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• Blue-Orange rift re-emerges in Ukraine — page 2.

• On the second anniversary of the Orange Revolution — page 7.
• Nadia Svitlychna remembered in Ukraine and U.S. — centerfold.


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No. 49 THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2006 $1/$2 in Ukraine

Woskob family donates $1 million Rada passes bill recognizing

to Ukrainian studies at Penn State the Holodomor as genocide
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Alex and The latest gift will significantly by Zenon Zawada al dignity. We will renew our national
Helen Woskob (Voskobijnyk), business- expand the Endowment for Ukrainian Kyiv Press Bureau memory of those 10 million innocent vic-
people and owners of the AW & Sons Studies at Penn State and Mr. and Mrs. tims killed in 1932-1933.”
apartment rental company in State Woskob hope that others in the Ukrainian KYIV – In a historic vote, Ukraine’s The Holodomor of 1932-1933 was an
College, Pa., have donated $1 million to community will contribute in the future Parliament followed President Viktor artificially created famine launched by
to increase the scope of the endowment’s Yushchenko’s lead and on November 28 Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin with the
the College of Liberal Arts in support of
activities. passed a law declaring the Holodomor of goal of breaking Ukrainian resistance to
Ukrainian studies at The Pennsylvania
The interest generated by the endow- 1932-1933 a genocide against the forced collectivization and eliminating
State University.
ment will primarily support cultural and Ukrainian people. Ukrainian national consciousness, result-
Two of the Woskobs’ children, George
scholarly activities at Penn State, includ- Verkhovna Rada Chair Oleksander ing in the genocide of an estimated 10
and Larysa, are graduates of Penn State, Moroz and his Socialist Party of Ukraine
and the recent donation continues the ing the teaching of Ukrainian language million Ukrainians.
and culture; visiting faculty, researchers broke ranks with the pro-Russian factions Previously, the Verkhovna Rada had
Woskob family’s generous support for that comprise the coalition government
the Ukrainian as well as other artistic and and scholars; publications and symposia just barely passed a resolution on May
on Ukrainian topics; speakers and per- and joined the Our Ukraine and Yulia 15, 2003, declaring the Holodomor an act
cultural programs at the university. Tymoshenko blocs to cast 233 votes in
The Woskobs have previously donated formers; student and faculty exchanges; of genocide against the Ukrainian people.
study abroad programs in Ukraine; and favor – seven more votes than what was In the drive to get that designation
significant funds to establish the Penn needed for the bill to pass.
State Center for Ukrainian Agriculture and other activities that will acquaint the codified as Ukrainian law, its advocates
English-speaking world with the best that The next day, President Yushchenko stressed the moral need for the nation to
have funded other local cultural projects, signed the Holodomor bill into law,
such as the Woskob Family Art Gallery at Ukrainian culture has to offer. come to grips with its terrifying, tragic
Spearheading the Ukrainian program at declaring it a historic moment in past in order to move forward.
the Penn State Downtown Theater. Ukraine’s history.
Penn State is Prof. Michael Naydan, who But there were pragmatic reasons as well.
The Woskobs’ son George with his “The vote does not target anyone,” Mr.
has been teaching at the university since
wife Nina, owners of the GN Associates Yushchenko said. “It restores our nation- (Continued on page 26)
1988. Dean Susan Welch of the College
apartment rental and management firm in
of Liberal Arts at Penn State recently
State College, have also been extremely
announced that Prof. Naydan has been
active in their financial support of cultur-
al activities at Penn State. George
Woskob also serves on the advisory
appointed to the rank of distinguished
professor with the title of Woskob Family Thousands mark anniversary
Professor in Ukrainian Studies for his
board of the Penn State Center for
Ukrainian Agriculture. (Continued on page 10) of Orange Revolution in Kyiv
Kean University offers course
on Famine-Genocide of ‘32-’33
by Matthew Dubas department of Holocaust and Genocide
Studies, had the original concept and
PARSIPPANY, N.J. – A course design for a graduate program in
titled “The Ukrainian Famine- Holocaust and Genocide Studies. The
Genocide, 1932-1933” is being offered interdisciplinary program was initially
in the spring 2007 semester and first intended to help teachers whose cur-
summer session in June as part of riculum requires them to teach about
Kean University’s Graduate Program the Holocaust and other genocides.
in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Dr. Weinstein knew of Dr. Griffith’s
The three-credit course, the first of its Ukrainian background and asked if she
kind in the United States, is taught by would be interested in designing a
Ruth Pianotchka Griffith, the grand- course on the Famine-Genocide of
daughter of a victim of the Famine and 1932-1933. At that time, Dr. Weinstein
the daughter of a young survivor. was unaware of Dr. Griffith’s personal
The course will cover the conditions history, which included relatives who
of the Ukrainian population under the survived the Holodomor.
regime of Joseph Stalin, the historical Dr. Griffith’s mother ’s family Zenon Zawada
background, the struggle of the peas- (Ancherbak) came from the Ukrainian Orange Revolution supporters listen to speeches delivered at the second anniversary
ants during collectivization, Ukrainian village of Shkarbinka, north of Odesa. commemoration on Kyiv’s Independence Square.
nationalism under Stalin, the Famine During the time of the Holodomor, her
itself, the Western response and its grandfather (Horbatiuk) on her moth- by Zenon Zawada force her ties and image among Europe’s
effects, recovery efforts, and the study er’s side, died while imprisoned and Kyiv Press Bureau leaders.
of evidence – literature, journalistic was buried in a mass grave at Troitske. Whatever the coincidence of events or
accounts and memoirs. According to her grandmother ’s KYIV – No stage, celebrities or rock cosmic forces that led to the historic
The historical background to the account, there were no horses to bring music awaited those gathered to com- Orange Revolution, it was clear at this
Famine-Genocide will be heavily her husband’s remains to Shkarbinka memorate the Orange Revolution’s two- year’s anniversary that it was a miracu-
stressed to give students a better under- for a burial in the local cemetery. year anniversary on Independence lous flash in history, the magic of which
standing of the environment that pro- A visit to the village of Shkarbinka Square on November 22. has mostly vanished.
duced the extermination of over 7 mil- in 1993 and the gravesite at Troitske Neither Viktor nor Yulia were around. The ascent – largely due to the infight-
lion Ukrainians living under Soviet rule. with her parents, Dr. Griffith said, was President Viktor Yushchenko nestled ing among the revolution’s leaders – of
In the formation of this discipline, himself in the magnificent Mariyinsky the revolution’s anti-hero, Viktor
Dr. Bernard Weinstein, head of the (Continued on page 10) Palace to host a fancy gala, while Yulia
Tymoshenko traveled to Brussels to rein- (Continued on page 3)

Blue-Orange rift re-emerges in Ukraine Rada says Famine was genocide Party and Communist Party) failed to back
the Verkhovna Rada’s decision to recog-
by Jan Maksymiuk “There is a legal collision here, whether KYIV – Following a heated debate, nize the 1932-1933 Famine as a genocide
RFE/RL Newsline the Verkhovna Rada can dismiss the two 233 deputies of the 450-seat Verkhovna against the Ukrainian people. (Ukrinform)
ministers without a presidential request. I Rada on November 28 voted to declare
Following a heated debate, the don’t think it can, because there is the
Verkhovna Rada on November 15 opted the man-made Famine in Ukraine in Yanukovych slams Tarasyuk
notion of analogy in law: if the dismissal 1932-1933, or Holodomor, an act of
to postpone a decision on the fates of
procedure is not defined while the genocide against the Ukrainian people, KYIV – At a Cabinet of Ministers meet-
Foreign Affairs Minister Borys Tarasyuk
appointment procedure is, legal analogy Ukrainian media reported. A bill submit- ing on November 29 Prime Minister
and Defense Minister Anatolii
Hrytsenko. must apply and the same procedure ted by President Viktor Yushchenko and Viktor Yanukovych slammed the activity
The two presidential appointees were should be used.” somewhat reworded by Rada Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and
grilled during the parliamentary session The debate on the two presidential Oleksander Moroz was supported by Foreign Affairs Minister Borys Tarasyuk,
by lawmakers from the ruling coalition, ministers was just the latest clash in the lawmakers of Our Ukraine, the Yulia blaming the ministry for an attempt to can-
led by Prime Minister Viktor short but uneasy cohabitation of Prime Tymoshenko Bloc, the Socialist Party, cel the prime minister’s visit to the United
Yanukovych’s Party of the Regions. They Minister Yanukovych and President and two legislators from the ruling Party States on December 3-7. Mr. Yanukovych
were accused of poor performance and Viktor Yushchenko –two longtime politi- of the Regions. In order to make passage read out a letter by the Foreign Affairs
negligence in office, but were spared the cal rivals who have reinvented their rela- of the bill possible, Mr. Moroz proposed Ministry to the U.S. Embassy, which pro-
indignity of a vote on their dismissal – at tionship since Mr. Yanukovych became the removal of a provision that would posed postponing the prime minister’s
least for two weeks. prime minister in early August. have made it a crime to deny the U.S. visit. The Foreign Affairs Ministry
In the meantime, observers are left to Cracks began to show in September, Holodomor took place. Mr. Moroz also cannot run the government, Mr.
debate whether Parliament has the right when Mr. Yanukovych said in Brussels proposed that the bill's original formula- Yanukovych said, referring to Mr.
to dismiss ministers nominated to the that Ukraine would slow its pace toward tion “genocide of the Ukrainian nation” Tarasyuk, and noted that he has already
Cabinet by the president. Foreign Affairs NATO membership due to public opposi- be replaced with “genocide of the sent a letter to the Verkhovna Rada ques-
Minister Tarasyuk, for one, believes that tion. President Yushchenko rebuked the Ukrainian people,” thus blunting the tioning the legitimacy of Mr. Tarasyuk
it cannot, since the Constitution of prime minister for impinging on the pres- implication that the Holodomor singled occupying his post. The Foreign Affairs
Ukraine does not say anything about ident’s constitutional right to shape the out ethnic Ukrainians as the principal Ministry explained that the letter was writ-
such a situation. country’s foreign policy. Simultaneously, victims. Lawmakers from the Party of ten because the relevant directives regard-
“The Constitution, which was amend- Mr. Yushchenko reminded Mr. the Regions and the Communist Party ing the U.S. visit were not yet confirmed.
ed hastily [in 2004], does not stipulate opposed the bill during the debate and The directives were confirmed only on
Yanukovych that just one month earlier
how these ministers [appointed by the most of them did not take part in the vot- November 29. According to the deputy
both of them signed the so-called
president] can be dismissed,” he said. ing, arguing that the bill would worsen chief of the Presidential Secretariat,
Universal of National Unity, in which
relations between Ukraine and Russia by Arsenii Yatseniuk, the directives will be
they pledged to seek NATO membership
suggesting that through the Holodomor signed by the president. (Ukrinform)
as one of Ukraine’s key foreign-policy Moscow intended to wipe out the
Jan Maksymiuk is the Belarus and
priorities. Ukrainians as a nation. President CIS summit held in Miensk
Ukraine specialist on the staff of RFE/RL
Newsline. (Continued on page 18) Yushchenko signed the bill the next day.
(RFE/RL Newsline) MIENSK – Eleven presidents partici-
pated in a summit of the Commonwealth
Rada accepts Pavlenko’s resignation of Independent States (CIS) in Miensk
Clouds gather over internal affairs minister KYIV – The Verkhovna Rada sent
on November 28, Belarusian and interna-
tional media reported. Turkmenistan,
by Oleg Varfolomeyev agreement between Messrs. Yushchenko Ukrainian Minister for Family, Youth and whose President Saparmurat Niyazov
Eurasia Daily Monitor and Yanukovych. Parliament, in which Sports Yurii Pavlenko packing on routinely ignores such gatherings, was
Mr. Yanukovych controls a majority, can November 29. Before the vote the minis- represented in Miensk by a deputy prime
The team of Ukrainian Prime Minister dismiss Mr. Lutsenko any time, accord- ter, who represented Our Ukraine, said he minister. “The main achievement of the
Viktor Yanukovych has mounted an ing to the Constitution. had signed an application for resignation organization is that it promotes coopera-
offensive against Internal Minister Yurii Parliament started its attack with a more than a month ago and that his plans tion,” Belarusian President Alyaksandr
Lutsenko, one of a handful of ministers warning shot. On November 2 a parlia- hadn't changed. According to Mr. Lukashenka said while opening the meet-
loyal to President Viktor Yushchenko. Mr. mentary commission was set up to inves- Pavlenko, he was eager to work in the ing. But he also admitted that “actions
Lutsenko spearheaded the anti-corruption tigate allegations of corruption against government only under a coalition of often lag behind decisions” within the
campaign that was launched after Mr. Mr. Lutsenko, which were published in national unity (among Our Ukraine, the CIS. Kazakh President Nursultan
Yushchenko came to power in 2005. the September 8 issue of the weekly Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc and the Socialist Nazarbaev told journalists after the sum-
Several Donetsk-based Yanukovych newspaper 2000. The paper claimed that Party). Mr. Pavlenko said that he now mit that CIS leaders discussed a report on
cronies were among the targets of that he or his family were involved in car insisted on resigning for another reason: reforming the CIS and ordered their for-
campaign. ownership irregularities – an allegation that part of the Anti-Crisis Coalition (com-
Now Mr. Lutsenko is the target of sev- flatly dismissed by Mr. Lutsenko. On the posed of the Party of the Regions, Socialist (Continued on page 24)
eral investigations himself. He and same day Parliament approved a recom-
President Yushchenko dismiss them as mendation to Prime Minister Yanukovych
political persecution.
It is technically easier for Prime
Minister Yanukovych to get rid of Mr.
to suspend Mr. Lutsenko for the duration
of the commission’s work.
However, Minister Lutsenko has not

Lutsenko than the two other Yushchenko been suspended. President Yushchenko An English-language newspaper published by the Ukrainian National Association Inc.,
loyalists – Foreign Affairs Minister Borys a non-profit association, at 2200 Route 10, P.O. Box 280, Parsippany, NJ 07054.
came to his rescue the same day. His
Tarasyuk and Defense Minister Anatolii Yearly subscription rate: $55; for UNA members — $45.
spokeswoman said that the president did
Hrytsenko – although Mr. Yanukovych not understand Parliament’s move and Periodicals postage paid at Parsippany, NJ 07054 and additional mailing offices.
dislikes them as well. Messrs. Tarasyuk (ISSN — 0273-9348)
that the legality of it was doubtful. Mr.
and Hrytsenko were appointed to the Lutsenko told 1+1 TV on November 2
Yanukovych Cabinet on President The Weekly: UNA:
that the Verkhovna Rada has the right to Tel: (973) 292-9800; Fax: (973) 644-9510 Tel: (973) 292-9800; Fax: (973) 292-0900
Yushchenko’s quota, and nobody but he dismiss him, but there is no law allowing
can replace them, but Mr Lutsenko’s the Rada to suspend him. Mr. Lutsenko Postmaster, send address changes to: Editor-in-chief: Roma Hadzewycz
appointment was the result of a separate dismissed the action against him as The Ukrainian Weekly Editors:
“revenge of those who have legal prob- 2200 Route 10 Zenon Zawada (Kyiv)
lems.” He said Mr. Yanukovych’s Party P.O. Box 280 Matthew Dubas
Clarification of the Regions (PRU) and the opposition
Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc (YTB) were
Parsippany, NJ 07054

Regarding the article “Reunion recalls behind the controversial motion. The Ukrainian Weekly Archive: www.ukrweekly.com; e-mail: staff@ukrweekly.com
fallen brethren” (November 12), the Mr. Lutsenko spoiled relations with
author, Christina Kotlar, wishes to clarify The Ukrainian Weekly, Sunday, December 3, No. 49, Vol. LXXIV
the YTB last year when he publicly Copyright © 2006 The Ukrainian Weekly
that the announcement about the disband- accused Ms. Tymoshenko’s right-hand
ed organization refers to the Social man, Oleksander Turchynov, of eaves-
Service of Ukrainian War Veterans dropping on top officials when Mr.
(Suspilna Sluzhba Kombatantiv v ZSA), a Turchynov headed the Security Service ADMINISTRATION OF THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY AND SVOBODA
joint effort of several Ukrainian veterans’ of Ukraine (SBU) in February-September
organizations that included the Former 2005. Mr. Turchynov denied the accusa- Walter Honcharyk, administrator (973) 292-9800, ext. 3041
Members of the Ukrainian Insurgent tion. On November 17 the YTB press e-mail: ukradmin@att.net
Army in the U.S.A. and Canada which is service reported that a Kyiv district court Maria Oscislawski, advertising manager (973) 292-9800, ext. 3040
very active, especially in continued fund- had upheld Mr. Turchynov’s libel suit e-mail: adsukrpubl@att.net
raising efforts for UPA veterans in against Mr. Lutsenko, obliging Mr. Mariyka Pendzola, subscriptions (973) 292-9800, ext. 3042
Ukraine and the Litopys UPA (Chronicles e-mail: ukrsubscr@att.net
of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army). (Continued on page 16)

reception that mostly attracted the Council Roman Bezsmertnyi, got a hos- The old, familiar chants of “Razom
Thousands mark... Presidential Secretariat senior staff, Our tile reception from the crowd that show- nas bahato” (Together we are many) and
(Continued from page 1) Ukraine deputies and close advisors and ered him with chants of “Shame on “Bandu het” (Out with the gangsters)
Yanukovych, to what is now Ukraine’s allies. Bezsmertnyi.” As he meandered through were repeated throughout the night.
most powerful post, that of prime minis- Also attending were Verkhovna Rada the crowd, many pounced on the chance Orange Revolution icon Paraskovia
ter, dampened many people’s enthusiasm. Chair Oleksander Moroz, Central to criticize Mr. Bezsmerntyi face-to-face. Koroliuk, or “Baba Paraska” as she’s
Those who turned out to celebrate this Election Commission Chair Yaroslav “You know the old Socialist proverb, more commonly known, posed for photo-
year were the stalwart, loyal believers in Davydovych, Reforms and Order Party ‘If you want to screw up a good thing, graphs with admirers, chatted with fellow
Chair Viktor Pynzenyk (who recently give it to a Komsomolets?’ ” a man asked revolutionaries and even delivered her
the Orange Revolution’s ideals and val-
united his force with the Yulia Mr. Bezsmerntyi. “That proverb applies own speech.
ues. In their view, no mistake or misdeed
Tymoshenko Bloc), Minister of Foreign to you. You are that Komsomolets who “With a baton, we need to chase out
from any politician or party could detract
Affairs Borys Tarasyuk, Minister of was given a good thing.” the Cabinet of Ministers and half the
from the Orange Revolution’s signifi-
Defense Anatolii Hrystenko and Minister A reporter asked whether he felt respon- Verkhovna Rada,” Baba Paraska shouted
cance for Ukraine.
of Internal Affairs Yurii Lutsenko, a hero sible for the people’s disappointment. to cheers.
“The outlook of Ukrainians has
of the Orange Revolution. “First of all, I felt responsibility for the “My dear relatives, I love all of you,
changed forever,” said Anatolii Levchuk,
President Yushchenko said Freedom fact that we, sitting in our offices, didn’t especially eastern Ukraine, because they
40. “People gained faith in themselves, and
Day, the holiday’s official name as declared manage to realize the people’s will,” Mr. want to believe that we don’t love them,
that’s the thing the temporary arrival of
last year, was an event for all Ukrainians, Bezsmertnyi responded. “We managed to but we love and respect them. But we
Yanukovych won’t be able to take away.”
regardless of their political stripe. win the revolution, but weren’t able to don’t want those gangsters Yanukovych
For Liubov Kolesnyk, 57, the Orange
The Orange Revolution allowed for utilize our power.” and [Rynat] Akhmetov.”
Revolution was the first time her genera-
freedom of speech, assembly, competi- “You ruined all that you could,” anoth- Baba Paraska led cheers in favor of
tion felt freedom. “Older people lived
tion and business to take root in Ukraine. er man shouted. Mr. Yushchenko, Ms. Tymoshenko and
through the Soviet era,” she said. “We
Its greatest achievement was Ukraine’s “It wasn’t us who ruined it,” Mr. Mr. Katerynchuk.
felt the pressure of the Communist sys-
first truly democratic election, he said, Bezsmertnyi retorted. But this very political fissure is what
tem. And, for the first time, we felt like
which hadn’t occurred beforehand. “Then who?” the crowd shouted back. cast a pall over the revolution’s second
we could do something and that some-
“I have always thought and think now “Shame on Bezsmertnyi.” anniversary.
thing depended on us.” In the view of Ms. Kolesnyk, one of
that our nation needs two things – an Meanwhile, Mr. Kyrylenko reached
The Orangists numbered about 8,000 the countless Orange revolutionaries, Mr.
effective democratic government and such a comfort level with the crowd that
throughout the day’s commemoration, Yushchenko betrayed the maidan. She
reliable precautions to prevent authoritar- he even stood among them and listened
arriving at the maidan at one point or said she heckled the Our Ukraine politi-
ianism,” the president said. to various speeches being delivered from
another throughout a slightly chilly day, the top of the maidan’s steps. cians at the anniversary. “When the presi-
the bulk gathering for the evening meeting. Mr. Yushchenko extended an invita-
tion to his “brothers from various politi- After several minutes, he took to the dent handed power on a plate to the ban-
It was a drop in the bucket compared stage. dits, it was a betrayal,” she said in dis-
to the 100,000 who turned out last year cal forces,” including Mr. Yanukovych.
However, the Orange Revolution’s oppo- “During the last two years, we did a gust. “I yelled, ‘Shame on Our
from all oblasts of Ukraine, and the many lot of things that are hard to explain to Ukraine.’”
hundreds of thousands who launched the nent chose not to attend the gala, though
he offered journalists a positive evalua- those who continue to believe in demo- The Tymoshenko Bloc is Ukraine’s
revolution itself two years ago. cratic ideals and the ideals of the Orange only hope for a pro-Ukrainian political
Gone was the rock-solid unity that car- tion of the very revolution that prevented
him from becoming Ukraine’s president. Revolution,” Mr. Kyrylenko said. course, she said.
ried the Orange Revolution. “We were able to secure one main On the other hand, Oksana
Throughout the day, chants of The people’s opinion of the Orange
Revolution has changed, Mr. thing – that each one of us can freely Volodymyrivna, 48, said she will forever
“YUSH-CHEN-KO!” were interrupted think, express his thoughts and not agree remain loyal to Mr. Yushchenko. It was-
by chants of “YU-LIA,” leading to shout- Yanukovych said. “But its principles
remain unchanged, for which people with the government if he doesn’t agree. n’t Mr. Yushchenko who betrayed the
ing matches between the battling Orange That was the Orange Revolution’s gain,” maidan, but his followers who betrayed
factions. stood under flags of various colors,” he
said. “They hoped for a better life and a he underscored. him by giving Our Ukraine only 13 per-
Separate chants of “KA-TE-RYN- Another popular politician who cent of the vote in the March parliamen-
CHUK” emerged as well, referring to the better fate. They wanted changes, but
addressed the crowd was Mr. tary elections.
38-year-old National Deputy Mykola also yearned for freedom.”
Katerynchuk, who used the opportunity The Orange Revolution was a noble
Katerynchuk who recently quit the Our Ever since its success in the 2006 par-
to promote his new political project, page in Ukraine’s history, she said, dur-
Ukraine People’s Union (OUPU) to liamentary elections, the Party of the
“which has as its goal uniting Ukraine ing which she emptied her refrigerator
launch his own political force. Regions has employed a public relations
with the European Union.” and pocketbook to support it, spending
Regardless of the problems and short- strategy of referring to the maidan and
The prior week, Mr. Katerynchuk every day on the maidan. It was another
comings, for thousands of Ukrainians the Orange Revolution as if their party
announced that he was quitting OUPU step in Ukraine’s inevitable path towards
like Mykola Leschenko, the Orange supported its essence and motivation, and
after the party failed to follow Mr. Europe, which Russian imperialists
Revolution was an unforgettable moment the ideals and principles that it stood for.
Yushchenko’s directive and change its repeatedly interfered with throughout
in their lives that changed Ukraine for the In reality, the Party of the Regions
leadership. “It’s not the maidan’s party, history, she added.
positive. opposed and directly caused the Orange Despite her optimistic words, Oksana
because there isn’t any democracy there,”
“The country is already different,” Mr. Revolution by falsifying the presidential declined to divulge her last name or have
Mr. Katerynchuk said of OUPU, adding
Leschenko said. “Before, we talked about election results and claiming Mr. further discord to the Orange forces. her photograph taken.
NATO and European Union only in whis- Yanukovych as the victor, nearly bring- For many of those who appeared, the “The KGB agents have all remained in
pers between friends. Now we discuss ing the nation to civil war. anniversary was an attempt to relive the their places, and they remain quite com-
these things openly. That’s progress.” “The main thing the maidan gave revolution’s miraculous days. fortable in Ukraine,” she said.
Leaders from the Ukrainian National Ukraine was the knowledge of every citi-
Assembly-Ukrainian National Self- zen to consciously and openly express
Defense (UNA-UNSO) and Reformatsiya, his thoughts about the nation’s future,
a political association of Protestant
Ukrainians, led the afternoon rally.
regarding the principles of its existence,”
said Raisa Bohatyriova, the Party of the
Yanukovych and Tarasyuk
Regions parliamentary faction chair.
Russian journalist Artem Skoropadsky
lauded the Ukrainians for setting an As part of its campaign to rewrite his-
tory, after coming to power the Party of
spar over PM’s visit to U.S.
example of democracy for the Russian
people as a result of the Orange the Regions ordered the erasure of RFE/RL Newsline President Viktor Yushchenko had
Revolution. Before 2004, Russians Orange Revolution graffiti sprayed on approved Mr. Yanukovych’s directive
KYIV – Ukrainian Prime Minister
believed that revolutions weren’t possi- the main post office’s columns that cast and that Yanukovych’s U.S. trip will
Viktor Yanukovych clashed with
ble, he noted. Mr. Yanukovych and his party in a nega- take place as originally planned.
Foreign Affairs Minister Borys
“By your two-year example, you have tive light. Turning to Mr. Tarasyuk, Prime
Tarasyuk during a televised meeting of
set an example to Russian youth which Earlier, glass panes had been placed the Cabinet of Ministers on November Minister Yanukovych said: “Regarding
has started to come out against [Russian over the graffiti-marred columns in order 29 over Mr. Yanukovych’s upcoming you, Borys Ivanovych, we have unfor-
President Vladimir] Putin’s nasty police to preserve the scribbles for historical official visit to Washington, Ukrainian tunately failed to find an understanding
state policy,” Mr. Skoropadsky said. posterity. They are now erased. and international news agencies how to work together over these three
“Just as you got rid of the loathsome, In a true show of democracy, numer- reported. months. Therefore, today I'm going to
revolting Kuchma regime two years ago, ous leaders of the Our Ukraine People’s Mr. Yanukovych read out a letter sign an appropriate letter with my
we also have to get rid of our Putin Union appeared on the far south end of from the Foreign Affairs Ministry opinion about your further work and
regime.” Independence Square at about 7 p.m. to informing him that his trip to send it to Parliament.”
After the speeches, dozens of patriots interact with the crowd, despite their Washington, scheduled for December “Esteemed Viktor Fedorovych, you
carried an immense Ukrainian flag to the shattered popularity. 3-7, had been postponed indefinitely have already sent such a letter to the
Presidential Secretariat building, where The more popular leaders, such as because he failed to seek presidential president. And you know the presi-
the crowd of more than 200 people was National Deputy Viacheslav Kyrylenko approval for a directive setting down dent's answer regarding my person,”
greeted by the same rows of police offi- and Defense Minister Hrytsenko, drew guidelines for the U.S. talks. Mr. Tarasyuk responded.
cers that former President Leonid the people’s warmth and admiration. Mr. Yanukovych then demonstra- Earlier in November, Prime Minister
Kuchma had employed during the During his tenure as vice prime minister tively signed the directive he distrib- Yanukovych said he does not want Mr.
Orange Revolution to keep out demon- for humanitarian affairs, Mr. Kyrylenko uted among Cabinet ministers earlier Tarasyuk in his Cabinet. Foreign
strators. was a strong advocate for Ukrainian lan- the same day and ordered that it be sent Affairs Minister Tarasyuk, like
No one came out from the Secretariat guage and culture, leading the drive to to the Presidential Secretariat. Defense Minister Anatolii Hrytsenko,
to greet the patriots, and they moved on have foreign films dubbed into the Later on November 29, the was appointed to his Cabinet post
toward the Mariyinsky Palace, where Mr. Ukrainian language instead of Russian. Presidential Secretariat announced that directly by President Yushchenko.
Yushchenko was hosting an anniversary Others, such as OUPU Acting Political

