Youre just so short on cars, you didnt want to
take any chances, Harvick said. But once the
green flag dropped for the Unlimited, it was time
to try some moves with the new car. You knew
if you tore that car up, you didnt need it any-
more, he said.
One team that was in a fix for race cars was
the No. 78 team of driver Kurt Busch. He
wrecked one in practice and another in the Un-
Richard Childress, whose shops build cars for
the No. 78 team, said late Saturday that his crew
would work overtime to get Busch the equip-
ment he needs for the Daytona 500. Were
going to help them in any way we can, he said.
Well probably have one of those cars back
[Sunday], repaired.
Changes to the interiors of the Gen-6 cars
were a factor in a couple of incidents early in
Speedweeks. Matt Kenseth said that was a factor
in a crash he caused during practice for the Un-
Kevin Harvick said the locations of the mir-
rors is one of the issues.
The first five or six times I looked for the
mirror, it was in a different spot, and I didnt see
it because it wasnt there, he said. I heard Matt
[Kenseth] talking about it. Both wrecks have
happened because of that left-side mirror, things
being different compared to what they were in
the past.
After Car of Tomorrow, Gen-6 heads back to the future
Dale Earnhardt Jr. drives of the No. 88 Chevrolet on
Saturday during practice for this Sundays Daytona 500
at Daytona International Speedway. (NASCAR photo)
Sun City Biker 11
If it walks like a duck, it can win
In recent years, being a lame duck in NASCAR hasnt been the performance killer many assume it might be.
Several soon-to-be-splitting drivers and race teams have had strong runs of late. In 2011, after being dismissed from his job as Tony Stewarts crew chief, Dar-
ian Grubb led Stewart to five Chase wins and the championship.
Last year, in his final year at Roush Fenway Racing before moving to Joe Gibbs Racing, Matt Kenseth won two Chase races.
This past Saturday night, Kevin Harvick, starting his final year at Richard Childress Racing before moving to Stewart-Haas Racing, won the Sprint Unlimited.
It was his third win in the past five of the non-points Sprint Cup season openers.
I dont think its been that big of a deal, Harvick said of his lame-duck status during his winners interview. Kenseth did a great job with his situation [last
Harvick said that he still wants to win even though hes leaving, and the people on his team that are staying put feel the same way.
The atmosphere is great, honestly, he said. Everybody is just working toward the same goal thats winning the races. We have to be professional anyway,
whether its lame duck or not. You can call it whatever you want, were going to have a [whole] lot of fun racing, having a good time, doing our jobs ...
Were all here to do a job, and we have a responsibility to the people that are spending millions of dollars on the side of that car to do it as best we can.
Harvicks crew chief Gil Martin said he feels the same way.
This [sport] is too hard to be miserable, he said. Its too hard of work not to come out and try to win. Thats not in [Harvicks] nature. Thats not in our
teams nature to try not to win.
Anybody that thinks just because of what the situation is that anybodys going to lay down, theyre sadly mistaken, because were going to try to win this
championship Were going to do whatever it takes to win it. Thats pretty well the bottom line.
And Harvick, who has spent his entire Cup career in Childress No. 29 Chevrolet, said there are other reasons for wanting to succeed this year.
Pride also comes in there pretty good, too, he said. Its fun to prove people wrong.
Townley: Truck win priceless
Camping World Truck Series driver John Wes Townley, who was criticized earlier in his career for wrecking too many race cars, made all the right moves in
Saturdays Lucas Oil 200 ARCA race at Daytona International Speedway.
Townley, driving a Toyota for Venturini Motorsports, started from the pole, then held off all challengers to get his first major racing victory and Venturinis first at Day-
His previous best finish was a third place at Daytona in 2010.
Personally, this is priceless, Townley said. I almost wouldnt trade it for anything in the world except my family. Its a real honor to win at Daytona.
Kyle Larson, who plans a full Nationwide Series campaign this year, finished second. Martinsville Speedway track president Clay Campbell was 14th, and former
Sprint Cup driver James Hylton, now 78, finished 26th in his final run at Daytona. Hes set to retire at the end of the season after 50 years of racing in NASCAR and
El Pasos Online Motorsport Forum
Automotive, Cycles
Racing, lifestyle
Have a Laugh
By: David Bear Wren
Sun City Biker 13
Breaking Stereotypes:
Dr. Ortiz
Continued from page 5.
desk where we were sitting. One of the things I noticed when we met
was that he doesn't really have "doctors hands", smooth, soft, almost
delicate. No, he has callouses that he is very proud of.
