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Shri Vanthali Tirth This is the birth-place of Sajjan Shreshthi, a minister of King Siddharaja, who got the Girnar

tirtha repaired and renovated. It is stated that the flag of the story of renown of Jaina Shreshthis was fluttering in this town. Vanthali was famed as Vamanasthali in ancient days. When Siddharaj, the emperor of Gujarat came to know that this chief minister Sajjan Shreshthi got the Girnar tirtha repaired and renovated with the income earned from Sorath, he was enraged. Siddharaj Jaisimha came to Sorath to punish him, but before he could reach there, a Jain Shreshthi declared his determination to donate lakhs of rupees together with interest. But Siddharaj came to know that the temple of Girnar was named as Karnavihar after his father King Karnaraj and immortalized him; he was immensely delighted towards his minister Sajjana. He was delighted to write off the entire expense of renovation. He also did not accept the amount of money kept ready by the minister.

It is said that the wealth in question was used towards the construction of the Jaina temple at Vanthali. But to-day this temple is not visible anywhere. Only a view of the architecture of the mosque over there creates a guess that this mosque must have been the Jain temple once. An idol of Shri Shitalnath Bhagavan is unearthed from the the local Gandhi garden here. In the portico of the Suryakund, three idols of Jinas engrossed in surrendering the body (Kayotsarga) are found. To-day there are two Jina temples on the same spot and all old idols have been ceremoniously installed here. Even in the Oram mountain there is a castle in which the stones of the Jina temple seem to have been used. This temple of Shitalnath Bhagavan blesses, with an experience of extreme coolness and quietude, all the beings tormented by the sorrows of moral life. Main Tirthanker : Address : City : State : Country : Phone No : Nearest City : Surround Places : Dharmshala : Bhojanshala : Nearest Bus Stop : Nearest Railway Station : Nearest Air Port : Shri Shitalnath Bhagavan Shri Shitalnath Bhagvan Jain Swetambar Mandir, Shri Vanthali Tapagachh Jain Sangh, Azad chowk,P.O. Vanthali 362 610 dist. Junagadh Junagadh - Veraval Highway Vanthali Gujarat India 02872-222264 Junagadh-14 Junagadh 14 km. Yes Yes Vanthali Junagadh-30 Rajkot

Parbhas Patan
Name 1. Mahendra Ratilal Premji 2. Amilal Harakchand Vasanji 3. Vinaychandra Maganlal Jethabhai 4. Hiren Harilal Harakchand 5. Narendra Kantilal Premji (2414-9492) (2369-0134, 2368-3479) (2281-4989) (2269-1520, 2269-2866) 2407-3761) Contact No.

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Prabhas Patan Address:Shri Chandraprabha Jain Derasar Dehra Seri, Prabhas Patan, Saurashtra, Gujarat 362268 Contact 02876-231638

Hiren Harilal Harakchand 129/1 Bazargate St. Fort, Mumbai 400 001.

Shri Ajahara Tirtha Ajahara-majara town is at a distance of 5 kms from Una and 2 kms from Delvada in Saurashtra. The town proves that the Jinas were very much prosperous in good old days. So many Jain images found from this area give to us a glimpse of the glorious past. On the outskirts of Ajahara, there is a Jaina temple with an awe-inspiring idol of Shri Ajahara Parshvanath Bhagvan; it is 46 cms in height and of saffron colour. In the hoary past there was kign Ajayapala of the Raghu family who was overcome by several diseases. Then it was that he got free from the diseases by the waters with which Shri Parshvanath Bhagavan was bathed. The king therefore raised the Ajaynagar on the spot, got constructed a vast Jina temple there and got the sacred idol installed there.

Till to-day, the installation has taken place fourteen times. Here, we come across hundreds of ancient stepwells; one large bell is acquired and on it are carved the words : Shri Ajara Parshvanath, Samvat 1034, Shah Raichand Jechand, This reveals how old and ancient the tirtha is. The original sanctuary of the Jaina temple with its majestic peak, open square etc. is really charming. The ancient idol of MULANAYAKA Shri Parshvanath Bhagavan is made of sand-stone. It has a red paste on it and is therefore pleasing to the eye. Again, on the head of the idol there is an Umbrella of the hood of snakes. Many miracles are noted to have taken place here. On the Sunday of 17-9-78, Shri Dharanendradeva appeared in form of a snake and was found to be in a state of meditation for hours before Shri Prabhu. The main tirtha of the five tirthas is this one in Ajahara. Main Tirthanker : Address : City : State : Country : Phone No : Nearest City : Surround Places : Dharmshala : Bhojanshala : Nearest Bus Stop : Nearest Railway Station : Nearest Air Port : Shri Parshvanath Bhagavan Shri Ajhara Parswanath Panch Tirth Jain Pedhi, P.O. Delvada 362 510 Dist. Junagadh Una Gujarat India 02875 222233 Una Delwada-2 Yes Yes Una Una - 5 km Bhavnagar