OBITUARY: Zinaida Panasenko, teacher and community activist, 108

by Nestor Wolansky school’s sadistic director. In 1914 she artistic directions. Numerous Ukrainian
entered the Women’s Teaching Seminary musical ensembles were proliferating.
SAN FRANCISCO – Zinaida in Mryna, having passed competitive And in the universities, figures such as
Panasenko, the Bay Area’s well-known examinations, and graduated in 1918. Mykhailo Hrushevsky and Tymchenko
community activist, educator and teacher From 1918 to 1924, she taught in the pri- were active.
who for nearly 60 years touched and mary and secondary schools in Kyiv But the Ukrainian national life came to
inspired three generations of Ukrainian province. a standstill as the young Soviet state con-
Americans and others, died on Friday, When the Ukrainian government came solidated its power and imposed absolute
October 13, at the Victorian Convalescent into power – Ukraine proclaimed its control over the people. Through relent-
Home in San Francisco. She was 108. independence in 1918 – the Ukrainian less terror, mass arrests and executions,
Prof. Panasenko, whose rich and pro- language was immediately introduced in intensive Russification and persecution
ductive life spanned the 19th, 20th and all schools, including the university level. of Ukrainians resumed, lasting until
21st centuries, was born on June 13, Such new subjects as history, geography 1991.
1898, in the small town of Marashchi, in and the Ukrainian language were taught. Having married Vasyl Panasenko by
the Kyiv province of Ukraine, during the Throughout her life, Prof. Panasenko has this time, Prof. Panasenko worked in
oppressive era of tsarist Russia. Her never forgotten the extraordinary enthusi- Kryvyi Rih in 1930 as a senior lecturer
father, Yan Stanislavovich Yaskulskiy, asm of Ukrainian teachers during those in Russian and Ukrainian literature. She
had served in the tsarist army for 20 brief years, who were undeterred by lived through the Great Famine of 1932-
years, as a second lieutenant in the 25th hunger and unheated school rooms. 1933 in Kharkiv. Her recollections of
Kazan Regiment Brass Band. Her moth- In 1924 Zinaida entered Kyiv State that despicable period in history, the
er, the beautiful Natalia Chornovil, came University, an educational institution result of directives from Moscow, were
from a peasant family in the village of intended for several hundred, where that cities were better off than the coun-
Salikhi, in the Kyiv province. 2,000 students were enrolled, including tryside, where everything was taken
Soon after his marriage, Zinaida’s many women, who were excluded prior away. Thousands flocked to the cities
father retired from military service and to 1917. with their children hoping to survive.
obtained a position as a gamekeeper- Zinaida Panasenko In 1928 Zinaida was recommended for Many didn’t.
forester in Bohuslav, near Kaniv. the advanced study in language and liter- During World War II, Prof. Panasenko
Both of Zinaida’s parents were ature at the Kyiv Academy of Sciences.
deeply religious, hard-working and and her family experienced the extreme
Ukrainian culture was blossoming in conditions of everyday life in Kharkiv,
exceptionally generous, known for help- Kyiv, and the Ukrainian language
ing their less fortunate neighbors. On from both the Red Army and the
resounded in the streets. Ukrainian plays
Saturdays, when some of the poor fami- were produced in theaters, exploring new (Continued on page 17)
lies with children visited the
Yaskulskiys, they were always given
milk, called “riazhanka.” Every year,
during the Feast of the Savior, Zinaida’s
father would give the poorest villagers
Ukraine’s Ambassador Shamshur
honey from his apiary, and on Holy
Thursday, bees’ wax would be donated meets with Pennsylvania officials
for church candles. It was generally
HARRISBURG, Pa. – Harrisburg, the nology, and the promotion of trade and
believed that honey and bees’ wax were
capital of Pennsylvania, was the setting commerce.
gifts from God, and it would be sinful to
on October 3 for a meeting between the Secretary Yablonsky addressed the
sell them. The children were given clay
ambassador of Ukraine to the United economic growth of Pennsylvania. He
horse figurines and rooster whistles as
States Dr. Oleh Shamshur, and high-level noted that the economy of Pennsylvania
gifts. While sitting in the cool shade of
Pennsylvania government officials. is diverse and that Pennsylvania currenty
their orchard, the old women would talk
Present at the meeting were Dennis has the 17th strongest economy in the
about the latest gossip in the village or
Yablonsky, the secretary for commerce world; Pennsylvania’s exports worldwide
about witches. Zinaida fondly recalled
and economic development for the com- surpassed $22 billion. Secretary
listening to wonderful fairy tales told by
monwealth of Pennsylvania, and Joe Yabonsky further informed the group that
the women, which were never found in
Hoeffel, deputy secretary for internation- Pennsylvania exports to Ukraine, stating
any printed books.
al development. Mr. Hoeffel is a former that exports to Ukraine were valued at
Prof. Panasenko’s childhood was Zinaida Panasenko in her younger days. member of the U.S. Congress. over $531 million, with the largest
strongly affected by her idyllic home life
The purpose of the meeting, as out- exports to Ukraine being machinery, fol-
and by nature, something that had sus- rupted when Zinaida was sent away to a
lined by Ambassador Shamshur, was to lowed by wood products.
tained her throughout her life. The parochial school in the village of
discuss the possibility of establishing a The meeting ended with the both sides
Ukrainian village at the turn of the centu- Chaika, where the rudiments of the
state-to-state relationship between an agreeing to further pursue the idea of estab-
ry resounded with the sounds of nightin- alphabet were taught, frequently
oblast of Ukraine and the lishing a state-to-state relationship between
gales and cuckoos, and the choral enforced with the rod. Continuing her
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Ukraine and Pennsylvania. Also present at
singing of the young people, who tradi- education in Bohuslav, Zinaida would
ambassador spoke about the need for the meeting was Team Pennsylvania
tionally gathered in the evenings to sing. recall with aversion the ruthless policy
business in Ukraine to develop business Ambassador Ulana Mazurkevich and Third
This fairy-tale childhood was inter- of Russification implemented by the
contacts outside the country that would Secretary at the Ukrainian Embassy Galyna
spur exchange of information and tech- Pobedonostseva.

More soup kitchens needed

in Ukraine, says UUARC
PHILADELPHIA – United Ukrainian Since the recent trend towards rising
American Relief Committee (UUARC) prices for crucial aspects of daily life,
is appealing for financial assistance to and with the onset of winter, there are
expand its soup kitchen program in people who can barely subsist. In the
Ukraine, which is desperately needed. south of Ukraine, Mykolaiv, Kherson
For over seven years, the UUARC and Odesa oblasts, and in the west –
has funded this program in Lviv, where Luhansk, Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia
50 elderly clients, among them former oblasts, there is a clear need for a pro-
political dissidents and former mem- gram to feed these poor souls. The
bers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army winter is especially brutal as they suf-
(UPA), have the opportunity to share a fer from the cold, illnesses, poor nutri-
warm meal in a warm place and in tion and loneliness.”
good company. One former soldier The UUARC plans to open addition-
admitted “even though we’re slightly al soup kitchens in two cities, which
ashamed of having to come here, we will cost $1,250 per city, per month.
need to.” This will add 60 persons to this crucial
The economy in Ukraine at this time program.
indicates that the program must be Donations should be send to:
expanded to other oblasts of Ukraine. UUARC – Soup Kitchens, 1206
The UUARC’s director in Kyiv, Vira Cottman Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19111.
Prinko, noted: “Unfortunately, the eld- Online donations via credit card are Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United States, Oleh Shamshur (left), meets with
erly, helpless and solitary people are acceted at www.uuarc.org. All dona- Dennis Yablonsky (second from left), the secretary for commerce and economic
the least likely to receive assistance. tions are tax-deductible. development for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and Joe Hoeffel (right),
deputy secretary for international development, and Ulana Mazurkevich.


UNA holds secretaries’ courses at Soyuzivka and in Hartford

Secretaries’ course participants in Hartford... ... and at the Ukrainian National Association estate, Soyuzivka.

by Oksana Trytjak City. Her presentation was very informa- exceptional role in the Ukrainian commu- pursue these license. In addition, the Home
UNA National Organizer tive, and the participants were attentive nity in the diaspora, as well as in Ukraine. Office is always looking for professional
to her every word. The UNA is very for- insurance agents from within the communi-
PARSIPPANY, N.J. – During the 36th tunate to have members in their midst ***
ty who may be interested in working for
UNA Convention, held in May at who are willing to share their expertise. the UNA on a part- or full-time basis. This
These insurance seminars prepared in
Soyuzivka, a resolution was passed that And we welcome other members who can be a lucrative opportunity.
various districts also help develop closer
emphasized the importance for new sec- may be willing to participate in our Other seminars are being organized
ties between branch secretaries and the
retaries to attend orientation courses and courses and share their specific knowl- throughout the UNA’s territory. When a
UNA Home Office. In keeping with the
for all secretaries to annually attend a edge with attendees. seminar is announced in your district,
UNA’s initiative to have most secretaries
one-day seminar or a refresher course Myron Kuzio, secretary of Branch please come and join us. We invite every-
and organizers pass insurance licensing
organized by the UNA. 277, was instrumental in organizing the one who is interested to attend.
exams, the seminars encourage attendees to
In recognition of the value of all secre- secretaries’ seminar held at the Ukrainian
taries attending refresher courses, UNA National Home of Hartford. This seminar
National Secretary Christine Kozak was attended by branch secretaries from
organized secretaries’ courses at Connecticut and Massachusetts.
Soyuzivka in Kerhonkson, N.Y., on The district organized an appetizing
October 14, and in Hartford, Conn., on luncheon and Maria Kuzio demonstrated
November 11. her culinary know-how by bringing a
The national secretary always encourages variety of tasty cookies and pastries.
secretaries and organizers to bring other Oksana Trytjak, UNA national organ-
interested parties to these seminars, which izer, reminded each secretary and organ-
fully explain UNA insurance products. izer of their value within the UNA organ-
At these seminars Ms. Kozak ization, as they are, by far, the most
describes and emphasizes the roles of the important people within the UNA. They
secretary and the organizer in the UNA are the face of the organization within the
organization. Time is also spent explain- Ukrainian community. It is the secretary
ing the underwriting department, and the and/or organizer that the people in the
various informational and statistical community recognize and turn to with
material received by the secretaries. The questions about the UNA, its various
question-and-answer periods proved to insurance and financial products, and fra-
be most educational. ternal benefits.
At the Soyuzivka seminar the UNA From a sales aspect, Ms. Trytjak
hosted a special guest speaker, Lydia emphasized the importance of being
Prokop, a regional insurance specialist knowledgeable about all UNA products
for a major investment firm in New York and knowing the history of the UNA’s

Mission Statement
The Ukrainian National Association exists:
■ to promote the principles of fraternalism;
■ to preserve the Ukrainian, Ukrainian American and Ukrainian
Canadian heritage and culture; and
■ to provide quality financial services and products to its members.
As a fraternal insurance society, the Ukrainian National Association
reinvests its earnings for the benefit of its members and the Ukrainian

Visit the websites

of the UNA’s publications:




A moral victory Ukrainian-American Environmental Association
On November 28 the Verkhovna Rada passed a bill that recognized the
Famine of 1932-1933, or Holodomor, as a genocide against the Ukrainian peo-
writes to Bush and Yanukovych of “opportunities”
ple. The bill was signed into law the very next day by President Viktor WASHINGTON/RIVNE, Ukraine – In helps to place Ukrainian entrepreneurs
Yushchenko. The bill passed by a slim margin, receiving only seven votes more letters delivered this week to Ukrainian with American businesses to acquire
than the minimum 226 needed. Nonetheless, it was a moral victory. Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych and training and experience in U.S. business
“I would like to emphasize this: The vote is historic. It does not target anyone. U.S. President George W. Bush, the practices. The U.S. Embassy and DoC
It restores our national dignity. We will renew our memory of those 10 million Ukrainian-American Environmental could prioritize energy efficiency by
innocent victims killed in 1932-1933,” Mr. Yushchenko stated. Association (UAEA) outlined “Ten actively working to identify U.S. firms
Mr. Yushchenko expressed gratitude to those who voted in favor of the bill: “I Opportunities for the United States to working in the field of energy-saving
bow my head to thank political leaders, prominent national leaders and all those Assist Ukraine in the Sphere of technologies (e.g., design, manufacture,
who contributed to the bill and its passage.” And he singled out Verkhovna Rada Improving Energy Efficiency.” installation, financing) as well as help
Chairman Oleksander Moroz, whose compromise measure was the one ultimately Prime Minister Yanukovych is sched- identify Ukrainian business leaders inter-
passed, as well as the leaders and members of the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, the Our uled to visit the United States on ested in this issue and facilitating place-
Ukraine Bloc and the Socialist Party, and deputies of other factions who “had the December 3-7 and meet with top U.S. ments and training.
courage and felt the obligation to adopt this bill.” government officials to discuss a number 4.) BISNIS Program: The U.S.
Those who chose not to vote on the bill included members of the Communist Party of policy issues, including energy. Department of Commerce (DoC), through
and the vast majority of members of the Party of the Regions. Mr. Yushchenko charac- In its letter, UAEA noted that the the Business Information Service for the
terized these deputies, quite correctly, as “the remains of the totalitarian system.” prime minister has “commented upon the Newly Independent States (BISNIS),
The historic vote was a significant step from the approval on May 15, 2003, of a importance for Ukrainian industry, local could more aggressively reach out to U.S.
parliamentary resolution that declared the Holodomor “an act of genocide.” At the government and others to reduce energy companies exploring export and invest-
time of the resolution’s passage, National Deputy Hennadii Udovenko, chairman waste and to improve energy efficiency ment opportunities in energy efficiency
of the Rada’s Committee on Human Rights, said he was pleased because, “With for the good of the nation’s economy and and renewable energy technologies and
this document we noted for the first time that we discussed openly and condemned its national security.” encourage them to invest in Ukraine
the politics of genocide.” However, Mr. Udovenko also said a law firmly establish- It added: “We believe that your and/or partner with Ukrainian firms in
ing Ukraine’s position on the genocide was needed. That has now come to pass. upcoming visit to the United States these fields. At present, there are relatively
The Rada’s vote on the Famine-Genocide bill showed clearly the division of polit- affords a good opportunity to explore few Ukrainian companies manufacturing
ical forces in Ukraine, as well as fissures in the ruling Anti-Crisis Coalition led by the options for U.S.-Ukraine cooperation for efficiency and renewable energy equip-
Party of the Regions. Voting for the measure were Our Ukraine, the Tymoshenko pursuing your goals in the area of energy ment and even fewer ESCOs (i.e., energy
Bloc and the Socialists – in other words, the members of the parliamentary coalition efficiency.” service companies) that can help under-
originally proposed to lead the country after this year’s parliamentary elections. Accordingly, UAEA outlined 10 areas write such investments. Through its trade
The vote also showed the unreconstructed nature of some of Ukraine’s national in which the United States could actively fairs and missions, as well as its publica-
deputies, as the Communists disseminated a booklet called “The Myth of the work with Ukraine to reduce energy tions, DoC could promote greater
Holodomor” and the Party of the Regions insisted on calling the Holodomor a waste and thereby improve its economy American involvement in these sectors.
mere “tragedy.” The debate also revealed the position of Prime Minister Viktor and national security. These include 5.) Scholar exchanges: The multiple
Yanukovych, who was quoted in the International Herald Tribune as saying that expanded scholar and business exchange federally sponsored scholar and research
famine “happened on the territory of many countries [former Soviet republics], programs, financial assistance, formal exchange programs, including the
maybe in Ukraine it had a greater effect as Ukraine is a more agricultural country.” Verhovna Rada-U.S. Congress communi- Freedom Support Act, Muskie and
And, so, 73 years after 10 million died during the Holodomor – which at its height cations, an additional role for the U.S. Fulbright programs, could give higher
claimed 25,000 lives per day – there still are those in Ukraine who are blinded by ide- Peace Corps, translations of U.S. energy priority to recruiting and placing
ology and refuse to see, or learn, the truth. May they someday be enlightened. efficiency studies and training materials, Ukrainian students, teachers, scholars and
replication of successful U.S. energy effi- researchers interested in energy efficiency
ciency programs, and using the new U.S. and related environmental issues at U.S.
Embassy in Kyiv as a demonstration of educational institutions. Likewise, greater
Dec. energy-efficient design. emphasis could be given to assisting
Turning the pages back... The listing of “10 opportunities,” fol- American scholars wishing to teach

8 lows. A Ukrainian-language version of

the news release and letter appear on-line
at http://ua-ea.org/222/povdlomlennya-
dlya-zm; an English-language version is
and/or conduct research on how Ukraine
could improve the energy efficiency of its
economy, as well as address other related
1991 With the recent adoption by the U.S. State Department and
other agencies of the Ukrainian-based transliterated spelling at http://ua-ea.org/223/news-release.
energy and environmental issues.
6.) Replication of model U.S. programs:
of Kyiv, it is only right that we remember that it was 15 years Ten opportunities The U.S. federal government has devel-
ago that The Ukrainian Weekly reported that use of the article oped some very effective energy efficiency
“the” was dropped from references to Ukraine. 1.) U.S. AID: The U.S. Agency for programs. These include the Energy Star
The Associated Press on December 3, 1991, announced; “As a result of the passage International Development recently program (which returns $75 in energy sav-
of the independence referendum in Ukraine and moves toward international recogni- approved funding in the amount of $1 ings for every dollar invested), the Federal
tion of Ukraine as an independent country, The Associated Press will henceforth use million to facilitate energy efficiency Energy Management Program (which has
‘Ukraine’ instead of ‘USSR’ in datelines from Ukraine. The AP will also drop the arti- upgrades at industrial facilities in a 9:1 savings-to-cost ratio), the federal
cle ‘the’ that has preceded the word ‘Ukraine.’” Ukraine. While a good first step, there Weatherization Program, the government
That same day, The New York Times first carried a dateline of “Kiev, Ukraine” in remain numerous other opportunities for energy efficiency procurement program,
its new stories and used “Ukraine” without the preceding definite article. further USAID investment in energy effi- the federal energy efficiency research and
In the official White House statement on Ukraine’s referendum results read by spokesman ciency in Ukraine, such as community- development program, and the federal
Marlin Fitzwater to the press, a brief three-paragraph sidebar headlined “Terminology of based energy-savings programs, public appliance efficiency standards program.
Nationalism” noted dropping of the article in references to Ukraine. The item cited Adrian education and energy-efficiency financ- Similarly, many model energy efficiency
Karmazyn of the Ukrainian National Association’s Washington Office who explained: ing mechanisms. Therefore, working programs have been implemented by U.S.
“Ukrainian Americans prefer it (Ukraine) without the ‘the.’ The article is used for regions with the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine and states, counties and cities. Most of these
like ‘the Appalachians’ or ‘the Crimea,’” Mr. Karmazyn explained to The Times. Ukrainian officials, U.S. AID could give programs could be fairly easily replicated
In the months leading up to the change, several articles from the Times varied in much higher priority to funding addition- in Ukraine at relatively low cost but with
their usage of “Ukraine” and “the Ukraine.” The day prior to the AP’s official drop- al energy efficiency projects. the potential for high energy savings.
ping of the definite article “the,” the Times still used the dateline of “Kiev, USSR,” 2.) Millennium Challenge: The recent Therefore, under the auspices of the US.
and referred to “the Ukraine.” decision of the board of directors of the Department of State and/or the U.S.
Other publications made the change at different times. The Boston-based Christian Millennium Challenge Corp. (MCC) to Department of Commerce, federal (as well
Science Monitor used the dateline “Kiev, Ukraine” as early as November 8, 1991. add Ukraine to the list of countries now as state and local) officials who administer
However, references were made to “the Ukraine” and in a front-page news story car- eligible for development assistance from these programs could go to Ukraine to pro-
ried on December 3 of that year. the Millennium Challenge Account vide information and/or training for
The New York Daily News published an editorial on November 29, 1991 urging (MCA) affords Ukraine a new opportuni- Ukrainian officials (or, alternatively,
the recognition of Ukraine without the “the.” ty to secure funding assistance to address Ukrainian officials could come to the U.S.
Additionally, The Wall Street Journal began using Ukraine without “the” as early as poverty reduction and economic growth to meet with their American counterparts).
November 20, 1991. However, it was full of inconsistencies in its November 29 edi- through improved energy efficiency. The 7.) Congress-Rada exchanges: As of
tion on the usage of Ukraine with and without the “the.” U.S. government could work with its the time of the recent U.S. congressional
The Washington Post still used “Kiev, USSR” but switched to “Kiev, Ukraine, after Ukrainian counterparts, as well as with elections, there were 219 members of the
December 3. Even after the official switch, The Post still used “the Ukraine.” interested Ukrainian and American U.S. House of Representatives who are
The Philadelphia Inquirer had telephoned The Ukrainian Weekly in September NGOs and citizens to design compact members of the House Renewable Energy
1991 for input and advice on usage. On November 20 The Weekly received a letter proposals that incorporate energy effi- + Energy Efficiency (RE/EE) Caucus.
from editorial writer Russell Cooks who noted: “The Philadelphia Inquirer has joined ciency into program plans and goals. Similarly, 34 members of the U.S. Senate
the short (but growing) list of mainstream U.S. publications to take the ‘the’ out of 3.) SABIT Program: The Special are members of the Senate RE/EE
Ukraine. Your advice to me a couple of months ago helped me make this possible.” American Business Internship Training Caucus. Many of these members have
(SABIT) Program administered by the
Source: “The ‘the’ is gone,” The Ukrainian Weekly, December 8, 1991. U.S. Department of Commerce (DoC) (Continued on page 19)


