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Kounin is a discipline and group management theorist. The aim of his theory is integration between teaching and discipline.

He suggests that the attribute required such as intimity and understanding could not manage the classroom effectively. According to Kounin, to manage classroom effectively, teacher needs to use these techniques which are whititness, overlapping, momentum, smoothness, group alerting, accountability and satiation. The first one is withitness. It refers to the teachers ability to correct bad behaviour and act of the students, before it reaches the stage that it is no longer manageable. The teacher need to alert on everything that happened in the classroom at all time. The teacher need to care and alert on each and every students in the classroom. The second one is overlapping. It refers to the teachers ability to conduct and manage two or more individual or group works at the same time. It is a very effevtive tool to instill discipline among students in the classroom. The third one is momentum. It refers to the teachers ability to use suitable movement throughout the learning time. Kounin described this skill as "starting lessons with dispatch, keeping lessons moving ahead, making transitions among activities efficiently, and bringing lessons to a satisfactory close" (Charles & Senter, 2004, page 58). It is the momentom which make the teaching and learning process running and moving. The fourth one is smoothness. It refers to the contuinity without any disturbance. This skill is very importent for the teacher in a classroom to make sure that the students focused all their attention on the lesson. Smoothness helps to maintain the students involvement and be active in the classroom. By managing distraction and disturbance, it will helps to instill discipline among the students throughout the lesson. The fifth one is group alerting. It focuses all the the students attention when one of them is giving his or her response. This will help to make sure all the students to give their intention in the classroom. The sixth one is accountability. It refers to the communication towards all the students to make sure they know that their participation is observed and being evaluated. By keeping the students accountable for the actions and their learning, it will helps the teachers to manage their classroom and instill disciple in them. The seventh one is satiation. It refers to the teachers ability to inspire and maintain the students participation and also to monitor them.

The teacher is required to know and notice the students' fill of the lesson as indicated through boredom and misbehaviour. It is easier to make sure the students are in good discipline when they remain interested in the lesson and topic. It is important for the teacher to know the exact time to move on to the next lesson. Kounin's theories on lesson management and discipline in the classroom are still used and practised in our Malaysia educational system at this present time. Teachers must know and practise the withitness, momentum, smoothness, overlapping, group alerting, accountability, overlapping, and satiation skill to instill discipline through lesson management.