The bike was built by his little brother, Humberto Ortiz, known to his
daughter as "Tio Bike". Humberto owns and runs Vulcan Specialties in
Lubbock that got the 2003 1200 sporty and chopped it up for him.
Humberto too learned much of what he does from their father, and
they both intend to pass it on to Ilia-Mari. She and her Tio Bike have
a special bond. When I go visit my brother and we work on cars, Ilia-
Mari is right there, working with us, getting us tools, picking things up
and getting her hands dirty with us. Sergio says with some pride that
Ilia-Mari knows all the cars in the movie Gone in 60 Seconds and al-
ready has her car picked out, along with the required modifications.
As with everything, the bike too serves its purpose. He owns the chop-
per and a Honda CRF 250R dirtbike that he rides when things become
too stressful. You just let the wind hit you and you forget about every-
thing. Sometimes I bring it to work so that I can leave right after work.
Ive taught Ilia-Mari to respect the bike and know the bike. I love to
feel her arms around me when we ride and know we love each other.
Story and photos by
Ricky Jimenez Carrasco
Little Emily looked a little tired,
but that was understandable with
all the attention, all the sun, all
the noise and all the bikers
around her that Sunday afternoon.
Most of the adults were tired by
the end of the day too, but excited
to be part of this new benefit run.
4 year old Emily has B-cell
leukemia, a cancer that attacks
white blood cells. Emily and her
parents went to the events and
smiled when people asked her to
take a picture and never com-
plained. "It's amazing the strength
that God gives families to endure
this kind of struggle," says Naomi
Ramirez, Avon district sales man-
ager and spokesperson for the
event. "Rosa is Emily's mother,
and an Avon rep, and she cut her
hair to look more like her daugh-
ter, who is undergoing
chemotherapy. In fact, Emily just
had a treatment just a few days
ago, but she felt strong enough to
come participate. The little girl
has the will to keep going. She's
got a spirit to continue."
Naomi explained why Avon de-
cided to partner up to help The El
Paso Children's Hospital at Uni-
versity Medical. "Avon is the
largest corporate contributor to
the research of a cure for cancer.
We're now looking to help the
cause at the local level, and what
better place than the Childrens
Hospital? The money will be used
for any immediate need for the
hospital within the Oncology De-
partment." Emily's father, Julio,
explained that they've had several
fundraisers specifically for Emily,
but this benefit was for the hospi-
tal that has treated them so well.
Sunday the 17th was a bright,
sunny day with no wind. Perfect
for those bikers that needed to
come out and play. The run in-
cluded a bike show at Handlebars
on Lee Trevino and a car show
featuring the Mustang Express
car club at La Terrazas on Mont-
wood. Naomi wanted to thank
Terrazas for providing so much
good Mexican food in the middle
of the run to the more than 100
registered riders.
"Once we got approval for the
run from the EP Motorcycle
Coalition, we only had a month to
plan. We wanted to keep it in
February as it is Cancer Aware-
ness month. We even had it on the
same day as the Walk for a Cure!
Everybody involved, from the 32
volunteers to Sherman Barnett, to
all the bikers, were just so great.
We had people who came and do-
nated on the spot, donated money
and gifts, bikers and non bikers
alike. It was just exciting to see
all these people with no barriers
unite for a common cause."
Next year, they hope to begin
planning much earlier to incorpo-
rate all that the coordinators
learned this year. They hope to be
more involved within the biker
community and maybe partner up
with clubs to learn from their ex-
If you would like to help, donate
or learn more about this run,
please contact Naomi Ramirez
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Sun City Biker 15
Off-road fascination in seventies
American style.
Exactly one year ago, Husqvarna
presented the Husqvarna Concept
MOAB at the EICMA in Milan - a
study designed as a modern inter-
pretation of the scrambler theme. It
is a motorcycle which embodies
both the identity and the history of
the Husqvarna Motorcycles brand.
Husqvarna Concept BAJA
seventies style and passion com-
bined with the technology of
Husqvarna Motorcycles is now tak-
ing idea this one step further with
the Concept BAJA. The motorcycle
combines tradition and modern de-
sign and, in conjunction with cut-
ting-edge technology, reflects the
essence of what Husqvarna Motor-
cycles stood for in the sixties and
In over 100 years of company his-
tory, Husqvarna Motorcycles has
been able to achieve outstanding
success in international off-road rac-
ing, with 82 World Championship
titles to its name to date. Ongoing
success in racing in particular made
Husqvarna Motorcycles a highly
sought-after brand which became
increasingly popular not just in Eu-
rope but also in the USA.