Karatnycky responds Parliamentary immunity Looking ahead to 2009 as Ukraine

to Kuzio’s charges and democratic standards marks second Orange anniversary
Dear Editor: Dear Editor:
On October 15 The Weekly printed my I have previously sent registerd letters by Taras Kuzio tic (“let’s wait and see”) or optimistic
letter correcting an error-laden paragraph to President Viktor Yushchenko, Yulia (“they are already evolving”). Precedents
that Taras Kuzio wrote in September. Tymoshenko and Viktor Yanukovych A year ago, there was still a great deal do exist in Eastern Europe for the transi-
Instead of a direct response, Dr. Kuzio about revisiting the issue of parliamentary of optimism in Washington and other tion from oligarchs to law-abiding busi-
now charges me and The Orange Circle immunity, but have not received any reply. Western capitals that, in the aftermath of nessmen, but those countries had an
with new alleged improprieties. the Orange Revolution, Ukraine would external stimulant: the offer of member-
A democratic country’s parliamentary
His primary accusation is that The be able to consolidate its democratic ship in the European Union.
immunity is granted only for slander or
Orange Circle is on Rynat Akhmetov’s gains. On the second anniversary of the Second, is the Orange Revolution
libel within the Parliament. Outside of
payroll – an allegation that is false. As I Orange Revolution, this optimism has reversible, following the return of Mr.
the Parliament, there is no immunity for
already indicated, the net amount we now been replaced by a greater degree of Yanukovych to head the government?
received from an Akhmetov energy com- realism and, in some quarters, pes- Here responses are more optimistic. The
However, Ukraine’s 450 national
pany was $ 3,000 and was used to cover simism. Party of the Regions (PRU), while con-
deputies have immunity inside Parliament
expenses for organizing an energy con- Was it our optimism that was mis- trolling the largest parliamentary faction
and also outside of Parliament, where they
ference in Houston earlier this year. placed, or did Ukraine’s Orange leaders and government, is not in a position of
may have illegal activities in finance and
Dr. Kuzio further claims that The fail their voters and the one in five exercising monopoly power to be able to
customs and nefarious dealings in the econ-
Orange Circle receives no support from Ukrainians who participated in the return Ukraine to the authoritarian era of
omy and business, take bribes and engage
“Our Ukraine businesses.” If by this he Orange Revolution? Indeed, has Viktor Leonid Kuchma.
in money laundering, and participate in ille- Yushchenko "betrayed" the Orange
means Ukrainian companies that include gal activities. And yet they cannot be prose- Ukraine’s regionalism mitigates
President Viktor Yushchenko’s sympa- Revolution, as some of his own support- against the dominance of one ruling
cuted under the present laws of Ukraine. ers now claim?
thizers, his claims are not accurate: at To be truly democratic, Ukraine must party and the imposition of an autocratic
least two of some two dozen corporate Revolutions are notorious in leading
cancel these immunity guarantees for its regime, making Ukraine different from
donors to The Orange Circle are compa- to unfulfilled expectations. And Ukraine
450 national deputies and adopt the stan- Russia. The PRU’s 32 percent victory in
nies headed by associates of the presi- is no exception here. Orange politicians
dards of Europe, Canada, England and the 2006 elections will not permit the
dent. They, along with nine other donors, and revolutionaries never had a unified
the United States where parliamentarians party to monopolize power or reverse the
participated in our energy conference. view of what policies they wished to see
are prosecuted for any and all activities Orange Revolution.
Our energy policy forum was implemented after Mr. Yushchenko came
outside of the Parliament. Ukraine’s post-Soviet transition was
addressed by two members of Our to power.
If Ukraine does not comply with the marked by frequently changing govern-
Ukraine’s national board; the deputy The Orange coalition has been bitterly
democratic standards of parliamentary ments which lasted on average only 12
head of the National Security and divided over its attitudes to work dealing
immunity, the future for Ukraine in months. The last government to be dis-
Defense Council, a presidential body; with the past. The Yulia Tymoshenko
democracy, its economic development missed in such a manner was the
and a Pora leader. Dr. Kuzio can confirm bloc and youth NGOs, such as Pora (It’s
and human rights will be stagnant for Tymoshenko government in 2005.
with parliamentarian Hryhorii Nemyria Time), strongly backed calls to imple-
many years – and probably for future Following constitutional reforms in
our earnest efforts to secure a speaker ment the Orange Revolution campaign
generations. 2006, the president no longer has the
from the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc. promise “bandits to prison.”
right to dismiss the government, which is
Support for the Houston energy confer- President Yushchenko and his party,
I. I. Mayba, M.D. now responsible to the parliamentary
ence was solicited openly. We approached Our Ukraine, have not moved on steps
Winnipeg, Manitoba coalition. The Yanukovych government,
dozens of energy companies. In the inter- to criminally charge senior officials
from the Kuchma regime for election therefore, is likely to remain in place
ests of transparency, we listed all donors until the October 2009 elections.
on our website. We believe that engaging fraud, abuse of office and corruption.
The 2009 presidential elections will be
Ukraine’s key economic and political The Weekly impacts Investigations into the two most notori-
ous cases, the murder of journalist fought by three well-known candidates,
players in discussions on energy diversifi- Mr. Yanukovych, Ms. Tymoshenko and
cation is in the interest of Ukraine’s sover-
eignty and economic growth.
readers near and far Heorhii Gongadze and the poisoning of
Mr. Yushchenko, have stalled or led incumbent Mr. Yushchenko. Current
only to low-level arrests. Opinion polls polls point to the second-round contest
But Dr. Kuzio goes further. He claims Dear Editor:
show that Ukrainians again feel that the being fought by Ms. Tymoshenko and
that I sought to “ingratiate” myself with We have been experiencing amazing
rule of law does not apply to their ruling Mr. Yanukovych, Ukraine’s two most
Mr. Akhmetov by publishing a “flattering feedback on the article featuring the
elites. popular politicians.
article” in the Wall Street Journal, implying Glaucoma Center of San Francisco and
Besides a fractured policy agenda, the In 2009 Ukraine may face a repeat of
that The Orange Circle was rewarded for the Hnizdovsky collection. Most of the
Orange coalition was notoriously broad- the 2004 elections between the Orange
this article with the businessman’s support. inquiries have been from people con-
ranging, from Socialists, to free market and Blue forces with Mr. Yanukovych
What Dr. Kuzio doesn’t point out is that cerned about their eyes, and we have again launching his candidacy from the
the interview was conducted nine months been happy to help point them in the capitalists, to nationalists. This enabled a
large coalition to be formed that could position of prime minister. But, on this
before The Orange Circle was launched right direction for appropriate care. occasion, Mr. Yanukovych will have a
It is great to see that The Ukrainian protest election fraud. But, once the
and while I was with Freedom House. stronger launching pad as the position of
Weekly does impact a wide range of Orange Revolution was over, that coali-
My article was factual and reportorial. In prime minister has been enhanced fol-
Ukrainians both near and far. tion proved unable to remain united and
it I wrote: “Ukraine’s Orange Revolution lowing constitutional reforms.
disintegrated after only nine months in
… gained momentum due to public anger The 2009 elections are likely to again
Andrew Iwach, M.D. office.
at crony capitalism and high-level corrup- be a contest between Blue and Orange
Marta Klufas, O.D. Mr. Yushchenko’s election was a vic-
tion … Many of Mr. Yushchenko’s support- forces. As prime minister for three years
San Francisco tory for democratic forces but never
ers are convinced that many of Ukraine's and having a popular base of support,
became a knock-out blow to the ancien
economic magnates acquired their wealth Mr. Yanukovych will be guaranteed to
The letter-writers are executive direc- regime, unlike in Georgia where
illegitimately – if not criminally – and want enter the second round.
tor and research director, respectively, of Mikheil Saakashvili was elected presi-
the new government to vigorously prose- The former Orange Revolution coali-
the Glaucoma Center. dent with 96 percent of the vote. The
cute illegal financial transactions.” In prop- tion will enter the 2009 elections divided
split in the Orange camp became perma-
er journalistic protocol, I asked Mr. between Mr. Yushchenko and Ms.
nent following this summer’s crisis that
Akhmetov to respond to this charge. We welcome your opinion Tymoshenko, one of whom will go
saw the surprise return of Viktor
The Wall Street Journal has an editori- through to the second round. Mr.
Yanukovych to head the government.
al board that safeguards quality and The Ukrainian Weekly welcomes letters Yanukovych could well do in 2009 what
Mr. Yanukovych and the Party of the
doesn’t publish “flattering” articles. to the editor and commentaries on a variety he never attempted to undertake in 2004,
Regions obtained 44 and 32 percent of
I am saddened that Dr. Kuzio is lowering of topics of concern to the Ukrainian namely, win a free election.
American and Ukrainian Canadian com- the vote in 2004 and 2006 respectively,
the level of discourse by resorting to “kom- Only two years into his presidency,
munities. Opinions expressed by colum- showing that this political force had a
promat,” guilt by association and innuendo. Mr. Yushchenko increasingly resembles a
nists, commentators and letter-writers are large popular base.
I don’t want to further waste your readers’ lame duck president. He never listens to
their own and do not necessarily reflect the On the second anniversary of the
time in responding to the groundless insinu- advice, allows personal conflicts to
opinions of either The Weekly editorial Orange Revolution, Ukraine is at a cross-
ations made by Dr. Kuzio, who in recent unduly influence his views, has adopted
staff or its publisher, the Ukrainian roads and faces two strategic questions.
years has publicly heaped scorn on a disastrous personnel policy and not
National Association. First, will the Party of the Regions
Ukrainian American and Ukrainian shown leadership or a devised strategy.
Letters should be typed and signed transform itself into a democratic, post-
Canadian leaders and institutions, as well as Mr. Yushchenko’s greatest weaknesses
(anonymous letters are not published). oligarch party? The answers to this ques-
on Viktor Yushchenko, whom he likes to Letters are accepted also via e-mail at have been his lack of charisma and con-
tion are either pessimistic (as best repre-
call the “kamikaze president.” I am honored staff@ukrweekly.com. The daytime phone comitant inability to stay in touch with
sented by the Tymoshenko bloc), agnos-
now to be in their company. number and address of the letter-writer must core Orange voters, coupled with an
be given for verification purposes. Please inability to exercise power. Ongoing dis-
Adrian Karatnycky note that a daytime phone number is essen- Dr. Taras Kuzio is a senior fellow, cussions over revising constitutional
New York tial in order for editors to contact letter-writ- German Marshall Fund of the United reforms ignore the fact that Mr.
ers regarding clarifications or questions. States, and adjunct professor, Elliott Yushchenko has neither exercised power
The letter-writer is president of The Please note: THE LENGTH OF LETTERS School of International Affairs, George
Orange Circle. CANNOT EXCEED 500 WORDS. Washington University. (Continued on page 17)

Boxing goal in the 48th minute. The only goal ing one for Shakhtar’s Romanian coach bronze overall at the World Wushu
for Belarus came in the 78th minute on a Mircea Lucescu, marred the clash. Championship in China on October 30.
• Ukrainian boxer Volodymyr penalty shot by Vitali Rushnitski. On its Portuguese referee Paulo Gomes sent off Wushu features multiple martial arts
Klitschko defeated previously undefeat- way to the top, Ukraine defeated San Shakhtar’s defender Dmitro Chigrinsky events that the International Olympic
ed Calvin Brock on November 11 at Marino 6-0 and Kazakhstan 2-0. for an ugly tackle on Dynamo’s Brazilian Committee has allowed China to organize
Madison Square Garden in the seventh • After suffering a 2-0 loss to Italy in striker Kleber late in the first half before during the 2008 Olympic Games, separate
round to retain the IBF World its previous match in the Group B Euro giving Lucescu his marching orders for from the official Olympic sports, in what
Heavyweight Title. Klitschko improved 2008 qualifiers, the Ukrainian team protesting about the decision. Gomes will be called the 2008 Beijing Olympic
his record to 47-3 with 42 knockouts, defeated Scotland 2-0, on October 11. evened the sides by ejecting Dynamo’s Games Wushu Tournament. Elimination
while Brock fell to 29-1. After the match, Olexandr Kucher was first to put Ukraine Artem Milevsky after the striker picked matches for the 2008 tournament are
Klitschko said he looks forward to his on the scoreboard, off a pass from Andriy up his second yellow card midway scheduled for next year’s championship.
next fight against a belt holder. Nicolay Shevchenko, with a shot in the 60th through the second half. The referee then
Valuev holds the WBA title, while Oleg minute in the second half. Shevchenko red-carded Shakhtar’s Darijo Srna for Skiing
unsportsmanlike conduct after the final The 20,000-square-meter Bukovel Ski
whistle. Maxim Shatskikh scored the Resort, located 920 meters above sea
winner from close range in the 73rd level in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, will
minute to give Dynamo 35 points from become a center to host preparations for
13 matches. Last season’s champions the Olympic Games, Family, Youth and
Shakhtar remain 29, six points ahead of
Sports Minister Yuri Pavlenko told a
third-placed Metalist Kharkiv.
press conference. Mr. Pavlenko stated his
Lucescu blamed the referee for his
hope is that not a lot of water will flow
team’s defeat. “The referee just ruined the
under the bridge so that Bukovel will
game,” the temperamental Romanian,
host the European Winter Sports
who was fined $5,000 by the league for
using bad language in a match against
Vorskla Poltava earlier this season, told a Chess
news conference. “He was calling every-
thing one way, and of course, when you • The world’s youngest chess
have this it’s very difficult to get a result.” Grandmaster, Serhiy Karyakin, 14,
• Shakhtar Donetsk stayed alive in the returned to Symferopol from a trip to
UEFA Champions League match on Western Europe and Central America with
November 22 with a 1-0 win at home three victories. The Ukrainian chess play-
against Italy’s AC Roma. Romanian er won the tournament of the third World
striker Ciprian Marica netted the only Chess Festival, which was under way in
goal for Shakhtar. The match left Roma Mexico City in October. He took second
Markian Hadzewycz in second place, while Shakhtar takes place at the International Tournament of
The view in Madison Square Garden as Volodymyr Klitschko was introduced. third in Group D. Shakhtar takes on quick chess in France and won first place
Greece’s Olympiakos in its final match as a member of the Linex-Magic team at
of the group stage. the National Club Tournament in Spain. “I
Maskaev holds the WBC title. scored another one for the Ukrainian
took part in the most mass seance of
For his victories in the ring, President team with a penalty kick in the 90th Running simultaneous game for the whole chess
Viktor Yushchenko awarded Volodymyr minute, to secure 3 points in Ukraine’s
• Ukrainian runner Mykola Rudyk, 32, history. It was at the chess festival in
Klitschko the order “For courage,” first second Group B victory. Ukraine, with 6
from Ukraine, sprinted to win the United Mexico City. As many as 15,000 chess
degree, on November 22. points, trails Scotland and France, who
Technologies Greater Hartford Marathon players were playing at the same time at
• The Ukrainian boxing team of are tied with 9 points, and Italy with 7
with a 2-second margin of victory over the Sokalo Square in Mexican capital,”
Georgi Chigaev, 48 kg, Vitali Volkov, 51 points. The next match for Ukraine in the
Kenyan runner Jonathan Ndambuki to said Karyakin. Additionally, he said that
kg, Maxim Tretyak, 54 kg, Dmytro Euro 2008 will be on March 24, 2007,
Bulenkov, 57 kg, Olexandr Klyuchko, 60 win the marathon in 2 hours, 18 minutes fellow Ukrainian Ruslan Ponomariov was
against the Faroe Islands.
kg, Mykola Semenyaga, 64 kg, Olexandr and 40 seconds. playing at the national Spanish tourna-
• Ukrainian amateur team Ivan Odesa
Stretskiy, 69 kg, Oleksandr Usyk, 81 kg, • The Associated Press reported on ment for the Linex-Magic club, which is
AMA won the UEFA Group 5 mini-tour-
Denis Poyatska, 91 kg, and Vyacheslav November 5 that Tatiana Hladyr of Ukraine representing the Extremadura province.
nament on October 25 in a scoreless
Glazkov, +91 kg, won the bronze medal took second place to defending champion • Ukrainian chess Grandmaster Oleg
match against Liechtenstein AMA, 1-0
at the World Cup of Boxing on October Jelena Prokopcuka of Latvia in the New Romanishin defeated Filipino International
against Belgium’s Center AMA (October
21 in Baku, Azerbaijan, defeating their York City Marathon. The two separated Master-Elect John Paul Gomez in the fifth
18), and 1-0 against Slovenia’s Ptuj &
Chinese opponents 10-1. from the pack early on the Verrazano round of the third Calvia Chess Festival on
Celje AMA (October 20), to reach the
• Ukrainian boxer Sergiy Dzinziruk, a Bridge into Brooklyn and built their lead to October 24 in Mallorca, Spain.
final stage of the UEFA Regions’ Cup. In
southpaw, retained his WBO Super 40 seconds upon returning to Manhattan. Romanishin improved his total to 4.5
the biennial cup tournament, the
Welterweight (154 lbs) title in a unani- The pair extended their lead to 90 seconds points and moved into a tie for first with
Ukrainians will face amateur teams from
mous decision against Russian boxer – more than a quarter mile – as they headed GM Aleksa Strkovic and GM Branko
all over Europe. The final is scheduled
Alisultan Nadirbegov (15-2) on October in the Bronx and back to Manhattan, where Damljanovic of Serbia and Montenegro,
for June 30, 2007.
21 at Germany’s Brandenburg Arena to Prokopcuka moved away from Hladyr in and GM Stuart Conquest of England.
• In the UEFA Champion’s League
maintain his unbeaten record of 33-0. the final stretch of the race toward the fin- • Ukrainian chess Grandmaster
play, Ukrainian club Shakhtar Donetsk
• On November 22, former WBC ish line in Central Park. Hladyr finished Vassiliy Ivanchuk remained the leader
tied with Valencia 2-2 in the Group D
Champion Vitalii Klitschko and current with a time of 2 hours, 26 minutes and five with 3.5 points in the Capablanca
match on October 31. Shakhtar took the
deputy of the Kyiv City Council said he seconds, exactly one minute behind Memorial International Chess
lead early with a curving free kick by
has no intention of returning to the sport Prokopcuka. This was Prokopcuka’s sec- Competition in Havana, Cuba, on
Jadson Rodriguez – his first goal of the
of boxing. This came after rumors ond straight victory in the New York City November 19-30.
competition – over the wall in the 2nd
emerged from the German mass media Marathon, the first in over 10 years since
minute of play. Fernando Morlentes Olympics
that claimed that the German television Tegla Loroupe of Kenya in 1994-1995.
answered back in the 18th minute for
network RTL contracted Klitschko for Valencia to tie the game. Ten minutes later, Gymnastics Serhiy Bubka, 42, Olympic champion,
four fights at 12.8 million euros. Fernando Luiz Roza (“Fernandinho”) put six-time world champion and 35-time
another one in from 30 meters for Ukrainian gymnast Iryna Krasnianska world record-breaker in pole vaulting,
Soccer won the gold medal in the balance beam was elected president of the National
Shakhtar to take the lead in the 28th
• On October 1 Ukraine’s under-17 minute. Roberto Ayala evened out the event at the World Gymnastics Olympic Committee of Ukraine on
team defeated Belarus 4-1 to take the top score for Valencia with a header in the Championship on October 21. With a November 23. He is a member of the
standing of Group 1 with 9 points of the 68th minute. Shakhtar is tied with score of 15.575, the 18-year-old executive committee of the International
UEFA Championship. Leading scorers Olympiakos with 2 points in Group D. Krasnianska edged Romanian Sandra Olympic Committee and since 2005 has
from Ukraine were Illya Mykhalov in the • On November 6 Dynamo Kyiv beat Raluca Izbasa by .075 points, and chaired the Ukrainian NOC.
29th minute, followed by Maxym Bilyy archrivals Shakhtar Donetsk 1-0 in an ill- Canadian Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs by .1.
This was the Ukrainian team’s first gold Handball
in the 32nd minute. Mykhalov would put tempered match on Monday to go six
in another goal for Ukraine in the 41st points clear at the top of the Ukrainian medal in 11 years at the World Ukraine reached the semifinals of the
minute, followed up by Artur Karnoza’s Premier League. Four red cards, includ- Gymnastics Championships. women’s GF World Cup in Aarhus,
Martial Arts Denmark, by defeating Brazil 39-31.
Joining them in the final four are
SUPPORT THE WORK In a display of full-contact disciplines Romania, Denmark and Russia. This
of the Bajiquan style, a Chinese martial World Cup tournament is preparation for
OF THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY. art that features explosive, short range the European Championships to be held
Send contributions to: The Ukrainian Weekly Press Fund, power and is famous for its elbow strikes, in Gothenburg, Sweden, on December 7.
2200 Route 10, P.O. Box 280, Parsippany, NJ 07054 Ukrainians Ihor Aristov won silver and
Valeriy Olifir won gold in the event and – compiled by Matthew Dubas

Klitschko fans from Jersey on hand for title bout at Madison Square Garden
by Markian Hadzewycz
NEW YORK – Volodymyr Klitschko
succeeded in defending his International
Boxing Federation (IBF) heavyweight
title on November 11, when he defeated
the previously unbeaten Calvin Brock in
a bout at Madison Square Garden.
Klitschko won in the seventh round
after landing a combination left hook,
straight right. The fight was stopped by
the referee as Brock had difficulty rising
when he fell to the canvas after taking a
hard blow to his jaw.
Among those cheering Klitschko’s vic-
tory was a group of approximately 50
Ukrainian Americans who traveled to the
Garden from New Jersey to join the count-
less other fans in the stands. Three years
earlier a similar group had come together
to see Vitalii Klitschko beat Kirk Johnson.
Both times they rendezvoused at Holy
Ascension Ukrainian Orthodox Church in
Clifton, where they dined on Ukrainian
staples – kovbasa, rye bread and cheese –
as they awaited their chartered bus. Ukrainian American fans of Volodymyr Klitschko gathered in Clifton, N.J., before his bout against Calvin Brock.
Each of this group’s ticket holders
received a yellow “Team Klitschko” T- Many wore all sorts of Klitschko hats, ganza for Klitschko, wearing a red robe of Kyiv), nicknamed “Dr. Steelhammer.”
shirt and blue-and-yellow scarf to help shirts and jackets, while others draped with yellow trim. Around 11 p.m. the The 30-year-old Klitschko went into the
cheer on their champion. The group tick- themselves in Ukrainians flags to get the world-renowned announcer Michael fight with a record of 46-3, including 41
ets, as well as the fan garb, were organ- crowd going. The gang from Clifton Buffer introduced both fighters. knockouts; he stood 6-foot-6 and
ized by Andrew Tatarenko. stood out the best, as it took up most of a Brock, age 31, 6-foot-1 1/2 and 224 weighed in at 241 pounds.
On the bus ride the group sang all the seating section as one big mass of yellow. pounds, stood undefeated, 29-0 with 22 Considering the academic back-
“classics,” from the Ukrainian national Before the main event, there were KOs (knockouts). Known as the “Boxing grounds of both fighters, this could be
anthem to Neil Diamond’s “Sweet some lesser bouts, the most notable being Banker,” Brock holds a degree in finance, considered one of the best-educated
Caroline.” Around 9 p.m. the bus pulled up Laila Ali defeating Shelly Burton in four manages his own portfolio, and once bouts in boxing history.
outside the Garden, where the group created rounds. In the audience was Muhammad worked for Bank of America. While At the end of the introductions, Buffer
quite a spectacle with its matching T-shirts. Ali, who was greeted with cheers and a Brock certainly had an impressive record, let out his trademarked: ‘Let’s get ready
(Three years ago his brother Peter was the standing ovation as he entered the many observers pointed out that this to rrrrrumble!”
organizer of a similar event.) Garden to see his daughter successfully member of the 2000 U.S. Olympic team Based on the scorecards, the first four
It seemed that half of the crowd at the defend her WBC women’s super mid- had not yet faced any top boxers or chal- rounds went two apiece, as Klitschko and
Garden was composed of not only dleweight championship title. lenged anyone for a heavyweight title. Brock probed for weaknesses and fought
Klitschko fans, but Eastern Europeans. Finally, the main fight. Brock entered In the other corner, defending his IBF conservatively. In the fifth, the rate of
Ukrainians, Russians and other Slavs first in a white robe with yellow trim, fol- heavyweight champion’s title, was Dr.
came together to cheer on their hero. lowed shortly by a light-show extrava- Klitschko (Ph.D., physiology, University (Continued on page 25)

