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Learn Jyotish Now - Jaimini Astrology - 7 Step Method III Part 1

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Jaimini Astrology - 7 Step Method III

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Originally written for Journal of Astrology and syndicated to other websites

It has been customary at the end of an astrological debate, actually a quarrel (these days about Jaimini dashas) -- astrologers come away claiming victory. Starting with a Sanskrit shloka or sutra, a fatuous rhetorical war path, they end up abusing each other. I have seen it so often, astrologers using very offensive language and uttering arrant nonsense. They spout ill-informed academic poison. They cannot overcome their obsessions. Involved in such quarrels, you find yourself between a precipitous rock and a deep sea. My argument offends them. I asked them how they can claim to know Jaimini astrology without using Karakas. I have said that it is original research, not available anywhere else except in my two deeply researched books on Chara Dasha and Mandook Dasha which I tested and rested before writing them. To say that you know and do Jaimini astrology without using Karakas is like saying that you do Parashari without using seven grahas (leaving out Rahu and Ketu). Jaimini astrology is epic in scale, mythic in symbolism and operates through subtlest hints which are sub-atomic. Imagination is needed to unravel aphorisms. Jaimini astrology is the greatest branch of astrology ever found anywhere in the world, dazzling in its vast range but bafflingly recondite. One lifetime is not sufficient to grasp it. Even with what little one grasps, one begins to give a false impression of being a seer. Instead of quarreling let us arrive at a consensus. I have repeatedly told students of astrology to follow some steps when dealing with doubtful horoscopes. Once convinced of their correctness, they should not to bother for the criticism and comment of most of the astrologers. It is, for example, preposterous to show the horoscope of Atal Behari Vajpai with Tula lagna for different years, 1924 or 1925 and prove a point or a research. Read the biography of Atalji and see what horoscope is given there!! It is Vrischika lagna and 1924 birth which I alone have used among astrologers, as far as I know, and I will show it in a later article .!!!

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Follow the steps given here.

First step: When in doubt about the correctness of a horoscope use Chara Dasha as I do, as I alone do. Verify some indisputable events of a horoscope like education, marriage, children, career etc. if such details are available. Examine it again through the most popular Vimshottari dasha and, if you arrive at the correct degrees of the lagna, a strenuous exercise, use the relevant vargas. Applicable conditional dasha should be applied. It will be shown in the cases of Sachin Tendulkar and Benazir Bhutto in this article. Step two: Before accepting a horoscope, collect as many events of a mans life as you can and verify them soundly. Choose bio-facts as I call it, always for verification. It must be done consistently applying the same parameters to horoscopes after horoscopes. Step three: Give some short term predictions to them or, about them, and get or collect a feedback to be convinced that you are working with correct or corrected horoscopes. If majority of your predictions have come out correct, do not get yourself influenced by the claim of astrologers that they have a different horoscope which alone is correct. The horoscope of Atal Behari Vajpai is a good example to remember all your life. Step four: Always ignore ponga pandits who claim to know the meaning of Sanskritshloka or sutra and, knowing English, dash off their opinions, these days, on different fora of the internet or even some astrological journals.

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Step five: If inspite of all these you discover that you have committed an error in getting or working on a wrong horoscope or, if your verification was faulty, admit it honestly. Otherwise, astrology will suffer and you will get dubbed as dishonest. Let astrologers be not liars. To date, I have admitted www.learnjyotishnow.com/Jaimini_Astrology_-_7_Step_Method_III.html



Learn Jyotish Now - Jaimini Astrology - 7 Step Method III Part 1 dubbed as dishonest. Let astrologers be not liars. To date, I have admitted in writing my failed predictions giving reasons.

Step six: If in doing a research on horoscopes, you come across a brilliant predictive clue, test it on as many horoscope as you have in your possession. The sample size for testing must be at least twenty five. Do not stop here but give predictions only on this basis for some time to test the soundness of your discovery. Then use it openly in your predictions and, if you like, in your writings. Step seven: When you read articles of some writers you begin to pick and choose easily. Some writers are very honest and will not use doubtful horoscopes and justify with vehement dishonesty. Do not waste your time reading them anymore. Step eight: Similarly, you will see some writers using good techniques soundly and some, not. Follow only the techniques of honest writers. You will realize soon that in the world of astrology there are many malicious fellows, betraying their low upbringing at the earliest. Contributing something positive is not their primary aim. Step nine: Always use, when you are doing the analysis of a horoscope, more than one dasha though while writing, you may show and use one dasha only for brevity and clarity. Step ten: Re-check what you have written. This has been always a fault with many including me because while writing thoughts that race in the mind lead the writer into unconscious errors which he fails to correct. This keeps happening is my honest opinion. The racing mind moving faster than the eye has made me a very incompetent proof reader. Step eleven: In doing a research on any dasha, unless some indisputable facts are verified stage by stage, the results shown in stray incidents like becoming a prime minister, have no meaning. Show the birth of siblings, the nature of education, some events relating to parents, career patterns with its good and disastrous landmarks and, of course, marriage and children with proper timing. Most of the researches show one or two events only which cannot validate any dasha with conviction and confidence. That is the line I have strictly followed in my books and articles, with examples. Every book on lesser known and used dashas or lesser used dasha which has come out of the pen of BVB teachers of Delhi follows this line strictly. Step twelve What to hide and what to reveal is a tough task for even an experienced writer of astrology books. There are certain subtle factors which point to fatality and sexual crimes. Neither in predicting nor in writing should they be revealed is a view I share with many astrologers of earlier days of honest astrology. It now is a forgotten dream amidst so many unscrupulous astrologers. In writing over a period (from the prediction about the death of Indira Gandhi to Benazir Bhutto, from 1984 to 2007), I have restrained from even talking about it, what I always regard as the clinching factor, even in my conversations with astrologers. In the case of Rajiv Gandhi, I was so sure of his violent end but the amended Terrorist Act his government passed, choked many astrologers from even expressing honest fears. In making predictions about their coming end I used the more obvious planetary combinations which I have taught but never referred to the subtle and secret factors.
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