The widespread acclaim of Husq-
varna Motorcycles was reinforced
by famous riders of the times, but
above all by one particular celebrity
motorcycling fan: American actor
Steve McQueen. McQueen was not
just an enthusiastic motorcyclist and
motor racing fan, he also achieved
success himself on the race track on
both two and four wheels. Among
other things he entered the Six Days
in 1964.
The cover photo of the US maga-
zine Sports Illustrated dated Au-
gust 23rd 1971 showing a
bare-chested Steve McQueen doing
a jump on a Husqvarna Cross 400
remains legendary to this day. The
McQueen-Husqvarna combination
eventually became the idol of a
whole generation of off-road fans -
and the Husqvarna Cross 400 has
been taken as the historical design
role model for the Husqvarna Con-
cept BAJA.
Using modern-day technologies, the
Husqvarna Concept BAJA recalls
this unique era in American motor-
cycle racing, featuring the purist,
sporty and dynamic styling which is
typical of Husqvarna.
The multi-section architecture of the
body displays a very clear, purist
style. The slim shape of the saddle
instantly recalls the Husqvarna
models of the 1970s. Meanwhile the
concave surfaces of the front and
rear mudguard feature certain stylis-
tic elements which are to be found
in the latest generation of the Husq-
varna models.
The Husqvarna Concept BAJA is
powered by a liquid-cooled single-
cylinder engine. Power transmission
is by means of a five-speed gearbox
via roller chain to the rear wheel.
In terms of suspension, the Husq-
varna Concept Baja features an
agile chassis based on a steel tube
frame. Front wheel suspension is
taken care of by a torsionally stiff
upside-down fork, while the rear
wheel is controlled by a torsion-re-
sistant dual swinging arm in con-
junction with a central spring strut
hinged on a lever system. Thanks to
the bike's generous spring travel, the
agile handling properties of the
Husqvarna Concept BAJA go hand
in hand with excellent qualities for
light off-road riding. The Husqvarna
study meets its aspiration to tackle
light terrain by means of 19-inch
and 17-inch wire spoke wheels at
front and rear respectively, and solid
stopping power is provided at both
front and rear by a Brembo hy-
draulic disc brake system.
"Get your motor running, head out on the highway!" Does Step-
penwolf's Born to Be Wild lyrics blare through your speakers when
you ride your motorcycle down the highway? If you love the open
road and the wind blowing through your hair, then get ready to be
surrounded by tons of other motorcycle enthusiasts at the 2013
Daytona Bike Week, an annual event in Daytona Beach, Florida.
This event is the mecca for all things bike-related. The event calen-
dar is chalked full of "don't miss" events, including those sponsored
by the likes of Harley Davidson, Budweiser and more. Whether
you stay in a local hotel or relax and meet new or visit with old
friends at the campground sites, there will be a place for you, your
bike and your motorcycle trailer.
Speaking of motorcycle trailers, if you're traveling the long dis-
tance from Canada to Florida, you are going to need a reliable
trailer to help you get there. Whether you like to pull your belong-
ings behind you or load them all up on an open or enclosed trailer,
now is the time to start thinking about what you will need to get
you there. There are many motorcycle trailers out in today's market,
so how do you pick the right one?
When choosing a trailer, make sure to visit an established motorcy-
cle trailer dealer that can help you discover what the best fit is for
you and your motorcycle. Manufacturers like Aluma offer small
trailers that can be pulled effortlessly behind your bike. There are
other small trailers that fold up for easy storage when not in use.
Ask your sales representative to help you explore these options
fully before you make a small trailer purchase.
If you'd rather haul your favorite machine(s), then consider an open
flatbed trailer or enclosed trailer that can transport more than one
bike at a time. Open flatbed trailers come with ramps for easy load-
ing and unloading and have optional sideboards for extra protec-
tion. Make sure to ask about tie-down kits, bike chocks, helmet
cabinets, tool kits and brake packages to get the most out of your
flatbed trailer purchase.
Today's enclosed trailers come with a variety of options for the in-
terior and exterior that can allow them to be used for more than just
a trailer to pull your motorcycle. Carmate offers a new pop tent that
can be added to your trailer that offers ventilation to the unit. More-
over, depending on the size of your motorcycle trailer, you could
add additional cabinets for storage, racks to hang accessories and
even add bunks to use your trailer as a make-shift camper for
overnight accommodations (which would come in most handy dur-
ing Daytona Bike Week).
Enclosed trailers also have the option for a custom design to pro-
mote your company, organization or event. Bike week is a great
venue for spreading the word about your motorcycle business and a
trailer makes the perfect billboard!
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