Traditionall Ukrainiann
Christmass Evee Supperr
Decemberr 24,, 2006
Januaryy 6,, 2007
0 per person, $12.50
0 children 5-12
Traditionall Ukrainiann Christmass Evee Supperr
beginss att 6 pmm
Christmass Dayy Brunch,, 10 0 am-1 1 pm
$12.95++ +
Pleasee calll forr reservations!!

m Rates::
Deluxe: $55.00+ tax & gratuities /night
Suites: $65.00+ tax & gratuities /night
Forr moree informationn call::
(845)) 626-5641 1
216 Foordmore Road P.O.Box 529 845-626-5641 www.Soyuzivka.com

have continued their graduate studies in conference funds, and scholarships for Sacred: Community, Morality and Religion
Woskob family... Ph.D. programs at the University of students to assist them in attending study after Communism” (2007), a collection of
(Continued from page 1) Toronto and at the University of Illinois. abroad programs in Ukraine. essays addressing religion and cultural
“sustained record of scholarly achieve- The current course is taught by Olha An additional faculty member at Penn change in the former Soviet Union.
ment at the highest level.” Tytarenko from Lviv. The culture course State, Dr. Catherine Wanner, has been par- Her current research project analyzes
Prof. Naydan is the author-translator began with an enrollment of 15 students ticularly active in Ukrainian studies and the transformation of religious life in the
of 13 books and nearly 100 other publi- when it was first taught and has climbed will be working closely with Prof. Naydan western Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi
cations in scholarly and literary journals. to as many as 60 students. Most recently, toward establishing a Center for the Study after World War II and the incorporation
His most recent books include annotated it has been offered to ever increasing of Modern Ukraine at Penn State. of this region into Soviet Ukraine. Her
numbers of students via the Internet dur- Prof. Wanner is an assistant professor research has been supported by awards
translations of Yuri Andrukhovych’s
ing the spring semester. in the department of history at The from the National Science Foundation,
novel “Perverzion” (Northwestern
The university has also offered a three- Pennsylvania State University and the National Endowment for the
University Press, 2004) and Viktor
semester sequence of Ukrainian language received her doctorate in cultural anthro- Humanities, the Social Science Research
Neborak’s “The Flying Head and Other
on several occasions – a sequence that pology from Columbia University. Her Council and the National Council for
Poems” (Sribne Slovo Publishers, 2005).
was generously funded by the Woskob first book, “Burden of Dreams: History Eastern European and Eurasian
The former won the American
family during the previous academic and Identity in Post-Soviet Ukraine” Research.
Association of Ukrainian Studies transla-
year. With the increase in the endow- (1998), was an ethnographic study of how For further information on the
tion of the year award (2005) and the lat-
ment, plans are to offer Ukrainian lan- the nationalist paradigm influenced histo- Ukrainian studies program at Penn State
ter the poetry book of the year award in contact: Prof. Michael M. Naydan,
Ukraine (2006). guage courses on a yearly basis. riography and cultural politics in Ukraine
after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Department of Germanic and Slavic
In 1989 Prof. Naydan established Penn Prof. Naydan said he foresees the
Languages and Literatures, 303
State’s first Ukrainian culture course, focus of the endowment to be cultural She is also the author of “Communities
Burrowes Building, The Pennsylvania
which has been taught uninterruptedly and contemporary issues that will not of the Converted: Ukrainians,
State University, University Park, PA
twice each academic year either by Prof. duplicate the already good efforts in his- Evangelicalism and the Search for
16802; telephone, 814-865-1675; e-mail,
Naydan, by visiting scholars such as tory and politics in place at other univer- Salvation” (2007), an analysis of how
Oksana Zabuzhko, Mykola Riabchuk, sities. He sees the Woskob family’s gen- Soviet-era evangelical religious practices
Maria Zubrytska and Olha Luchuk, or by erous donation as a solid beginning and and communities in Ukraine have changed
graduate students from Ukraine, includ- welcomes other donors to establish grad- since the collapse of socialism and the
ing Oleksandra Shchur, Oksana Tatsyak uate student teaching assistantships for introduction of global Christianity. She is Kean University...
and Roman Ivashkiv, all three of whom students from Ukraine, publication and also the co-editor of “Reclaiming the (Continued from page 1)
one of the most moving experiences of
her life. In contrast to her mother’s fami-
ly’s experience, her father’s family,
which came from Halychyna in western
Ukraine, saw little of the devastating
effects of the Famine.
In getting the course off the ground,
Dr. Griffith received a lot of encourage-
ment and support from both Dr.
Weinstein and the university curriculum
committee. In preparation for the course,
during the summer of 2005 Dr. Griffith
immersed herself in the literature of the
Holodomor and designed the course that
was approved in the fall of 2005. The
course was first offered in the spring
semester of 2006. Kean University is also
creating a human rights center that will
be unveiled in 2007 or 2008, she added.
As part of the course, Dr. Griffith is
locating survivors of the Holodomor and
their children. She is looking for chil-
dren/grandchildren of survivors or vic-
tims to interview in person or by phone.
(She can be contacted by e-mail at rgrif-
fit@kean.edu or by phone at 908-737-
0387.) Students taking the course will be
encouraged to interview these survivors
and/or their children in order to collect
primary and anecdotal accounts.
Dr. Griffith is also in the process of
building a Holodomor library collection at
Kean University. Readers can send tax-
deductible contributions earmarked for the
“Ukrainian Holodomor Library Collection”
to: University Foundation, Kean University,
1000 Morris Ave., Union, NJ 07083.
The class is limited to 15 students, but
is open to both matriculated and non-
matriculated students. The spring course
is scheduled to meet once a week on
Monday evenings from 7:50 p.m. to
10:30 p.m. and runs from January 16 to
May 7. The summer session will offer a
six-week course that meets at 5 p.m. on
Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from
May 21 to June 28.

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Museum in New York to exhibit rescued sculptures and icons

by Marta Baczynsky collectors. The exhibit will run through
February 28, 2007.
NEW YORK – The Ukrainian The objects on exhibit date from the
Museum is honored to present the exhi- end of the 17th to the beginning of the
bition “Ukrainian Sculpture and Icons: A 20th centuries and, for the most part,
History of Their Rescue” that opens on were created by folk artists. Among the
December 13. This show has a unique objects are sculptures on religious
distinguishing feature: it includes many themes such as depictions of the
objects from the private collection of the Crucified Christ, angels and saints. The
president of Ukraine, Victor Yushchenko. three-pronged, elaborately decorated
Presented in the exhibit are 57 works candelabra known as “triitsii” are part of
from the president’s collection, as well as this exhibition as well. Also featured are
from the private collections of Petro icons that display the varied styles pro-
Honchar, Ihor Hryniv, Volodymyr duced during this 200-year period.
Koziuk, Vasyl Vovkun and Lidia In the exhibition catalogue President
Lykhach. Yushchenko speaks about the essence of
Since the opening of its new modern these objects: “The works of iconogra-
and elegant building in 2005, The phy and sculpture presented in this exhi-
Ukrainian Museum has been enjoying bition … are not just elements of sacral
one success after another. Its inaugural
exhibition, “Alexander Archipenko:
Vision and Continuity,” brought new
audiences to its galleries and the atten- St. Barbara and St. George the Dragonslayer. pair of late 19th century icons
tion of New York’s highly competitive (collection of Vasyl Vovkun).
arts community. The current exhibition,
“Crossroads: Modernism in Ukraine ritual: they are fundamental components fessional village painters and were exe-
1910-1930,” opened to critical acclaim of their historical context, of the social cuted on wooden boards or homespun
(The New York Times, November 4) and and economic changes occurring at that cloth. These types of icons were an inte-
is drawing visitors from near and far. time, as well as the spiritual expression gral part of the village home life and had
Coming on the heels of such major of the interplay of various cultures.” religious functions that were performed
achievements, the new exhibition, The 160-page bilingual, illustrated cat- in the home and the community, thus
“Ukrainian Sculpture and Icons: A alogue is a very important component of playing a significant role in the lives of
History of Their Rescue,” is a wonderful the exhibit in which art historians Oleh the villagers. For example, a newborn
complement to the ongoing success story Sydor and Mykola Mozdyr discuss would receive an icon as a gift, newly-
of the museum. The exhibit is a coopera- Ukrainian iconography and religious weds were blessed with icons, and icons
tive endeavor between The Ukrainian sculpture. Also contained in the cata- were placed in coffins of the deceased.
Museum in New York City and the Ivan logue is a revealing historical survey by The people prayed before icons prior to a
Honchar Museum, Rodovid Gallery and Serhii Bilokin, Ph. D., whose expertise is long journey or during a difficult life sit-
V-Art in Ukraine, further solidifying The in the field of historical sciences, describ- uation.
ing the devastating systematic destruc- The art of iconography is more than a
Ukrainian Museum’s objective to work
tion of Ukraine’s cultural heritage by the thousand years old in Ukraine and the art
in concert with the museum and arts
Soviet regime during the better part of of religious and Christian painting during
community in Ukraine.
the 20th century. that time span formed unique characteris-
“The museum considers it a privilege
Since Ukraine proclaimed its inde- tics that reflected a national cultural iden-
to welcome the exhibition ‘Ukrainian
pendence in 1991 there has been a tity. This is evident in the massive num-
Sculpture and Icons: A History of Their
revival of interest among the population ber of icons that survived through the
Rescue,’ ” said Olha Hnateyko, president
in its cultural heritage. Restorations of centuries, withstanding the turbulence of
of the museum’s board of trustees. “The
historical landmarks and public monu- geopolitical changes on Ukrainian terri-
museum is honored that President tory, which due to its location, was sub-
Yushchenko accepted our invitation to ments are on the rise, as are the renova-
ject to the influences of various cultures
share the treasures from his collection tion of old churches and the building of
and the world’s major religions. Most
with our museum, and we thank the new ones. Museums are reclaiming their
ancient icons were preserved in churches
other esteemed collectors for enriching prominence and cultural patronage is
and villages farthest from the main trade
the exhibition with priceless objects from finding acceptance once again.
routes and large cities. Although it was
their collections as well.” Several of the icons on exhibit were the custom to periodically refurbish,
These objects – icons and religious created in monastery- or church-support- renew or even replace icons and, in fact,
wood sculptures – have been rescued St. Nicholas. 19th century, sculpure ed icon workshops and were used in entire iconostasis, many such art works
from obscurity and destruction and have from western Ukraine collection of church applications. Other icons included
found a new life in the care of private President Viktor Yushchenko. in the exhibit were painted by non-pro- (Continued on page 20)

Artist Myroslav Radysh is focus of exhibit in New York

by Alexander J. Motyl It is a testimony to the remarkably the humorous side of those times.) compositions consisting of bright slabs of
robust nature of Ukrainian civil society in Some studied at gymnasiums or at the thickly applied and mostly unmixed
NEW YORK – One of the post-war inter-war Poland that Radysh could make Ukrainian Free University; many took to paint. Radysh obviously favored the
Ukrainian emigration’s most talented the move from the village of Ilyntsi to the the political intrigues involving the painting knife as much as the brush. The
artists, Myroslav Radysh, died 50 years Poznan School of Art. Like his contem- nationalist followers of Stepan Bandera, forms – whether trees or rocks or fields
ago in 1956 at the age of 46. Forty-two poraries, he was obviously quite capable Andrii Melnyk and Mykola Lebed; all or bridges or machines – adorn the sur-
of his paintings, a folder of his sketches of functioning in Polish society and had a good time. Radysh, like other face of the canvas, less as objects repre-
and studies, and a collection of pro- retaining his Ukrainian identity. artists in the camps, painted, sketched senting things and more as fields of color.
grams, photographs and other memora- Who knows what would have become and exhibited his work. He also designed Those fields, their texture and tactileness,
bilia associated with his life and work of him – and of so many of his generation sets for the Ensemble of Ukrainian and the relations between them, all very
in Ukraine, Germany and the United – had not Hitler and Stalin colluded to Actors in Augsburg. By the late 1940s modernist in spirit, define Radysh’s best
States are currently on display at the destroy Poland in 1939? In 1940 Radysh many of the camps’ residents had moved work.
Ukrainian Academy of Arts and became the chief set designer at the Lviv on to the United States and Canada. The exhibit includes several photo-
Sciences (UVAN) in New York. The
Opera, a position he occupied until his Radysh, by then already married, settled graphs of set designs Radysh made for a
exhibit was organized by his widow,
flight westward in 1944. The photo- in New York in 1950. theatrical performance at the Ukrainian
Oksana Radysh.
graphs at the UVAN exhibit show that Radysh has been called a neo-impres- National Home in New York. Executed
Radysh was a handsome man, with
Radysh had a flare for the monumental sionist, and many of his paintings do with seemingly effortless and bold
intense eyes and a shock of flowing dark
and dramatic – qualities that must have indeed exhibit the painterly qualities that strokes on oversized pieces of wrapping
hair combed back in the style favored by
served him well at the theater. typified that movement. We see dabs of paper, they show an artist who was
inter-war Halychyna’s young men. The
After finding refuge in Germany’s dis- paint, applied roughly, almost serendipi- experimenting, moving beyond the artis-
photographs of him on his passport and
placed persons’ camps, Radysh plunged tously. It looks like impressionism, tic traditions of inter-war Ukraine and
identification cards suggest that, like so
headlong into the cultural life of “taboro- except that, unlike the impressionists of Poland, and finding his own voice. Those
many of his generation, he was a hungry
va Ukraina.” Those were turbulent and the 19th century, Radysh, unless painting designs were destroyed. Thanks to Mrs.
young man, a man in a hurry, a man with
exceptionally creative times for the thou- flowers, was rather less concerned with Radysh and UVAN, we can at least get
big ideas and big plans – for himself, for
sands of young Ukrainians thrown light – with capturing light – than with some sense of the fascinating man who
art and, of course, for Ukraine.
together under conditions of what must forms. made them.
have seemed like a surreal combination Radysh’s superb city and landscapes – The exhibit will be on display at the
Alexander J. Motyl is a professor at of hardship and freedom. (Several of especially those painted toward the latter Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences
Rutgers University-Newark and a painter. Jacques Hnizdovsky’s paintings depict years of his life – are tightly structured until the end of December.

Plast sorority marks 80th anniversary with program at Soyuzivka

KERHONKSON, N.Y. – The Ti Scho Ukrainian folk culture and the drama
Hrebli Rvut sorority of Plast Ukrainian “Lisova Pisnia” by Lesia Ukrainka. In
Scouting Organization celebrated the addition, members discussed the sorori-
80th anniversary of its founding at a spe- ty’s work around the world and adopted a
cially convened biennial meeting and plan of activity for the next two years,
jubilee dinner/bonfire held here at which includes work related to the
Soyuzivka over the weekend of October International Plast Jamboree slated for
14-15. the summer of 2007.
The weekend brought more than 80 The 80th anniversary commemora-
members and guests from the United tions were coordinated by Halyna Kutko,
States, Canada and Ukraine to the who was elected two years prior to head
Ukrainian National Association’s estate the jubilee committee. The anniversary
here in the Shawangunk Mountains of program included an exhibit encompass-
upstate New York. ing photos, documents and other artifacts
As reported at the biennial meeting by from the sorority’s eight decades of
outgoing President Marta Kuzmowycz, activity – dating back to 1926 in Lviv,
the sorority has 108 members around the Ukraine – a slide show and dinner.
globe, in the United States, Canada, A highlight of the celebratory evening
Ukraine, Australia and France. held in Soyuzivka’s Main House was a
Elected to chair the biennial meeting program presented by the sorority’s Ti Scho Hrebli Rvut sorority members in front of Soyuzivka’s monument to
was Dora Horbachevsky; Chrystyna Bystrytsia branch, based in New Jersey. Lesia Ukrainka, who happens to be their patron.
Ferencevych and Marichka Artysh The troupe of 10 women performed an
recorded the minutes. extended skit, written by Lesia Lebed, on
The skit, performed as befits a Plast Association National Secretary Christine
The “Hrebli,” as they are popularly the theme of 80 years of activity of the
bonfire, encompassed reminiscences, Kozak. Anniversary greetings were also
known, heard a presentation on their Ti, Scho Hrebli Rvut sorority from favorite Plast songs, “gymnastics,” Plast presented or received in writing from
sorority’s traditions, which are based on Ukraine to the diaspora. uniforms through the decades (with a many other Plast sororities and fraterni-
tongue-in-cheek look at the Plast uniform ties (including the Lisovi Mavky,
of the future), a song containing the first Verkhovynky, Pershi Stezhi,
names of all Hrebli members (sung to the Chornomorski Khvyli, Kniahyni,
tune of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Chervona Kalyna, Siromantsi,
Fire”), and a game show that tested Chornomortsi, Vovkulaky and Chota
guests’ knowledge of Hrebli lore. The Krylatykh), as well as Plast leaders on
presentation ended with a moving tribute the international and national levels.
to the sorority’s pioneering members. The next day, after Sunday morning
The tables for the banquet were deco- liturgy, the Hrebli elected a new leader-
rated by members of the Bystrytsia ship composed of the following: Daria
branch using centerpieces adorned with Darewych, president; Roma Hadzewycz
flags of the countries where Hrebli are (U.S.), Daria Kowalyk (Canada) and
active, plus specially prepared mugs fea- Natalka Litkovets (Ukraine), vice-presi-
turing the sorority’s emblem. dents; Marta Kuzmowycz, secretary;
Among the distinguished guests pres- Olena Yurchuk, editor; Halyna Kutko,
ent at the 80th anniversary celebration chronicler; Mary Kolodij, treasurer;
was Chief Scout (Nachalnyi Plastun) Marta Borowyk (United States), Sophia
Lubomyr Romankiw, who spoke during Kachor (Canada) and Marichka Artysh
the dinner, as did the outgoing president (Ukraine), councilors.
(kurinna) of the Hrebli, Ms. Kuzmowycz. For information about the Ti Scho
The Hrebli were welcomed to Hrebli Rvut sorority interested readers
The sorority’s Bystrytsia branch during the anniversary program. Soyuzivka by Ukrainian National may e-mail kurinna@hrebli.org.



on the Carnival cruise ship “Miracle”

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A Canadian studying in Ternopil discovers Ukraine

by Adrian Dzioba tongue was tired from speaking so much
in every class, and I had written enough
For as long as I can remember, I learned dialogues to put on a small play, but my
about my Ukrainian background through speech and fluency improved noticeably.
family, friends and the Ukrainian communi- The weekends were filled with excur-
ty in Ottawa. I knew how the culture sions outside Ternopil, led by Prof. Ihor
evolved over time, beginning in Eastern Ditchuk and Ihor Papusha from TNPU.
Europe and then spreading to the far corners We saw the countryside, visited many
of the Earth to wherever Ukrainians emi- churches, castles and villages, as well as
grated. Yet, even with this understanding, I Kyiv and Lviv. Those in the anthropology
felt that I needed to visit the country itself. courses even traveled to the Carpathian
My chance came recently when I was Mountains where they climbed Hoverla,
accepted to an eight-week study program the highest peak in Ukraine, and conduct-
in Ternopil, Ukraine (May-June), ed oral history interviews with local vil-
through St. Thomas More College at the lagers as a part of their course work.
University of Saskatchewan. Not only There were 12 Canadian students
would I see the country of my grandpar- (including me) who participated in this pro-
ents but I would receive university cred- gram. One person came from MacEwan
its towards my bachelor’s degree in his- College (Edmonton), four participants
tory from Carleton University. joined us from InterCordia Canada, but the
I was excited to travel alone and not majority attended the University of
with the group of 11 students who trav- Saskatchewan. Most had Ukrainian ties but
elled from Saskatoon with Prof. Natalia were not fluent in the language.
Shostak, St. Thomas More College. This We stayed with host families, who pro- Adrian Dzioba (right) with Prof. Natalia Shostak (left) and two assistants.
would be my first trip to Europe alone. vided accommodations, food and a perfect
Arriving in Ukraine was intimidating for a environment to interact with a typical 24 hours a day with crowded sidewalks, the Ukrainian culture. Even today people
20-year-old, but I reminded myself of two Ukrainian family. Evenings were free to noisy vehicles clogging the roadways and feel that they must promote the language,
important advantages: I spoke Ukrainian enjoy Ternopil and the cultural scene, such new buildings under construction. It traditions and history to survive as a dis-
and I had family in Lviv who met me at as the Ukrainian musical comic drama reminded me of an Eastern European ver- tinct and independent nation, in addition
sion of Toronto. North American businesses to developing a strong economy.
and products were everywhere, from Gap Although Ukrainians are conservative in
clothing to McDonald’s. general, they do know how to have a good
Many Soviet landmarks remain among time. World Cup Soccer proved that to me.
the Ukrainian monuments in Kyiv where- Ukraine was competing for the World Cup
as none can be found in Ternopil. While for the first time. I witnessed boisterous
Kyiv inhabitants speak both Ukrainian demonstrations of Ukrainian pride in the
and Russian, I heard mostly Russian. streets of Ternopil on three occasions.
Our three-day visit to Lviv started with a People swarmed the city center waving
three-hour train ride from Ternopil covering Ukrainian flags, honking horns and shout-
127 km. We purchased general tickets and ing “Ukraina!” – acting as if another
chatted with the other passengers, exchang- Orange Revolution was happening. These
ing stories to pass the time. We attended street celebrations would last for about 40
lectures at the Ukrainian Catholic minutes before everyone headed to the bars
University about the city’s history, women’s to continue celebrating until morning.
issues in Ukraine and the political views of Everyone spoke about soccer.
eastern and western Ukrainians. Western Overall, my exchange to Ukraine
Ukrainians are more nationalistic and pro- through St. Thomas More College and the
mote Ukrainian identity. Eastern Ukrainians University of Saskatchewan was worth
do likewise, but also promote political and every dollar. I received a $500 bursary
social tolerance or accommodation with from the Winnipeg-based Ukrainian
Russia. Of course, the excursion would not Canadian Foundation of Taras Shevchenko
have been complete without a trip down- which supports Canadian students taking
Canadian students on a break from classes at the university. town to visit the vendors and cafés. educational programs in Ukraine.
My stay in Ukraine was quite pleasant I recommend this study program to
the airport. But I knew I needed to adapt “Shakira,” as long as everyone came back because I was able to polish my language students without hesitation. Whether you
to all situations in my adventure. home safely. But, if truth be known, occa- skills and explore a new part of the world. know Ukrainian or not, it is your willing-
The program offered at the Ternopil sionally we did see our professors strolling I can recall several occasions when I ness to learn that will ensure your stay is
National Pedagogical University (TNPU) in the evening keeping an eye out for us. translated for classmates and tourists, but memorable. The academic staff organiz-
was divided into two sessions – first the My host family of five, the Volyshyns I soon discovered that my vocabulary ing the program to Ternopil, notably Prof.
Ukrainian Language Program followed by (father, mother and three boys, 18-year-old contained many words that had been for- Shostak, will ensure that students are
the Culture Program, given in English. twins and a 15-year-old), live in a single gotten by Ukrainians, sometimes due to looked after well and will learn much.
Three language classes, at the beginner, house in a developing district of Ternopil. Russian influences. So, at times, I also Plans are under way for the next study
intermediate and advanced levels, were I was treated very well as a member of had communication problems. abroad program in Ukraine offered by St.
taught four hours daily over a period of five their family and spoke Ukrainian with I think that Ukrainians in Ukraine are Thomas More College. Refer to their web-
weeks. The Culture Program, conceived as them. One idiosyncrasy in my host’s house more conservative than my community in site, http://www.stmcollege.ca/ukraine.html,
an anthropology field school, consisted of caught my attention – all the rooms had Canada. This can be traced to the coun- for updates. Registration usually occurs in
two courses combining lectures and excur- doors, which were kept closed. I found try’s history of constant occupation by a February. Studying in Ukraine is an experi-
sions: “Anthropological Perspectives on this peculiar because most doors in my foreign power determined to put an end to ence not to be missed!
Ukraine” (English), and “Oral History and home in Canada are left open to let in the
Storytelling” (English/Ukrainian) taught by sunlight. The Volyshyns explained that this
Prof. Shostak . practice became common during the
I was one of two students in the Soviet era. You maintained a public image
advanced Ukrainian language class, taught and kept your private life to yourself.
by Prof. Olena Huzar, chair of Ukrainian Our four-day excursion to Kyiv, by
philology at TNPU, which focused on overnight train, was particularly memorable.
grammar, dialogue and oral readings. We The sleeping carriages accommodated four
were taught proper pronunciation with persons and were clean and comfortable.
correct syllabic stresses and conversational After various sightseeing tours and
styles. Local students, with knowledge of museum stops during the day, we
both Ukrainian and English, were assigned explored the city center, visited the restau-
to each participant. I must admit that my rants, beer tents and street vendors in the
evening. City officials closed the main
Adrian Dzioba, 20, is a third-year stu- streets to vehicular traffic, thus turning
dent majoring in history at Carleton them into giant walkways for pedestrians.
University in Ottawa. He was a member of Massive floodlights kept the main square,
Plast and completed a Grade 12 Ukrainian the maidan, lit brightly. One evening we
language credit course offered by the attended the opera “Carmen,” sung in
Department of Education in Saskatchewan French at the beautiful Kyiv Opera House
through distance learning, as well as before heading for a club.
Ukrainian studies courses. From 1999 to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, is home to 4
2004 he participated in the Cadet Program million people and is the political center of
under the Department of National Defense. the country. This cosmopolitan city is busy A view of Ternopil National Pedagogical University.

Human rights activist Nadia Svitlychna remembered in Kyiv

by Olena Labunka and to Ukrainian life. She was constantly
Special to The Ukrainian Weekly working, and she was an optimist. Her
morality was her dominant value,” Ms
KYIV – First Lady of Ukraine Kateryna Kotsiubynska noted.
Yushchenko remembers becoming Ms. Svitlychna’s life is an example of
acquainted with Nadia Svitlychna at how the human intellect can be an impor-
Ukrainian American community events tant factor in a nation’s cultural life, said
during the 1980s. Bohdan Horyn, a fellow dissident during
While Ms. Yushchenko had heard the Soviet era.
descriptions of Ukraine from those who Ukrainians weren’t merely an ethnic
lived there in the 1920s, ‘30s and ‘40s, group, like some believed in the West,
Ms. Svitlychna opened a new window Mr. Horyn remembered Ms. Svitlychna
into their ancestral land, she said. firmly saying. Rather, Ukraine is a nation
“This modest, yet brave woman spoke with a great culture and tradition.
of the aspirations of the next generation, Her creative legacy – editorials, com-
about artists, writers, literary figures and mentaries and analytical articles –
journalists who hoped for this independ- remains largely unknown and deserves
ent Ukraine,” Ms. Yushchenko said. wider notoriety, he added.
“Nadia gave us great hope, and we are “The name Nadia Svitlychna wasn’t
very thankful to her for that.” just a nice name,” he said. “She was the
Fellow Soviet dissidents, political living spirit of our times. She was the
prisoners, “Shestydesiatnyky,” acquain- embodiment of good, conscientiousness,
tances and admirers alike gathered at the honesty and humanness. She loved peo-
Teacher’s Building in Kyiv on November ple more than herself, gave the wealth of
8 to honor Ms. Svitlychna, a human her heart and the generosity of her soul.” Mykhailo Markiv
rights activist during her life in Ukraine, Former Soviet political prisoner Mykola First Lady of Ukraine Kateryna Yushchenko speaks at the Night of
and a spokesperson for repressed Horbal said Ms. Svitlychna was in Ukraine Remembrance for Nadia Svitlychna held in Kyiv’s Teacher’s Building on
Ukrainians during her life abroad. during the last presidential elections. Even November 8.
Ms. Svitlychna died on August 8 and though she lived in the United States for
now rests in Kyiv’s prestigious Baikove 28 years, she never took American citizen- two children and at first lived with Ms. “With joy, I remember how she testi-
Cemetery in the Ukrainian land that she ship. She was stripped of her Soviet citi- Hewryk and her family. She immediately fied in court for me, not as a defense wit-
felt so much pain for, dreamed of and zenship eight years after she emigrated to rolled up her sleeves, deciphering illegal- ness, but as a witness accusing a system.
fought for. the United States – even though she had ly transferred manuscripts from Soviet It was amazing how bravely she testified.
What a difficult challenge it was for renounced that citizenship in 1976 in camps for political prisoners, organizing I don’t feel that she died. I feel that she
Ms. Svitlychna to make the choice to fight protest against Soviet persecution. the archives of Ukrainian samvydav writ- lives and she is still with us,” he added.
for Ukraine, its freedom and her own per- Ms. Svitlychna obtained a Ukrainian ers, and preparing the manuscripts of A Shestydesiatnyk museum should
sonal dignity, Ms. Yushchenko said. passport and arrived in Ukraine to vote, brother Ivan Svitlychny, Vasyl Stus and become reality if we honor history, Mr.
Most of those honoring Ms. Svitlychna but authorities denied her for technical Mr. Horbal for publication. Marynovych said. In response, Ukraine’s
recalled the awe they had felt in her pres- reasons. “After spending two days in the She also represented the Ukrainian first lady pledged to work toward build-
ence. courts, she obtained her right,” Mr. Helsinki Group abroad. Up until 1985 ing such a museum.
“In her name were the words ‘hope’ Horbal recalled. “What’s one vote more, she regularly published the Herald of Nevertheless, “Ukraine still hasn’t
and ‘light,’ and from within, she truly or one vote less? But that was Nadia. Repression in Ukraine and worked for matured enough for such a museum,” said
brightened everything around her,” said This is her voice, this is her essence.” Radio Liberty in New York between Mr. Marynovych, who today is senior vice-
Mykhailyna Kotsiubynska, Ms. Philadelphia native Sofia Hewryk spoke 1983 and 1994. rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University
Svitlychna’s close friend and fellow of Ms. Svitlychna’s arrival in America as “Every person is the world, and Nadia in Lviv. “Ukraine has to go through its peri-
member of the “Shestydesiatnyky” – a the Soviet Union’s first female dissident to is simply the universe to me,” said od of cynical pragmatism and its constant
circle of writers, artists and right activists be released after she endured five years of Myroslav Marynovych, a former Soviet manipulations to understand that it can’t
who rebelled in the 1960s against Soviet imprisonment for her active involvement dissident and political prisoner who was live this way, and that there needs to be a
strictures in all spheres of life. with the human rights movement. active in the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, rebirth of an epicenter of the greater, an
“She led many to the Ukrainian world Ms. Svitlychna arrived in 1978 with as was Mr. Horbal. epicenter of the spiritual.”

Verkhovynky Plast sorority honors Nadia Svitlychna

by Laryssa Czebiniak The program began with a dramatic recitation by youth, participation in the dissident movement and
Sofia Zielyk of the poem “Woman” by Hanna other events at various stages of her life.
NEW YORK – The Verkhovynky Plast sorority hon- Tchubach. Listening to it, one could imagine that it was Tamara Skrypka, a philologist, former professor of
ored their deceased member Nadia Svitlychna with a written about Ms. Svitlychna. The poem set the tone for literature in Ukraine and author, spoke very eloquently
program held on Sunday, November 12, at the a moving photomontage slideshow prepared by Ireneus about Ms. Svitlychna as her close friend and witness of
Shevchenko Scientific Society in New York. November Yurchuk (member of the Lisovi Chorty Plast fraternity), the events in the 1960s during the dissident movement.
8 would have been Ms. Svitlychna’s 70th birthday. which presented Ms. Svitlychna's life – her childhood, Her speech, titled “Life Without Fear,” captured the
audience’s attention.
Kharytyna Kolessa, a professor, head of the string
department at the Lviv Music Academy and well-known
performer in Ukraine and other countries, played three
cello solos by Bach, Saint-Saens and Mykola Lysenko,
who is the patron of the Verkhovynky sorority.
Ms. Zielyk who is well-known for her many leading roles
as a member of the Lidia Krushelnytska Drama Studio, also
read several poems by Lina Kostenko, Vasyl Symonenko
and Vasyl Stus with great understanding and emotion.
The program ended with a video montage, also creat-
ed by Mr. Yurchuk, that poignantly and beautifully por-
trayed Ms. Svitlychna’s return to Ukraine and her funer-
al in Kyiv. The funeral was attended by a large number
of relatives, friends, fellow dissidents and many digni-
taries, including President Viktor Yushchenko, who
placed a bouquet of red roses on Ms. Svitlychna’s coffin.
Many in the audience expressed their appreciation and
thanks to the organizers for a solemn, dignified program
that honored a distinguished dissident, human rights activist
and Plast member who devoted her life to her people and
Ukraine. Ms. Svitlychna's husband, Pavlo Stokotelnyi, and
her two sons, Ivan and Yarema, were also present.
Both branches of Verkhovynky organized and spon-
sored this event. Ms. Svitlychna joined Plast and this
sorority in 1979, shortly after coming to the United
States. The sorority has also published a Ukrainian-lan-
guage booklet called “Nadia Svitlychna’s Life (1936-
2006),” which features many photographs and articles
Nadia Svitlychna’s family (center), friends and members of the Verkhovynky sorority at a program in her honor. written about and by this courageous rights activist.

Nadia Svitlychna commemorated at sixth annual Grigorenko Readings

by Adrianna Melnyk Her son, Yarema, then 2, was taken from her. “Thus, Amnesty International. Following her talk, Prof. Procyk
Special to The Ukrainian Weekly I became a political prisoner,” she later wrote, made a plea to Columbia University’s Ukrainian Studies
“although I had considered the main concern of my life Program to undertake the project of archiving and publish-
NEW YORK – Her name in Ukrainian, “Nadia,” meant to be the upbringing of my son. In fact, I was deprived ing Ms. Svitlychna’s letters and many other works. She
hope. And, according to all who knew her, hope was not only of freedom, but of motherhood as well.” underscored Ms. Svitlychna’s and other dissidents’ historical
something she lived by her whole life. importance, saying, “What started with letter writing and
On October 10 the Ukrainian Studies Program at care packages in the dark ages of the Soviet era, ended with
Columbia University and the Gen. Petro Grigorenko nominations of prisoners for [Nobel] prizes and ultimately
Foundation celebrated the life of Nadia Svitlychna, one of with the fall of the Berlin Wall. It is an effort which if pur-
Ukraine’s most prominent dissidents, with a daylong ses- sued with persistence and responsibility produces results that
sion dedicated to the renowned human rights activist and are capable of being carried only on the shoulders of giants.”
former political prisoner. Prof. Procyk also warned of the continued marginalization
The Sixth Annual Grigorenko Readings: “A of dissidents, which she says is rooted in two phenomena:
Commemoration of the Life of Nadia Svitlychna, Heroine of first, the intentional smear campaign against dissidents, for
the Soviet, Ukrainian and Russian Human Rights Movements” example, President Leonid Kravchuk’s branding of Chornovil
focused on human rights in both their historical and contempo- and others as “ultranationalists,” and second, the dramatic
rary contexts. The first part of the day was a celebration and nature of events surrounding the fall of communism and the
remembrance of Svitlychna’s life, and included a panel discus- resulting tendency to overlook individuals who had created
sion on “The Life and Work of Nadia Svitlychna,” as well as a
the pre-conditions and planted the roots for a civil society.
photo-essay and slideshow. The afternoon session’s panel dis-
In his talk “Nadia and Ivan Svitlychny and Russian
cussion, “The Contemporary Human Rights Situation in
Dissidents,” Mr. Litvinov, the Russian physicist, writer,
Ukraine and the post-Soviet Sphere,” focused on the current
human rights activist and former Soviet-era dissident,
state of human rights in the former Soviet Union.
described his personal experiences and friendship with Ms.
Ms. Svitlychna, who died after a long illness on August 8,
Svitlychna, saying she “never complained about herself, was
2006, was one of the founders of the Grigorenko Readings,
always hopeful and positive, and was the glue that kept peo-
which were initiated in remembrance of Gen. Petro
ple together and gave everyone hope and encouragement.”
Grigorenko after his death. According to Andrew Grigorenko,
She “embodied the ideals which are integral to any
Gen. Grigorenko’s son and president of the Gen. Petro
human rights movement: compassion and strength to fight
Grigorenko Foundation (http://www.grigorenko.org), “The
against the totalitarian state,” Mr. Litvinov underscored.
readings have grown, from the initial memorial evenings we
started with Nadia at the Shevchenko Scientific Society, into a ***
broader forum for the discussion of history and current events
in Ukraine and other post-Communist countries.” The afternoon session of the Grigorenko Readings cen-
In his opening remarks, Prof. Mark Von Hagen of tered on a panel discussion “The Contemporary Human
Columbia University dedicated the day’s afternoon session Rights Situation in Ukraine and the Post-Soviet Sphere,”
Nadia Svitlychna in a photo from 1979. whose speakers included Nina Ognianova of the
to the life and memory of Anna Politkovskaya, an independ-
ent Russian journalist and outspoken critic of President Committee to Protect Journalists, Myroslava Gongadze of
Ms. Svitlychna spent a year in the KGB isola- the Gongadze Foundation, and Stephen Sestanovich of
Vladimir Putin, who had been brutally murdered days before tion cell on Volodymyrska Street in Kyiv and in
in her Moscow apartment building. Her tragic death made Columbia University. Each speaker assessed the human
May of 1973 was sentenced to four years in a rights situation in the post-Soviet space in its contempo-
this year’s Grigorenko Readings all the more poignant, and Mordovian political labor camp. The charge: hav-
served as a reminder that, despite the strides that have been rary context and with a particular focus on press freedom.
ing held and distributed samvydav (samizdat) liter- The first speaker, Ms. Ognianova, spoke on “The State
made in the field of human rights, media and other basic ature. While in prison, she actively participated in
freedoms are still under attack in the post-Soviet world. of Press Freedom in Ukraine and Ukraine’s Position
protests and hunger strikes. Upon her return to among Post-Soviet Democracies” and said that “there has
The morning began with a biographical portrait of Ms. Kyiv in 1976, she was not able to get a job and was
Svitlychna’s life, given by Dr. Yuri Shevchuk of Columbia been a lot of positive movement if we put Ukraine in the
constantly threatened with more arrests. context of other post-Soviet countries,” but that “problems
University. Ms. Svitlychna’s life was portrayed by Dr. That same year, in protest against the harsh punish-
Shevchuk as one of hope in the face of a dangerous strug- persist.” Her organization, CPJ, recommends that in order
ment of Petro Grigorenko, Levko Lukianenko, to prevent regional attacks on journalists in Ukraine,
gle for human rights, and one of endless commitment to
Vyacheslav Chornovil, Vasyl Stus, Stefania Shabatura regional associations should be formed and strengthened,
her ideals. Among her many other achievements, Ms.
and others, she rejected her citizenship, and sent a decla- because “Kyiv-based NGOs cannot adequately monitor
Svitlychna is best remembered for her role as a human
ration to the Central Committee of the Communist Party and address all incidents that take place in the regions.”
rights activist and former political prisoner, as an active
of Ukraine, in which she stated “It would be below my Ms. Gongadze also offered practical solutions to the prob-
member of the External Representation of the Ukrainian
dignity to remain a citizen of the world’s biggest, most lems that persist with media freedoms in the region, saying
Helsinki Group, and as editor and compiler of the “Visnyk
powerful and most developed concentration camp.” that, particularly after the murder of Anna Politkovskaya, “an
Represii v Ukraini” (Bulletin of Repression in Ukraine).
On October 12, 1978, Ms. Svitlychna left Ukraine international mechanism needs to be created to investigate
Her long and tireless career of responding to her conscience
for Rome, where she was given an audience by Pope and prosecute crimes [against journalists].”
began with a simple outrage: while working as a teacher in the
Paul VI; in November she arrived in the United The final speaker, Prof. Sestanovich, spoke of the
Donbas in the late 1950s, she came to question why any stu-
dent in Ukraine could refuse to study Ukrainian, and why even States. Eight years later she was stripped of her citi- changing vocabulary in the discourse about human rights
a dvoika, or failing grade, in Ukrainian language was sufficient zenship. She continued her work in exile in the and about the contrast between democracy and human
to move a student up to the next class. After she settled in Kyiv United States, where she became actively involved rights as a focus of policy-makers.
in 1964, she began to visit the “Klub Tvorschoyi Molodi” in the External Representation of the Ukrainian In his paper “U.S. Policy and Human Rights in Post-
(Club of Creative Young People) with her brother, the eminent Helskinki Group, and for whom she processed all Soviet States,” Prof. Sestanovich argued that the U.S. poli-
poet, literary critic, human rights activist and political prisoner information related to repression in Ukraine. She cy-making establishment finds it “easier to comment on
Ivan Svitlychny. It was there that she became acquainted with published the Visnyk Represii v Ukraini and worked human rights than on democracy” and that one of the main
the Shestydesiatnyky and with many future dissidents. for the Ukrainian division of Radio Liberty. She also factors in this is the current ideological backslide on human
As the activities of the dissidents grew, the struggle for published brochures and books out of materials rights in Russia. His paper covered contemporary topics
human rights in 1960s Ukraine quickly led to arrests and smuggled from labor camps in Ukraine. related to the human rights and democracy discourse
imprisonments. After her brother Ivan was arrested in *** between nations: forms of leverage, including economic
1965, Ms. Svitlychna sent a telegram in his defense to the and institutional, that can be used by policy-makers; the
Presidium of the 23rd Congress of the Communist Party of Following Prof. Shevchuk’s biographical portrait, importance of personal ties between leaders; legal mecha-
the Soviet Union. She also sent a statement to the judicial Irenaeus Yurchuk of Ipkit Associates and a close friend nisms; and the meaning of free and fair elections.
body of the Shevchenkivskyi District in Kyiv, rejecting the of Ms. Svitlychna’s showed a stirring photo-essay
“Shliakh Nadiyi” (Journey of Hope) which he had ***
services of a lawyer appointed to defend her brother, since
it was known that the lawyer was forced to fulfill the role compiled in her memory. The slideshow depicted Ms. The sixth annual Grigorenko Readings were a fitting
of the prosecutor’s assistant. Svitlychna’s life and times, from her childhood to her tribute to the life of Ms. Svitlychna: they brought together
In the years that followed, Ms. Svitlychna, along with years as a dissident, to her life and work in the United people who dedicate some part of their lives or career to
her brother Ivan, Lina Kostenko, Ivan Dzyuba and others, States, to her beaming face on the maidan in Kyiv dur- the continuing struggle for human rights. And they
worked to defend the rights of their colleagues who were ing the Orange Revolution. Mr. Yurchuk’s photographs brought together the people who knew her best, who could
being arrested and killed. When, in 1970, she found the captured Ms. Svitlychna’s generous spirit, boundless say about her that it was in her nature to fight for human
body of her murdered friend, the artist Alla Horska, Ms. energy and loving nature, and showed the human and rights, that she did not, in the words of Vaclav Havel,
Svitlychna organized the funeral and arranged for a monu- personal side of the woman whom Andrew Grigorenko “become a ‘dissident’ just because [she] decide[d] one day
ment to be put on her grave. called “a magnet who attracted people in need” and to take up this most unusual career,” that it “began as an
Her defense and support of the dissidents, including, first who “was always ready to lend a helping hand.” attempt to do [her] work well, and end[ed] with being
and foremost, her brother, led to her questioning by the KGB The remainder of the morning session included branded an enemy of society.” And in the end, the very
on an almost daily basis, and to her own eventual arrest on two talks, one by Prof. Anna Procyk of the City system that made an enemy of Ms. Svitlychna crumbled
May 18, 1972. But by that time, she had already come to University of New York, the other by Pavel Litvinov largely because she and others like her existed, and had
embrace what she saw as an unquestionable solidarity with of the Gen. Petro Grigorenko Foundation. Prof. the courage to fight against it.
those closest to her. During her interrogation, she responded Procyk’s paper “Nadia Svitlychna through the Prism Nadia Svitlychna: Your memory will always be hon-
to the provocative questions of the investigator by saying, “I of Amnesty International” (published in The ored. “You were,” as Leonid Plyusch once said about you,
am simply a person whom life gave the good fortune of Ukrainian Weekly’s November 5 issue) analyzed the “and will be the best in Ukraine – her honor and goodness,
meeting with a wide range of creative people. Persecution significance of Ms. Svitlychna’s life and work in the selfless service to people, freedom and Ukrainian inde-
against them, I perceive as persecution against me.” broader context of human rights groups, including pendence without bravado.”

Clouds gather...
CLASSIFIEDS (Continued from page 2)
Lutsenko to issue a denial. The YTB has
the second-largest faction in Parliament,
or e-mail: adsukrpubl@att.net and if it backs the PRU on Mr.
Lutsenko’s dismissal, nothing can save
SERVICES LAW OFFICES OF WEST ARKA Interviewed on national TV on
ZENON B. MASNYJ, ESQ. 2282 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Ont., Canada M6S 1N9 November 13, Mr. Yanukovych said Mr.
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Lutsenko must choose between his work
Authentic Ukrainian Handicrafts
in the Cabinet and pursuing a party
In the East Village since 1983 Art, Books, CDs, Ceramics Andrew R. CHORNY career. The prime minister was probably
Embroidered Goods and Supplies Manager reacting to Mr. Lutsenko’s fiery speech at
Serious personal injury, real estate Gold Jewelery, Icons, Magazines the November 11 congress of Mr.
for personal and business use, rep- Newspapers, Pysankas and Supplies Yushchenko’s Our Ukraine People’s
resentation of small and mid-size All Services to Ukraine, Mail-orders Union party, when he did not rule out
businesses, securities arbitration, becoming the leader of a new political
Tel.: (416) 762-8751 Fax: (416) 767-6839 force in spring 2007.
divorce, wills and probate. e-mail: andrew@westarka.com www.westarka.com
On November 14 Segodnya, a daily
sympathetic to the PRU, quoted sources
(By Appointment Only) in Parliament as saying that Mr. Lutsenko
would be dismissed shortly. On the same
day, Deputy Procurator-General Renat
(212) 477-3002
MONUMENTS Kuzmin, a PRU loyalist, told a press con-
ference that Mr. Lutsenko was suspected
of “very serious corruption.” He said that
OBLAST Mr. Lutsenko had given firearms to peo-
MERCHANDISE MEMORIALS ple who were not authorized to carry
P.O. BOX 746 arms, and that he had granted officer
FATA MORGANA Chester, NY 10918 ranks illegally. Mr. Lutsenko did not deny
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Largest selection of Ukrainian books, dance BILINGUAL HOME APPOINTMENTS but said that those were his mistakes,
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greeting cards, giftwear and much more. On November 20 the Pecherskyi
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HELP WANTED District Court in Kyiv – the same juris-
Edmonton, AB T5J 2N9
diction that had ruled in favor of Mr.
Turchynov – ruled that Mr. Lutsenko was
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ïêàëíàçÄ ÅêéÑàç guilty of corruption and fined him the
www.ukrainianbookstore.com nanny to watch two children equivalent of $65. The size of the punish-
Á‡·ÂÁÔ˜ÂÌÌfl ìçë
Monday through Friday, 8:00-6:00 ment clearly demonstrated that Mr.
CHRISTINE BRODYN in New York. Ukrainian- and Lutsenko’s “corruption” was probably
English-speaking preferred. not very “serious.” Mr. Lutsenko prom-
Licensed Agent
Ukrainian National Assn., Inc. A SPECIAL OFFER: Please call 917-597-6083 ised to appeal anyway.
The headlines about “the internal min-
Volumes I and II of ister’s corruption,” however, have been
2200 Route 10, P.O. Box 280 Parsippany, NJ 07054 PERSONALS conspicuous in newspapers, and the psy-
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chological pressure on Mr. Lutsenko is
and “Ukraine Lives!” mounting. The parliamentary investiga-
tive commission that was set up on
FOR ONLY $30! November 2 to grill Mr. Lutsenko is
scheduled to report on its findings in
early December.
President Yushchenko is prepared to
strike back. The chief of his administra-
tion, Viktor Baloha, has accused Mr.
Kuzmin of deliberately discrediting Mr.
Lutsenko. Speaking in an interview with
Zerkalo Nedeli, Mr. Baloha also accused
Kuzmin’s boss, Procurator General
Oleksander Medvedko, of “destabilizing
The society,” and suggested that he should
LUNA BAND “The Ukrainian Weekly 2000” is a resign. The daily Delo quoted its sources
Potential donors must be between the as saying that Mr. Medvedko’s dismissal
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festivals, anniversary celebrations. ages of 21-31 years old.
and most significant stories that President Yushchenko has been unhap-
OLES KUZYSZYN phone/fax: (732) 636-5406 Blue eyes, speak English
have appeared in the newspaper (203) 323-1947 py not only with the treatment of Mr.
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Source: UNIAN, November 2; 1+1 TV
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CLASSIFIEDS section. Minister Yurii Lutsenko guilty of corrup-
tion, reported Ukrinform.

enrolled in the Ukrainian Gymnasium. est, inspiring the young generation, tire- for surviving both world wars and the
Zinaida Panasenko... In 1949 the Panasenkos were very lessly informing people about Ukraine, Great Famine in Ukraine, where millions
(Continued from page 4) fortunate to obtain a visa to emigrate to its culture and history. of people died. California Gov. Pete
Germans, who forcibly transferred many America, and in October of that year Her many contributions to the Bay Wilson also sent his congratulations and
Ukrainian scientists and scholars to they settled in San Francisco. Unable to Area community were widely recog- best wishes. The Ukrainian Embassy in
find employment in their professions – a nized. In 1976, the Ukrainian Congress Washington, sent its greetings, thanking
Germany, where the Panasenkos, along
fate common to many Ukrainian immi- Committee of America honored Prof. Prof. Panasenko for her many contribu-
with thousands of other Ukrainians ended
grants of that period – due to language Panasenko for her 25 years of communi- tions to the Ukrainian community.
up at the end of the war, living in dis- ty service. In 1980, she was presented Many saddened Ukrainians and non-
and age barriers, the Panasenkos worked
placed person camps. in various non-professional occupations with a distinguished Award of Merit by Ukrainians alike came on October 23 to
In Meningent and Magdenburg the in order to support themselves. Vasyl set the City and County of San Francisco for pay their final respects at the funeral,
family lived under the threat of forced up a small laboratory in his home, outstanding public service by the then attended by some 100-125 people, saying
repatriation back to the Soviet Union, where he continued his scientific mayor, Diane Feinstein. Also in 1980, good-bye to the beloved and revered
courtesy of the infamous Yalta agreement research, publishing articles in various she was recognized by the International community icon.
and the stupidity of Western powers gov- journals. He died in 1980. Zinaida was Institute of East Bay for exemplary serv- The Rev. Alexander Limonczenko, the
erning in post-war Germany. involved both in the Catholic and ice, congratulated by Congressman Pete former pastor of St. Michael’s Ukrainian
Prof. Panasenko’s scientist husband, Orthodox churches, actively participat- Stark and saluted by Sen. Alan Cranston Orthodox Church in San Francisco, gave
Vasyl, was teaching at the Institute of ing in cultural activities of the Ukrainian as one of 44 immigrants honored for a very moving speech. Touching eulogies
Mycology and Pathology, while she was community, teaching Ukrainian, lectur- service to community that year. were delivered by a number of the Bay
involved with raising their two sons, ing on various topics of Ukrainian inter- And in 1998, on her 100th birthday, Area’s Ukrainian American activists,
Prof. Panasenko was feted by the entire including Prof. Panasenko’s oldest son,
Ukrainian community of San Francisco Alexander Panasenko, Olga Vermont and
Orange voters in western-central
Looking ahead... Ukraine. One reason Mr. Yushchenko
at St. Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox
Church. San Francisco Mayor Willie
Maria Tscherepenko.

(Continued from page 7) won in 2004 was that one section of the Brown, on behalf of the City and County Information for the article above was
last year under the Constitution that gave ruling elites were more afraid of Mr. of San Francisco sent his warm greetings, provided by Maria Tscherepenko, and
more power to the president, or this year, Yanukovych than of him. Ukraine’s commending Prof. Panasenko for her biographical notes were translated by
under the revised Constitution that elites would seem to uniformly fear Ms. “achievements and incredible spirit,” and Nadia Derkach.
enhances parliamentary authority. Tymoshenko, even though this fear
But, it is Mr. Yushchenko’s over-arch- maybe misplaced.
ing perception of being weak that has The 2006 elections showed the Yulia  глибоким болем і смутком повідомляємо, що в понеділок,
drained support away from him to Ms. Tymoshenko Bloc as the only political 27 листопада 2006 р. по тяжкій недузі відійшов у вічність
Tymoshenko and Mr. Yanukovych, mak- force that possessed nationwide support.
наш найдорожчий
ing it look impossible for him to win a Mr. Yanukovych, on the other hand, will
find it difficult to compete with !, "У$, %А'Ь)О, +-АҐ13, Я'Ь і '1'Ь
second term. Mr. Yushchenko’s Our
Ukraine ignores the demands of its hon- Tymoshenko in central Ukraine, while
finding it impossible to penetrate western
orary chairman, oligarchs no longer fear
him, and former “bandits” return home Ukraine.
св. п.
no longer afraid of the Orange The narrowing of Ukraine’s political
Revolution slogan “bandits to prison! ”
that led them to flee Ukraine last year.
future to the Party of the Regions and the
Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc also seems to be
5А!8О А!53І: %І8ЬО-;У)
One enduring legacy of the Orange taking place inside the Verkhovna Rada. нар. 6 травня 1947 р. у ?ерсфельді, !імеччина
Revolution could well be that Ukraine Three of the five political forces are in
holds free and fair presidential elections deep crises, although only the democratic AА!АB5А відбудеться в п'ятницю, 1 грудня 2006 р. о год. 7:30 веч. в
in 2009, as it did in March to Parliament. force (Our Ukraine) admits to this. The
Socialists and Communists are unlikely похоронному заведенні Waitt-Nelms Funeral Home, 501 State Route 79, Mor-
The Party of the Regions won this year’s
elections and Mr. Yanukovych could well to enter the next Parliament. Our Ukraine ganville, NJ, a похорон буде в суботу, 2 грудня о год. 10-ій ранку з церкви
go on to win the presidency. This prize could be eclipsed by a new center-right Успення вятої %огородиці в Perth Amboy, NJ на цвинтар св. Андрія
may force Mr. Yanukovych to modify his political force. Aервозваного в . %авнд %руку, !.5ж.
image to reach out beyond his Donetsk On Ukraine’s second Orange anniver-
home base, even if only in a Potemkin sary, Ukraine’s political situation and
У глибокому смутку залишились:
manner. hope for reforms and Euro-Atlantic inte-
Only Ms. Tymoshenko, the head of gration could be negatively influenced by мама – %О?5А!!А %І8ЬО-;У)
the opposition, has the ability to block stagnation or the preservation of the sta- дружина – 8Ю%А %І8ЬО-;У)
Mr. Yanukovych’s drive to replace tus quo. The presidency is in crisis in its
President Yushchenko by undertaking second year – a feature normally associ- донька – B3'!А з мужем "BА:8О"
what he failed to achieve in 2004. ated only with the latter stages of a presi- донька – А!531Я з мужем !1:'1!О"
However, she will have the formidable dent’s second term in office (not the first син – "А3)О %І8ЬО-;У)
task of combining the positions of stages of his first term). In Parliament’s теща – "А3ІЯ )У+!
aggressive opposition leader with cen- first year in power, of the five political
trist presidential candidate that will forces in Parliament three are in crisis шваґер – %О?5А! )У+! з дружиною О)А!ОЮ
enable her to reach out beyond her core and have little support outside. шваґер – -А8Ь )У+! з дружиною A1!І
тітка – 8Ю%О8А-А +А!53А з мужем д-ром ОAО"
кузини – 5ІЯ!А "І!)О-X з мужем д-ром -О8О5"3О"
 невимовним сумом родина повідомляє,
31!А'А +А!53А, 8ІА А"%І3Ь)А з мужем
що в неділю, 19 листопада 2006 р. на 54-му році життя
Ю3)О" та родиною, 8І8Я І8ІЯ+1-Ь)А
відійшов у вічність %А'Ь)О ! і -У:)О
з мужем О811".
св. п.
-ічна :ому пам'ять!
%О?5А! XА:)І-Ь): -----------------------------------------
амість квітів родина просить складати пожертви на
нар. 21 червня 1953 р. в Tourquin, France. типендійну Акцію УА. UNWLA INC. SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM
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AОBО3О!!І -І5A3А- відбулися 25 листопада 2006 р. в церкві
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adopted a resolution obliging its lawmak- According to Mr. Doniy, the potential sor, Leonid Kuchma?
Blue-Orange... ers to contest the validity of the 2004 reversal of the constitutional reform Mr. Doniy said that might not neces-
(Continued from page 2) constitutional reform. The decision to could have a disastrous impact on the sta- sarily be the case. “There is a collision
Mr. Yanukovych, however, contin- question the reform before the bility of the political system as a whole. here. Even if the authorities managed to
ued to assert his constitutionally rein- Constitutional Court has the potential to Since the constitutional reform was pressure the Constitutional Court into
forced position by claiming more exec- spark a serious constitutional crisis. adopted as a political compromise to end canceling the political reform, the
Ukrainian political analyst Oles a presidential-election standoff between Constitutional Court's ruling would not
utive prerogatives. In particular, he
Doniy, the head of the Kyiv-based Center Messrs. Yushchenko and Yanukovych, automatically mean a change of the
refused to implement several presiden-
for Studies of Political Values, said he Mr. Doniy argued that questioning the Constitution,” he noted. “It would be
tial decrees, arguing that he did not co-
believes Our Ukraine’s move was dictat- constitutional reform is tantamount to necessary to vote on constitutional
sign them. Mr. Yanukovych also ques-
ed by the party’s intention to save itself questioning Mr. Yushchenko’s legitimacy amendments again. At least, this is the
tioned in the Constitutional Court the
from political demise following its with- as president. opinion of those lawyers who are not
president's right to appoint oblast
drawal from the government. “If we question the amendments to the prone to official pressure.”
administration chairs (popularly known
“I think this is a graphic example of Constitution made in that period, we will But it also seems that apart from a
as governors) without consulting the
how Our Ukraine is putting its narrow analogically have to question all the headache for lawyers, the controversy
other things that took place at that time,” over the constitutional reform, if contin-
In October the pro-presidential Our party interests above those of national
Mr. Doniy said. “No Ukrainian law pro- ued, might provoke a major and protract-
Ukraine party switched to the opposition, and state ones,” Mr. Doniy said. “It con-
vides for the third round of a presidential ed political upheaval in Ukraine.
constraining its four ministers in the siders a change of Ukraine’s political
election, but it did take place.” Mr. Yanukovych said earlier last week
Yanukovych Cabinet to tender their res- system depending on whether it is in
But Ihor Zhdanov, deputy head of Our that a reversal of the reform would be
ignations. Then, at a congress last week, power or not, thus threatening Ukraine's illegal. National Deputy Raisa
the pro-presidential Our Ukraine party future in general.” Ukraine's executive committee, said his
party does not see any link between the Bohatyryova of the ruling Party of th
constitutional reform and Mr. Regions warned Our Ukraine against
Yushchenko’s election. “The vote for the pursuing its intention of reversing the
The Ukrainian Engineers’ Society of America, reform, saying, “Do not stir bees in the
political reform and the presidential vote
The Washington Group, Ukrainian Academy of Arts and in December 2004 were in no way inter- hive if you don’t know how to gather
Sciences, VAN and the Embassy of Ukraine connected, since [the third presidential- honey.”
election round] was legitimized by a rul- It is telling that Mr. Yushchenko, who
are honored to host in 2005 repeatedly vowed to seek a refer-
ing of the Supreme Court of Ukraine,
Dr. Ludmilla Kolokolova which passed it proceeding from the evi- endum to reverse the constitutional
dence of a mass election fraud in the sec- reform, has recently refrained from ask-
University of Maryland/NASA Planetary Data System
ond round,” he said. ing for more powers and now talks about
Participant in Deep Impact mission to Comet Temple 1 “improving” the constitutional reform
Mr. Zhdanov argued that in adopting
rather than annulling it.
Presentation on the constitutional reform, the Verkhovna
Perhaps Mr. Yushchenko has realized
“Search for the Origin of the Solar System: Missions to Comets and Pluto” Rada grossly violated the procedure for
that revoking the reform, which in theory
constitutional amendments by approving
made Ukraine’s political system more
Saturday, December 9, 2006, 6 p.m. a version of the reform bill that was
balanced and similar to European-type
Embassy of Ukraine essentially different from the one
democracies, would eliminate the only
reviewed and endorsed by the
3350 M St. NW long-term achievement of the Orange
Constitutional Court. Revolution, on which millions of
Washington, DC 20007
So, if the Constitutional Court now Ukrainians pinned so many hopes and
Reception to follow heeds Our Ukraine’s arguments and rules
For more information please contact with which they became disillusioned so
that the constitutional reform was adopt- soon afterward.
Theodor Kostiuk at 301-286-8431 or Theodor.Kostiuk@gsfc.nasa.gov ed unlawfully, would this signal that
George Masiuk at 202-314-5979 (d) or 703-960-0043 (e) President Yushchenko will enjoy the RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service con-
same extensive powers as his predeces- tributed to this report.

New Year’s Eve Extravaganza

December 31, 2006!
New Year’s Eve Dinner Menu:
Beggars Purse Appetizer,
Butternut Squash Soup,
Tossed Spring Salad,
Choice of Entrée–
Filet Mignon Stuffed w/Blue Cheese,
Pistachio Encrusted Salmon or
Duck Breast w/Raisin Sauce

Overnight Package Includes:

Formal Dinner Banquet, Open Cocktail Hour, Zabava with
TEMPO band, Free Champagne & New Year’s Day Brunch!
Standard Room: $225 single, $300 double occupancy
Deluxe Room: $250 single, $325 double occupancy
Suite Room: $275 single, $350 double occupancy
Price includes tax & gratuities. Additional adult-$90 R ATE
Children ages 6-12-$37.50 Additional nights- $50 L L EGE son
CO /per inner,ght
For reservations call: (845) 626-5641 $75 des D erni
u v
Inclva & Ouilding
a b
Zabin Sich
216 Foordmore Road P.O.Box 529 845-626-5641 www.Soyuzivka.com

The best in energy efficiency and green

Ukrainian-American Environmental... building designs could be incorporated so
PREVIEW OF EVENTS (Continued from page 6) that the end result is a state-of-the-art
facility that showcases the latest in ener-
(Continued from page 28) expressed strong interest in Ukraine (in
fact, the large majority of the members of gy-saving, environmentally safe and
Venue: Ukrainian Institute of America, 2 Sunday, December 17- renewable energy technologies. To the
East 79th St. (at Fifth Avenue), 212-288- Friday, January 5, 2007
the Congressional Ukrainian Caucus are
also members of the House RE/EE extent that security considerations per-
8660 For further details log on to mit, Ukrainian architects, designers,
www.brama.com/yara. SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y.: Spring Caucus). Special efforts could be made to
Street Gallery and the Yara Arts Group facilitate meetings of members of the builders, government officials, and stu-
Friday-Thursday, December 15-21 present “Koliada: Winter Solstice Rituals RE/EE Caucuses, who also have an inter- dents could be invited to presentations
in the Carpathian Mountains” an exhibit of est in Ukraine, with their counterparts in and training sessions related to the design
NEW YORK: “Resilience,” a feature film photographs by Alexander Khantaev who and building of the new facility.
the Verhovna Rada. The specific focus of
by Paul Bojack (a.k.a. Roman Paul traveled with Yara to the Hutsul village of 10.) Translation of U.S. publications:
Boychuk) will be screened at the the ensuing dialogue would be strategies
Kryvorivnia and documented the Koliada Over the past 30 years, the U.S. govern-
Anthology Film Theater in the East ritual. Exhibit opens Sunday, December 17
for developing and implementing effec-
tive legislation in the areas of energy effi- ment has developed vast amounts of edu-
Village for a one-week run. Mr. Bojack’s at 4 p.m. with a concert by Koliadnyky of
previous work includes “Glass Necktie,” ciency and renewable energy based on the cational and technical materials on ener-
Kryvorivnia. The exhibit continues
which was praised in the La Weekly, the best of American experience. gy efficiency for use in the United States
Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., or by
Los Angeles Times and Film Threat and is appointment through January 5, 2007 at 8.) U.S. Peace Corps: Ukraine has the by businesses, industrial facilities, hospi-
available on DVD throughout the United Spring Street Gallery, 110 Spring St.; tele- world's largest contingent (at present, tals, schools, government buildings (and
States and Canada. The Anthology Film phone, 518-587-6433. For details log on to 300+) of Peace Corps volunteers (PCVs). officials), farmers, motorists, and home-
Theater is located at 32 Second Ave. (cor- www.brama.com/yara. Given the placement of PCVs in schools owners. It would be useful to have the
ner of Second Street); shows are nightly at as well as with NGOs and government best of these resources translated into
8 p.m. The film is rated R. Tickets are Sunday, December 31 Ukrainian and/or Russian so they could
agencies in cities, towns and villages
available at the box office for $8 ($5 for be reproduced and used in Ukraine.
seniors and students). For more informa- HORSHAM, Pa.: The Ukrainian throughout the country, Peace Corps vol-
American Sport Center Tryzub, located at unteers would be in a particularly good (Since these are U.S. government publi-
tion e-mail info@filmslb.com, visit
www.filmslb.com or call 212-505-5181. County Line and Lower State Roads, position to develop education programs cations, they generally are not copyright-
invites all to a New Year’s Eve 2007 about energy efficiency and related ener- ed or otherwise restricted and therefore
Saturday, December 16 Extravaganza: “Romance the Gypsy in gy issues for students, NGOs, local gov- there should not be any problems with
Your Heart.” The New Year’s Eve festivi- ernment offices, and community resi- replicating “intellectual property.”)
NEW YORK: Yara Arts Group will pres- ties will commence at 7:30 p.m. with a
ent a vocal workshop in “Koliada: Winter
dents. However, this is presently not a ***
two-hour open specialty wine, beer and
Songs from the Carpathians” with Alexis martini bar and dinner. Feast on a delec- designated program of PC-Ukraine and
Kochan, Julian Kytasty and the table array of hors d’oeuvres, carving sta- would require a formal agreement The Ukrainian-American Environ-
Koliadnyky of Kryvorivnia. Discover the tions, seafood, a taste of Tuscany, between U.S. Peace Corps and the mental Association is a private, non-gov-
folk voice in you. Enjoy traditional Viennese sweets, flambé table, coffee and Ukrainian government to facilitate an ernmental organization founded in 2004
singing, learn the ancient winter songs tea; and enjoy a champagne toast at mid- expansion into this area. and chartered in both the United States
from the people who have preserved this night. Welcome “Stesha, ” the mysterious 9.) U.S. Embassy facilities as a model: and Ukraine. It is a network of nearly
ancient tradition and experience such Gypsy fortuneteller and dance the night The U.S. Embassy could announce a 800 Ukrainian and American NGOs, aca-
instruments as the “trembita” (12-foot away to the music of the Fata Morgana series of energy efficiency initiatives at demic researchers, businesses and gov-
mountain horn) and “volynka” (bagpipes orchestra. Price: $120 per person. For its own facilities to serve as a model for ernment officials to facilitate the
made of goat skin). You do not have to be reservations, due by December 19, call: exchange of information on a broad array
Ukrainian government officials – and
able to read Ukrainian or music to partici- Mika Chajkowsky, 215-860-8384; Natalia
pate. You must pre-register. Time: 1-4 p.m. Luciw, 215-362-5331; or Kristine
then provide tours, seminars, and training of environmental issues including, but
For details call Yara, 212-475-6474 or e- Rizanow, 610-272-0678. Advance ticket for Ukrainian nationals so that the U.S. not limited to, energy policy, climate
mail yara@prodigy.net. sales only. experience could be replicated. A particu- change, air and water pollution, toxic
larly good opportunity is presented by wastes, soil conservation, sustainable
the soon-to-begin design phase of the agriculture, and wildlife and wilderness
PREVIEW OF EVENTS GUIDELINES: new U.S. Embassy compound in Kyiv. protection.
Preview of Events is a listing of Ukrainian community events open to the public.
It is a service provided at minimal cost ($20 per submission) by The Ukrainian
Weekly to the Ukrainian community.

To have an event listed in Preview of Events please send information, in English,

written in Preview format, i.e., in a brief paragraph that includes the date, place,
type of event, sponsor, admission, full names of persons and/or organizations
involved, and a phone number to be published for readers who may require addi-
tional information. Items should be no more than 100 words long; longer submis-
sions are subject to editing. Items not written in Preview format or submitted with-
out all required information will not be published.

Preview items must be received no later than one week before the desired date of
publication. No information will be taken over the phone. Items will be published
Join our
only once, unless otherwise indicated. Please include payment for each time the item Growing Family
is to appear and indicate date(s) of issue(s) in which the item is to be published. Also,
senders are asked to include the phone number of a person who may be contacted by
The Weekly during daytime hours, as well as their complete mailing address.

Information should be sent to: Preview of Events, The Ukrainian Weekly, 2200
We Meet
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trayed them as boys or girls, with wings

Museum... or without, and dressed in various attires.
(Continued from page 11) Their faces, however, presented a unified
remained intact by being stored in church vision – they were soft and round, with
attics or bell towers. clear eyes and luxuriant hair.
In Ukrainian folk culture religious Museums in Ukraine and the practice
wood sculpture was most prevalent in the of collecting art works can both trace
Halychyna and Podillia regions of the their origins to churches, monasteries and
country. This art form stems from two royal treasuries, which had accumulated
sources. One source consisted of folk remarkable wealth during the first three
craftsmen trained in cities or villages. For centuries of Christianity in Ukraine (10th
the most part, these craftsmen imitated to 13th centuries). In later centuries the
the professionals, adhering to their com- collections of the Kozak elite and those of
positions and styles. The second source the affluent merchant class served as stel-
were the untrained folk craftsmen, whose lar examples of collecting. In the 19th
work displays features of primitivism. It century the first museums were estab-
is unfortunate that very little of the primi- lished in Ukraine, motivated by interests
tive sculpture remains today, and one of in antiquities and archeology and based
the most important reasons for this is that on very extensive private collections. In
primitive art was not considered an the 20th century the Soviet policy of
accepted art form for a very long time, annihilation of the Ukrainian cultural her-
and thus its preservation received very itage created a foundation of destruction,
The Board of Directors of the upon which newly independent Ukraine
little attention, if any, until modern times.
Organizationn forr the
e Defense
e off The themes and functions of the folk
wood sculptures were used for religious
is attempting to reverse and rebuild.
The exhibition “Ukrainian Sculpture
and Icons: A History of Their Rescue” is
R FREEDOMS S forr UKRAINE,, Inc.. applications, were ritualistic in nature and
carried with them the power of protec- a very telling example of the vital resur-
tion. An identifying characteristic of these gence of Ukraine’s national cultural iden-
invites you to a sculptures is the personification of saints tity. It is also a testament to the impor-
with features of simple people. Thus, an tance of private collectors in the preser-
earthly quality was projected in these vation of cultural treasures and in the
60thh Anniversaryy Banquett works. The artist’s execution of a work building of museum collections. The
was dictated more by the local under- Ukrainian Museum has greatly respected
Celebrating the founding of ODFFU standing of religion, and by the prevailing and valued the private collectors, since
customs and traditions. Although some its own collections have been built, for
Saturday,, Decemberr 2,, 2006 folk sculptures were displayed in church- the most part, with gifts from private col-
es, for the most part they were found in lections.
chapels and cemeteries, and at roadsides. The Ukrainian Museum was founded
PARSIPPANY HILTON HOTEL The physical personification of saints in 1976 and is celebrating its 30th
1 Hilton Court (off Route 10 West) was always a reflection of how the peo- anniversary this year. The museum is
Parsippany, New Jersey ple envisioned them. This is very clearly located at 222 E. Sixth St., New York,
seen in another popular sculpture figure – NY 10003. Hours are Wednesday
that of an angel. Because there was no through Sunday, 11:30 a.m.-5 p.m. For
Tickets $75 · tel. 212-515-0767 developed iconographic blueprint for information call 212-228-0110, e-mail
angels, nor were angels a developed info@ukrainianmuseum.org, or log on to
image in the folk culture, artists por- www.ukrainianmuseum.org

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Yara Arts Group presents Ukrainian carolers of Kryvorivnia

NEW YORK – In December Yara Arts present “Koliada on Fifth Avenue,” which
Group will be presenting a series of will include the traditional Ukrainian koli-
events inspired by the Hutsul “koliada” ada, vocal interpretation of the ancient
(winter song ritual) with the participation koliada singer by Alexis Kochan and ban-
of traditional “koliadnyky” (winter song durist Julian Kytasty, an exhibit of visual
singers) from the village of Kryvorivnia interpretations by 15 contemporary artists,
in the Carpathian Mountains. and a modern culinary interpretation of the
Koliada songs are part of a winter ritu- ritual foods by Olesia Lew.
al that now coincides with Christmas, but Traditionally, the ritual starts out-
is much older in origin and symbolism. It doors, and so it will be on 79th Street
is considered to be the most important and Fifth Avenue, when the koliadnyky
event of the year, since people believe blow their mountain horns and wait to be
that spring and the harvest will not come invited inside by the master of the house.
to the village unless these songs are sung Then they will sing the koliady to the
in every household. A separate winter master and mistress of the house.
song is sung to the household, both living Afterwards other koliady will be inter-
and deceased. The songs are incantations preted by Ms. Kochan. Drawing on the
that assume the magical power of words: deep musical traditions of Eastern
“what is said, will be so.” (For more Europe, she and Mr. Kytasty weave a
details on the koliada ritual and the universal sonic tapestry, working in
events, please visit Yara’s website strands of jazz and new music, medieval Alexander Khantaev
www.brama.com/yara/poetry.html). Slavonic chant, dance tunes inspired by Ivan Zelenchuk, who leads the “koliadnyky” of Kryvorivnia.
Each event Yara will present with the Carpathian Mountain fiddlers and blind
Koliadnyky will be unique, highlighting bandura players, and ancient ritual songs Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., 518-587-6433, or York. The group has created eighteen
different aspects of the ritual and featur- with roots in the Neolithic period. 518-581-1387. The Spring Street Gallery original theater pieces that celebrate the
ing different local artists. Yara has also invited contemporary is located at 110 Spring St. cultures of the East since 1990.
On Sunday, December 3, at 3 p.m. artists to create works of visual art, videos Yara Arts Group is a resident company For more information on all these
Yara will present “Koliadnyky in and installations inspired by the ancient at the internationally acclaimed La events call Yara, 212-475-6474, or visit
Concert” at The Ukrainian Museum in winter songs. The works will be exhibited MaMa Experimental Theater in New the website www.brama.com/yara.
New York. The afternoon concert will be throughout the three floors of the institute,
introduced by a scene from Yara’s play the former Fletcher Mansion. The art
“Koliada: Twelve Dishes,” performed by exhibit is curated by Ms. Tkacz and Olga
Olga Shuhan. The koliadnyky will then Maryschuk. Participating artists include:
sing several traditional koliady. Larissa Babij, Anya Farion, Annette
Ivan Zelenchuk is lead singer and Friedman, Roman Hrab, Mr. Khantaev, A CELEBRATION OF THE WINTER SOLSTICE
leader of the koliadnyky. His father’s Ms. Maryschuk, Svitlana Matviyenko,
handwritten notebook of winter songs Margaret Morton, Ms. Odezynska, Joel MUSIC, SONGS, DANCES & STORIES
helped preserve this tradition in the vil-
lage despite intense persecution under 50
Schlemowitz, Christina Saj, Marko FROM RUSSIA & EASTERN EUROPE
Shuhan, Marybeth Ward, Hilary Zarycky
years of Soviet rule in this area. Now in and Sofia Zielyk. The works will be on Featuring
his 50s Mr. Zelenchuk considers his view through Saturday, December 16. The Syzokryli Ukrainian Dancers
involvement in the koliada his personal Tickets are $30. For information call the
mission. Ukrainian Institute of America, 212-288-
Five Performances
Singing with him will be his brother 8660. December 8, at 8pm
Peter Zelenchuk and his son Mykola A workshop in traditional winter December 9 at 2 & 8 pm
Zelenchuk, who plays the “trembita,” a songs will be conducted by Ms. Kochan, December 10 at 2 & 6 pm
traditional 12-foot-long mountain horn. Mr. Kytasty and the koliadnyky in the Peter Norton Symphony Space
They will be accompanied by Dmytro afternoon of Saturday, December 16. For 2537 Broadway at 95th Street, NYC
Tafiychuk, a virtuoso traditional fiddler more information about the workshop or
as well as a master player of the “volyn- to register call 212-475-6474 or e-mail
ka,” bag pipes made of goat skin. yara@prodigy.net. Tickets: Box Office: 212 864 5400 presented by
The koliadnyky will be joined by Yara On Sunday, December 17, at 4 p.m. Online: www.symphonyspace.org
artists Vira Slywotzky and Allison the Spring Street Gallery of Saratoga www.nyrevels.org
Hiroto, who will sing several traditional Springs, N.Y., will open “Koliada:
Hutsul koliady. Violinist Valerie Zhmud Winter Solstice Rituals from the
will join the koliadnyky for several Carpathian Mountains,” an exhibit of
instrumental pieces. For tickets and infor-
mation call the museum, 212-228-0110.
On Friday, December 8, through
photographs by Mr. Khantaev. The open-
ing celebrations will feature several win-
ter songs performed by the koliadnyky.
Sunday, December 10, Yara Arts Group The photography exhibit continues to Visit our archive on the Internet at: http://www.ukrweekly.com/
and the Ukrainian League of Philadelphia January 5, 2007; hours are Monday-
will present “Still the River Flows: A
Glimpse at Winter Rituals from the
Carpathian Mountains,” a multi-layered
event featuring an art installation created
by Yara artists based on the winter rituals Ukrainian National Federal Credit Union
they witnessed in the village of
Kryvorivnia. Director Virlana Tkacz, set
designer Watoku Ueno, filmmaker Andrea
Odezynska, photographer Alexander
Khantaev and poet-translator Wanda
Phipps have created a collaborative instal-
lation presenting elements of the koliada.
Money Market Account
The audience will walk through the
room-size installation before entering the
hall where the performances will take
place. These will include an excerpt from
Yara’s theater piece that introduces the
4.08% up to apy*
ritual and winter songs by Svitanye of
Philadelphia. The highlight of the event
will be the performance by the koliad-
Manhattan Brooklyn So. Bound Brook, NJ Carteret NJ
“Still the River Flows” will take place

at the Ukrainian League of Philadelphia,
800 N. 23rd St. at Brown Street, on
Friday, December 8, at 8 p.m, Saturday,
December 9, at 8 p.m., and Sunday,
December 10, at noon. Traditional food
will be served. For information and tick- *Minimum balance to open Money Market Account – $50,000.00
ets call 215-684-2180. Annual Percentage Yield based on 4.00% apr
Rates subject to change without notice. Other restrictions apply
On Friday, December 15, at 8 p.m. Yara
and the Ukrainian Institute of America will


celebrate sixth annual Harvest Festival
ANSONIA, Conn. – The leaders of Ss.Miroslaw Klapyk, Michael Klapyk and
Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Sara German.
Church and the Three Saints Orthodox The announcer, Susan Monks, warmly
Church organized the sixth annual tradi-
welcomed the audience and introduced
tional Harvest Day for their parishioners
the traditions of the harvest play and each
at Three Saints Parish Park in Bethany,
dance. The dancers began with the
Conn., on August 20. “Harvest Parade” and greeted the audi-
After divine liturgy, more than 180ence with bread and salt and with a deco-
parishioners and many of their children
rated “didukh,” or sheaf of wheat.
arrived at the park pavilion for lunch and
The dancers then displayed baskets
enjoyed barbecued chicken, hamburgers,with fruit and vegetables from their par-
hot dogs, liver with onions, salads, bever-
ents’ gardens and were blessed while say-
ages and a variety of home-made pas- ing the prayer “Otche Nash” (“Our
tries. Father”).
The entertainment, provided by young The dancers performed several folk
artists of both parishes, included folk
dances: “Zhnyva” (Harvest), “Kosari”
dancing and singing under the direction
(Scythemen), “Zhentsi” (Harvesters),
of choreographers Frank F. Stuban, “Zhuravli” (Cranes), “Kateryns”
(Kozak), “Vesillia”
(Wedding), “Vesna”
(Spring) and the most
beloved Ukrainian
dance, the “Hopak. ”
There were many
sport activities for
seniors and the
younger generations
at the 28-acre park. %&&%% '(")&* ) ++ '  ,  

In conclusion, -  ./   #

0 #




Mr. Stuban extended
thanks to the picnic
committee of both
parishes and to the
dancers and their
parents for their
hard work and for
making the picnic  ! 

  "#  $#  " !
“Harvesters” (from left) Kellie German, Sara German, and concert a won-
Lydia Monks and Darya Dabychyna. derful event.

Aug 16 – 25 Mini Ukraine III
Aug 22 – Sep 05 W.Ukraine + Prague 101 S. Centre St. So. Orange, NJ 07079
973 378-8998 or toll free 877 357 0436 or FAX 973 821 4855

Scope-the Ukraine specialists! 2007 UKRAINE TOURS

WESTERN UKRAINE and Prague via Austrian Airlines from New York
via Czech Airlines from New York 10 Days All inclusive Tour tw from $2200
15 Day Air/land all Inclusive Tour $3680 tw Kyiv and L’viv – the two “capitals” of E. & W Ukraine
Kyiv + L’viv with an accent on Western Ukraine and the Leisurely pace of this tour allows time for daily self exploration of
Carpathian area: Manjavskyj Skyt, Iv Frankivsk, Yaremche, these lovely cities and permits for one/two day excursions into
Vorochta, Kolomyja, plus Rivne, Potchajiv and Zarvanytci. A surrounding areas to visit with friends/family and seek roots.
most colorful tour that ends with 3 wonderful days in Prague! Departures: May 17, Jul 12, Aug 16 and Sep 20
Departures: Jun 27 and Aug 22
BEST OF UKRAINE via Austrian Airlines from New York
via Austrian Airlines from New York 13 Day All Inclusive Tour $3350 tw
15 Day Air/land all inclusive Tour tw from $3600 This year, the Hutsul Festival is in Yaremche will bring
A lovely combination of Odesa, Crimea, L’viv and Kyiv with together some of the finest dancers, entertainers and craft
extensive sightseeing of Yalta, Bakchysaray, Sevastopol, makers from the region. Of course, no tour of Ukraine is
Chersonesus and Ei Petri. A full day Carpathian excursion to complete without Kyiv and L’viv!
Slavsk from Lviv completes this unsurpassed itinerary.
Only ONE departure: Jul 21 – Aug 2, 2007
Departures: May 23, Jul 18 and Sep 12
STUDENT TOUR via Austrian Airlines from New York
via Malev Airlines from New York 10 Day All Inclusive Tour $2200 tw
20 Day All Inclusive Tour $3500 tw One of a kind, where artists present their works in Ivano
Odesa, Crimea: Yalta, Bakchysaray, Sevastopol, Frankvisk’s main city square. The ceramic creations, intricate
Chersonesus and Ei Petri, Kyiv/Kaniv then by bus via Rivne woodcarvings, paintings, woodetchings, weaving, needlepoint
to Potchajiv and L’viv. A three day bus tour into the Carpathian are awesome.
Mts: Manyavskyj Skt, Ivano Frankivsk, Yaremche, Vorokhta, A must tour for “artsy” people and a great tour for visiting
Kolomyja and Zarvanytcia. End this adventure in Budapest! family/friends in Frankivsk- L’viv areas.
Departure: May 31-Jun 20, 2007 Minimum age: 20 Only ONE departure: Sep 06-15, 2007


$200 BONUS
via Austrian Airlines from New York
20 Day All Inclusive Cruise + L’viv tw from $3290
Odesa, Sevastopol, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Kaniv and Kyiv
(Chestnut Blossom Festival). What a great way to see all of per cpl
Ukraine and spend a leisurely week in L’viv attending concerts.
Senior citizens discount: $100 if deposit in by Dec.20,2006! If your deposit reaches Scope by Dec. 20, 2006
Plus early registration bonus ….save $400 per couple!!! As of Oct 2006 we are limiting our services to handling only group tours.
Only ONE departure: May 10-29, 2007

Toll free 877 357-0436 www.scopetravel.com 973 378 8998 scope@scopetravel.com


start of a two-day NATO summit in the from Slovakia’s Interpol branch – stating
NEWSBRIEFS Latvian capital, Riga. (Associated Press, that on April 17, 2001, a body resembling
eration. The parcel will be a comprehensive
one, including the 2007-2008 action plans
(Continued from page 2) Agence France-Presse, RFE/RL) Gongadze’s was found in Slovakia. Mr. and several strategic documents. Mr. Ivanov
eign ministers to submit specific reform Medvedko said that Ukrainian authorities said that the parties at the November 23
Gongadze memorial plaque in Rada continue to work from the assumption meeting had drafted the session’s agenda
proposals by June 1, 2007. CIS
Executive Secretary Vladimir Rushailo that “Gongadze’s body is in Kyiv.” and had adjusted some issues, which are
KYIV – Verkhovna Rada Chairman Meanwhile, Lesia Gongadze, the slain supposed to be incorporated in the session’s
said at the same news conference that a Oleksander Moroz on November 28
“lack of consensus” prevented CIS lead- journalist’s mother, refuses to bury the documents. Russia attaches great impor-
unveiled a plaque to commemorate jour- headless body that is officially believed tance to the Yushchenko-Putin
ers from issuing a declaration to precede nalist Heorhii Gongadze, which was
an accord on the definitive demarcation to be her son’s. She said the authorities Commission’s session, he noted, adding
installed on the Parliament’s wall near have yet to provide sufficient proof of the that, within the framework of the commis-
of borders between CIS member-states. the entrance to the press section.
(RFE/RL Newsline) authenticity of that body, which is stored sion, various committees and subcommit-
Gongadze fought against those in power, in a Kyiv morgue. (RFE/RL Newsline) tees work on the spectrum of Russian-
even though he knew that at that time his Ukrainian relations. (Ukrinform)
Presidents agree on energy cooperation
fight could not be successful, Mr. Moroz Lukashenka for unified policy on gas…
MIENSK – President Alyaksandr said during the ceremony. According to Churches say Famine was genocide
Lukashenka discussed cooperation in the Mr. Moroz, it was precisely the death of KYIV – President Alyaksandr
energy sphere with his Ukrainian and the prominent parliamentary journalist Lukashenka suggested to a group of KYIV – On November 16 the heads of
Azerbaijani counterparts, Viktor that became the symbol of massive Ukrainian journalists in Miensk on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kyiv
Yushchenko and Ilham Aliyev, respec- protests against the authorities of the November 23 that Belarus and Ukraine Patriarchate (UOC-KP), Ukrainian Greek-
tively, on the sidelines of the CIS summit time. Gongadze’s murder triggered such could work out a joint stance on “oil and Catholic Church (UGCC) and the Roman
in Miensk on November 28, Belapan and widespread actions of protest as “Ukraine gas issues,” including a coordinated poli- Catholic Church in Ukraine (RCC)
Interfax reported. President Yushchenko Against Kuchma,” “Arise, Ukraine” and cy on tariffs for Russian natural gas tran- released an appeal to Verkhovna Rada
reportedly said that oil-rich Azerbaijan the 2004 maidan revolution. Mr. Moroz sited to Europe, RFE/RL’s Belarus Chairman Oleksander Moroz and
could use Ukraine's pipelines to supply noted that there has been no progress in Service and Belapan reported. “What if Ukraine’s national deputies in which they
Belarusian oil refineries with crude oil, investigating the Gongadze case, and he we pursued a single policy in talks with emphasized the importance of recognizing
whereas Belarus and Ukraine could agree said the Rada should invite the procura- Russia on this matter?” Mr. Lukashenka the Holodomor, or man-made Famine of
on rates for the transit of Russian gas tor general to make a report about this said. “Would it be worse? It would be 1932-1933, as genocide against the
through their territories. President Aliyev subject. Mr. Moroz called upon national better. So let’s do it.” President Ukrainian people. In the document, the
noted that Azerbaijan and Belarus have a deputies to demand that the case’s inves- Lukashenka complained earlier in that Church leaders stress that, because of ideo-
big potential in energy cooperation, tigation be completed. (Ukrinform) interview about Moscow’s declared logical motives, the representatives of the
adding that the two countries should con- intention to increase the price it charges Soviet regime planned in 1932-1933 to
tinue talks about Belarus’ possible partic- Procurator seeks more info on corpse Belarus for natural-gas exports in 2007 carry out the biggest “cleansing” of inno-
ipation in oil extraction in Azerbaijan. from the current rate of $47 per 1,000 cent people in world history. The text of the
KYIV – Procurator General cubic meters to possibly as much as appeal says, in particular: “On the territory
(RFE/RL Newsline)
Oleksander Medvedko told journalists on $200. Mr. Lukashenka also suggested the of the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist
Bush: NATO still open to Ukraine November 28 that his office has asked possibility of raising tariffs for cargos in Republic and in the areas where a
Slovak prosecutors to provide more transit from and to Russia in order to Ukrainian population dominated, following
RIGA – U.S. President George W. Bush information on the 2001 discovery of a make up for an anticipated Russian gas- the orders of the government of the USSR,
said on November 28 that NATO remains body that resembled that of Heorhii price hike. “For instance, 100 million the local authorities took away food and,
receptive to the idea of Georgia and Gongadze, the Ukrainian journalist kid- tons of cargos is annually transported above all, grain. As a result, approximately
Ukraine eventually joining the alliance. napped and killed in September 2000, from Western Europe to Russia and back 7 million to 10 million Ukrainians died
Mr. Bush said “we will continue to sup- UNIAN reported. Mr. Medvedko via Belarus. We can earn a billion if we from an artificial famine.” The hierarchs
port Georgia’s desire to become a NATO explained that earlier in November his charge $10 per ton. And there will be no asked that the deputies support a bill to rec-
member” and also said membership “will office received documents from questions regarding the price of gas ognize one of the biggest tragedies in
be open to the Ukrainian people if they Ukraine’s Interpol branch – which were then,” he said. (RFE/RL Newsline) Ukrainian and world history as genocide.
choose it.” He was speaking before the sent to Ukraine at an unspecified time The document was signed by Patriarch
... suggests union state with Ukraine Filaret (Denysenko), head of the UOC-KP,
Patriarch Lubomyr Husar, head of the
MIENSK – President Alyaksandr UGCC, and Cardinal Marian Jaworski, pri-
UKRAINIAN SELFRELIANCE Lukashenka said in an interview with mate of the RCC in Ukraine. (Religious
Ukrainian journalists in Miensk on
NEW ENGLAND FEDERAL November 23 that he would welcome the
Information Service of Ukraine)
CREDIT UNION idea of a union state with Ukraine as a more President wants to amend Constitution
feasible political formation than the
declared union with Russia because of the KYIV – President Viktor Yushchenko
“comparable” sizes of Belarus and Ukraine, said in an interview with three nation-
RFE/RL’s Belarus Service and Belapan wide television channels on November
reported. “Pray God it happens some time. 21 that he wants political leaders to dis-
Believe me, everybody would have to take cuss possible amendments to the
ë‡ÏÓÔÓÏ¥˜ this [Belarusian-Ukrainian] state into con-
sideration. We would bargain a great deal
Ukrainian Constitution in roundtable
talks. “There is something wrong in what
from the world for our peoples,” Mr. has been happening in the country over
PHONES: 860-296-4714 • 800-405-4714 FAX: 860-296-3499 Lukashenka said. (RFE/RL Newsline) the past months. The country systemati-
cally suffers relapses, which may cost
BRANCH OFFICES: 103 NORTH ELM STREET, WESTFIELD, MA 01085 Putin to visit Kyiv on December 22 very dearly with years. The authorities
PHONE: 413-568-4948 FAX: 413-568-4747
often lack will, and the president lacks
270 BROAD STREET, NEW BRITAIN, CT 06053 KYIV – National Security and Defense leverage to resolve topical issues,” Mr.
PHONE: 860-801-6095 FAX: 860-801-6120 Council Secretary Vitalii Haiduk said at a Yushchenko said. “Maybe we should
November 23 press conference in Kyiv, gather at a roundtable, maybe we should
THE UKRAINIAN SELFRELIANCE NEW ENGLAND which he held with his Russian counterpart, initiate changes to the Constitution and,
FEDERAL CREDIT UNION HAS PROUDLY SUPPORTED AND Igor Ivanov, that the Yushchenko-Putin by consensus, remove these problems,”
SERVED THE UKRAINIAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY SINCE 1959. Commission will convene in Kyiv on he added. According to Mr. Yushchenko,
December 22. According to Mr. Haiduk, by the Constitution currently in force does
December 12 the entire parcel of documents
We offer the following services: will be readied for the commission’s consid- (Continued on page 25)



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by the family. A sum of 9 million hrv was Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture. A men’s joined Poles and Ukrainians praying at the
NEWSBRIEFS allocated from the Kyiv city budget for monastery of the Ukrainian Orthodox Lykachiv Cemetery in Lviv on November
(Continued from page 24) the museum. (Ukrinform) Church – Moscow Patriarchate is located 1 in the fifth annual common prayer before
not ensure “a balance of stability” in the Lower Lavra. (Religious the graves of Ukrainian and Polish soldiers
Ukrainian-Russian rocket delivers satellite Information Service of Ukraine) who died in the Ukrainian-Polish war of
between the president and the govern-
ment and, therefore, “needs improve- 1918-1920. Cardinal Marian Jaworski, pri-
KYIV– The Ukrainian-Russian carrier Moldova may block Russia’s WTO entry mate of the Roman Catholic Church in
ment.” (RFE/RL Newsline) rocket Zenit 3SL was successfully Ukraine, and clergy of the Ukrainian
launched on October 31 from the CHISINAU – Moldova on November Greek-Catholic Church (UGCC) led the
Russian media on Bush-Putin meeting
Odyssey Launch Platform in the Pacific 20 threatened to block Russia’s entry into memorial service. UGCC Archbishop Ihor
MOSCOW – In describing the Bush- Ocean. The rocket was launched under the World Trade Organization (WTO) Vozniak of the Lviv Archeparchy arrived
Putin talks in Moscow on November 15, the Sea Launch Program to deliver the until Moscow grants Chisinau trade con- later and also prayed before Polish and
the daily Novye Izvestia wrote that “two American satellite XM-4 of the XM cessions, the dpa news service reported Ukrainian graves. The Rev. Dr. Mykhaylo
lame ducks are meeting in Moscow.” The Satellite Radio company to orbit. A the same day. “Before Russia can join the Dymyd, director of UCU’s Institute of
paper suggested that George W. Bush ground station has already acquired the WTO, we must resolve a whole series of Canon Law, said that such common prayer
wanted not only to discuss the WTO, but spacecraft’s first signals. The launch was problems on violations of WTO rules,” is an answer to Christ’s call to behave wise-
also to brief President Vladimir Putin on implemented by the Sea Launch Co., Moldovan Prime Minister Vasile Tarlev ly. “Only the perspective of Christ, under-
his plans for Iraq in the wake of the recent which is a leading company in the provi- said. “Moldova supports the entrance of lined for us by the Gospels and inspired by
U.S. midterm congressional elections. The sion of such services and is the only com- Russia into the WTO on the condition that the Holy Spirit, allows us to reconcile that
daily Kommersant argued on November pany capable of launching rockets from these disagreements in our bilateral eco- which politically is not always possible.”
16 that the time has come for Mr. Putin to the sea. The Sea Launch Program was nomic relations are resolved.” Mr. Tarlev Myroslav Marynovych, senior vice-rector
try to bring U.S.-Russian relations out of a established in 1995 among the Ukrainian said Moscow must remove the customs of UCU and director of UCU’s Institute of
tailspin, but added that this is easier said Pivdenne State Design Office and the and excise barriers currently applied to Religion and Society, said “… there were
than done. The paper stressed that production enterprise PivdenMash, the most Moldovan agricultural exports to and are people who understand the mean-
“Russia, like the USSR, is accustomed to American company Boeing, the British- Russia, stop overcharging value-added tax ing of Christian reconciliation, the impor-
dealing almost entirely with the White Norwegian Kvaerner Group and the for natural-gas exports to Moldova, and tance of creating an atmosphere of cooper-
House administration and the State Russian Energiya Corp. (Ukrinform) end an import ban on Moldovan wines ation. There are many such activists in the
Department. These days, that’s not enough that has been in place since March. “We dialogue, on the Polish and the Ukrainian
Balts comment on Russian policy sides. I believe that this will be continued
at all. Effective contacts with lawmakers must find solutions to these problems,”
are necessary.” Kommersant wrote that it Mr. Tarlev said. (RFE/RL Newsline) further. Once love for the homeland caused
HAMBURG, Germany – In a round-
believes Russia should also greatly soldiers of both armies to fight one another.
up of comments on November 20, the Today this love of homeland causes to seek
expand its cultural outreach programs in dpa (Deutsche Presse Agentur) news Ukrainians, Poles pray at Lychakiv
the United States. It also noted that Russia mutual understanding and to improve
service quoted Lithuanian President LVIV – Representatives of the cooperation with one another.” (Religious
must make itself “attractive” if it wants to Valdas Adamkus as admitting that good
extend its influence in the other former Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) Information Service of Ukraine)
relations with Russia remain elusive. Mr.
Soviet republics. (RFE/RL Newsline) Adamkus argued that, “if we exchange
principles for oil and gas, and the
2007: Year of the Ukrainian Book
Russians [are able to] live by their old Klitschko... He got up during the count, but referee
Wayne Kelly took a look at Brock, waved
KYIV – President Viktor Yushchenko rules, using [energy] as an instrument to (Continued from page 9) his hands and ended the fight. The house
said on November 9 that he intends to impose their different ideology ... then went wild as Klitschko was declared the
both sides [are] in trouble.” President punches began steadily increasing, as
proclaim 2007 the Year of the Ukrainian Klitschko exploited his superior reach winner and still champion.
Book. Speaking at the Vernadsky Adamkus and Lithuanian legislators have After the bout, Klitschko stunned the
repeatedly warned that Russia uses its (26 inches vs. 23.5 inches). Several times
National Library, the president said that reporters. “I don’t consider myself a real
energy resources to pressure and “black- Brock stumbled, leading many to believe
in 2007 more funds should be directed champion,” he said, explaining that a true
mail” its neighbors. Nils Muiznieks, who the fight would be over very soon, only
toward publishing books in the Ukrainian champion must win the belts of all four
is an expert on Latvian-Russian relations, leading to more cheering and shouting.
language. He pointed out that in the last of the major boxing organizations.
noted that “Russia has been unrelenting In the sixth, the tension picked up,
two years the Ukrainian language has WBO heavyweight title-holder
in stomping on the Baltics’ minority poli- when both men tumbled onto the floor Shannon Briggs actually leapt up from
become more frequently used in Ukraine
cies in international organizations – the and began donating blood: Klitschko got his ringside seat at those remarks and
and that in 2006 funding for book pub-
OSCE, U.N., even NATO.” Estonian a nasty cut above his left eye from an began heckling Klitschko, egging him on
lishing was increased. He said: “We
President Toomas Hendrik Ilves argued accidental head-butt from Brock. (Some for the next fight.
should have a clear roadmap in the lan-
guage sphere in the 207 budget. I am that “a common energy policy will devel- recalled the Vitalii Klitschko vs. Lennox However, Klitschko had his sights set
convinced that this will be done; I take op simply because there’s a need for it. Lewis fight of June 2003, which was on, quite literally, an even bigger oppo-
this under my control.” The president As countries realize that no single coun- ended early after Klitschko got an almost nent: the 7-foot-tall, nearly 330-pound
also noted that the issue of language is try can go it alone on energy policy, identical cut. In that fight, Vitalii was Russian Nikolai Valuev, the current
often used to incite conflicts between they’ll begin to see the advantages of a winning on all counts, but was forced to WBA titleholder, whose record stand at
people. “Very often language becomes common energy policy.” Andres lose by the decision of the judges.) 45 wins with 33 knockouts, no losses,
the subject of conflicts and speculation, Kasekamp, head of the Estonian Foreign Luckily for Volodymyr Klitschko, his and one “no contest.”
especially during elections. This is unac- Policy Institute, noted that Russia contin- cut did not bleed anywhere as much as his “[He] is something really special
ceptable and this makes language policy ues to pressure the Baltic states despite older brother’s, and the fight went on. The because of his size in the history of boxing.
a conflict-generating factor in Ukraine.” their membership in NATO and the seventh saw an even heavier onslaught of If it’s going to be possible, I would love to
He underscored that “language policy in European Union. He added that “it’s all jabs. The tempo of chants for Klitschko take him as the next,” Klitschko noted.
Ukraine should nurture the Ukrainian about identity. The Baltic states are try- increased as it appeared more likely that Wherever Volodymyr Klitschko goes
language … and provide for the develop- ing to reassert their independence, he was gaining the advantage. next, he is sure to attract his loyal fans.
ment of minority languages in keeping [while] Russia is obviously interested in Finally, with slightly over a minute left However, our group of Ukrainians from
with European approaches.” (Ukrinform) keeping its influence, especially econom- in the seventh round, Klitschko let loose New Jersey would love to see him return
ically.” (RFE/RL Newsline) with a final left jab, followed by a strong to the Garden, already considered a loca-
Hrushevsky museum opened in Kyiv right coup de grace, and Brock hit the floor. tion where he has “home-field” advantage.
Cabinet funds repairs at Pecherska Lavra
KYIV – President Viktor Yushchenko
participated on November 9 in the open- KYIV – Ukraine’s Cabinet of
ing of the Mykhailo Hrushevsky Ministers gave the Ministry of
Historical-Memorial Museum in Kyiv. Construction, Architecture and
Also participating were Verkhovna Rada Communal Property 1.1 million hrv
Chairman Oleksander Moroz, Vice Prime (approximately $220,000 U.S.) to repair
Minister for Humanitarian Affairs a collapsed section in the Upper Caves of
Dmytro Tabachnyk and Kyiv Mayor the Kyivan Monastery of the Caves, fol-
Leonid Chernovetskyi. The president lowing an October 25 decree. Earlier in
noted in his speech that this year marks 2006, the Kyiv City Administration
the 140th anniversary of the birth of the decided to take preventive measures at
renowned historian and national leader. the Upper Caves of the Kyivan
He called Hrushevsky “one of the Monastery of the Caves Historical and
notable Ukrainian statesmen of the 20th Cultural Reserve. In May 2005 in the
century, a person who built the founda- Upper Caves, approximately six meters
tions of Ukrainian statehood,” as well as below ground, there was a collapse of 10
“the father and chronicler of Ukrainian to 15 cubic meters. The Kyivan
history.” To honor this great man, the Monastery of the Caves belongs to the
president said, his archives should be world cultural heritage of UNESCO.
organized. Mayor Chernovetskyi noted There are 122 monuments on its territory.
that the Hrushevsky Museum is unique The monastery is divided into two terri-
because it is housed in a building that in tories: the Upper Lavra (major
July 1908 became the property of the monastery) and the Lower Lavra. The
Hrushevsky family and because it con- Upper Lavra is a national historical and
tains period furnishings that were owned cultural monument administered by

Famine as a disaster intentionally created mass destruction of parts of the Holodomor were 95 percent ethnic
Verkhovna Rada... by the Stalin government. Ukrainian and other peoples of the for- Ukrainian, at minimum.
(Continued from page 1) “We believe that the Stalin regime cre- mer USSR, resulting in the Holodomor National Deputy Yevhen Hirnyk of the
Efforts to gain further international ated this crime, the essence of which of 1932-1933.” Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists said
acknowledgement and status for the depended upon destroying existing struc- Our Ukraine and Tymoshenko Bloc there’s a significant difference between
Holodomor will progress significantly, tures of agriculture by means of carrying deputies flatly rejected that proposal. the words, but, as long as the word
particularly with regard to United out a mass dekulakization of villagers, In rebuttal to the Party of the Regions’ “narod” is qualified by the word “geno-
Nations recognition, supporters of the violent implementation of collectiviza- claim that it was not genocide, Our cide,” he said he’s comfortable with the
tion and placing upon village homes of Ukraine National Deputy Viacheslav compromise.
bill argued.
Ukraine’s regions exorbitantly high Kyrylenko pointed out that while the Another compromise on Mr. Moroz’s
In his proposed bill, Mr. Yushchenko
wheat quotas,” said Vladyslav Zabarskyi, Soviet Union’s population rose 20 per- behalf involved laying blame for the
wanted to make it illegal to deny the
a Party of the Regions national deputy. cent between 1926 and 1937, the genocide on the “totalitarian, repressive
Holodomor in Ukraine, subject to crimi-
However in its version of the bill, the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic’s Stalinist regime,” instead of the
nal punishment and a petty fine.
Party of the Regions referred to the population declined 16 percent during Communist Party, to the dismay of patri-
However, Mr. Moroz’s compromise
Holodomor only as a tragedy, not geno- that span. otic deputies.
eliminated such a provision.
cide, and blamed Stalin’s regime and not As further evidence, he noted that in “Communist, totalitarian regime
The main conflict over the bill during
the Communist government. January 1933 Soviet authorities banned should be underlined, the cessionaries of
the November 28 session was the use of
When asked why the party opposed all travel from Ukraine and the Kuban which are sitting in that wing of the
the term “genocide” in referring to the
referring to it as genocide, Mr. Zabarskyi region, where 80 percent of inhabitants Verkhovna Rada,” Mr. Kendzior said,
said the Holodomor applied to all those were ethnic Ukrainians, all peasantry. pointing to the section occupied by the
Most fiercely opposing the bill was the
living on Ukrainian territory, regardless “Such bans on travel weren’t on any 21 Communist deputies.
Communist Party of Ukraine, which
of their ethnicity. other territories where famine occurred,” The president’s clause for criminal
blames the Famine of 1932-1933 on crop
“In the understanding of genocide Mr. Kyrylenko said. punishment for Holodomor deniers was
failure and refers to the Holodomor as an removed.
according to international law and Once again, Mr. Moroz played the role
American-sown myth. “The presidential version called for a
national legislation, we can’t say this was of kingmaker.
Just two weeks earlier, the $36 fine against someone denying the
genocide considering that it hasn’t been Votes on both the president’s and the
Communists distributed in Parliament a Holodomor,” said Volodymyr
defined to this day that these actions Party of the Regions’ bills failed, leading
recently published booklet, “The Myth of the Rada chairman to offer his compro- Yavorivskyi, a Tymoshenko Bloc
the Holodomor.” The booklet’s author, were taken exclusively against
Ukrainians,” he said. mise. National Deputy. “I thought about that
Dr. Gennadii Tkachenko, estimates that A top-ranking Communist until and told my deputy colleagues, ‘You
no more than 2 million or 3 million He added that the very same year
Ukrainian independence, and a supporter know, if that edition of the law passes,
Ukrainians died during the Famine. famines occurred in many parts of the
of Marxist and Communist principles I’d much rather take the paper it’s written
“The myth of the Holodomor is a Soviet Union, including the central and
afterwards, Mr. Moroz’s decision to sup- on into my hand and smack such a per-
diversive-ideological cuisine prepared by lower Volga regions, the Ural Mountain
port the genocide designation may lie in son across their mug instead of having
Harvard University,” according to the region, the northern Caucasus and
his own personal history. them pay $36.”
booklet. “Its main creator was Zbigniew Kazakhstan, among others.
Though he was born in 1944, Mr. The day after the vote, the
Brzezinski and its assistants were Party of the Regions deputies accused Communists expressed their disappoint-
Moroz told reporters during a November
Ukrainian (Halychyna) nationalists – for- their opponents on the subject of the ment with the Socialists, and Communist
21 visit to Lviv that he was well aware
mer servants of Hitler and, today, Uncle Holodomor of exploiting the tragic that his native village of Buda in the National Deputy Oleksander Holub hint-
Sam.” deaths of millions for political gain and Kyiv Oblast suffered greatly from the ed that it could threaten the coalition
Joining the Communists not voting for re-igniting ethnic tensions within 1933 Famine. government’s stability.
the bill was the pro-Russian Party of the Ukraine. “Regarding the Holodomor, more than On the other hand, President
Regions, with the exception of two As their attempt at a compromise, the half the people in my village died,” Mr. Yushchenko specifically thanked Mr.
deputies, Taras Chornovil and Hanna Party of the Regions offered the follow- Moroz said. “People ate other people. Moroz for his valuable role in passing
Herman. ing definition of genocide in its version That’s why for me personally it was a the law and said he still intends to intro-
The Party of the Regions position on of a bill: “Criminal acts of the Stalinist genocide.” duce legislation to punish Holodomor
the Holodomor did acknowledge the totalitarian-repressive regime aimed at Two days later, Mr. Moroz publicly deniers.
suggested that any Holodomor law con- Ironically, the western Ukrainians who
sist of the phrase “genocide against the most fervently fought for the Holodomor
Ukrainian people” (“narod” in bill are from a region largely unscathed
Ukrainian), instead of “genocide against by the genocide. Meanwhile, eastern and
the Ukrainian nation” (“natsiya” in southern Ukrainians, who live in regions
Ukrainian). where the Holodomor was most acute,
In his address on the day of the vote, opposed the legislation.
Mr. Moroz explained that the United One hint as to the reason for the dis-
Nations Genocide Convention of 1948 crepancy is revealed in the Party of the
defines genocide as the destruction of a Regions’ leadership.
“national, ethnic, racial or religious Assistant Faction Chair Yevhen
group.” Kushnariov was born and raised in
Therefore, referring to the “Ukrainian Kharkiv, but both his parents are from
people” instead of the “Ukrainian nation” the Russian Federation, as is the case
would be enough to gain U.N. recogni- with many residents of eastern Ukraine.
tion for the Holodomor. He said he considers himself a Ukrainian,
As to why the Socialist Party insisted but simultaneously acknowledges his
on the Ukrainian word “narod” as nationality is Russian.
opposed to “natsiya,” as preferred by the In fact, many residents of industrial
president, its deputies explained to towns, particularly Donetsk, settled in
reporters that the term “narod” can refer eastern Ukraine after the Holodomor,
to various ethnicities victimized by the aren’t ethnic Ukrainians themselves and
Holodomor that inhabited Ukraine at the therefore feel uneasy about talk of ethnic
time. genocide, national deputies said.
Using the word “natsiya” would have Since the Ukrainian Holodomor didn’t
only referred to ethnic Ukrainians. directly affect their families, and because
To some deputies, the difference was they have personal affinities for Russia
largely meaningless. and its culture, they lack an ability to
However, Our Ukraine National empathize with or comprehend the
Deputy Yaroslav Kendzior pointed out Holodomor ’s meaning for ethnic
that Ukrainian villages targeted by the Ukrainians, deputies said.


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Soyuzivka’s Datebook Saturday, December 9 NYBE performances are made possible by
the New York State Council on the Arts.
CHICAGO: The Ukrainian Business and
December 10, 2006 December 31, 2006 Professional Group of Chicago invites NEW YORK: The Ukrainian Chorus
KOZAK Hockey Team Christmas New Year’s Eve Extravaganza members and the community to a presen- Dumka will give a Christmas concert at
Party tation by Jaroslawa Z. Johnson on St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Fifth Avenue and
January 27, 2007 “Maidan Revisited: The Economic and 53rd Street) at 2 p.m. The performance
December 11, 2006 Political Landscape in Ukraine Today.” will include traditional Ukrainian
Soyuzivka’s 2nd Annual Malanka
Kerhonkson-Accord Senior Citizen Ms. Johnson is the managing partner of Christmas carols, an instrumental arrange-
sponsored by The Ukrainian the Kyiv office of the international law ment, plus well-known favorites, Handel’s
Association Christmas Party Engineers’ Society of America firm Chadbourne and Parke LLP. A spe- “Hallelujah” and “O Holy Night” with
cialist in the areas of mergers and acquisi- organ accompaniment. The concert will be
December 15, 2006 March 3-4, 2007 tions, project finance, energy, corporate conducted by Vasyl Hrechynsky.
UNWLA Branch 95 Christmas Party Plast Fraternity “Khmelnychenky” governance and finance, secured transac- Admission is free. For more information
December 21, 2006 Annual Winter Rada tions and government relations, she has call 718-896-7624.
advised clients on doing business in
Jeremiah Flaherty Esq. Christmas Ukraine and the CIS for more than 14 Tuesday, December 12
Party March 23-25, 2007
Plast Sorority “Chornomorski years. Ms. Johnson has been ranked by
Chambers and Partners Global Guide 2006 WASHINGTON: The Washington Group
December 24, 2006 Khvyli” Rada Cultural Fund under the patronage of the
for her corporate and commercial work in
Traditional Ukrainian Christmas Eve Ukraine and is a frequent speaker at inter- Embassy of Ukraine invites you to do some
Supper national symposia and before U.S. govern- early Christmas shopping and meet the
ment commissions determining financial authors: Askold Krushelnycky, British jour-
assistance to Ukraine. The presentation nalist, author of “An Orange Revolution: A
will be held at the Ukrainian Institute of Personal Journey Through Ukrainian
Modern Art, 2320 W. Chicago Ave., at 7 History” and Andrew Evans, travel writer,
p.m., followed by a festive holiday recep- author of “Ukraine: The Bradt Travel
tion. Admission is $10 for UBPG mem- Guide.” The event will be held at 6:30 p.m.
bers and $20 for guests. at the Embassy of Ukraine, 3350 M St.
To book a room or event call: (845) 626-5641, ext. 140 NW. Seating is limited; please RSVP to
216 Foordmore Road P.O. Box 529 NEW YORK: The Shevchenko ibezverkha@ukremb.com or 202-349-
Kerhonkson, NY 12446 Scientific Society (NTSh) invites all to a 2937. Suggested donation: $10; free for
E-mail: Soyuzivka@aol.com lecture by Dr. Volodymyr Mezentsev students. A reception and book signing will
Website: www.Soyuzivka.com (University of Toronto) on the subject follow the presentations.
“Archeological Discoveries in Baturyn in
the Year 2006.” For the last three years NEW YORK: The Orange Circle is pleased
NTSh has been financing the archeologi- to sponsor a special New York screening of
cal explorations in Baturyn that were ini- the documentary film “The Orange

“Music at the Institute” tiated by Dr. Mezentsev. The lecture will

be presented at the society’s building, 63
Chronicles” at the Anthology Film Archives,
32 Second Ave. at Second Street, at 7:30
p.m. Tickets go on sale at 7 p.m. and cost
Fourth Ave. (between Ninth and 10th
SEASON OPENING RECITAL streets) at 5 p.m. For additional informa-
tion call 212-254-5130.
$10. The film was featured as a work-in-
progress on the opening night of the Helsinki
Human Rights Watch Festival in Kyiv and
NEW YORK: The “Music at the was a participant at the International
Saturday, December 9, 2006, at 8 p.m. Institute” chamber music series invites the Documentary Festival in Amsterdam at the
public to its opening concert of the season, end of November. Visit the newly updated
at the a recital by cellist Natalia Khoma and website www.orangechronicles.com for
Ukrainian Institute of America pianist Volodymyr Vynnytsky performing more information. This screening will be fol-
as a critically acclaimed duo. The pro- lowed be a panel discussion on the meaning
gram, which also marks the presentation and impact of the Orange Revolution with
NATALIA KHOMA, cellist of their new CD, “Dances,” will feature the director and several Ukraine analysts
Schubert’s Arpeggione Sonata in A Minor, participating. It will be moderated by
VOLODYMYR VYNNYTSKY, pianist D. 821, Franck’s Sonata in A Major for Adrianna Melnyk of The Orange Circle.
Cello and Piano, Chopin’s Polonaise
Brillante in C Major, Op. 3, Bartok’s Friday, December 15
Presentation of a new CD “Dances”
Romanian Folk Dances, Brahms’s
Hungarian Dance No. 2, and Volodymyr NORTH PORT, Fla.: St. Mary’s
Vynnytsky’s own composition, “Lost Ukrainian Catholic Church will hold its
Program: Tango.” The concert will be held at the annual Pre-Christmas Bazaar at 9 a.m.-6
Franz Schubert: Arpeggione sonata in A Minor, D.821 Ukrainian Institute of America, 2 E. 79th p.m. at the Parish Hall, 1078 N. Biscayne
St., at 8 p.m. Donation: $30; UIA mem- Drive. Lydia Marusyn and her enthusiastic
Cesar Franck: Sonata in A Major for Cello and Piano group of kitchen volunteers are preparing
bers and senior citizens, $25; students,
Frederic Chopin: Polonaise brillante in C Major, Op. 3 $20. For additional information and reser- delicious home-made food, such as
vations call 212-288-8660 or visit borsch, varenyky, holubtsi and other
Bela Bartok: Romanian Folk Dances Ukrainian specialties. Food will be served
Johannes Brahms: Hungarian Dance No. 2 all day: at 9a.m.-noon, coffee and pastries;
Sunday December 10 noon-6 p.m., dinners, at a cost of $8. For
Volodymyr Vynnytsky: Lost Tango take-out orders, especially large ones, it is
NEW YORK: The Chornomortsi fraternity advisable to call ahead. Special Christmas
of Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization bread (kolach) and pastries such as poppy-
Tickets will celebrate the blessing of its new flag at seed cake and nutcake, always in high
General admission: $30 2 p.m. at the Ukrainian Institute of demand, will also be available. There will
America, 2 E. 79th St. (corner of Fifth be many booths with Christmas gift items
UIA Members and Senior Citizens: $25 Avenue). Plast members are encouraged to on sale for your friends, relatives, children
Students: $20 wear their uniforms and to bring the flags and grandchildren. The $1 raffle table will
of their respective fraternities and sorori- be filled with many wonderful things,
ties. Donations welcome at the door. For including Christmas ornaments and house-
Call us for more information and to get more information call 301-646-0890. hold items. There will also be a 50-50 lot-
your tickets today! NEW YORK: As this year marks the cen-
tery. For more information call Tania
Silecky, 941-426-2182; Lydia Marusyn,
tennial of the creation of the concert ban- 941-426-9057; or the Parish Hall, 941-
dura, the St. Volodymyr Ukrainian
Ukrainian Institute of America Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian Art and
423-2427, on the day of the bazaar.
2 East 79th Street, New York, NY 10021 Literary Club and the New York Bandura NEW YORK: The Ukrainian Institute of
(212) 288-8660 Ensemble invite the public to a lecture- America and Yara Arts Group present
concert titled “History of the Ancient State “Koliada on Fifth Avenue” featuring tradi-
www.ukrainianinstitute.org of Ukraine in Songs.” The featured per- tional Ukrainian koliada, or winter song
former is kobzar-lirnyk Vasyl Nechepa ritual performed by Hutsuls on a special
from Chernihiv, a 2006 laureate of the visit from the Carpathian Mountains,
Taras Shevchenko Prize, who was nomi- vocal interpretation of the ancient koliada
Don’t let your subscription lapse! nated Best Teacher of the Year of Ukraine
(2006) by the Ministry of Education and
by Alexis Kochan and Julian Kytasty, per-
formances by Yara artists, an exhibit of
Scholarship of Ukraine. Suggested dona- visual interpretations (including paintings,
Help yourself and the Subscription Department of The Ukrainian Weekly by keeping track of your tion: $10. The concert will be held after sculpture, film, photography and videos)
subscription expiration date (indicated in the top left-hand corner of your mailing label liturgy at the St. Volodymyr Ukrainian by 15 contemporary artists and a modern
(year/month/date) and sending in your renewal fee in advance of receiving an expiration notice; or, Orthodox Church, 160 W. 82nd St. For culinary interpretation of ritual foods by
if you have already received a notice, by promptly sending your renewal. information call 212-260-4490, visit the Olesia Lew. Time: 8 p.m. Tickets: $30.
This way, you’ll be sure to enjoy each issue of The Ukrainian Weekly, and will keep yourself website http://www.geocities.com/ukrartl-
informed of all the news you need to know. itclub/ or e-mail nybandura@aol.com. (Continued on page 19)